Giveaway: Tickets to see STOMP at Walton Arts Center

Note from the mamas: Congratulations to Jennifer DeRose! She won these awesome tickets + dinner!

Happy Monday, mamas! This week we’re giving away an amazing night at Walton Arts Center to see the legendary show STOMP on Friday, September 7, 2012 at 8 p.m. It’s one of those shows that’s so unusual that it’s tough to explain, which is why we thought it would be best to give you a video clip taste of it.

Fun stuff, huh? This is one of those shows that you’ll be talking about for a long time after the last performer stomps off stage.

We’re pairing TWO tickets to the show with an equally amazing dinner at Bordinos Italian Restaurant on Dickson Street in Fayetteville, just steps away from the Walton Arts Center. This date night package would normally cost almost $200.

ABOUT THE SHOW: STOMP has earned its reputation as an international percussion sensation. It has appeared on lots of national TV shows and has won awards and rave reviews around the world. The eight people in this show use everything BUT the normal percussion instruments you would expect. They use matchboxes, wooden poles, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters, hubcaps and more to fill the theater with rhythm.

If you’re thinking of taking your kids to see this show, you should be safe in terms of content. Information we’ve been given indicates that the content is suitable for most audiences including kids — especially if your kids LOVE to make noise. 🙂

If you have seen this show before, you should check it out again because it has been updated with two new routines that use props like tractor tire inner tubes and paint cans. USA Today says “STOMP finds beautiful noises in the strangest places.”

ABOUT THE FOOD: We love sending our winning mamas to Bordinos because they always tell us afterward that the food and service was incredible. We love hearing that! Moms deserve a great night out on the town. As for the food itself, we think the menu selections say it all: Beef Tenderloin Meatballs in a Port Wine Tomato Sauce with Parmesan Crisps; Chicken Fettucini with Roasted Bell Peppers, Spinach, Shittakes in a White Wine Cream Sauce. And then maybe you could finish it off with their famous “Chocolate Mousse Dome.” (Is anybody else starving now besides us?) Click here to see the entire Bordinos menu.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat to win STOMP tickets and dinner at Bordinos, click the big orange comment button below and tell us what your favorite “noise” is. Is it raindrops on the window at night as you fall asleep? Maybe the sound of a baby’s belly laugh? We are quite fond of the clickity-click-click of fingers tapping away on a computer keyboard, for obvious reasons. 🙂

You can also send your answers to us via email at

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: We know this show is going to be hugely popular, so you can increase your odds of scoring the free tickets simply by helping us spread the word. Send an email to your friends/family about the giveaway and be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you credit. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell. Easy as that.

HOW TO GUARANTEE YOUR TICKETS: Well… just buy some! And this is a show you definitely don’t want to miss, so we’d recommend reserving your tickets asap if this is a “must-see” show for you. Call the Walton Arts Center Box Office at 479-443-5600 to order tickets or click HERE to order them online.

Good luck in the giveaway! We always choose winners using a random number generator so anyone can win. We’ll email the winner at the end of the week, so please watch your inbox for a message from us!


  1. I’m going to have to go with the ocean rolling in. If I can hear my kids running and playing on top of it, even better!

  2. My favorite noise is when my daughter laughs really hard. It makes me laugh too.

  3. My son’s laughter is by far my favorite noise but the sound of a crackling fire on a cool fall night is close second.

  4. The sound of my children playing together, laughing, and making fun memories. And of course water (rain, ocean, stream…).

  5. My favorite sound is when my 14 months old calls out for me. “Mama” never gets old.

  6. My son is in percussion at the HS so we would LOVE these tickets! Love to hear his marching band and the sound of him playing tenors. Also love a good thunderstorm.

  7. Favorite noise…my 2 yr old’s laughter mingled with the laughs of his older siblings is such a wonderful sound.

  8. My favorite noise is hearing my children’s laughter. I would love to go to Stomp!

  9. My favorite sound is the steel drums, like the ones that come out of Trinadad and Tabego / Jamacia area! They have a huge steel drum festival every year and one year I will save my pennies and be able to afford to go!

  10. My first concert I ever bought tickets for personally was stomp. My children LOVE the sesame street DVD with Stomp! It would be so awesome to take my kiddos!

    My favorite sound is the laughter of children followed a close second by listening to preschoolers sing!!!

  11. I love all the sounds that the beautiful infants, in the church nursery that I volunteer at, make! I love their laughs and coos! It’s just sooo precious!!!

  12. One of my favorite sounds is the crashing of waves on the beach! But my absolute favorite sound is my granddaughters saying “MiMi I love you!” I would so love to take my husband on a date night to see Stomp and dinner at Bordino’s!

  13. I’d say my favorite sound is a tie between kids busting out laughing at something that amused them or the sound of a newborn when he/she first arrives.

  14. When my kiddo jumps on the bed and gets real close to my face and makes this lil whinny noise to get me to wake up – best way to wake up ever!

  15. I love the sound of coffee being made in the morning. It wakes me up just hearing it!

  16. my grandkids or kids laughing, tree frogs crying for rain, rain on a tin roof or the sound in the woods when it’s raining.

  17. The sound of the ocean is probably my favorite, but second is the sound of the coffee pot brewing coffee in the morning. =)

  18. My favorite noise is my 8 month old daughter cooing and shouting when she sees her Daddy walk in the door from work!

  19. The sound of my kids laughing hysterically or when they run to me saying “mommy” in their excited voices 🙂

  20. I have so many favorite noises: the waves of the ocean, rain hitting my skylight (like last night), my son talking and laughing, bird singing and the garage door opening when my husband comes home 🙂

  21. My favorite noise has to be the sound of waves crashing when I’m at the beach. Love it!!

  22. After seventeen years of marriage, my favorite and most comforting sound his my husbands snoring. I know all is well when I hear him.

  23. My 2-yo boy singing his favorite “grown up” songs like Rollin in the Deep and Call Me Maybe — it’s amazing how good he does (and how adorable it is!).

  24. I have lots of favorite sounds… laughter, a stream, the ocean, crackling fire for roasting homemade marshmallows, and the words “I love you!” all make me smile in the quiet…

  25. My favorite sound is anything with GOOD, ejoyable rythum – from strong rythmic music to sounds of nature.

  26. My favorite noise is the sound of thunder rolling and the rain dripping on my roof. It is so soothing to me.

  27. I love thd sound of thunder accompanied by the sound of rain on our metal deck cover-just like i heard most of the day on Sunday!

  28. My daughter’s big belly laughs are like music to my ears! I also love the quiet rumblings of thunder on a Saturday morning…without the rain, of course!

  29. My little boy laughs in his sleep. I love the little giggles and I can’t help but wonder what he is dreaming of.

  30. I have 2 favorite sounds. One is near and dear to my heart and that is the laughter of my children and husband. The second is the sound of high heels. Not sure why, but I just like it.

  31. I love the sound of my boys playing together…and them telling me i’m the best mom ever!

  32. My favorite sounds come from my 13 month old. I love it when he laughs or when he is “talking” in a language that no one understands but him. His squeals of happiness will make anyone’s day brighter! 🙂

  33. My favorite “noise” would be ocean waves .. or my children’s laugh .. 🙂

  34. My favorite sound is the ice cream truck and my children’s excitement over its arrival.

  35. My children’s laughs, ocean waves, and sometimes just silence are some of my favorite “noises”.

  36. Today is my birthday and oh how I would love to win this. I’ve had a rough year and this is just what this mama needs. My favorite sound is the sound of my children laughing. Melts my heart.

  37. My favorite “noise” is when my 4 year old sings especially the songs that he makes up.

  38. My son Isaiah would love to see them! We watched them perform on TV at the closing ceremonies of the olympics and that was his favorite part!

  39. Trees blowing in the wind peppered with windchimes and birds is by far a favorite sound of mine = peace!

  40. I love the sound of my children’s laughs and voices, the sound of the ocean and birds singing early in the morning. This is an awesome giveaway and I am glad that some mom in NWA will have a great time even if it isn’t me 🙂

  41. My favorite sound is a far away whistle of the Arkansas-Missouri train as it rumbles through the valleys between West Fork & Winslow.

  42. I love the sounds of the night when you are sleeping under the stars in a tent- bugs, birds, trees and wind.

  43. I love to hear my kids REALLY laughing together and the sound of ocean waves crashing.

  44. I love to hear my son’s laugh! It is so silly and loud. It’s a good thing I love it too because he does it all the time!

  45. I love the sweet laughter when my 1 year and 3 1/2 year old are playing together…nicely! =)

  46. I love hearing my kids tell each other they love each other:) It makes me smile.

  47. My absolute favorite noise is a full belly laugh from my little boys. They are 2 and 1, and when you hear their very first belly laugh, you can’t help but giggle right along with them!

  48. My favorite noise ever is hearing the first heartbeat of my children in their Momma’s womb.

  49. I love to hear a babbling brook. I have a white noise machine with a brook sound. I love to fall asleep with it on.

  50. My favorite sound is the Wooo Pig Sooie sound at the first football game of the year!

  51. My favorite noise is the little noises my grand daughters make when they sleep

  52. My favorite noise is hearing my girls play together!! Hearing them laugh and have a good time together is the best nosie ever!

  53. Well I do love hearing my baby boys laugh but I also love hearing my mail lady drive off – I am one of those crazies that LOVES to see what we got in the mail. 🙂 Maybe a sign of too much online shopping & freebie hunting too! ha!

  54. My favorite sounds are the wild songbirds just waking up just before sunrise.

  55. The sounds of the ocean waves. But must be experienced through actually being there (not one of those fake noise makers).

  56. My son’s laugh is my favorite normally. But recently I went on a mission trip and heard 200+ kids singing songs in Spanish at VBS. I have video of it and love to play it over and over again. It might be my favorite noise right now. It was an awesome thing in the moment, and I am so glad that I have some video to remember it.

  57. Everyone else is going with children’s laughter, I’ll go a differnt route since that seems to be every mama’s favorite. I love the sound of a high school marching band at a football game… and also the sound of popping open a diet coke… 🙂

  58. My favorite sound (s) is when my kids are asleep and I can hear them breathing :-))

  59. My grandparents old farm kitchen clock chime, the tea kettle whistling, and the wind rustling the leaves in the woods. All the sounds I miss from my home in New Hampshire!

  60. I would have to say the sound of belly laughs from my children, knowing I am making them laugh or they are having a wonderful time doing whatever!

  61. I love hearing the words “I love you” spoken to me by the people I care most about.
    And of course, a great thunderstorm at night to sleep to. 🙂

  62. Raindrops like we had this weekend. Ahhh soothing raindrops and naps just go hand in hand:)

  63. My favorite sound is my three kiddos yelling “Daddy” when I walk through the door.

  64. I would have to say the best sound is the roll of thunder heading your way, on a hot day. It is like your whole body becomes electrified, waiting for the storm to come.

  65. the sound of my son and daughter playing, laughing and generally acting silly together

  66. The sound of puppy snores at night. I can’t sleep without their snoring tennis match (back and forth)…dreaming about chasing bunnies.

  67. Listening to my babies laugh at each other in the backseat while I’m driving.

  68. Love when my 3 very different girls are playing together and laughing. Also love the sound of thunder/rain.

  69. I love the sound of hearing my 4th month old baby girl doing her little singing voice.

  70. My favorite sound this week is my children talking. My oldest has an extremely swollen lip from a minor surgery, so her talking is a blessing (that she’s no longer in pain) and funny (because of trying to talk with a fat lower lip). My youngest is just learning to talk, so I love hearing her trying to make different sounds and words. My middle daughter is the comedian in the family, so she’s always making goofy voices and such.

  71. My favorite noise is hearing my children going into giggle fits about silly things. I love hearing them laugh uncontrollably – it’s the best “noise” in the world!

  72. My favorite sound is when my husband is playing with our children. Hearing their laughs mingled together makes my heart happy.

  73. My favorite sound has to be when my children are laughing with that deep hard belly laugh..makes me die laughing every time 🙂

  74. Love hearing laughter from our six grandchildren. Warms my heart and makes me smile.

  75. I love the sound of water in various forms… rain on a tin roof, a babbling brook… I find the noises to be SO soothing!

  76. My favorite noise is the noise my son makes when he gets very excited. I also love a good drum line! 🙂

  77. My favorite noise is the sound of my kids laughing hysterically! Cracks me up just hearing it.

  78. The rain falling at night while I sleep and the waves crashing at the Beach. Ahhhh.

  79. My favorite noise is when my little Chihuahua is sleeping and makes funny a snore.

  80. I really love the sound of the cicadas when they come around. It reminds me of girl scout camp and spending summers with my grandparents sitting outside.

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