Giveaway: Tickets to see Imagination Movers at Walton Arts Center

Note from the mamas: Congratulations to winner Rebecca Arnold!

My kids are very excited today because I just bought us four tickets to see the Imagination Movers live in concert at the Walton Arts Center. (I took advantage of the family four-pack of tickets for $66, which I’d say is a very good deal for a nationally-known kids group. Click here for info on the discounted price.)

Local mom Rebecca Arnold and her kids are also excited because they WON four tickets last month here on nwaMotherlode to see Imagination Movers as well as a gift card to U.S. Pizza on Dickson Street in Fayetteville, just steps away from the concert. And here’s more good news: We’ve got FOUR MORE FREE TICKETS  to give away for this show. The tickets are for the Saturday, July 30th performance at 11 a.m. at the Walton Arts Center. Once again, we’re pairing the tickets with a $25 gift card for our favorite pizza in Fayetteville, U.S. Pizza.

ABOUT THIS SHOW: The Imagination Movers premiered on the Playhouse Disney channel in 2008. In the show, these four friends — Dave, Rich, Smitty and Scott — work as a team of movers who often need to use their imagination to solve problems. Also appearing in the show are Uncle Knit-Knots, Nina and Warehouse Mouse. The group is known for some of their catchy songs including “Brainstormin’,” “My Favorite Snack,” and “Clean My Room”. (We mamas especially like that last song.)

The Imagination Movers are so hip that they were described by Indie Kids Rock as “the U2 of kids music.” The lyrics are fun and completely appropriate for kids, but they’re not so syrupy sweet that you’ll get a toothache just listening to them.

ABOUT THE FOOD: As always, we like to send our ticket winners to a concert on a full stomach. So our friends at U.S. Pizza on Dickson Street have offered to drum up some dinner for you first. The ticket winner will get a gift certificate to have lunch before or after the show, which means you’ll find out why some people won’t have pizza anywhere but U.S. Pizza. There’s something about the famous crust and sauce that has created a very loyal fan base of customers over the years. Their salads and sandwiches are amazing, too, and they’re very kid-friendly.  Click here  or on the logo below to see their menu.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat for this drawing, just click the big orange comment button below and tell us about something fun you have done this summer with your kids. Our winners are always chosen at random, so anyone can win. We’ll contact the winner via email at the end of the week. You may also enter the drawing via email by sending your answer to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, we reward mamas who help us spread the word about awesome giveaway opportunities. Just send a note about this giveaway to your friends and be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell.

We wish you good luck in the drawing, but if you don’t want to rely on luck to get you into this show, book your tickets by calling the box office because this show is likely to sell out. (Remember they’re offering a $66 price for four tickets!) If you happen to win the tickets from nwaMotherlode, use them to invite friends to go along with you or let us pick another winner at random. For ticket info, click HERE or call the box office at 479-443-5600.


  1. My daughter and grandson live with us. He is 3 years old and watches the Imagination Movers. He loves to sing along with songs, (and dance too) and would get a kick at seeing them live. He is also a pizza lover so that would be just icing on the cake to get to eat pizza too.

  2. My little guy would LOVE a day out with his mommy to this show and lunch at US Pizza (pizza is his favorite!!). Here’s to hoping!!

  3. My kiddos love to watch Imagination Movers! I love how they work to solve problems using common sense.

  4. My 2 year old LOVES this program; it gets her moving and excited. The catchy music and fun dancing is always an interesting watch.

  5. What a perfect summer morning to take kids to Imagination Movers . This would be an awesome experience.
    Thanks in advance..LOL

  6. Am quite certain my son and family would love having those tickets. Five year old grand daughter would especially love that show and Nana would love to win the tickets for her family.

  7. I would love to take my kids to this. I have been having some medical issues and this would be a wonderful treat for our family and what a wonderful way to share some family time and unwind.

  8. Sounds like great fun, and I’ve been wanting to try USA Pizza–I’ve heard it’s really good!

  9. My girls like them because they have funny facial expressions and get into silly situations. Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  10. My boys have both watched the Imagination movers and both can be very entertaining to watch to say the least when watching. I have not been to US Pizza in some time, but this would be a great opportunity to introduce them to another place to eat Pizza, which they will never turn down!

  11. My son is only 13 months, so he doesn’t know about Imagination Movers yet. However, I’d be the BEST aunt in the world if I won and could take my neice and nephews!

  12. My kids LOVE the “Dancing Movers” as they call them! They say the picture on the top of this post and went crazy!! I had NO idea they were coming to town! I’d love to take them to this fun show!

  13. Wow, how much fun!! We love the Movers and my kids would love a chance to see them! We love dancing and singing to their tunes. Totally groovy, man!!

  14. Love Imagination Movers! Fun show with lots of music. And, we always love eating at U.S. Pizza – great food, friendly service and fun atmosphere!

  15. I would love to take my daughter a 4 year old, my husband a 40 year old and my nephew 3 year old with us, and give his mom a break, she is in bed rest until the baby comes, I wan to give my daughter’s godmother a day off and if we get the tickets and the pizza… we’ll take the pizza to her house and eat all together. Gracias for this wonderful idea!!! it will be a special day for us…


    Cecilia Medina

  16. This would be so fun. We love pizza, my kids have won stuffed toys in the game in the downstairs of US pizza, we would love to see the imagination movers!!!

  17. We have not had cable in a year or 2 so it’s been a while since my kids have seen the show. Although I do remember them liking the show and singing and dancing with it, so I would have to say they loved the music.

  18. My three kids love Imagination Movers! We have not had US Pizza, but we hear it is delicious.

  19. My daughter loves to dance so seeing an IM show would be awesome so she can get her groove on!

  20. WOW My three grand daughters would love this so much and pizza too. Woo hoo

  21. Hope to win these tickets to take grandchildren to show. They both take dance lessons. They love PIZZA!!!

  22. Great Entertaiment, Fantastic Food, and Wonderful Memories for All…..what more could a parent ask for all in one day…..

  23. The boys love imagination movers and I love US Pizza! It was the first meal I ate after the birth of both my boys!

  24. What a great opportunity! I have surfed Motherlode in “silence” for some time…especially when my wife directs me towards an article. My two kiddo’s LOVE the Imagination Movers. I am a proud Dad that can sing along with the kid’s after years of hearing the songs in the background! What a great surprise this would be to give this to my kiddo’s for this Father’s Day! I know Father’s Day is to recognize dad’s everywhere but I wouldn’t be a father without my little ones!

  25. My daughter is almost 4 and likes to watch Imagination Movers. I like it because it is very educational. They’re all over the top too and entertaining.

  26. My daughter loves Imagination Movers! She would love to win this package! What a fun family event!

  27. My son and I enjoy the Imagination Movers and U.S. Pizza! The IM’s for their crazy songs and educational ideas and US Pizza for their gluten free crust and topping variety!

  28. My oldest daughter (now 6) has loved the Imagination Movers since before their show became a “regular” on the Disney Channel. Now, my 3 year old enjoys them right along with her. They go around singing some of their songs quite often!

  29. We love some Movers! Finally a kids group that I don’t mind to watch. Plus they are soooo cute!

  30. My daughter has loved IM since they first started on The Disney Channel!… We actually had a count down until the show started because she kept getting soooo excited about the commercials… To see them live would be the highlight of her summer!

  31. My kids love the laughs the Movers give them along with the beat crust ever at US Pizza!

  32. We’ve been following the Imagination Movers before they had a show on Disney. We are so excited they are coming back to NWA.

  33. I grew up with US pizza in Little Rock. There is absolutely nothing better.

  34. We LOVE dancing to IM everyday! My girls would love to see them live. Thanks for chance at the tickets!!

  35. My girls ask for the Imaginations Movers everyday. They get so excited just seeing the commercials for them! As for US Pizza, this pregnant mama can’t get enough!!!

  36. My daughter is Autistic. This is one of the few shows she will actually sit down and watch. I hope we get the chance to see them.

  37. My kids love the kids meal at US Pizza, cheesy stick which comes with a yummy dessert – ice cream sandwiched in between two chocolate chip cookies. Mom and dad enjoy sneaking a bite as well!

  38. All 3 of my little ones love “My Movers”! We have a couple of shows on DVR and they watch them over and over again. Would LOVE to be able to take them all to see them live and then go out to eat for lunch as a family!

  39. Imagination Movers are a great combination of fun, music and visual activity. My daughters love to sing the songs and suggest solutions to the problems they have on the show. Sounds like a great day for everyone!!

  40. My little boy just turned 3 and has never been to a live show like this. He would love it!

  41. The imagination makers make my kids get up and dance. My daughter is 6 and loves them. My son is 9 and doesn’t want to admit he likes them too. It would be a lot of fun to take them to this show.

  42. We are really excited about the Imagination Movers coming to town. I love that the WAC offers all these fun shows to NWA. Dinner at US Pizza is an awesome way to start the fun too! Hope we get to go!

  43. We love U.S. Pizza for their incredibly friendly and quick service and quality food and drink. I like that they are also kid friendly. My kiddo has also always enjoyed the Imagination Movers.

  44. Both of my boys love Warehouse Mouse and my 18 month-old digs dancing to their music. Add pizza to the mix and you’ve given them the perfect day 🙂

  45. My 3 youngest would totally enjoy a day out with Mommy. With 3 older kiddos it don’t happen much. They love Imagination Movers as they LOVE Music and dancing. And what kid don’t like Pizza? Even better Tickets and Pizza!

  46. My kids have watched Imagination Movers forever! They love live kid shows at the Walton Arts Center! Would love to go see them!!

  47. My daughter and son would have such a rockin’ time at the concert that they will need to refuel with Us Pizza!!!

  48. We love the imagination movers – it is a good clean show that both my 2 year and 6 year old can watch. To see the “TV” in person would be amazing for them. Pizza on Dickson street woudl be the icing on the cake.

  49. My kids just love the Imagination Movers music. They were the first music that my oldest put on her iPod, and my youngest has been singing with them since he was old enough to talk. Most of the time, it was just yelling with the “hey” during their theme song!

  50. My kids love imagination movers. Warehouse mouse is their favorite. Not to mention pepperoni pizza.

  51. Imagination movers are a favorite TV show in our household. We love to the songs and interaction the show offers…It’s always a “I-want-to-watch” show per my kidos!

  52. WE LOVE US PIZZA! Great local pizza and great staff. We won’t go anywhere else for pizza! My son LOVES the Imagination Movers! We record and watch every episode that comes on.

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