Dr. Adam Maass talks about Haiti’s rainy season

Like so many of you, I’ve seen a ton of news coverage about the earthquake in Haiti. And I knew it was bad, and I saw the shocking photographs and video footage. But I don’t think it began to sink in on a more personal level until I talked with someone who has been there and has witnessed the devastation — personally.

Dr. Adam Maass, an endocrinologist with Mercy Health of Northwest Arkansas, was kind enough to let me videotape our conversation about his second trip to Haiti in March. We will publish short video clips of this conversation over the next several weeks — partly because Dr. Maass gives such a descriptive, first-hand account that helps us visualize real life in Haiti — and also because we need to keep Haiti in the forefront of our hearts and minds, as the people there are still so far away from resuming anything close to a normal life.

Click the play arrow below to hear Dr. Maass talk about how Haiti’s rainy season — which is in full effect right now — will complicate relief efforts. The “April showers” that bring us flowers here in the U.S. may possibly bring a new health threat to an already dire situation in Haiti.