Final week to enter for washer and dryer giveaway!


We’ve had enormous response to the Spring Clean Giveaway sponsored by  Metro Appliances & More. The comments about your laundry disaster have been great! If you haven’t thrown your name in the hat yet, remember that there’s only one week left!

We’ll choose a winner AT RANDOM on Friday, May 21.

If you’ve missed the details, this is giveaway for a brand new Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer — including pedestal stands. CLICK HERE TO SEE INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW TO ENTER.

If you need a laugh, be sure to read through some of the comments posted by local moms. There have been all sorts of laundry disasters, from freshly-washed cell phones to petrified mice to exploding (poop-filled) diapers.  CLICK HERE TO READ THESE AMUSING COMMENTS.

Oh, and here’s a glamour shot of the new washer and dryer for inspiration:



  1. I can’t say that I’ve had any particular funny laundry disasters, just all the normal stuff like washing the phone, tissue falling apart all over the washer from my son’s pocket, etc. I can say that I spent a month hiking in a foreign country where we washed out our clothes by hand every night and hoped they’d be dry by morning. Nothing felt so good as finding one hostel where we could wash and dry our clothes in real machines! It felt like such a luxury!

  2. I pray to have a LARGER capacity washer and dryer one day that is energy efficient, etc…

  3. Well lets see,I to have washed poop (yuk), Ink pens, clothes twice, a hanger and my cat! Ok not really the cat. I don’t even have one but if I did that would be a possibility with all the distractions I have with the 3 kids. We have a used washer and dryer we bought from a lady in Arkansas 5 months ago which by the way is on it’s way out so to win this would be awesome. I have an 11 and 2 year old that change 5 times a day and now I just found out my in laws are moving to Arkansas but there moving in with us. So my mother in law needs a new W/D…LOL

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