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Are you guys as excited about this show as we are? Is that even possible? If you grew up with this music, if you’ve seen the movie more times than you can count, or if your first real crush was on John Travolta as “Danny”, then you’re really, REALLY gonna want to win the free tickets to see Grease on opening night at the Walton Arts Center on Tuesday, May 4th. Woo-hoo!!! We love GREASE!


We’re pairing the theater tickets with dinner at the one-of-a-kind Bordinos Italian Restaurant, just steps away from Walton Arts Center. We’ve sent lots of lucky mama winners to Bordinos over the past two years, and they always come away stuffed with incredible food and very impressed with the service, atmosphere and overall vibe at Bordinos. The folks at Bordinos know how to treat a mama! With two theater tickets plus the $50 gift card to Bordinos, this package is valued at more than $150!

Grease was named the No. 1 Musical of the Year by Time Magazine in 2007. This production features songs from the 1978 film including “Sandy,” “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” “Grease,” and “You’re the One That I Want.” Those last two songs were both No. 1 hits on the Billboard Top 100 list. Some of the other songs you’ll hear include “Summer Nights,” “Greased Lightnin'” and “We Go Together.”


And get this! Guess who’s playing Teen Angel in this production? It’s none other than the 2006 American Idol winner Taylor Hicks! After winning Idol, Hicks had a debut single “Do I Make Your Proud,” which hit the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and was then certified gold. He is currently promoting his second new album called “The Distance.”

grease_logo.jpgThe film version of GREASE produced one of the best-selling soundtracks in history, and it’s the highest-grossing movie musical of all time.

For more info on specific show dates and times, click HERE to visit the Walton Arts Center website. Or call 479-443-5600 to reach the ticket box office.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat for this giveaway, click the big orange comment button below and tell us your favorite part of GREASE. Was it a certain song or scene or character? If you can quote a favorite line, do that, too! You may also e-mail your entry to us at

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We’re looking forward to reading about your favorite GREASE moments. Good luck, and keep an eye on your inbox because we notify winners via e-mail!!!



  1. Oh my! I think my favorite part of Grease was when John Travolta sang “Greased Lightning” or maybe singing along with Olivia and John on “These Summer Nights” or maybe “Beauty School Drop Out” or…. I just LOVED that whole movie! Would LOVE to see it live!

  2. My favorite part, I do not even know were to begin. I have loved this show since I was small. “Greased Lightning” has to be my favorite song. It wasn’t until I was out of high school that I really listened to the lyrics. It cracked me up!!! I love watching the movie with my girls! In fact, I think I am gonna go turn it on!

  3. I loved the whole movie.
    I would love the chance to win this giveaway! thanks Mamas, Bordinos and WAC!

  4. I like the whole movie. My husband also loves the movie. My favorite is the end at the school party.

  5. I LOVE Grease!!! I like the entire movie but my favorite part is probably at the end when they sing You’re the One That I Want at the carnival. So fun!!!

  6. I love this movie! I particularly enjoyed the sleepover scene when I was little and still sing “brusha brusha brusha” with my little one when we’re brushing his teeth. 🙂 This would be wonderful!

  7. What’s not to love about this movie?!! It is just fun all the way through – Travolta is awesome!

  8. I love Grease! Every minute of it, but Summer Lovin is probably my favorite song and favorite part of the movie!

  9. I love Grease. My husband took me to NYC to see it. Only the stage hands went on strike so we never saw the show. Would love to see it now.

  10. I first saw this movie in the theater when it was first released, I must have been about 10-11 which is the age of my daughter right now. Nothing would be more wonderful than to share Grease with my daughter, especially when they are at the football game and see each other for the first time after the summer. Loved that Part, Sandy? Danny?

  11. Like the others, the whole movie is so good, it is hard to pick out one part. But, when I think of Grease, I think of Olivia and John singing “summer Nights”.

  12. Go Grease Lighting, guys at the auto shop, favorite scene and song, still like to do those moves. Love the whole excited for the play!

  13. I absolutely love Grease! I think my favorite part is anytime that Travolta is on his motorcycle!

  14. The best part is Rizzo singing Sandra Dee…sooooo great. Love this movie so much.

  15. I absolutely love this movie! My favorite part is the drive in movie scene, when he tries to make a move. Ha

  16. Nothing more entertaining than theater!! This would be awesome to win!! We love Bordino’s!!

  17. I don’t want to have to pick a favorite part. I love it all. I think my favorite would have to be “Summer Loving” if I had to pick.

  18. I love Grease! I can repeat it word for word!! I don’t think I’ve ever been to Bordino’s. 🙁 That’s sad.

  19. “Tell me about it, stud” at the end with Sandy all made over is my favorite scene. Travolta’s expression is priceless and ‘I got chills….’ just sums it all up. BIG Taylor Hicks fan and would love see him live!

  20. I love the prom dance scene. It is so much fun. I also love the end with the carnival at school. So much great music!

  21. I loved all of the movie and would love to see Taylor Hicks in it whooo hooo

  22. I can sing ALL the songs! After I bought the CD though I realized there were some crude things sang. I still LOVE the movie!

  23. My favorite part is the end, too! Love Sandra Dee’s whole outfit! Would love to go see it and would love to see Taylor Hicks!

  24. Loved the whole movie, but my favorite song is Summer Lovin. When I was little, I wanted that black outfit Sandy wore at the end…”Tell me ’bout it…stud!” Love, Love, LOVE Grease!

  25. Grease is actually my husband’s FAVORITE! He sings every song and can quote every line. I would love to treat him to this night out.

  26. We love GREASE! My favorite part is the “Grease is the Word” song and dance and Danny saying, “Chu-aa”!

  27. My favorite all time movie and favorite sound track. Me and my college sorority girls made every skit and dance to grease!

  28. I loved the whole entire movie but if I had to pick a scene from the movie it would be when Sandy is in her back yard singing “Hopelessly Devoted” oh yeah and when Sandy and Danny were at the end of the movie singing “you the one that I want” My brother Armand and I would always sing that part together………lol

  29. I LOVE Grease! ~ You Jims and Sals are my best pals, and to look your best for the big contest, just be yourself and have a ball, that’s what it’s all about after all! Just remember, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s what you do with your dancin’ shoes.~

  30. “Stranded at the drive-in. Branded a fool.” I love the scene where Danny is singing alone in the drive-in since I think it is funny. It is one of my favorite movies and plays of all time.

  31. My favorite part of Grease is when Danny trips over the hurdle at track practice trying to impress Sandy. WOW – he must really want to win her back to do something so out of his comfort zone!!!

  32. Hard to think of a favorite part when I love the whole movie. I guess I would have to pick John Travolta and Olive Newton-John singing “Those Summer Nights”. When my daughter was 2-4 yrs old she watched the movie over and over and wore it out and I didn’t hear the end of it until we bought another copy.

  33. My favorite part is that my sports fanatic husband will actually watch and enjoy this movie.

  34. Have enjoyed watching over and over again with my children. Greased Lightning number is my favorite.

  35. My husband and both love the whole movie and sing our hearts out when we watch it.
    My most favorite part is any scene involving Rizo. Her attitude and flair cracks me up. My husband and I would love this date night!

  36. I would have to say that my favorite part is also when Sandy sings “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” I have seen the movie but never the live version and it would be great to have a night out to finally see it.

  37. Greese is one of my FAVORITE movies of all times!! I would love to see it live!! I love all of the songs, which make the movie so great! My favorite song in the movie is, “Summer Days.” So cute!! It makes me remember the good ol’ puppy love days with my hubby. =)

  38. “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee brimming with virginity!” I liked this line because the first time I heard it I was in high school and did not get it that they were making fun of it. I thought they were praising all of us good girls. Duh for me but it still makes me smile.

  39. I love your the one that I want at the end of the movie. what a FABULOUS giveaway!!!

  40. I really enjoyed ALL of Grease (the movie). I’ve been dying to see the musical- I bet Taylor is fabulous! Bordino’s is FAB too- SO yummy, esp their creme brulee! Thanks for all the fun opportunities!

  41. I’ve always loved the ending where Sndra D gets a new look an captures Danny’s attention. He changes for her too. Love the end song!

  42. My favorite part of Grease is when Sandra D dresses sexy in the black leather and stubs out her cigarette at the end.

  43. It’s hard to pick a favorite part of GREASE! I love it all but I would say that the part where Sandy gets her ears pierced at the girl slumber party is one of my favorite scenes. All of the scenes with music are what makes this movie for me!!!!

  44. I loved the entire show one of my favorites is the end song You are the one I want! My husband even likes this show and this may just be the one I get him to go see with me!

  45. I love the “Greased Lightning” scene with the guys in the garage on top of the car–so cool!

  46. I love the finale…”Better shape up, cause I need a man and my heart is set on you!”

  47. There are lots of great parts, it’s true! There is one scene that no one has mentioned and it really sticks in my mind–it’s the one in which the guy takes a girl into the bomb shelter, sets off the disaster alarms and tries to convince her they shouldn’t spend the last day of the world as virgins. It’s such a great example of the desperation of a teenager!

  48. What a great night out. These giveaways just keep getting better. Nobody doesn’t like “Grease”.

  49. My favorite part of the movie is when Danny tries to be a sports jock and is terrible at everything!! I love Grease!

  50. This is one of my favorite movies!!! It’s a hard decision for my favorite part of Grease, but I love “Summer Lovin”.

  51. I just can’t pick a favorite part! I just love the whole thing! Really great giveaway!

  52. Definitely when sweet innocent Sandy comes out wearing her tight leather pants and big hair! lol

  53. My favorite part is Greese is when Risso puts on the blonde wig and sings Sandra Dee!! Love it!!

  54. I love the entire movie, but the scene that I think of immediately when I hear Grease is the slumber party scene when Jan sings the Brusha Brusha Brusha song. And I still quote, “Find a penny pick it up all day long you’ll have good luck.”

  55. This is one of my all time favorite movies. I can watch it over and over. Some of my favorite parts are “Summer Lovin” & “You’re the one that I want”. Too many faves to pick from.

  56. Grease is the Word! Great fun…keeping my fingers crossed and looking for my Bobby Socks.

  57. I would love to see Grease! I would actually take my BFF, because it is one of our cherished memories of college singing the songs. I love the movie, but mainly the songs…so the play will be perfect for us. We never get to hang out much anymore without the kids or much at all even then. I miss her much and would love for us to make memories again that last like we used to have.

  58. My favorite thing about Grease was watching my 10 year old niece sing every song, do every dance. I of course enjoyed it when it came out but her joy was just such a pleasure to see.


  59. I love the whole story line but each song is so much fun too that I can’t pick just one. It is a great way to start off the summer! Thanks Mamma’s, WAC, and Bordino’s!

  60. I love it when Sandy pushes Danny with her foot and starts singing “you better shape up, cause I need a man, and my heart is set on you” I have watched it hundreds of times while babysitting the neighbor kids. Awesome!

  61. Would love to hit Bordino’s first, who knows how to stir up some awesome food without the “Grease”! Can save that for after!

  62. My favorite part…???? Wow! I love the entire movie…but Hopelessly Devoted to You…that is the best!

  63. My favorite part is at the end of the movie. I just love the look on Danny’s face when he sees Sandy for the first time after her makeover!

  64. I love all of the music from Grease! There is not one song that keeps you from not singing along or dancing!

  65. My favorite thing about Grease is the fact that Stockard Channing was in her 30’s playing a teenager in this movie!

  66. I just liked the whole movie! Sandy is such a wholesome girl and it was dreamy when Danny and Sandy got together! I love all the music in it too!

  67. Ok, my favorite part is definitely the end, where Sandy comes out looking all cute and dolled up! Danny doesn’t know what to say, he is speechless. SHe loves him enough to change for him 🙂 “Better Shape Up!” is the best song. I LOVE GREASE!!

  68. My favorite character is Frenchie. I loved all her different hairstyles and colors. And when Frankie Avalon sang Beauty School Drop Out.

  69. The whole movie is my favorite! I had to see it over 100 times, had the book and memorized all the lines. Even dressed up as Sandy for Halloween! I do like the Beauty School Drop Out sceen.

  70. Beatuy School drop out. Go back to High school…. GREASE! What’s not to love??

  71. Oh my, I don’t think there’s a part that I don’t love!! It’s such a wonderfully upbeat show that I can’t help but dance and sing along. Accompanied by an awesome dinner I couldn’t think of a better night out!

  72. My favorite part of Grease is at the end when Sandy changes her looks for Danny and wears leather! Love the song ‘You’re the one that I want’ that they sing!

  73. Love every part of the movie!!! I would play every part when I would watch the movie growing up!!!

  74. The WHOLE thing! It brings back memories of watching it daily with my sorority sisters in college. Also, I am now 28 weeks pregnant with twins, so this could be a very good “last night out” date night for a long, long, long time. Thanks!

  75. “Ooooh, greased lightin’, go greased lightin’!” One night as a teenager, my girlfriends and I stayed up nearly all night watching a “Grease” marathon. Each time “Greased Lightin'” would come on, we got up and sung and danced along with it. Really, I think we were just deliriously tired! Love “Grease”!!

  76. This would be the highlight of your spring. May daughter would go crazy if we won this. We watch Grease all the time.

  77. My favorite part is when Sandy dresses in the black outfit & puts the cig out in those high heel shoes & says “Tell me about it stud”… & she realizes that Danny changed for her & she changed for him… then they sing “Your the One that I Want”… My fav song in the movie… I love it all, but that is by far my fav part… I’ve scene the movie so many times I can quote every line while watching it! Me & my sister use to watch it everytime it was on tv… & we both bought the VHS & DVD… GREAT MOVIE… I’m sure the play will be AWESOME!

  78. I love Grease!
    My daughter and I would watch this on rainy days it would be so amazing to be able to take her.

  79. I love the “Beauty School Dropout” scene in the restaurant. Gotta love Frenchie!

  80. I could watch Grease a thousand times (and I’m probably pretty close) and never get sick of it! I’d have to say my favorite parts are when they sing ‘Summer Lovin’ and then the ending.

  81. I LOVE Grease! I think the musical would be fantastic! I like “Summer Lovin” and “You’re the One that I Want”. I even have the soundtrack on CD. 🙂

  82. I love all of it but my favorite scenes are the dance and the ending after graduation when Sandy transforms .

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