Chatterbox Choices: Most popular fashion & accessories for dancers and tweens this summer

Chatterbox Shop in Fayetteville is a new store that has the cutest dance shoes, dance wear and accessories, tween clothing, gifts, and women’s active wear.

They’re located at 121 West Township in Fayetteville and have great parking to help you get in and out to your birthday party or dance recital. {They’re in the Township & Gregg Shopping Center across the street from Onyx, in the same center as Subway.}

We asked the owner, Shannon Benham, about the most popular outfits/accessories for vacation. She’s always changing out the inventory, so below you’ll find a few favorites — plus a short interview with Shannon!

{FYI, Chatterbox Shop is a new nwaMotherlode sponsor}

Tell us about your family:

We have lived in Fayetteville for over 20 years. I attended the U of A and never left. My husband, Ken, and I have 2 girls age 15 (Gracie) and 12 (Ava). My husband helps out at the shop a lot!

Why did you want to open Chatterbox Shop?

I worked retail for many years, then enjoyed a long career as a Walmart Supplier, but my entrepreneurial drive kept nagging at me.

My daughter Ava and her friends were the inspiration for opening a Tween store. She has always been very tiny, but has wanted more “cool” clothing, which is a challenge to find.

It is fun for me to source cute clothing that is age appropriate for Tweens. It’s so important for them to feel confident during these years, and we want to help with that. I am a dance mom too, so the need for a dance store in the Fayetteville area arose and I thought the combination would be awesome for a hybrid store that answers dance needs (all sizes) and Tween clothing needs.

Such a cute name! How did you come up with it? 

Again, my daughter Ava was the inspiration.  She has always been very chatty….loves to talk a lot :).

Which dance items are flying off the shelves right now?

Black leotards, jazz and ballet shoes are my top sellers, because of need.

For fashion, any boutique style brand (Sadie Jane, Eleve, Oh la la) with mesh or florals go quickly.  For older girls, separates are usually what they want- sports bras with detail and leggings/shorts.

What about summer clothes? What’s hard to keep in stock?

Shorts are the hardest thing to keep in stock. Graphic tees are clearly huge this summer too. Girls want to be casual and comfy.

We know you like to keep the inventory fresh, so you only order a limited supply. So there’s always something new?

Yes, I order in low quantities so that everyone in town is not wearing the same thing. This is really important in dance leos, as girls want to be different in class and at dance conventions.

And you have a professional to help with shoe fittings, right?

Yes. we now have a professional ballet teacher with years of experience to help fit pointe shoes. You can just call or message for an appointment.

Tell us about fun accessories and gifts for t(w)eens that you have right now: 

Oh, this is really the most fun category for me.  Donut pillows, Unicorn ear buds, sleep masks with rainbows on them….you name it and we have it.

Unicorns are still very popular and I love the retro 80’s vibe of it all, reminds me of my childhood. Shoppers can definitely come in and find really great Birthday gifts starting as low as under $10.

And you wrap gifts?

Yes, we’ll wrap it too so that you can go straight to your party, if needed. Our favorite brand in gifts is Iscream- so many cute things! If you’re not sure what to get, you can always grab a gift card!

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