Giveaway: Win 4 KIDZ BOP Live show tickets!

Want to score some major “cool mom” points?

We’ve got FOUR FREE seated tickets for the new KIDZ BOP Live 2018 show at the AMP — and you could win them this week — courtesy of our long-time website sponsor, Walton Arts Center.

The KIDZ BOP Live 2018 tour will be at the Walmart AMP on Sunday, July 22, 2018. Gates open at 3 pm, and the show starts at 4 pm.


Following the success of last year’s “Best Time Ever” tour which sold out multiple shows across the country, KIDZ BOP, the #1 kids’ music brand, and Live Nation have announced the launch of the all-new North American Tour. KIDZ BOP’s latest album in the best-selling music series, KIDZ BOP 37, releases on January 19, 2018.

KIDZ BOP Live 2018 is the ultimate family concert experience, “sung by kids for kids.” The KIDZ BOP Kids — Billboard Magazine’s #1 Kids’ Artist for eight consecutive years (2010–2017) — will headline the new show, performing some of today’s biggest hit songs. Four KIDZ BOP Kids will take the stage for each concert, which will include innovative stage design, special effects, fan interaction and even a parent lip-sync battle to 90s hits.

Just in time for the new tour, three new talented young performers – Olivia (age 11), Shane (age 13), and Indigo (age 11) – are joining the existing group of KIDZ BOP Kids: Ahnya (age 13), Cooper (age 14), Freddy (age 13), Isaiah (age 11) and Julianna (age 13).

This year, KIDZ BOP has partnered with award-winning SRae Productions, who’ve produced tours for many of the world’s top artists, including Imagine Dragons, The Weeknd, Rascal Flatts and Pentatonix, to help create the biggest and best KIDZ BOP live show yet.


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Ticket prices for KIDZ BOP Live range from $25 to $49.50 plus applicable fees. Purchase four lawn tickets at the same time to take advantage of the “LAWN 4-PACK” with a discounted ticket price of $18.75 each. Tickets can be purchased in person at the Walton Arts Center Box Office in Fayetteville, by calling 479.443.5600 or by visiting


  1. This would be an AWESOME summer memory maker for my girls!!! They would LOOOOVVVVEEEE it!

  2. My 6 yr old daughter would be totally psyched to go to this show. This would be her first concert and I know she would absolutely LOVE it!!!

  3. I think we would totally adore this! Is dancing in the aisles allowed? *asking for a friend :*

    We follow on fb, twitter, instagram, NWA Boutique show, WHEREVER YOU ARE, we’re there!

  4. Oh my 3 granddaughters would love this! Comment on Facebook and follow all social media

  5. I think my toddler would LOVE this, but I’ve been hesitant to buy tickets. We would LOVE to go. She adored the 4th of July concert in our hometown.

  6. I’m having Camp Deedee (grandma camp) that week. I’d love to take my grandkids.

  7. Mom of 3 boys! My oldest sings along to almost every song on the radio! He would love this!!

  8. My little girl and her two best buddies would love to go with me for my daughter’s 8th birthday celebration!

  9. I would LOVE to win and take my kids. My children are obsessed with music and would love to see this show!

  10. We have two granddaughters who wild love for us to take them!! It would be a fun time for all f us!!

  11. This would be a perfect summer treat for our family! My boys love to sing and dance and would so love this concert!!!!!

  12. I would love to take my soon to be adopted kids! They love to sing and dance to all kidz bop songs.

  13. My daughter would absolutely love going! She has been begging me to take her for months!! This would be the perfect first concert for her and her friends.

  14. I would love to take my little sister who has Down Syndrome, she LOVES Kidz Bop, and my two oldest kids.

  15. I would love to take my twins as we missed it last year. They follow Kids Bop religiously.

  16. My 7 year old twins and 9 year old would love to go to their first ever concert!

  17. My daughter absolutely love to goto this concert and be able to take a friend with her.

  18. My girls would love love love to go!! There would be so much joy in there face the smiles would be ear to ear!!!

  19. I’d love to take my sweet daughter and her buddies! She is a budding performer at home with her princess microphone. Couldn’t be any cuter!!!

  20. My daughter has never been to a concert. I know that she would love to go and take her friends who are twins. She loves to sing and is in 2 choirs.

  21. I’d take my daughter and her best friend plus her mom because I need adult company too.

  22. My special blessings would love this. This Nana would be a major hit for sure.

  23. My daughter wants to go sooooo bad for her 7th birthday. I would love to take her and 3 of her friends to celebrate her. Summer birthdays are hard so this would be a memory that would last forever.

  24. My two daughters would love to see this show! All we ever listen to is Kidz Bop! I wake them up in the mornings with Kidz Bop and it is on permanently in the car! We love it!!

  25. If I win, I’m taking Dara, Stella, and Ava – three girls who love to dance!

  26. Ahhhhhhh!!!! I would LOVE to take my little girls!!! This would be the perfect event to take them to before school starts back!!! Please pick us!!! 🤞🙌🏻😍

  27. If I win – I will pretend we are going to dinner and surprise
    Josie, Sarah & Anna !

  28. I am going to take my son and his friends who cannot afford to watch this kind of show/event.

  29. My 6 year old son just started enjoying “dancing” to music. He would love this!

  30. I would love to take my seven year old son to this for his first concert experience. He is constantly listening to the Kidz Bop CDs and has mentioned on multiple occasions that he would love to be one of he Kidz Bop singers. This would make his summer!

  31. I would love to bring my almost 5 year old (July 19th!!) and his cousin who LOVES Kids Bop!!!

  32. My boys (10 and 6) are huge kidz bop fans!!!! We would take the whole fam! My husband and I know all the words anyway!!!!

  33. I would take my daughter. It is all she wants to listen to, and would be her first concert!

  34. My daughter and son have never been to a concert before, outside of school and church plays. This would be something new for them. It would be a fun event for our family.

  35. My kiddos LOVE Kidz Bop!We are huge fans! It would be such a blessing to win!

  36. I have also commented on Facebook but could not find where to comment on Instagram. Nevertheless less I do follow you there.

  37. My two middle kids, Parker and Molly, are dying to go to this concert! It would be their first

  38. My boys would absolutely love to go to this concert!!! We love KIDZ BOP at our house!!

  39. My daughter would have an absolute blast. She sings to Kidz Bop all the time.

  40. My son and daughter would love to go! They both love music and can dance all day long!

  41. We went last year and had a blast! Would love to go again this year since it’s all we listen to on the radio!

  42. My 9 year old daughter would love to go! She said it would be a perfect family night out. Commented on Facebook and following on Pinterest.

  43. I would LOVE to win Kidz Bop tickets! I commented and liked on your Facebook page, followed y’all on twitter, and Pinterest. My 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son are dying to go see Kidz Bop! You would make us so happy to win!!! Thanks!

  44. My three children Madison age 9, Mike 5, and Max age 4,( loves to sing). This would be a blast for us!

  45. I would take my 8 yr old daughter and her best friends!! They’re huge kidz bop fans and it would be an exciting first concert!

  46. this would be an awesome first concert to take my 2 little girls to. It would bring so much joy to my husband and my face watching our girls sing and dance the night away. Not to mention, it would be an amazing night for my girls.

  47. I would love to take my youngest kids to this show! They would so love to sing and dance along!

  48. I would love to win the Kids Bop tickets, not just for me but for my great friend, Mandi Beesler who is an single Mom of 2 wonderful girls and who just got done fighting cancer. She has been through a lot of struggles within the last 1 or 2, especially after losing her brother and now her father is fighting cancer. She needs a break away from it so she can enjoy some time with her girls. So I would love to win them so she can also take her youngest daughter who loves to sing. Thank you

  49. I would love to take my sweet grandkids to this! They love Kids Bop! Wonderful entertainment & great memories for us!

  50. Not sure why didn’t post my whole comment?! But I know how much my kids would love this! My friends went last year and had a blast. I won’t be mad if you pick me!

  51. My 3 year old granddaughter Asher her parents and I would love this to create more wonderful family memories
    Asher loves to sing
    Love your emails and all you do for the nwa community

  52. My 7 year old daughter and my husband would love to love to go to this with me!! We sing Kidz Bop in the car all the time!

  53. My 2 daughters 5 and 9! They love KidzBop. My husband and I would love to take them!

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