Giveaway: Day of Beauty Plus ‘Beastly’ Prize Package!

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Note from the mamas: We have a winner! Congratulations to Jamie Stein, mother of two little girls and a new baby boy. Jamie said she’d had the most horrid day until she got the awesome email about winning. You’re welcome, Jamie. Enjoy!

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast opens at Walton Arts Center next week and we’re celebrating with another giveaway!

This one will make you say “Ooooh” because you could win a Beauty and the Beast prize package from Walton Arts Center that includes a CD, program and t-shirt. And you’ll say “Mmmmm” because the package also includes a $40 gift certificate to the fabulous Greenhouse Grille. We also know you’ll say “Ahhhhh” because the winner of this giveaway will score a “day of beauty” at I.M. Spa! Get it? For Beauty and the Beast? (And, mamas, this giveaway would run you over $300 for everything.)

We’re talking a variety of delicious spa services that will have you glowing from head to toe:

  • imspa1.jpgA one-hour I.M. Swedish Massage (Long, flowing strokes toward the heart relax you while stimulating circulation, relieving muscle spasms and relieving stress)
  • I.M. the Queen Facial (Steam, scrub, mask and moisturize with Queen Esther essential oils chosen for their specific line-reducing qualities)
  • I.M. Focused for the feet (Salt glow, steam towels and mud wrap for the feet)
  • I.M. into Paraffin (Relaxing warm paraffin dip for smoothing and soothing the hands)

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: Just click on the orange comment button below and tell us about a day you felt really beautiful. Was it your wedding day? The junior prom? Maybe you weren’t wearing a stitch of makeup, but were you glowingly gorgeous the day your baby was born?

You may also enter via e-mail at

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, we reward those mamas who help spread the word about giveaways. Send your friends an e-mail about this giveaway and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every friend you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit.

A BIG THANK-YOU! Thanks to Wendy Finn, owner of I.M. Spa, as well as Walton Arts Center and Greenhouse Grille for their generosity.

beauty-logo_vertical1.jpgIf you haven’t bought your Beauty and the Beast tickets yet, call the Walton Arts Center box office at 479-443-5600 or click here to order tickets online. Lucky mama Sara Neufeld won last week’s giveaway of Beauty and the Beast show tickets and dinner to Bordinos Italian Restaurant.

Good luck to all of you!



  1. The time I felt most beautiful was right before I found out I was pregnant. Everyone commented on how great I looked and how I was glowing. That’s when I decided to take a test! πŸ™‚

  2. It had to be after my wedding. I went to change and when I walked back out to where all out friends were hanging out I heard my husband say to his best friend, “See that she looks beautiful, even when she is not all dressed up.” I melted. I had never felt more beautiful.

  3. It would definitely have to be my wedding day. There was a photo of my husband taken right as I walked into the building and the look on his face made me feel like a princess!! πŸ™‚

  4. I felt really pretty on our 10 year wedding anniversary date with my husband, Scott (5-27-10). I am 7 months pregnant with our 3rd child… I splurged on a new shirt, curled my hair and wore makeup. Scott was so surprised that I took the time to look like the me he remembered… haha!

  5. I felt most beautiful on my wedding day… almost 5 years ago! It will forever be one of my most cherished memories.. next to the birth of my two children! It was a perfect day… everyone was gorgeous with smiles and I was surrounded by great friends and great family! I will never forget the beautiful moments had by all!!! I am so blessed!

  6. The day I gave birth to my daughter, was the day that I felt the most beautiful. The amazing feelings and emotions!

  7. A few weeks ago, I took a 2nd shower for the day, put on makeup, dried and fluffed up my hair for my husband’s birthday (dinner with friends). I ironed nicer clothes and even put on jewelry (SJ will faint). Anyway, when I came out to greet the sitter and get everyone in order, my kids both said “Wow my mom is the most beautiful mom in the world.” Pretty cool! Of course, one could say they were brown-nosing…but who cares? They made me feel special!

  8. After a month of no makeup at all and hiking across Spain. At the end of the month, I felt beautiful and completely natural–even though I probably smelled a little funny.

  9. Graduation day from Hendrix College! It was such a reward from 4 very hard years and it was also 2 weeks before my wedding so life was perfect. πŸ™‚

  10. Wow, it has been awhile since I felt beautiful. πŸ™‚ I think three children and staying home with them has attributed to that, lol. I do remember feeling fabulous on my wedding day. Although we got married in the courthouse because we couldn’t afford much more than that and we were in the Army at the time, it was very special and my husband made me feel beautiful. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. That was a wonderful day!

  11. I feel pretty when my husband comes home from work and says “How ya doin’ gorgeous?”.

    Gotta love a man that knows to compliment his wife.

  12. Every time I cross a Marathon Finish Line. I’m always amazed at how strong and beautiful I feel when I cross the finish line and all my hard work pays off!

  13. When my daughter’s tell me, “Mommy, you look pretty!” and I actually look terrible πŸ™‚

  14. I have to agree with Ashley. It was when I crossed the finish line of the Little Rock Marathon. Words can not describe how powerful, accomplished and beautiful I felt. It was the most amazing day!

  15. My husband of 40 years this August makes me feel beautiful everyday even though I am turning 60 this year!

  16. I would have to say when I was pregnant…about 5-6 know, not too large yet. I had such good hair and nails from the prenatal vitamins! Good hair days always make me feel better about myself.

  17. I felt beautiful when I finally got out of my “Mommy Uniform” for a night out and my 2 year old daughter looked at me and said, “Wow! Princess Mommy.”

  18. I have never felt more beautiful than the night my husband (who was just a guy I was dating at the time) took the time to arrange a meeting at a coffee shop in the city, gave the attendant a pic of me so that he’d know who to look for & I rec’d a rose with a sweet note when I arrived. He then met me there and took me to a quaint italian restaurant that he had arranged with the store owner to have open early just for us. Then we went on a horse drawn carriage ride around the city at night with all the lights before being dropped off to see the Phantom of the Opera. It was my Cinderella night & I knew I’d met my prince! (That was 14 years ago, but I still love my fairy tale story!)

  19. I loved being pregnant — after the morning sickness and before the bedrest, was on for the only times I really LOVED my body!


  20. My husband is WONDERFUL about making me feel beautiful…the way he looks at me, the way he treats me, but the day I found out I was pregnant with our firstborn, that day, I felt supernaturally beautiful!

  21. The thing that makes me feel the most beautiful is when my 2 year old son walks into the bathroom while I’m getting ready and says “Momma you look pretty” melts my heart and puts the biggest smile on my face every time.

  22. Wow–I am sitting here trying to think of the day I have felt the most beautiful, and honestly it is hard to remember. I love my life and my amazing family, but being a mommy is HARD work where looking beautiful falls near the end of the list. With that said, I think that the last time I can really remember feeling beautiful was probably driving down the road, windows open, music blaring, watching my two little ones in the rearview mirror feeling beautiful because I felt so blessed.

  23. Probably when I was pregnant. everybody commented that my thick long hair was like princess hair. Now it is all falling out!! WAAH I need this spa day!

  24. Each time I finish a race, no matter how hot and sweaty I may be, I feel beautiful because I know I’ve accomplished a goal and seeing my kids and husband at the finish line makes me glow with pride.

  25. My senior prom. I went and actually had my hair done and my boyfriend (who never complimented me before) told me several times that night that my hair looked good.

  26. I felt really beautiful when I was pregnant with my daughter (not so with my boys!). I was in good shape and felt good – even went to the beach when 7 months pregnant and wore bikinis! It was a wonderful time in my life.

  27. On my wedding day 27 years ago i felt like a princess Would love to feel that way again

  28. gotta be the wedding day!! hair done, make up done, nails done, beautiful dress, great shoes. what other time in your life does a girl get such treatment!!

  29. Whenever my husband comes home and gushes over me even when I have food and dirt spattered on me.

  30. I would have to say my wedding day! (like everyone else) The hair was done and the dress was beautiful. I don’t know if I would feel any more beautiful than that day! πŸ™‚

  31. When I was pregnant with my third son–I just seemed to truly glow. It was a beautiful thing.

  32. Everytime that I wear a particular shirt that my oldest son picked out for me (he says it’s the shirt he bought me).

  33. Five years ago I picked up a young soldier from the airport whom I had never met face to face, but was already in love with. That afternoon I had picked out a sundress, sandals and curled my hair. I had been “working hard” at getting in shape before he came home from Afghanistan and was tan from all the long walks I was taking with my dog too. When I saw the man who would later be my husband coming down the elevator towards me, I knew my efforts had paid off from the huge smile across his face. I still smile when I see that sundress in the back of my closet. πŸ™‚

  34. My wedding day of course! It was a magical day and the best day of my life other than the day my baby was born (however…I can with all certainty tell you that I did NOT feel beautiful that day! I had some MAJOR swelling and pitting edema going on!). However my hubby does make me feel beautiful all the time! πŸ™‚

  35. After the sweaty, dirty, not beautiful farm work of spring and summer, the best way to feel beautiful again is to show off those muscles and farmer’s tan in a tank top and mini-skirt! (In order for this to work, you have to ignore the cuts, scrapes, bumps, bruises, ripped fingernails, calluses, and leather feet…but hey, who really looks at those things?)

  36. When my son looks up at me and tells me that I am beautiful it makes me feel truly feel like I am.

  37. Definitely my wedding day. After the day was over my face hurt from smiling so much and my back hurt from standing so tall. Loved that day!

  38. I think I feel most beautiful when my husband greets me by standing up when I walk into the room at a restaurant or a family gathering. He always greets me whether we have been together in the same house or been miles apart. I love it…it makes me feel so special!

  39. My first official date with the guy who ended up marrying me: Laguna Beach, California, The Beach House resataurant, he convinced the band to let me sing “When I Fall in Love” (Sleepless in Seattle had been out for awhile) with them. It was a foggy evening in late summer. “Awesome” hardly describes it. I was on stage! Even if it was in front of 20 people! πŸ™‚

  40. Just a few days ago. My daughter said I love you for the first time. What a great feeling.

  41. My children make me feel beautiful. They don’t care if I’m wearing makeup, mascara, or if I’ve even washed my hair. “You’re pretty, mommy” is all I need to hear. πŸ˜‰

  42. The first time I wore stilettos and designer jeans. Silly, but true. It’s amazing what a good pair of jeans will do for ya.

  43. I felt the most beautiful when I finished my first 10K race. I ran the Chile Pepper Run in Fayetteville last year. It was 48 degrees, the ground was damp from the night rain before. I had all these layers that I stripped off as I ran because once you start a 6.2 mile race, your temperature rises in a hurry! I finished the race sweaty, red faced, and so proud that I did it without walking, stopping, or quitting! I felt so strong and beautiful! Can’t wait to run it this year.

  44. Every time my husband looks at me he makes me feel beautiful. I never felt that way about myself until I met him.

  45. I really felt beautiful on my wedding day 11 years ago. I had a dream gown with a long beutifully beaded train. I felt like a princess:)

  46. my wedding day and the days my kids were born. I still feel glowy thinking about those days.

  47. One night in vegas my husband and I got all dressed up to go to dinner. We were staying at the Bellagio and when we came off the elevator and started walking to the door my husband said to me this must be your pretty woman moment because everyone is starring at you and I am so proud to have you on my arm. I felt like a million bucks after that!

  48. The day my 5 year old son told me I was a pretty as the dandelion that he had picked for me.

  49. My wedding day…it was a surprise (for me) in Las Vegas and my family and close friends flew in for the occasion. I was smiling so big how could I not feel beautiful :)!

  50. After a good working in my garden…there’s something about those natural endorphins!

  51. I felt the most beautiful when I was pregnant with my daughter and I was in my maternity Air Force blue uniform serving my country.

  52. Any time we can get a sitter and my husband and I get a night out, I try to “dress up” a little more than usual. He always notices and tells me I look great. It’s nice to have that reminder on occasion!

  53. Definitely my wedding day! I got to marry the man of my dreams and I felt beautiful- inside and out!

  54. My wedding day of course. How could you not feel like a princess after all that pampering.

  55. My husband makes me feel beautiful every day — and has every day for 28 years!

  56. I think it might have been after I had lose 100 lbs, and was trying on clothes. Every time I tried on a colorful dress, my 8 y/o son would run over and hug me and say,”I love you Mommy”. I’m going to keep him!

  57. One day my friend talked me into going for “glamor shots.” My name in the same sentence as glamor made me laugh the rest of the day. It was fun and there were some good shots.

  58. The other day when I tried on a dress and my little boy looked up and said, “Wow Mami, you beautiful. I lub your pwincess jasmine.” so cute…

  59. When I held my daughter in my arms for the first time and my husband held us both in his arms. That moment in time is……..indescribably beautiful! The love I was feeling made us all beautiful!

  60. After I had my third boy, I put on make up, fix my hair and had a big smile, I felt so pretty and I got great pics. with my new born baby!

  61. I felt beautiful four days ago when I got ready for church and my 7 year old said, “Mommy, you look like a rock star.” Then my 5 year old said, “I think you look like Sharpay from High School Musical!” They knew just what to say to make a tired Mommy feel beautiful!

  62. I think I felt most beautiful on my wedding day I had a team of aunts and cousins dressing me and fussing over me – what’s not to love about being pampered. Although that compliment from your children with that unconditional love look in their eyes kinda beats the outer beauty thing anytime.

  63. Mine was actually more than one day. I had a pink dress that I wore when my son was 2 – 3 years old. Each time I wore it, my son would say, “Mommy, you are so pretty. I like your dress.” He said that every time I wore it. I always felt so beautiful on those days. I don’t wear the dress anymore, but I still have it. Each time I look at it, I still hear his words and feel beautiful.

  64. Mother’s Day 2010 when my daughter served me breakfast in bed and sang a song she wrote for me.

  65. I felt really beautiful one day as I walked a beach in Hawaii by myself. Tan, with little makeup, and my hair waved from the salt water. It was an amazing and eye-opening day as I felt connected with God’s gift of nature.

  66. Every single time my children say “I love you Mommy!”
    Why that makes me feel beautiful, I don’t know. It just does.

  67. For the last six months of my pregnancy I felt more beautiful then any other time in my life. I had a great pregnancy, I felt wonderful the whole time but those last six months i just glowed.

  68. I’ve had one opportunity to take a mom and dad only vacation. We were abke to take a cruise. On formal night we both dressed up to go to dinner, and had pictures taken. My husband still says I was the most beautiful woman on board!!

  69. Walking on the beach in Hawaii with my son beside me holding my hand, he looks up and says “I love you mommy.”

  70. I felt beautiful during my first pregnancy! I felt great and loved being pregnant!

  71. During both of my pregnancies. I didn’t have to worry about weight or anything. I just felt so pretty!!

  72. I don’t know about glowingly gorgeous after the birth of my children, but I’m loving trying to get the natural look going on, proving that you can be very beautiful without all that glitz and glam. It’s what’s on the inside because it does come out.

  73. The first time I wasn’t carded when buying a drink! I felt so young and beautiful.

  74. On the rare occasions that I get myself dressed up, one of my boys will tell me I look like a princess.

  75. I felt most beautiful the day I had my son. Even those I had gained weight and my stomach was more like a marshmallow, I will never forget the way my husband looked at me. I felt like a beautiful strong woman.

  76. When I just got carded 2 weeks ago, out to dinner with my boyfriend! And I’ll be 37 in 2 weeks!

  77. It’s tough to feel beautiful as I close in on my 9 month of pregnancy the 3rd time around, but my husband says something about how great I look daily. The best was the other nite as I walked into the room to go to his 20-year high school reunion–his face said it all!

  78. I felt really pretty when I was finally showing towards the end of my pregnancy, it took so long to really show that it was like it was a short pregnancy, but I felt good the entire time & loved being pregnant. Such a wonderful time, wish I had taken more than just 1 photo when I was pregnant.

  79. I felt beautiful when I was pregnant. I loved having that belly! I’m certain that I actually looked terrible when I had my son, but I sure felt wonderful!

  80. It’s sad to me as I think about a day I felt beautiful and realized there are so many more days that I don’t! I didn’t feel beautiful while pregnant. I didn’t necessarily feel beautiful on my wedding day. But a day that I truly felt attractive was the day my husband admitted he loved me. I don’t recall what I was wearing, I don’t think I was wearing enough make-up to matter, but we sat on a peer at a lake and he looked at me like I was a Goddess. Occasionally, even after ten years of marriage and a thirty pound weight gain, I see that look in his eyes and focused solely on me.

  81. The look on my husband’s face when I walked down the aisle at our wedding was a “beautiful” moment. But, my most beautiful moment was holding my son a few hours after he was born. I had just woken from the life-saving surgery after near fatal delivery complications. In our first photo, I was unrecognizably puffy from extra fluids but the look in my eyes says “I have everything I’ll ever need to be beautiful.”

  82. My princess day was the day I got married to my wonderful husband. We have been married for 13 years. I still remember putting on my dress and veil and looking in the mirror for the first time. I felt as if I was the princess of the day. It was a magical day where all of the stress of the preparation of the wedding faded away and just happiness entered my heart. I knew this was going to be perfect and it has been. We now have 2 beautiful children to go along with our marriage. What wonderful memories I have of that day. πŸ™‚

  83. The first day that my husband told me he loved me. We were walking on our college campus and he drew the words I love you on my back.

  84. I have braces, which at age 30 does not do wonders for a woman’s confidence. However, the other day I heard my 4year old daughter telling her best friend: “You have to see my mom’s really cool ‘bracelets’! They are really awsome and shiny!” It made me feel very good about myself. I smile just a little more openly after that, showing off my super-cool “bracelets”.

  85. I felt extra pretty on my wedding day and during both of my pregnancies. However, I really do feel pretty each day, for beauty comes from within. And, I am so blessed that I can’t help but feel beautiful!

  86. The day I felt the most beautiful was my wedding day. It was a wonderful day of pampering at the Pink Papaya and I got to marry the love of my life!

  87. When my son told me so one morning when I was brushing my hair πŸ™‚ And this last April when I renewed my vows with the love of my life the of the last 11 years…

  88. I did feel really beautiful on my wedding day…but back in May, the week before I had my 2nd son, my husband brought me a giant bouquet of roses (because he had to cancel a lunch date for work)…that really made me feel beautiful.

  89. Although the pictures would indicate otherwise, I felt most beautiful holding my sweet babies for the first time.

  90. I always feel really beautiful when my kids and husband will tell me that I am.
    I also love getting a new outfit, being tan and right after a hard workout out the gym. I love the natural glow.

  91. I remember one time I was having a bad day and I put a dress on to get ready and my 2 and 4 year old daughters said “OHHHH Momma, you look so beautiful in your dress” AWW It made me feel great even if i didn’t feel so great πŸ™‚

  92. The last few months of my third (and last ) pregnancy. I had to watch what I ate. I had more energy and lost a lot of water weight. I felt great!

  93. The day I delivered my first born was my most “beautiful” day! I felt like I was able to accomplish anything after delivering my daughter. Not that it was a very difficult delivery but just knowing that I could deliver this beautiful, perfect little creation into the world made me feel amazing!

  94. My wedding day of course. Everything went perfect – Great hair day! My hair fell right into place and have not had another day where that happened to me since. πŸ™‚

  95. I think I felt the most beautiful holding my daughter for the first time and when we finally (after 2 months in the hospital)got to take her home.

  96. Beauty can be described in so many ways. I think women physically can be beautiful, but whats really beautiful is when a woman has emotional and mental beauty as well! On vacation just last weekend, I (47 yr old mother of two teens) was sitting on the rocks by myself overlooking a stream and smiling at the beauty, when a very cute young man said he was a mason building a nearby bridge.. just simply said to me..why what a pretty smile you have. He thought I looked so peaceful and serene. After making small talk for a few minutes, he said, “I see you are married.. you have a very lucky husband”.
    I indeed felt very beautiful the entire day!!!

  97. I have felt beautiful so many times but one that sticks out is when I quit putting make up and dressing nice for about 2 weeks and one day, I got up straitened my hair put some make up on and came out of the bathroom and each of my 3 children as I walked by them said mom you look pretty and beautiful..And when my hubby came home he said the same thing to me…

  98. Being a mother of a child with Down syndrome, I always put him first, along with my other children. I have let myself go…but, my ten and 24 year old children always say how beautiful I am. It makes me feel so good, when I am so worn out from the daily routine with their brother. I love them for this!

  99. Aside from my wedding day, probably the day I walked into my mother-in-law’s utility room and saw a big printed out picture of one of my bridal portraits pinned to her bulletin board. =-) I think it’s still there 4+ years later.

  100. The day I opened my heart to Yahweh! Being able to fully open up my heart to my Creator allowed me to feel/see myself as the beautiful woman He sees me as!!!

  101. I felt truly beautiful and blessed the day my 12 year old daughter recognized me after three months in a coma. She looked at me as if I was a “god” and it made me feel beautiful and whole again. I will never forget her penetrating eyes of love and admiration.

  102. I felt so beautiful the day I dressed my mother up and took her out to dinner at Noodles for her 50th birthday! I did her hair and she borrowed my clothes and I did her make-up. We had so much fun, just the two of us, and I knew that if she looked that good at 50 and we sat there looking like sisters, that I didn’t have to worry at all about getting old.

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