Great Date Giveaway: Tickets to “South Pacific,” Dinner at Bordinos


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You won’t need a good excuse for going out with your sweetie if you win this Great Date Giveaway because you’ll most definitely have one. We’ve got two tickets to see the romantic production of South Pacific on opening night at the Walton Arts Center one week from today on Tuesday, March 30th at 7 p.m.


And it wouldn’t be a great date if it didn’t also include great food. So we’ve turned to our friends at nearby Bordinos Italian Restaurant to help us out with that part. The Great Date Giveaway will also include a $50 gift card at Bordinos to use either on the night of the show or some other special night.

A lot of men I know will be almost as excited about the “free” part of this date as they are about the idea of having some kid-free time alone with the woman they love. The tickets for South Pacific start out at $35.50 each. So two tickets plus the Bordinos gift card is a date valued at more than $120! He’ll be in love with the fact that you’ve won a special “couples-only” night that doesn’t mess up the budget.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Set on a tropical island during World War II, this musical tells the story of two couples whose love story is threatened by the realities of war as well as their own prejudices. Some of the show’s most recognized songs include “Some Enchanted Evening,” “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair,” and “There Is Nothin’ Like a Dame.”

This show earned seven honors during the 2008 Tony Awards. The New York Post called it “simply wonderful.” And USA Today‘s review said “South Pacific doesn’t just float. It soars!”

ABOUT THE FOOD: We love the chance to send couples to Bordinos Italian Restaurant because, after the date, they always tell us how incredible it was — the food, the atmosphere, the service — everything. bordinos2.jpgWe love hearing that, and we know that busy parents really need and deserve an “enchanted evening” like this to focus on themselves for a change.

We don’t know of a single thing on the Bordinos menu that isn’t wonderful. But just be sure not to eat so much that you miss out on dessert. We keep hearing about the creations of Bordinos’ new pastry chef Robyn Bowen. Apparently she has introduced a new dessert called the Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Dome that’s taking Dickson Street by storm. Can’t wait to try it!

HOW TO ENTER: South Pacific is known for its incredible music. One of the songs from the show is called “Honey Bun.” So we want to know why your “honey” deserves this special date night. Does he make you laugh when you need it most? Does he hold your purse while you’re in the dressing room? Does he whisk the kids away for some play time when you desperately need a break? We want to hear about it. Click the big orange comment button below and post your thoughts. Don’t worry about writing a masterpiece. The drawing is completely RANDOM.

You can also enter the RANDOM drawing via e-mail by sending a note to As always, feel free to increase your odds of winning by sending a note about this great date giveaway to your friends. Be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit. We’ll put your name in the hat for every friend you tell.

Good luck winning this Great Date Giveaway! Watch your inbox for an e-mail notifying you about a possible win. We’ll contact a winner on Friday!



  1. My honey definitely deserves a special date night. Saturday mornings he single-handedly manages our two kiddos while I get some much-needed no-kid time!

  2. My sweetie works seriously long hours and would enjoy a kid-free date with me!

  3. My honey is an amazing father and husband. He puts us first and desires to be the best he can be. Besides play with our kids, his favorite thing to do is spend time with me. We praise God for our husband/Daddy.

  4. My husband works alot of hours and is tired alot due to past back problems/surgeries, so we haven’t got to spend much needed time together very often, especially something that costs money! We both LOVE Bordinos and Love plays, so if we won this, we would both be VERY EXCITED!!

  5. Would love to have a date night with my husband! Our 10 year anniversary was last week.


  6. My honey deserves this date night because he’s just such a good dad. Blended families are hard and he makes the best of it by making sure that his life completely revolves around his kids all the time. Between playtime with all the kiddos, bedtime stories with my daughter, and coaching his son’s soccer team, he’s the most committed single dad I’ve ever met. He hasn’t had a vacation, or even a weekend off in years, and dates are few & far between for us.

    We’d really enjoy a night out, we need it pretty darn bad. 🙂

  7. My husband knows that I am not a morning person and he lets me sleep in on my days off and he gets the kids off to school. We met in high school in drama so we would love to go see this musical.

  8. My hunny deserves a night out! He enjoys the theatre, and Bordino’s is our favorite restaurant. When my father died, he was the only person who could make me laugh. He has a kind heart, and he is a 3 time veteran of the Gulf/Iraqi Freedom wars. His service to our country is definitely worth a night on the town!

  9. Pick me! Pick me! We just had our 6th anniversary yesterday and are celebrating by taking our daughter to see the Nick Jr. show…haha! Also, we are expecting twins so our date nights are about to be seriously limited. Thanks!
    Rhonda B.

  10. My honey deserves this because he has been the sole breadwinner since I was laid off last year, and he works hard around the house tackling the items on his “honey-do” list!

  11. My Princess does it all! We used to go to the theatre prior to our 3 kids and would love the opportunity!

  12. My “honey” deserves this night out because he is such a hard worker and supporter of our family. We are expecting and moving all at the same time. But every day he gets up goes to work, then works on the new house, helps do most of the packing, and takes care of me his pregnant wife. I am so lucky to have a man who will carry m purse if I need him too and rub my feet after a long day. I am a extremely blessed woman and I am so lucky to have him as my best friend and husband. So surprising him with this date night would mean the world! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  13. My sweetie is always thinking of ways to make my life easier. He’s an organizer, so he’s always organizing the kitchen cabinets, the closets, or the toys in the playroom. Our home would be quite a mess without his thoughtful help!

  14. My “honey bun” deserves this free night out with me because he’s always willing to stay home in the evenings and watch our 2 girls when I need a night out with some “grown up girls!”

  15. My husband deserves this date night because he is such a great husband and dad. He keeps the kids so I can have some girl time. He works so hard in school and still finds time to spend with us. He could use a night out with me:)

  16. What honey doesn’t deserve a fun night out and fabulous musical? (An awesome musical revival no less…eeeeee!) Sign me up!

  17. My husband continues to work hard, even though he is legitimate retirement age. He also manages to babysit grandkids, maintain 2 large gardens, and take care of rental property. He deserves….some relaxation for sure.

  18. My honey bun is a one of a kind!
    I was a single mom of 5 kids when we met. Not only did that not scare him away, he has become a wonderful part of all of our lives. This would be especially wonderful for him because he starred in South Pacific a long time ago. We even have a record of the performance. He is one of the most considerate men I have ever met. He makes us all very happy.

  19. My ‘honey bun’ deserves this date for being just an all around amazing husband. There have been a series of events that have happened lately that deserve a special dinner and show to celebrate. We always enjoy our date nights and this would be a great way to celebrate! We met at Bordinos so it is always special to us!

  20. my husband deserves this special night because he is such a great dad to our 5 month old son. we approach parenting together as a team, giving it our all…100%.

  21. As I type this my husband has taken our two young children away for 3 hours to give me a break. We’ve all been sick, and even though he actually had fever last night (and is feeling a little better today) he’s willing to push himself to give me some time to myself. I appreciate that he notices me pushing myself everyday for our family, and he’s willing to do as much as he can for us too!
    Oh, and we haven’t had a date night, just the two of us, since last May on our anniversary!

  22. My “honey” is the best husband, father and best friend a girl could ask for. I would give him the world if I could.

  23. I’d love to win this! My honey is a dream of a man who puts me first constantly. He takes the kids whenever I need a bring and truly enjoys his time with them.

  24. My “Honey Bun” deserves this because he is such a great Father, and Husband! We have 5 children and have been married for almost 15 years and he has worked hard through the years to provide for and take care of our family. He tries to take me out at least once every few months! It would be nice to surprise him and take him out for once!

  25. Does my honey ever deserve this! His is working 50+ hours/week, traveling out of town several days a week, and is going back to school full time. He would love this “free” date!

  26. my hubby takes over the kids the second he comes home from work. and even though i cook him the same meals over and over, he always says, “i think this is your best one yet!”

  27. My hunny deserves to have this date night with me because he is so hard working and always thinks about us first, not himself. It would be a relaxing and fun night that he deserves!

  28. My hubby deserves this special date night because he works extremely hard for our family and he needs a break!

  29. we actually honeymooned int he south pacific so the music and story brings back memories. My husband wants to go back someday but with 2 little kids this show will be as close as we will come for a while!

  30. I have a new “honey” and this would be a great way to keep the ball rolling!

  31. Italian food is my hubby’s favorite and going to the WAC is my favorite so this would be a perfect date night. I’ll spare you the gory details but will simply say the my husband DESERVES a night out!

  32. My hubby gave me flowers for the first time in ages the other day. It was a complete surprise and they were my favorite….yellow tulips. Surprises are nice after 13 years of marriage. It’s the little things that mean the most.

  33. My precious hubby, what an incredible man! When I need to talk, he listens. He loves to be spontaneous! He makes ordinary routine days almost fun. Best of all, he’s been faithful for all of our 36 years of marriage. Now that’s a man who deserves a night out on the town!

  34. Well my husband is the best. He is my best friend. We have 3 children that takes up much of our time. He has a job that keeps him away from all of us throughout the week and we all miss him when he is not at home for dinner. He does his best to do things with his children. He makes me feel like the most special and loved person even when I don’t feel that I deserve it. He makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world when I am in a tshirt and jeans. I would love to take him out on a date night just to share that time with him alone. He deserves that undivided attention. Because as you know with kids that is a rare event.

  35. He took me to see our new grandbaby this weekend so i think he deserves something special! 🙂

  36. My honey deserves it because he takes the kids to the park when I want to read a book, let’s me sleep in late on the weekends and pours me a beer when I am cranky. He loves me and is supportive of me regardless of mood or circumstance.

  37. My honey is a great husband and Dad. He works hard to allow me to be a stay at home mom. Every Sun he cooks the “big” breakfast for all of us. We would love a date night out!

  38. My husband is the prime example of what all “honey buns” should be. He helps clean and vacuum the house, cooks dinner, and even leaves me occasional little notes in my car in the mornings. “Some enchanted evening” becomes almost every day with my husband, and I even tell my students at school that I hope and pray they marry someone half as wonderful as my husband. “There is nothin’ you can name that is anything like….” my husband!

  39. My ‘honey’ waited 13 long years to be MY honey again! Dreams DO come true! 😉

  40. My husband deserves a night out for so many reasons! He’s a wonderful, hard working husband and the best father ever! He loves his family and takes great care of all of us.

  41. I think my honey deserves this night out because he does so much for our family. He also has been very encouraging and supportive as I went back to school to finish my degree. Also, I started a new job yesterday, and he had dinner ready when I got home (after working all day himself)

  42. I’ve been really sick and Sunday my honey managed and played with all three kiddos so I could get a much needed 4 hour uninterrupted nap!!! He deserves some uninterrupted date time with me 🙂

  43. My husband deserves a night out because after 5 years of marriage, two kids and lots of life changes, he still runs home like it was the day I married him. He is a wonderful father, husband and best friend. We cherish any and all of our time together (Fun City tonight), but a night out just the two of us would be nice.

  44. My honey deserves a date night for always putting his family first! He’s amazing, and he deserves all good things!

  45. There are too many reasons to list why my honey deserves this! He works hard everyday, cooks almost every night, and drops anything he’s doing to run to the store to fulfill my sweet tooth cravings no matter how late it is! He is an incredible husband and daddy!

  46. After being a stay at home mom for a number of years, I am working again. My husband now offices at home. He has been so great about helping do laundry, dishes, etc. It’s making life so much easier. Would love for him to have a night out.

  47. My husband shows me he loves me in so many ways. I think the one that stands out the most though is how hard he works for me and our family!

  48. A date night out with my husband would be such a treat. He works hard every day to provide us with the things we need. Never been to the Walton’s Art Center. Thanks so much for letting us enter this wonderful contest!

  49. In order for me to be able to stay home, my hubby gets up every weekday super early to go to his first job as a radio show host. Before my son was born he was really good at sleeping in, and would never wake up before it was light outside. I am so thankful to him for working 12 hour days so our son can stay home with me!

  50. My husband works a demanding full-time job, pastors a church, and is a full-time student. Still, he finds a way to be the best husband and father that I could ever ask for. There have been a couple of deaths in my family in recent weeks. My husband took time off from everything to be with me and to take care of our girls so that I could have time with my family. Even my relatives mentioned how great he was to do all that he was doing for me, my girls, and my family. I would love to take him out for a date to show him how much I love and appreciate him!

  51. My husband is wonderful to do all the little things for me that mean so much. He always carries my lawn chair for me at our son’s sporting events, he fills my car up with gas, he runs out and gets our lunch everyday, and more. These little things help so much and mean a lot! We don’t get very many grown up date nights, we usually take our son everywhere, so this would be a wonderful thing for us to win!

  52. My honey is the best honey in the world! He does anything I ask him to do-even go see a musical! I would love to give him the opportunity to see this musical with me on a special date night!

  53. My sweetheart deserves so much more than I could ever give him… He supports our family by working in his own business, attends every baseball, football game, track event, dance event… Leads our family in attending church events each week… Supports me in my mid-life career change emotionally and financially… Helps my mom and I watch my father who has Alzhiemer’s… And gives me time alone and girlfriend time, by taking all four children, making a pancake dinner, and seeing to homework and bedtimes. Yeah me, for choosing such a great guy!

  54. My honey deserves a night out because he works very hard, loves big, is never hesitant to reach out a helping hand, is completely selfless when it comes to his family, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  55. I would love to win and have a great night out with my awesome man. He deserves it after sitting through story time today with all the little ones. He ran over from work to help me out.

  56. My honey deserves this because we are working really hard to get rid of all debt from our lives and we are cutting back in all areas. Unfortunately, alone time goes when the money goes too. We haven’t had a date night in so long I can’t think! I’d love to be able to have some time with my honey without having to slow down our process of trying to become debt free!

  57. My honey deserves it for becoming a great father and husband even though he did not have very good role models growing up. He is a loving father and husband and would enjoy dinner and a date with his honey.

  58. My Honey deserves it because he works A firefighter shedule which requires him to be gone for days at a time and no matter how tired he is when he returns he will always make me and the kids breakfast, clean the house, volunteer at school and take us out no matter what. After so many years, he is still HOT and has my fire burning.

  59. My hunny deserves the date night b/c he is constantly taking care of me. I recently injured my back and anything I ask him to do he does for me without hesitation. He may not like to but when we’re out and I need him to hold my purse he does it & never complains. He calls me princess and is a true gentleman. Always opening doors for me. In fact, he won’t even let me get out of the car. He rushes to the other side to open it for me. Some might call it old fashioned but I love it!!! We both enjoy the theatre and Bordino’s is one of our favorite places to eat. This is why my hunny deserves a great date night!!!

  60. He is always looking out for his family. Working hard to provide for all 8 of us!

  61. My husband is wonderful and really deserves this date night! He has been out of work on disability for 3 months, which has been extremely difficult for him, especially since he has worked 2-3 jobs everyday of the 8 years we have been married. With the loss of income I had to pull the kids out of preschool, and he did an excellent job as “mr. mom”. Of course, not without much criticism from his so appreciative wife who would do some things differently. I love him so much and am so thankful he got to return to work this week, even though he is still in so much pain. He also allows me much needed mommy time almost every weekend so I can participate in church activities, spend time with friends, and of course SCRAPBOOK!!

  62. My husband deserves the night out, because we have been married 50 years in May. while I am busy with helping my dad, he often cooks dinner for me at home.

  63. My honey is so great with our two kids and enjoys being around all of us as a family but every now and we need a night out together where it is just us. This would be a great opportunity to share some “us” time. Dinner and a wonderful Broadway show. Sounds like fun.

  64. My husband deserves a night out because he works hard all week(more than 40 hours). I have Fibromyalgia and can not work outside our home. He never complains about the things we can’t do because of my health either. We have been married almost 34 years. He helps our grown children with the up keep of their homes and their yard work when needed also. And we have 6 grandchildren we spend time with as often as possible.

  65. It was my 50th birthday on the 27th and my husbands birthday is the 29th we need a night out

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