Giveaway: Win a SPA DAY + K-beauty Masks from Seoul Mamas and Premier Dermatology!

Ooh, this giveaway is just so exciting. We’re giving away a SPA DAY at Premier Dermatology, courtesy of the mama behind Seoul Mamas, who creates fabulously decadent Korean beauty masks.

Who’s ready to get pampered?

The giveaway from Seoul Mamas includes the “Relax & Recharge” spa package at Premier Dermatology at Bentonville (which includes a HydraFacial MD, a 60-minute Swedish massage and a chance to try the Seoul Mamas K-beauty masks during the whole amazing experience!) and, to take home with you, a 5-pack of Seoul Mamas K-beauty masks. This package is worth over $200!

And guess what? The Seoul Mamas owner, Geri, ALSO wants to give away 5-packs of her K-beauty masks to TEN other winners! We these K-beauty masks. They’re made with CAVIAR, no lie. How luxurious is that?!

We know you’d love Geri, the founder and CEO of Seoul Mamas, one of our fave new sponsors here at Motherlode. She’s the real deal. Fun, personable and she cares so much about others. (That’s her in the pic at the top :))

“I traveled back to my home country, Korea, in the summer of 2016 to adopt our 4th child and develop our artisan crafted face mask,” she said, adding, “We’re on a mission to help you take care of yourself like a treasured possession.”

Sheet masks originated in South Korea. They are fully soaked in beneficial ingredients and they deliver these serums directly to your face for deep conditioning. Gwen and I can attest that they make our skin look and feel AWESOME.

Seriously, our skin is dewy for days after we use one. {And here’s a little trick: use the remaining serum in the packet and smooth it on your face over the next few days.}

It’s a wonderful opportunity to have a “facial at home.” For best results, use the masks 1-2 times a week to enhance your current skin care routine. Seoul Mamas’ sheet masks are made from 100% bamboo material.

The serums in the masks contain loads of beneficial ingredients such as caviar extract which has vitamins and minerals that are antioxidants. Hyaluronic acids to help retain moisture in skin. Apple and wild cherry fruit extract which contain vitamin C and antioxidants which help to brighten skin and chamomile flower extract to reduce the appearance of dark spots from sun damage.

Yes, please!

FYI, Seoul Mamas not only offers the masks for sale on their website (direct to consumer), they also create custom face masks with unique ingredients that your company or business can help choose. If you own a business ask Seoul Mamas how you can increase your impact and profits with their Private Label program.

They also offer wholesale pricing and private label solutions. Right now, Seoul Mamas is represented at W Hotels, Neiman Marcus, and in over 200 spas across the country.

We know you’ll love using the Seoul Mamas products at Premier Dermatology at Bentonville. Premier offers “All Things Skin Under One Roof.” That includes medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, plus a full-service medical spa. They are always voted among the top spas in Northwest Arkansas in our Mom-Approved Awards.


If you’d love to win the spa day + K-beauty masks courtesy of Seoul Mamas and Premier, scroll down to the bottom of this post (and past the comments posted by other moms) until you see the words “Leave a Reply.”

Then write a quick comment telling us your favorite way to unwind at the end of a busy day. Now that we’re addicted to Seoul Mamas’ face masks, that’s one of our go-to relaxation methods 😉

Remember, there’s one BIG winner + 10 more mamas will win 5-packs of Seoul Mamas K-beauty masks!

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Good luck, mamas! We’ll choose a winner on Friday afternoon, so watch your inbox!


  1. I stay up after my family has gone to bed. I either lag games on my phone or watch Netflix.

  2. After a long day, I work out in the yard, take the kayak out to the lake, or just sit on my porch swing with a cold drink looking at the fish in my pond.

  3. After school pick up and before dinner time, I make my favorite tea and enjoy it! No rushing around, just a little quiet time. It’s a small treat that makes me feel relaxed.

  4. Being able to unwind is a little hard right now with a 3 year old and a newborn, but I’d say my favorite way would be to relax in the recliner and watch cooking shows.

  5. I relax by taking a quiet and hot shower and use my sugar scrub. Then I lay in bed and binge watch Netflix while scrolling on Pinterest. It’s simpe but Im easy to please (most of the time). Haha

  6. My favorite way to unwind is to walk out to our pond and feed the fish! I love watching them come to the surface!

  7. I love an evening when I can come home, take my makeup off and get In my pjs and read a book!!

  8. I would LOVE to win! I am a teacher and a mama too! I always need ways to unwind! I like to sit down with a favorite snack and watch a movie with my husband or read a good book with some hot herbal tea!

  9. To help me unwind after a long day, I enjoy a nice, hot bath with bubbles or a bath bomb.

  10. My favorite way to unwind is exercise! After all three kids are in bed I love a nice long run.

  11. Sometimes a quick nap…sometimes just getting to chat and catch up with my hubby. ❤️

  12. Relax? At the end of a long day, I put my kiddo to bed and then work a couple hours. Sometimes, I wake up extra early and take a longggg toddler-uninterrupted shower and deep condition my hair. It’s the best.

  13. i just want to be home on the couch either reading or watching Netflix

  14. It sounds stupid, but I play a game called “Garden Scapes” on the iPad. Very relaxing. 🙂

  15. My favorite way to unwind is to lose myself in someone else’s world, whether it’s a book, show or game! As long as I’m out of my world, I can totally destress!

  16. I have a hard time unwinding but laying in bed catching up on my phone seems to be unwinding to me. 🙂 I would love to win this!!

  17. What a perfect giveaway for all amazing moms out there!! My way to unwind is actually with Yoga! I just began going to
    Hot yoga at The Kom hot yoga studio in a Rogers and fell in love with it! It’s just what this mommy needed to have her “me” time! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  18. After a stressful day at work, I turn on music and relax in the bath. Then read a good book.

  19. Any evening that doesn’t require me to do anything but watch tv and relax.

  20. I stay up late, after my family goes to bed. I TRY to relax by watching T.V. Unfortunately though, there’s too much to do from the busy day so I end up doing “little/tidying” of thing up. (I swear, I don’t think I know how to relax)! 😣

  21. After the kids go to bed i love to stay up and watch my guilty pleasure shows…Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise anyone?!?

  22. My favorite way to unwind is to have a cup of chamomile tea with honey while sitting on the deck in the evening. Ahhhh! Maybe even with a good book of time allows! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. Oh boy this sounds like heaven!!!! I love to relax by listening to Celtic music and zoning out by gazing over the river! I follow on Pinterest and commented on facebook post!

  24. Snuggle-time with my daughter and our cat helps me unwind at the end of a tiring day.

  25. I like to take a walk, read a magazine, or have my hubbie rub my feet! Or all of the above!!

  26. After I get the kids in bed I love to snuggle on the couch with a good book or watch my favorite TV shows.

  27. A spa day is every mom’s dream come true!
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    Pinterest- username butterflyrouge
    Facebook- M.J. Moore

    • And my favorite way to unwind is to sit outside by myself for a few minutes in the evening, with a mug of tea. Lots of times it’s a very few minutes…

  28. My favorite way to unwind after a long day is to lay down in my bed and watch a funny (or sometimes scary) movie with my husband. <3

  29. I need this so bad!! My favorite way to relax is to pick something on Netflix and watch with my hubby.

  30. My favorite way to unwind is to plop down on the couch with a cozy blanket and snuggle my cat. All while catching up on one of my favorite shows.

  31. Laying in bed catching up from the day and chatting with my husband. It’s the first quiet moments of the day!

  32. I don’t do much “me” time these days, but when I do, I live a hot bath with a good book!

  33. My favorite way to unwind is after everyone has gone to bed grab a handful of raw almonds and watch General Hospital!

  34. My favorite way to unwind is to watch something on tv that I have recorded and have a bowl of chocolate ice cream! Yum!

  35. Most days the only way I can wind down is when I just go to bed LOL we have 5 kids and 4 in activities so we are on the constant run. If I do have some spare time I do something crafty. This needs a spa day!!

  36. With two kids 3 and under I don’t really know the meaning of winding down😅 This prize package would be the perfect answer!

  37. I am a self-employed single mom who homeschools. A spa day would be a PERFECT way for me to relax!!!!! What an amazing giveaway!!!!

  38. I would love to win this because then it would force me to relax and do something for myself.

  39. Relaxing at the end of the day with my husband sitting in our love seat recliners watching some TV. This would be such a special treat!

  40. Kids to bed early and then it’s “Me Time”!
    Follow on Twitter and Pinterest.

  41. I like to unwind at the end of the by simply reading a book. I use to never make time for it but I have the past five years and it has been so fun! I make some hot tea and put some good smelling essential oils in the diffuser and get lost in book, fiction and non-fiction.

  42. A long hot tub soak is my favorite way to unwind ~especially after a long day

  43. Reclining on my wrap around porch with a wonderful cup of tea watching my hummingbirds and looking at my giant sunflower beds shut my eyes and listen to nature 😊

  44. My favorite way to unwind is to sit outside in the sunshine watching my kids run around without a care in the world.

  45. My favorite ways to unwind are to take an evening walk with my family or have a “dance party” with them.

  46. A cup of hot tea and a good book with an awesome face mask would be even better.

  47. I like to workout with a friend after work to relax! Then a hot shower, hot tea, and a book after. Ive commented on the fb page and also follow on twitter and pinterest.

  48. After a long day at work I like to go home and snuggle with my puppy Pippen:)

  49. After a long day, I enjoy cuddling on the couch with my family and a good comedy.

  50. To relax after a busy day I like to snuggle up under a down blanket I have, the weight and warmth almost instantly put me to sleep!

  51. Sitting on the couch, under a comfy blanket and sitting with my husband. We get to reconnect after crazy days lol

  52. I tend to go to bed right after the kids do. lol I do things a bit differently. I wake up 2 hours before the kids get up. That way i get time to unwind, drink my coffee in peace, and relax. sometimes, Ill read a book. sometimes I jist stare at the wall and enjoy the sound of silence. haha

  53. Sit on my screen porch and listen to the water fountain and the sounds of nature.

  54. I like to watch my favorite shows or play Candy Crush to get my mind off of the stress of the day. If I have time, I like to soak my feet too!

  55. Relaxation for me is talking w my family seeing about their day. Seeing what i can do to help. I love cooking us all dinner it brings us closer. Then all get comfie and watch something funny together!

  56. it will be amazing to go to a spa. relax and unwind with a day in a spa. i work like crazy this will totally make my day. i like to lay in bed and watxh soaps and eat ice cream to unwind

  57. I am new at relaxing. 2 kids in college this year. Trying to find my likes and must haves. I am not sure I have relaxed in 23 years. A hot bath, a cup of tea, and a little chocolate goes a long way on relaxing. Lucy on the TV is nice also.

  58. My favorite way to unwind is to cuddle with my babies.
    Life is too precious to take for granted.

  59. A long, hot shower and comfy pjs is my favorite way to unwind. I follow on FB, instagram, Twitter and receive the newsletter.

  60. Soak in the bathtub after everyone else is in bed. A Seoul Mask added to that would be great.

  61. Unwind?? Is that a thing?!? As a working single mom those instances are rare! To be able to have someone pamper me…dream come true!

  62. Quiet time with my husband on the couch for an hour after our youngest goes to bed. I follow you on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest

  63. I like to take a bath 🛀 and read whoop whoop. Like 2x a year when I get to. Lol.

  64. The last almost 3 weeks have been so hard with my Dad in the hospital. I’ve been staying at the hospital every day with my mom for support. But when I go home and get a chance to rest and relax it’s usually a hot bath with lots of bubbles and Epsom salts

  65. I am a mommy of an almost 2 year old and a 7 month old. I also work full time so when our nightly routine is done and it’s time to settle down I love to put on a movie my almost 2 year old will love and then I rock my 7 month old to sleep. #alwaysonmommyduty

  66. I enjoy going for family walks with my husband, 2yr old and 3 month old. With a new baby it’s hard to unwind but those walks definitely help!

  67. I work 12 hour shifts on the days I work. If I’m not too wiped out, I enjoy going for a run. On the nights I don’t work, we like to go for family walks or have a fire in our backyard. Either way, I love cuddling up with my man after the kiddos are in bed and watch whatever series we’re binging. Right now it’s Better Call Saul and Castle Rock. A little pampering added to the mix would be awesome! I commented on FB, get the newsletter, and follow all social media! Love y’all!

  68. I love to plop down on the couch and catch an episode on the DVR of This is Us or Grey’s Anatomy

  69. Single mother of 3,three AMAZING kiddos. At the days end I will take a break from being proper, slip into my pj’s and watch an episode of 2 Broke Girls.

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