Giveaway: Win tickets to see The Illusionists magic show at Walton Arts Center!

We can’t wait to pull the winning name out of our magic giveaway hat, mamas! We’ve got FOUR FREE tickets for one lucky Northwest Arkansas family to see the world’s best-selling magic show — The Illusionists – Live from Broadway™.

The Illusionists will be at Walton Arts Center for two shows on Oct. 17 and 18 at 7 pm featuring the mind-blowing talents of five of the most incredible Illusionists on earth.

Full of hilarious magic tricks, death-defying stunts and acts of breathtaking wonder, The Illusionists has shattered box office records and thrilled audiences of all ages during their Broadway run and successful multi-city tour. The five Illusionists set to perform at Walton Arts Center include:

The Grand Illusionist: Darcy Oake can do it all. When it comes to magic, Oake is in a class of his own. When he appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent,” Simon Cowell said, “We are witnessing the birth of a star”. Darcy has thrilled both TV viewers and live audiences with his slight-of-hand and renowned illusions.

The Trickster: Jeff Hobson is the epitome of glamour and showmanship. Don’t be fooled by his innocent appearance; Jeff has audiences laughing long after the curtain goes down.

The Manipulator: An Ha Lim was the winner at Korea’s Busan International Magic Competition (2006), Italy Club Convention Manipulation (2006) and World Magic Seminar in Asia (2007). An Ha Lim was also a Golden Lion Award winner at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas (2008).

The Daredevil: Jonathan Goodwin is widely considered one of the most creative, skilled and frankly crazy stunt performers in the world. He is an accomplished knife thrower, archer, escape artist, fakir, martial artist, free diver and free climber. Unlike the other performers in the show, Jonathan is not a magician or illusionist, but he will leave the audience breathless with his death-defying stunts.

The Mentalist: Chris Cox is a multi-award winning ‘mind reader who can’t read minds’ and the star of BBC Three’s Killer Magic. Cox has written and performed five sell out one-man Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows which have toured the UK and New Zealand. Recently, he was the magic and illusions assistant on Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Parts One And Two in London.

Ready to throw your name in the online magic hat?!


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Then write a quick comment telling us which magic trick you wish you could perform as a mom. Being in two places at once? Pulling a yummy dinner out of your hat — one your kid would definitely eat? 🙂

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We’ll choose a winner on Friday, mamas, so check your inbox! Visit for more information about The Illusionists. Tickets range from $37 to $77 plus applicable fees. Patrons can also purchase reserved parking in the Spring Street deck for $7. Tickets and parking can be purchased in-person at the Walton Arts Center Box Office, by calling 479.443.5600 or by visiting


  1. My magic trick would be to make meals that everyone liked! lol It’s like jumping through hoops to take them all happy! My girls would love this! Thank you for the opportunity! I received the newsletter, follow on all social, and commented on FB😊

  2. Open the linen closet door (and, now, it’s still a functional, dedicated closet for “linens”… because that would be magic to have in and of itself! 😂👏🏽).. open a closet door onto a beautiful beach maybe with a couple maragritas and a deck chair.

  3. Being in more then one place at the same time so that I can see ALL the baseball games of all the kids.

  4. My magic trick would be to keep the house clean and tidy during the busy-ness of the school week. Everything would be where it was supposed to be, dishes always done and put away; you know a true magic trick!!

  5. My magic trick would be to snap my fingers and have my entire house cleaned!

  6. I would like to freeze everyone at home so I can have some quiet “me” time.

  7. If I could do one parenting magic trick, it would be to make my girls quit fighting in the car!!

  8. I’d like to pull an entire seasonal wardrobe out of a hat…for every member of my family! AND they’d all love each item so no one would cry before school! 🤗 (Commenting on FB too!)

  9. I’d love for my kids to magically love healthy foods & using essential oils like I do!

  10. I would want the magical power to get a good night sleep to feel rested and energetic for the day.

  11. My magic trick would be to have all of the bathrooms in the house cleaned with a snap of my fingers 😊

  12. I’d love to be able to wave the magic wand and POOF my house would be magically clean. 😀 I follow nwamotherlode on both Instagram and Twitter as Stefjdf.

  13. I wish I could magically have chores done in a snap so I could focus on having more fun time with my kiddo 🙂

  14. Man oh man, I would love to be able to wave my magic wand and magically have the entire house spotless all at once! That would be incredible!

  15. As moms I think we are all magicians! I would love to be in 5 places at one time–oh wait, most days I think I am 🙂 I would love to magically have a clean house, make an easy/yummy dinner w/the kitchen cleaned up after or have my kids do everything I ask of them w/out complaining or asking questions!

  16. Oh my Gosh!! I want to take my daughter and her friends to this so bad!! If I could pull off any magic trick, it would be to be invisible 🙂 So handy at times with teens!! 🙂

  17. I wish I could magically feel like I had 10 hours of sleep instead of only getting 5 (thanks to being woken up every hour practically by our youngest). Or fall asleep with my eyes open so when I am requested to listen to the latest fortnite battle recap or watch the exact same cartoon episode over and over, I could at least catch some zzz’s!

    I am also following on Instagram, FB, and twitter! 🙂

  18. I would love to slow down time with my kids so our time together would last forever. And maybe fast forward during a fit or two you know

  19. I would create hollograms of myself. Mommy1 does dishes,mommy2 help with homework, 3 play with baby, 4 read with son, 5 spend time with hubby, 6 make dinner…I can go on and on…lol Wouldn’t that be an awesome trick!? Sharing on Facebook too 🙂

  20. I would love to be able to wiggle my nose and clean my house, make dinner, do the laundry…and on and on and on!

  21. I would love to have a wand that took me and my family to different destinations around the world weekly. We love to travel but with a bigger family it takes time preparing and lots of money lol.

  22. I would probably just want to be able to twitch my nose and the house be clean & organized

  23. Hypnosis! No more struggles about kids cleaning their rooms, eating their vegetables, or doing that thing I’ve asked them to stop doing 47 times.

  24. My magic trick would be to have all dishes washed and put away with a swish of my wand!

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