Giveaway: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

For us, it’s just not Christmas until we’ve seen Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on television. (Did you know it’s been on TV now for 50 years?) So imagine how excited we were when we found out that this beloved show would be coming to life on stage as a musical at the Walton Arts Center! We are PUMPED!

And you’ll be pumped, too, if you win the FOUR tickets to this show that we’re giving away this week. You’ll be in the audience on opening night on December 21, 2015 at 7 p.m. And we’re pairing the four show tickets with a $30 gift card to U.S. Pizza so you can feed your crew before or after the show at the best pizza place on Dickson Street.

hermey the elf200ABOUT THE SHOW: The story tells the tale of a young Rudolph who, because of the appearance of his bright, shining nose, is ousted from the reindeer games in Christmas-town. He flees town, meets up with new friends Hermey and Yukon, and a series of funny and endearing adventures ensue including a visit to The Island of Misfit Toys. Rudolph journeys home, where a snowstorm of epic proportions is threatening Christmas. Can Rudolph save his family and friends and help Santa save the holiday?

No worries… If you love the TV special, you’ll love the stage version, too, because the creators of the musical have stayed faithful to the original show. This production is great for kids age 5 and up.

ABOUT THE FOOD: U.S. Pizza has become a Fayetteville landmark and it’s famous not only for its pizza but also for its salads, sandwiches and an awesome, kid-friendly atmosphere. (Did you know that the restaurant even has an extensive gluten-free section on the menu? It rocks!)

rudolph_bumble180HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win these four show tickets plus dinner at U.S. Pizza, click on the words “post a comment” below and tell us about one of your favorite toys you played with as a kid. (We were big fans of the Spirograph, Light Brite, and the Rub-a-Dub doll.)

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If you’d rather not leave your Rudolph tickets to chance, click HERE to get info on how to purchase tickets. There are several different dates and show times which should make it easier to find one that works with your schedule.

Good luck, mamas!


  1. I loved My Little Pony toys, and it’s great that my daughter now loves them!

  2. I loved my Barbies and all the clothes and accessories and a house!! Ah memories!

  3. My favorite toys were my Cabbage Patch Dolls! And now my daughter plays with the ones I had as a child!

  4. I loved playing Monopoly. My grandchildren now love playing it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I had a “Dukes of Hazzard” pedal car that I loved. The doors wouldn’t open just like the real General Lee! Amazing!

  6. One of my favorite toys was my cabbage patch kid. I still remember when I got it:)

  7. I loved my cabbage patch kid–she was my baby. I took her every where and even said I would grow up to name my daughter the same name, Bianca Jean. HA!

  8. I played with Barbies until I was 13. I had a ton and would spread them out all over the room. I always watched Rudolph on tv – I still love it. I have a 2 year old grandson and would love the chance to take him.

  9. I loved my cabbage patch doll! My dad waited in line for hours to get me one! I will never forget that doll!

  10. I loved playing with my Barbie Dolls after I received a doll house my father and uncle built for me out of an old bookshelf. I would play for hours in my room.

  11. I pretended to be sick so I could come home early and open my Barbie Camper for Channukah!!

  12. My favorite toys as a child were my spirograph and fashion plates. Loved creating art. 🙂

  13. I loved my little bo peep ironing board, Mickey Mouse record player, Charlie angels dolls!

  14. I love all the My Little Pony toys I had and now my daughter likes to play with ‘the ponies’ when we go visit my parents!

  15. Mine was a classic….Barbie!! Still have some of my old dolls and now my girls play with them

  16. I had a Playschool camper set that I loved to play with! I wish I still had it. I also always liked the Operation game. My sisters and I were always quite competitive over this game.

  17. My boys would love to go see Rudolf. Two favorite toys from childhood come to mind. “Stretch Armstrong” (yes, I opened him to see what was inside and I used the little bandaids that were given for just that purpose) and a “Coleco Vision” gaming console.

  18. My favorite toy was Breyer horses! I spent all my birthday and Christmas money to buy a new one. I named each of them and could still tell you what they are. I saved my favorites and my little girl plays with them today!

  19. I know some sweet kiddos who would love to go with this Grandma to see this!

  20. I loved my Barbie. I also had a Farrah Fawcett Barbie. She is put up for safe keeping

  21. I don’t remember the exact name of the toy, but I had a Mother Goose that told stories. I had the books that went to her & she told the story as I followed along. I absolutely loved playing with her.

  22. The Knex Roller coaster set led me on the pathway to being a structural engineer!

  23. I love my cabbage patch doll and a little tree house that opened up that I have never been able to find as an adult.

  24. Cabbage Patch Kids for sure. Loved getting a new one. Played with them all the time.

  25. My favorite toy was Penny the penguin and it melts my heart when I see my girls playing with Penny!

  26. I loved my Lite Brite, my Easy Bake Oven, my Barbies and my Cabbage Patch Doll, Angelina Gerbertina. I also loved Pig Pong!

  27. I loved the old school playskool record player and tape deck that was all in primary colors!

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