Giveaway: Tickets to see Chicago at Walton Arts Center

great-date2-2Note from the mamas: Congrats to Kristy Hutchins, winner of the tickets and Bordinos gift card!

The weather may STILL be cold outside, but this week’s Great Date Giveaway package is HOT. It includes two tickets to the Broadway show CHICAGO and dinner at the always amazing Bordinos Italian Restaurant, just a few steps away from the Walton Arts Center.

Opening night is March 11, 2014 at 7 p.m., and we’ll have a dinner gift card waiting on you at Bordinos which you can use before or after the show or on a different night, if you wish. This Great Date Package normally sells for about $200, but it’ll be free to one lucky mama who throws her name in the online hat. (If your husband can’t make it, this would also be a really fun Girls Night Out!)ChicagoBannerABOUT THE SHOW: A Broadway legend, CHICAGO, has it all — a story about fame, fortune and “all that jazz.” The music and the dancing in this show take chicago john ohurleyit to a whole new level, which is why it has won six Tony awards, two Olivier Awards, a Grammy and too many standing ovations to count.

John O’Hurley will be the male lead in this show, and you’ll instantly recognize him. He was voted one of People magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive,” and is best known for playing the role ofย  “J. Peterman” on Seinfeld for man years. He was also on Dancing with the Stars and hosted Family Feud before returning to the stage where he shines as CHICAGO‘s Billy Flynn.

ABOUT THE FOOD: We could say so many things about the incredible food at Bordinos, but we think the pictures probably say it all. What you see here is a pan-seared and butter basted beef tenderloin with sauteed Brussels sprouts, house bacon and fingerling puree, covered in a beef marrow and black garlic jus.

bordinos tenderloinBe sure you save a little room for dessert, too, because Bordinos is famous for whipping up Pinterest-worthy final courses. Check out this beautiful slice of Tiramisu. bordinos tiramisuAnd won’t it be just as delicious to get up from an incredible dinner and dessert and NOT have to clean up your kitchen? Yep, we think so, too.

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TICKET INFO: Click HERE or call the Walton Arts Center Box Office at 479-443-5600 for more info on tickets to the show. This is definitely a “must see” show so don’t miss it!

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  1. One of my best dates was when I first met my husband. It wasn’t a fancy date, just a shared plate of southwest egg rolls at Chili’s, but we sat and talked for hours really getting to “know” one another. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. One of my favorite dates is always when we are able to sneak off alone to Kansas City for a Royals baseball game and night in a hotel without kids!

  3. My best date was with my husband. I worked a late shift and the only restaurant open after work was IHOP. We talked all night and I knew that night he was the one. That was 12 years ago.

  4. One of the best dates was last year when me and my husband took the afternoon and went to Crystal Bridges just the two of us. Then we ended the night with and awesome dinner at Table Mesa. With eight year old twins we don’t get “grown up” time like that very often!

  5. I invited my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, over to my apartment for dinner. I wasn’t much of a cook but wanted to impress him with my cooking skills. I started baking the main dish but got caught up in conversation with my dinner date I ended up burning the meal. It was unedible! So, we ended up eating the only thing I had in my pantry… cereal! It was the best bowl I’d ever eaten and definitely the best date I’ve ever had!

  6. Fave date- visiting The Victorian in Bentonville for an overnight date thus Christmas. What a beautiful b&b!
    – I follow you on Twitter!

  7. One of my favorite date was when my boyfriend at the time surprise me with a trip to St. Louis for the weekend. He planned the whole trip. When went to a Cardinal game, then walked around downtown and exploring all the attractions. He planned a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. It was a nice getaway for us.

  8. With 4 kidds under the age of 10, dates are rare, but my favorite date was a surprise weekend trip to the Treehouse cottages in Eureka Springs for Valentines Day.

  9. We live half-a-country away from family and are fairly new to the area with two young kids, so date nights are a rarity. That said, our favorite date was at Painting with a Twist here in Fayetteville last year! I thought it might be a little out of my comfort zone as I’m definitely not an artist, but it was a blast and so much fun to talk and laugh and accomplish something together ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. No fancy or extremely memorable dates here, but some of the best are just when me and my husband are able to sneak away from the kids for the evening and enjoy dinner and the movies.

  11. The best date I’ve ever had was the first date with my husband. I got sick and had to cancel. So he came over with chicken soup and The Princess Bride. Now every year we watch The Princess Bride and have chicken soup. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. One of my best dates was when my baby girl was 3 months old. We dropped the kids off at a babysitter’s and spent the night at 21C. There is nothing better than an adult only evening followed by sleeping through the night when you have a newborn!

  13. My husband now, boyfriend at the time, was in grad school and on a limited budget. He made dinner for me for my birthday- pasta with sauce. No meat for the sauce…he used what he had…summer sausage! It actually wasn’t bad. It meant a lot that while in grad school full time and working full time, he still made time to do something for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. One of my best dates was my first date with my now husband. There were butterflies but an instant connection and we could talk forever!

  15. One of the best dates that I have ever been on was a camping trip. We camped, road 4-wheelers in the mud, had a picnic by a waterfall, and canoed the Mulberry. I love being outdoors and enjoying God’s country. This was one of the BEST weekends I ever had!
    Sounds crazy, I know, but I loved every minute of it!

  16. The first over night we took after our kids. My son was two at the time. We took an over night trip to Branson, everything was exciting because it felt new again, but we did spend most of the time talking about how much our son would like all the stuff we were doing!

  17. The best date we’ve been on was concert trip to KCMO to see Josh Groban– sooo not my husband’s cup of tea. He enjoyed it and it made it special because I know it was more for me than him, no complaints or snark, he just made it a great night.

  18. Best date ever was a couple of weeks ago. My husband surprised me with dinner at James at the Mill and a night at a hotel. Best husband ever!

  19. A fantastic steak dinner followed by shopping on Chicago’s “miracle mile”.

  20. My favorite date with my hubby is going to a water park or amusement park sans kiddos. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love getting to be big kids!

  21. Anytime spent with my husband is a “best”! We love a special evening out with a quiet dinner.

  22. One of my favorite dates was the Miranda Lambert concert at the AMP last summer. We went with a bunch a friends and had a blast! (i follow on FB and Twitter!)

  23. Seeing I have only dated one man my whole life, my husband and I met when i was 15 and our first date I’ll never forget. Little did we know that meeting would be the beginning of an incredible life together with two children…13 years later. Olive Garden, sneaking to a friends party my parents didn’t know about..he taught me how to be spontaneous! I remember being so nervous and picking out what I wore. Just a special night that really changed my life.

  24. One of my favorite dates with my husband was a day trip to Eureka. We ate, shopped and hiked around the city.

  25. My first date with my husband was a first date marathon…food, farmer’s market, casino, drive thru zoo, food again… A full day to get to know the man I would eventually marry.

  26. One of the best dates I have ever been on was in St. Lewis MO with my husband who took me to the top of the Hilton Hotel for dinner. It was a tie wearing establishment with an amazing view of the city.

  27. I think my best date was my one year anniversary with my husband. We made a last minute decision to splurge and go to Ruth’s Chris for dinner. I was about 5 months pregnant, so food was pretty important at that point and the chocolate cake was to die for!! Plus we got to sit right next to the fireplace which added to the romantic atmosphere. Definitely a simple, but wonderful date.

  28. My favorite date night is when the kids stay at the grandparents, my husband & I go to dinner alone, come home to an empty house, & get to sleep in the next morning:)

  29. We spent the evening playing on the playgorund and catching up. We had gone to high school together and I had recently moved back to town. When he found out, he stalked me just a little, but it worked out for us.

  30. Hi, the best date I ever had was when my husband took me to Mexico for our Anniversary. We had a great dinner and walked the beach in the moonlight. Very romantic and such a super date!

  31. One of my favorite dates was when we went floating and camping in NWA. We lived in little rock at the time and drove up to NWA for the weekend. Such a fun get away!

  32. Best date was in college. My boyfriend (now husband) prepared a picnic and took me to this gazebo right on campus behind the stadium that I did not know existed. I had just gotten braces, and he prepared food that would be easy for me to eat. Simply perfect!

  33. The best date I ever had was in high school. An older guy asked me out and he had his pilot’s license so we flew around and looked at Christmas lights. It was awesome! Unfortunately, I wasn’t that interested in him but we had a great time and are both happy in our own lives. Nice guy and great in for a date. Want to go flying?

  34. Best Date was my first date with my husband….first time I felt comfortable enough to order a juicy cheeseburger on a date!!!!

  35. I love when we get to go away for the weekend! We get to unwind, relax and visit! No kids, no activities, no rushing! Just us!

  36. One of my best dates with my husband was when the kids were out of town. My husband & I went on a lunch date after church and then spent the afternoon at Crystal Bridges. We also have had some very fun dates attending shows at the Walton Arts Center.

  37. With two kids, any date with my husband is a great because they don’t happen to often!

  38. One of my favorite dates with my husband was when we went to the Branson showboat for our 10th anniversary! With 4 kids we don’t often get to do things without them. And it was so nice and romantic to dine in a private room overlooking the lake!

  39. My best date was our 5th wedding anniversary. We went to a concert and stayed at a wonderful hotel!

  40. My best date was the night I reunited with the love of my life. We met in 7th grade, fell madly in love, and then his family moved him to another state. 9 years later, we met up and instantly picked up right where we left off! It was magical and now we are happily married. It’s our fairytale story, and the best date EVER! <3

  41. One of my favorite dates was a date I took with my sin when he was 7. He asked me and my husband paid for it;)

  42. Best date I ever had was when I was taken to the beach for a candlelight dinner picnic (which was illegal to do). It was very romantic.

  43. A best date I had was going on a nice drive to a scenic area then a delicious dinner.

  44. One of my best dates was going to the captain’s dinner on our cruise ship with my husband and our best friends!

  45. One of my favorite dates was when we went hiking and the waterfalls were running.

  46. Best date was with my husband, before he was my husband. It included riding bikes to dinner in Rosemary Beach followed by chocolate fondue at a sidewalk cafe and a walk on the beach. Perfect!

  47. one of my husband and my best dates was when we would get pizza and snacks and curl up and spend a rainy Sat. watching movies.

  48. For our first date, my boyfriend and I drove to Tulsa, went ice skating at the Williams Center, saw Mr. Roberts at the movie, and had a nice dinner out. Perfect date except that we got lost trying to get out of downtown. 33 years later, we are still married!

  49. It’s so amazing to see this giveaway I was just talking to my best friend this weekend about how we wanted to see this together. And as far as the best date I’ve ever had was actually with my best friend. We went out and didn’t plan ahead we just did what ever seemed fun and spontaneous. Ice Cream a random movie walking in the park, then a trek through a “restricted” wooded area! It was fun and whimsical. I’ve had great not bff dates but this one is one for the books for me. It was great conversation filled with adventure and memories. I’d love to have a “more adult version” with her. It’s been difficult to have times like that when we’re both busy working and finishing up school and with my having a child!

  50. Our best date was our last anniversary. We had just moved to NWA a week before and our daughter was having a hard time adjusting and didn’t want to be left with a sitter. So we took her with us- we decided having her with us to celebrate our marriage just felt right.

  51. One of the best date night that I’ve had with my husband was our very first date about 14 years ago. He took me to dinner at Shogun (he doesn’t care for oriental food of any sort) and then to coffee at Common Grounds (he can’t stand coffee). He took me to these places because he knew that’s that I would enjoy. I think I was hooked that he would go out of his way to lay down his preferences in exchange for doing something he knew that I would so enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. My favorite dates was in October 2012. My husband and I rented a Harley, rode to Eureka and spent the night in a beautiful log cabin.

  53. My best date ever was when my husband surprised me with tattoos and then dinner afterwards. I will forever have this memory!!

  54. One of the best dates for me was spending time with my daughter as that is a rare occasion these days.

  55. The best date I have had, was when my partner took me to her hometown. We spent the weekend visiting all of the little places that were her favorite growing up, and checked out the most beautiful lookout point from a tower.

    I have also commented on the Facebook page!

  56. Wow… It’ s been a while… I would have to say meeting someone for dinner that i had not met in 25 years. Enjoying their company and time like we had seen each other daily prior to that night. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. When we lived in Hawaii all our dates were so special – it NEVER got old eating by the ocean, walking along the beach, and sitting by a sandy bonfire.

  58. The best date I have ever had ofcourse was with my husband. He always tried to do little things to make me feel special during our date, like open the car doors, the restaurant door, ect. He also always gets me flowers on a “date” night and always handles the “babysitter” for datenights.
    I couldn’t ask for anyone better, he geniounly loves me, tells me everyday, and never forgets to show me too.
    So blessed. XOXOXO

  59. one of the best dates was my husband and I when we first began dating, driving country roads in the snow.

  60. MMy son took me to the Queen show at the Walton Arts Center and then out to Theo’s for a late night dinner. I loved every bit ot it, was best birthday present ever and best date ever.

  61. Hmmm best date night!! I would have to say a weekend actually of camping and hiking with my husband. We sat by the campfire and just talked about life and really enjoyed each others company. It is nice to slow down and just see each other out of the busy life of family. I am a stay at home mother of a 3 and 4 year old so it was nice to have a small moment of wife not just mommy all the time!

  62. Best date was 22 years ago my now husband was still a teenager. He made me dinner at his house. It was spaghetti with sauce from a jar. ;). It was great! He had candles and flowers on the table. We will be married 20 years in April.

  63. Our best date was once when my hubby planned everything. He sent me flowers at work with a note saying when I got home I needed to pack a bag and away we would go. He made reservations for a quiet place in Eureka Springs and dinner at Autumn breeze. See my hubby is so not romantic that this was so so special.

  64. I’ve actually had a lot of good dates in my lifetime. The older I get the more I appreciate the little things. A good movie, dinner out, sleeping in the morning, not doing housework, etc…

  65. Date nights are so rare these days that they are all pretty special! One that I have always loved was a trip to eureka for dinner and a stay in a little cottage on the restaurant property.

  66. Best date ever was when my husband cooked a fancy plated dinner at his apartment! He really put effort into it with flowers, candles, and good wine!

  67. My husband had me from the beginning! For our first date, he drove me all the way to Tulsa for a Rodin exhibit! His radio was broken, so we had to make good conversation the whole way there and back. When we returned, we ended the night with a bluegrass show. It was awesome, and we have been together ever since.

  68. Our best date ever was when I surprised my husband (before kids) with a trip to New Orleans on the train. We took the Amtrak train through the southern states and sawamps. We dined like kings/queens, visited historic sites, listened to jazz, and walked around the entire quarter. It was unforgettable..

  69. Fave date with my boyfriend was our first!
    We started talking & getting to know each other & come to find he had a mental checklist just like me! We laughed, but also realized how much we had in common!:)

  70. My husband took me to the fanciest restaurant in Dallas where the food was awful and his car broke down. Next, we got lost and I had to end up changing in the car and peeing behind a bush in a park. Finally, we found ourselves in a small coffee house that turned out to be for the gay community. We had lots of laughs and memories from that night.

  71. My husband had me from the beginning! For our first date, he drove me all the way to Tulsa for a Rodin exhibit. His radio was broken, so we had to make interesting conversation the whole way there AND back. When we returned, we went to see a bluegrass show. It was AWESOME, and we have been together ever since!

  72. My husband had me from the beginning! For our first date, he drove me all the way to Tulsa for a Rodin exhibit. His radio was broken, so we had to make interesting conversation all the way there AND back. When we returned, we went to see a bluegrass show. It was awesome, and we have been together ever since!

  73. Best date? Easy! I was a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding and was set up on a blind date for that already momentous occasion. Although the guy and I had talked online, we’d not yet met face to face. I couldn’t believe how shy we were; both casting quick glances and smiles at each other before turning away red faced and grinning. He finally asked me to dance to Georgia on My Mind. Not the most romantic song ever, but it was the slowest song played to that point. We tentatively placed hands in the most proper spot, talked (I rambled), and danced. He was a complete gentleman the whole evening, even during the awkward “I remember when…” Stories began about the newlywed couple. Let’s not forget the garter and bouquet toss! Before the dancing started, the traditional garter toss and bouquet toss happened. My blind date caught the garter and I caught the bouquet. Nine months later, although unmarried, we are completely smitten with each other and making future plans I never thought I’d get to make. With or without winning, I know I came out a winner with the guy. I finally know what true love is and it really can happen! Yes, fairy tales do come true!

  74. One of my favorite dates with my husband was on a Valentine’s day when we were dating. I don’t get into traditional Valentine stuff….like roses, chocolates, etc. So he planned a date of going to Hunan, bowling, getting ice cream, and just having fun. It just brings back great memories. And now, we do fun stuff with the kids of V day so it kind of started a great tradition! ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. The best “date night” was actually a weekend spent in Las Vegas for our 5 year anniversary. It was our first trip away from our 3 year old daughter so I was nervous but we had an amazing time. We were able to go to several shows and eat some amazing food.

  76. The most memorable date my husband and I had was our first date in September 2005 to see Stomp at Walton arts center and dinner at Bordinos after. This date night would be like that all over again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. One of my best dates was a TSO concert in LR where we also ate at a wonderful little Italian restaurant.

  78. One of my favorite dates was a surprise dinner at Ella’s (which was so romantic) and a movie! I love surprises!

  79. On our 10th anniversary my husband surprised me with a trip to New York City. We ate at a place called il Pilazzo, which was a quiet little restaurant in Little Italy with the best food i have ever eaten. My husband then took me to the top of the Empire State Building where he surprised me with a piece of valentine’s candy that we have been giving back and forth to each other since high school. (it was in a ring box, so I thought I might have been getting a ring…) But,…. he then brought out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! (Pretty romantic!)

  80. We recently went on a long overdue date to the Walton arts center and to dinner afterwards! With a one and two year old any date with my husband is great!

  81. Had a Saturday date where my husband and i just spent the day together and it was great.

  82. almost 14 years ago, my husband and i had our first date at the Walton Arts Center to see “42nd Street” and eat on Dickson street…so this would be a fun “date night” for us!

  83. The best date that I have ever been in was in August 1999.
    I had been at work all day and was exhausted! My boyfriend
    at the time asked if I wanted to grab a quick dinner and then just
    relax for the evening. After grabbing a bite at Jose’s in Dickson, we went
    for a stroll on the UA campus so that he could find his name on the

  84. My best date night in memory was my first with my now husband. We ended up talking and extending the date for 6 hours! We had Thai food and then went to a coffee house. A fun memory we often smile about now ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. We haven’t had a real “date” in so long with 5 kids.
    I guess the best date we have had was in Vegas the first year we met.
    We just walked the strip and went to eat then went to see a show.
    It was a lot of fun.

  86. The best date I’ve ever had was getting a couples massage for our anniversary last year! Totally relaxing together doesn’t happen very often!

  87. The best dates with my husband are always long ones. They usually start with good food (usually sushi) and drinks and end up with us hanging out and talking for a long time.

  88. The best date I have been on with my husband happened when our second child was only a couple of months old. He surprised me by having my mom take care of the kids while we had lunch at Carnall Hall. It was wonderful because it didn’t include all of the stress of planning a big evening out with a brand new baby at home to worry about and miss for too long.

  89. The best date night I had was when my husband surprised me with tickets to the opening night of a movie I wanted to see but he didn’t. He is very giving in that way doing things I like even if he doesn’t .

  90. Best date was my first date with my high school sweetheart. We went to a haunted house!

  91. without a doubt, the best date was our first….camping out on the buffalo river over the 4th of july weekend. fun, simple, and relaxing

  92. Best date night is going somewhere overnight where you can just get away and then sleep in the next morning!

  93. One of the best dates I ever had was the very first time we had a sitter for BOTH of our boys. We went to dinner and to Target without children. My husband and I love to go out on dates together, but the best ones are where we have a lot talk about, and it is not “business” (kids, home stuff, work) conversations. It is where we talk about our hopes and dreams and things we like. Would be great to go to this musical! I LOVE Chicago!

  94. One of the best “dates” I had was when my husband worked it out with my boss for me to be off work one day and the afternoon before came and picked me up from work and took me out of town. We went to the movies and shopping. He planned everything out. Even packed an overnight bag to stay the night in a hotel. I was totally shocked that he even worked out with my boss for me to be off the next day!

  95. Before we were married my husband took me out. He had candles, pizza and champagne. He surprised me by taking me into the country where there were thousands of lightning bugs. It was beautiful. He did forget the matches though. LOL and we drank the champagne out of dixie cups. HA.

  96. The best dates with my husband are ones that we go out to eat and just talk about fun things. As long as we are together and focused on each other.

  97. One of the best date I have ever been on was with my current boyfriend of 3 years, we went fishing just the two of us, which is our favorite hobby, then we drove up on his land to the top field. We parked the truck at the top of the field and he got out blankets and layed them out in the bed of the truck. We layed in the bed of the truck and watched the stars and just talked for hours. Not only was it fun and romantic, but it was one of the last times I got to see him before he left for marine bootcamp for 14 weeks. I’ve kept that date in my mind the whole time he’s been away, and it’s helped me get trough him being gone with no contact.

  98. My best date is my husband and I floating on the mulberry river followed by a camp fire.

  99. The best date will be going to the Chicago concert and dinner at Bordino’s if I win!
    The best date in the past was going to a Wynonna Judd concert ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Dinner and then Beauty and the Beast musical. It’s not usually a winning combo for him, but he actually liked the show!

  101. One of my favorite dates was probably going to a concert with my husband. I would LOVE to see Chicago!!

  102. There have been so many great dates with my husband it’s hard to choose just one. He makes every date special and showers me with affection.

  103. Best date was right after I had got my wisdom teeth pulled. I was at dinner and went to put a straw in my cup and the guy I was with (who remembered I wasn’t supposed to drink out of a straw) grabbed the straw and chunked it across the room! The faces on the other people in the restaurant were priceless.

  104. With three children, busy work schedules and lots of activities, my favorite date is any time alone with my husband.

  105. Best date ever was on July 29, 2002. It was a blind date. His niece and I met at work while involved in a committee. She asked if I would go out to dinner with her uncle. I was hesitant and reluctantly gave my phone number to her. He called. We each drove our own cars to Outback Steakhoise. After a little over four hours eating and talking, we found we enjoyed each other’s company. Fast forward to November 16, 2002 we were married in Memphis at Graceland’s Chapel in the Woods! This was definitely God bringing a man from Harrison to meet a lady from Bentonville so He could bring us together. The committee never met again. God designed that meeting with his niece to bring two people together. I know it beyond any shadow of doubt. Best blind date ever!!!

  106. It sounds so simple, going out to dinner, holding hands, talking for hours – but it was the best date ever.

  107. My favorite date was a nice dinner and then walking around New Orleans and getting a few fancy drinks.

  108. Best date night is just getting to have dinner and talk without interruptions from the little ones.

  109. My favorite date with my husband has to be when we were on our honeymoon in Costa Rica. We were staying at a little bungalow in the middle of the jungle and by it was a little open bar. We spent the night dancing barefoot with the locals, met lots of surfers and ended with a late night dip in the ocean. It was magical.


  110. My favorite date was the first date I had with my husband of 6 yrs. We were set up by mutual friends and didn’t even know each others last names. We went out for a nice dinner at Shogun. It was very romantic. Sitting and talking, getting to know one another, and seeing our dinner being cooked right in front of us. I truly fell in love with him that night and we have been together ever since and have had 2 beautiful babies.

  111. The best date I ever went on was at the AMP to watch a few bands with my boyfriend. Our shared love of music made the entire night so special, and as loud as it was, it still just felt like we were the only two people there. I fell in love with my best friend that night.

  112. Best date: dinner at a restaurant overlooking looking the pier at Fort Morgan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. My favorite date was when I went to Lokomotion in Fayetteville with my boyfriend in 2001. He won some tickets and cashed them in for a cheesy plastic ring. We took a walk and put it on my ring finger on my left hand and said “Ha! I can finally tell my friends you gave me a ring!” At that point he pulled out a REAL ring box, and proposed. I was shocked!

  114. Best date for me was when my husband decorated our shed for a private dinner date. He had the walls and ceiling covered in fabric with little white lights offering a soft, warm glow. He made a three course meal and served me each meal. It was romantic and sweet.

  115. Went on a hot air balloon ride the top of a cliff and had a picnic basket filled with delicious lobster salad and we listened to old music over a gramophone.

  116. We went to Ringling Brothers circus and got to go back stage and meet the crew!

  117. My favorite date ever was with my husband in St. John back before we had our son. It wasn’t big and fancy. In fact, we were in our swimsuits and coverups, but we sat in this little shack of a restaurant right on the ocean and ate and had piรฑa coladas and just relaxed and breathed in the ocean air.

  118. My favorite date was one of the first with my husband. We were in graduate school, and absolutely dirt poor, but he scrounged up the money to take us up to the swanky Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh, about 90min away. We were like 7th graders, giggling over the menu and feeling like we definitely didn’t belong there while the waiter presented the wine and explained the exotic dishes. However, between the most amazing sushi I’ve ever had in my whole life, the shared experience of being out of place “together,” and the excitement of first falling in love, it was truly an enchanted evening. Indeed, when the clock struck 12 and I found myself back at my humble little apartment, I felt much like I’d been visited by the fairy godmother.

  119. My favorite date is everytime my husband takes me out. We always have a great time, good food!

  120. Best date ever (anytime) is when my husband and I have nothing to do but sit and have a bottle of wine with each other at home. BLISS!

  121. The best date I have had in a long time was this past valentine’s day. My husband and I went up to Rogers to Bonefish. The food was great, then we went to Crystal Bridges Museum and looked around at all the art, so wonderful.

  122. A quick trip to NY City.. Our first time to go.. Sat night date to dinner and Empire State Building

  123. My favorite date with my husband is anytime we are focused on each other, like couples do when they are first dating. For example, even though I hate camping out, I cherish the memories of roasting marshmallows over the fire as he handed me my birthday card… Paying true attention to one another is what counts to me!

  124. My favorite date was to the county fair with my boyfriend, who is now my husband. That was 35 years ago. It was our first date and we had a great time.

  125. My best date ever involved Mexican food, a stroll through the park, and a ring! 6 years, and 2 kids later, my hubby and I still talk about that night!

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