Doc Talk: Health benefits of Resveratrol and Acai


It’s time for a virtual trip to the doctor’s office. This week we’re checking in with Dr. Mary Bourland, a bourland2.jpgcardiac surgeon for Mercy Health System of Northwest Arkansas. Dr. Bourland is a fellow mom and an expert when it comes to keeping your heart healthy. (For more info on Dr. Bourland, click on her photo on the right to watch a video clip detailing her experience and background.)

She recently introduced us to a new type of fruit juice that has great health benefits, for us and our kids, too. Click the play arrow below to see what Dr. Bourland has to say about two “superfood” drinks called Resveratrol and Acai. (We had a chance to taste test the Resveratrol at the doctor’s office, and it’s good!)

Doc Talk is a bi-weekly feature sponsored by Mercy Health System of Northwest Arkansas. If you have a question for one of our local docs, send it to us at and it may be featured on an upcoming installment of Doc Talk.

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  1. We also love the Genesis Today products. I drink a lot of the Goji. I’m curious if the Doc thinks the kids should regularly drink the Acai or Goji, or if the Resveratrol is enough.

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