nwaMotherlode Washer and Dryer Giveaway!


Note from the mamas: Congratulations to Dawn Stanford of Fayetteville, winner of the Metro washer & dryer!

IT’S BACK, MAMAS! To mark the two-year anniversary of nwaMotherlode.com, we’re bringing back our biggest, most popular giveaway for an encore performance! With help from our friends at Metro Appliances & More, WE’RE GIVING AWAY A BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW WASHER AND DRYER!

And it’s not just any washer and dryer. It’s the fully loaded Whirlpool Duet front-loading washer and dryer sitting atop those fancy pedestal stands with built-in storage drawers (as in no more bending and stooping!) Here’s a glamour shot of the washer. Do you love it?


Trust us, we know this giveaway is a little unbelievable and triggers your “too good to be true” reflex. But we’ve done this before, and it really is legit. (Click here to see last year’s giveaway.) You can ask our last winner, Tracy Easterling of Huntsville. She won a washer and dryer plus pedestal stands on this site last spring. You can read about her win by clicking here.

You don’t have to jump through any hoops to throw your name in the hat for this random drawing. Just place a comment or send us an e-mail, and you’re entered. That’s it. Ready to see a glamour shot of the dryer? Here it is:


“IF YOU JUST BOUGHT A WASHER AND DRYER NOT LONG AGO”: Okay, so maybe you don’t really need a new washer and dryer because you have a set that’s pretty new. We hear ya, but we think you should throw your name in the hat anyway because it would be really cool to win this and use it as a charitable gift for a family in need or a non-profit group that could really use it. Giving it away would be just as exciting as winning it.

HOW TO ENTER: We’re gonna make it easy and fun, too. To throw your name in the hat for the drawing, tell us about one of your laundry disasters. (Turned a white load pastel pink? Your mom shrank your coolest t-shirt in high school two decades ago? Accidentally washed a pocket full of rocks your kid collected outside?)

Can’t think of a disaster story? Then just place a comment that thanks Metro Appliances & More for this awesome giveaway or tell us about any past shopping experiences there. Judging by the comments on our last Metro giveaway — click here to read local moms’ comments — we know there are lots of you who love the customer service at Metro. (That’s why we love it, too!) Click the big orange comment button below to leave a comment or enter via e-mail by writing to us at giveaways@nwaMotherlode.com.

INCREASE YOUR ODDS: You know we love it when mamas spread the word! So, as usual, we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every friend you tell. Tell as many friends as you like and you’ll get an extra chance to win for each one. Just send an e-mail about this giveaway to your friends/family, and be sure to put giveaways@nwaMotherlode.com on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit.

We’ll select a winner AT RANDOM on May 21st, so watch your inbox because we’ll notify the lucky mama via e-mail. If you’re ready to throw your dirty laundry in a brand new washer, start by throwing your name in the drawing. Click the big orange button below. Good luck!




  1. My washer and dryer are on their last legs! We laugh everytime they create a new “sound”. Thump, whirl, squeak! I would LOVE to have a new set.

  2. Ok guys ever washed a diaper? Not a cloth one but a disposiable one. I did recently . The expanding materials that soak up the liguid that keeps the babies dry expands many times it size and weight. I washed it with some towels when I opened the washer after it was finished the absorbant material had expanded to fill the top edge of my washer it looked like soap at first I was confused , touched it and was disgusted. It took a while to get it out of my washer and lots of time to remove it from the rest of the laundry..HELP…..

  3. My biggest washing disaster was when a couple of crayons hide in a load of laundry and YES! Went through the dryer! Melted crayon on everyone’s clothes!!! An entire load of clothes went into the trash!
    Thank you Metro Appliances for such a great give away! I would be so grateful to win this giveaway!
    I have five children so our washer gets a real workout. I have a Whirlpool Duet Washer that is about 10 years old. It has been a god send. Unfortunately, it has seen better days! To win a replacement would be incredible!!!!

  4. I haven’t had any laundry disasters…yet… 🙂

    Thanks to Metro Appliances! What an awesome giveaway!! 🙂

  5. Washed and dryed crayons in a new load of clothes that Rebecca our oldest daughter got from my parents for her birthday. They were all ruined!!! The only saving grace was that my parents gave me the “points” towards next purchase at Gymboree. UGH!!! And then did it again with some of my clothes and Rodney’s clothes a couple months down the road. We now are RELIGOUS about checking pockets for random stuff!!

  6. as most mothers-I feel like laundry never ends-as do my washer and dryer. I would love to have a front load washer and dryer..I would love to win anything!! Thanks NWA Motherlode!

  7. We are moving in 3 weeks and leaving our washer and dryer behind so we definitely need these!!!

  8. I am sure I will need at least a new washer soon. I hide a bag of popcorn from my son, in the washer, and then put towels in to wash this morning. Dealing with the aftermath as I am typing! Hope to win these!!

  9. Definitely on the NEED list! Thanks to Metro Appliances & More for this terrific give-away!

  10. Thank you Metro for donating this great giveaway!

    I don’t recall any laundry disasters in our household, which surprises me because we do tons of loads a day! Probably a good thing my girls wear a lot of leggings! (no pockets in those)

  11. My washer (and dryer) is so old that the place where you add the bleach is just about to rust completely off, its no longer uncommon for me to find Rust Pieces in the laundry as I’m pulling the somewhat clean close out to add them to the dryer! I SO would love the new set & so would my husband so I would stop bugging him about them! Yay nwa motherload!!

  12. My washer is leaking and my dryer shorts out every other load!! Me, me, me!! Love you Mamas!

  13. Can I say that I would be THRILLED to win a new washer and dryer?! Right now I have a mismatched pair that work okay, but I get the feeling they are just waiting for me to be buried in laundry and then they are going to go on strike. ;o)

  14. Just last week I washed a load of my sons clothes that consisted of rocks, worms and crayons….what a mess!

  15. there are so many laundry disasters…how to choose just one?? i guess i’ll go with the most recent. i just got a new wool cardigan. but, b/c i’m smart like that, i didn’t realize it was wool and i washed it and . . . DRIED it. yes i did. now it will fit a 7 year old, perfect.

    i’d love to win!

  16. Well, not sure it is funny, but I washed some clothes with a pack of gum in one of the kids pockets. We had to use 2 bottles of goo gone to get out the gum. This of course was a church clothes wash load of nicer and more pricey clothes. Thank goodness we got the gum out, but it was a nightmare for a while.

  17. I’m super-picky about the laundry, and a little OCD, so laundry mishaps are VERY few & far between (only because I fervently check every pocket!). I must say that working for Handyman Matters has given me the opportunity to work with Metro Appliances & More many times. The customer service is outstanding & the price is right! So grateful to have them around.

  18. Our washer gets off-balance really easily so my son is always going “Uh-oh! It’s banging! Hurry, make it stop!!”

  19. We haven’t been able to afford to buy a NEW washer or dryer so when we one bites the dust we just buy some used. Well the last used dryer we got didn’t work right (we didn’t know this at the time of course)… so I ended up shrinking a whole load of clothes because the low heat setting was REALLY high, also causing the dryer to over heat and causing the plastic laundry detergent bottle to melt. Being able to only use the fluff setting is VERY frustrating.

  20. My husband recently washed a jacket of mine that had my cell phone in the pocket. He found it while he was throwing the load into the dryer and took the battery out and let it dry overnight hoping it would still work. It went crazy, however, and started dialing my sister at randon all the time. Finally the thing calmed down and works fine now but the battery dies more frequently.

  21. My appliances are 18 years old, according to the repairman. My disasters include accidentally putting television remotes and smart keys in the washing machine.

  22. I have had several disasters, but two have really stuck with me. My oldest son, Layne, wants to be a Marine when he grows up. He is obsessed! He would play “dress up” in his Dad’s old camo from when he was in Guard.. He threw a camo jacket in the washer, it looked normal, but apparently it has some sort of charcoal or something in it… We didn’t catch it til after it had been in the dryer for a while.. I thought my brand new washer and dryer were ruined.. After a near panic attack, we cleaned everything out and got it working again, but What A Mess!! Then Conner, a few months ago put his red fleecy soft blanket in with a load of clothes and ruined everything in the wash. The red fuzz was embedded in the other fibers. It was terrible! 🙂 We just bought a new house and I would love love love to have this new washer and dryer to go in it! Thanks Mamas and Metro Appliances and More!

  23. Our washer and dryer are in horrible shape- we have fixed our dryer 3 times since Aug. with a new baby at home a new washer and dryer would be a blessing.

  24. My washer is very old and have been contemplating a new one! Too many past disasters to detail -including gum, money and crayons in the wash -none of which wash or dry well!

  25. Although I can’t think of any major laundry disasters other than the occasional kleenex getting left in the pocket, I would love to have this awesome new washer and dryer. I’ve had my washer for 12 1/2 years and it is on it’s last leg. When it goes I’m afraid it’s going to take casualties…HA!

  26. My biggest laundry disaster was when my sweet husband did a load of my newborn son’s laundry and didn’t realize there were red napkins in the load. Yes, son’s clothes turned pink. But the real disaster to me is that our dryer is horrible and we have to redry our clothes two and three times. We’d LOVE the new washer and dryer!

  27. Well thankfully my disaster story wasn’t my fault…this time. Washer goes haywire–> call repairman after trying to fix it ourselves–> pay up $80–> Repair guy finds a nail in there from my husband’s pants after doing some yardwork–> $80 for maybe one minute of work. Works fine now but would love a shiny, new set. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Laundry disasters….The best one would be would be when I found all sorts of rocks, super heros and playdoh. BTW Playdoh leaves spots on everything!!!!!!!

  29. I have shrunk clothes, turned white clothes pink, washed wallets, you name it. All comes with the territory of being the washer of clothes in the house! But I love it when I find money in the washer/dryer that’s my bonus pay for the day. 🙂

  30. My washer is 12+ years old…very little agitation and I use a paper clip to help the spin cycle along! Dryer is also in the double digits. Last but not least my laundry is located in my kitchen so a pretty pair would be great!

  31. My husband undresses our son some nights to help me but in one instance it proved more work than help. I was emptying the washer into the drying and all the dark permanent press was covered in white stuff and needed rewashed and I had to idea what was on the clothing. I started pulling the clothes apart to pick off the biggest pieces of stuff and discovered that I had washed a wet Huggie diaper that hubby failed to pull out of our son’s jeans.

  32. I was so proud that we made it like 6 whole years with kids w/o any laundry disasters. Then DS #1 started Kindergarten and started sticking crayons in his pockets. The crayons came out of the clothes pretty well, but I spent hours cleaning the crayon off the walls of the dryer drum. Not a fun experience.

  33. My biggest laundry disaster was washing my daughter’s jeans without checking pockets…which were FULL of glittery crayons. The dryer succeeded in melting all of the crayons and spread them onto EVERY pair of jeans in the dryer…jeans for all 3 of my kids, plus mom and dad. 🙁 Huge mess!!
    Would LOVE to win this so I don’t have to hear my squeaking dryer anymore!

  34. I have been married for almost ten years and have never owned a new washer and dryer. It is number one on my wish list now that I have kids!

  35. No super disasters come to mind, though there have been many! My washer and dryer work pretty well and they are almost 12 years old, so I am thankful for that. My husband said I can get a new set when these no longer work, he said that 3 years ago!!!!! They seem to have heard the news and they are NOT giving up! Thanks Motherlode, your are one of my daily reads!

  36. When I was in high school, I got bleach on my brothers new GAP sweater. That was 10 years ago and he’s still mad about it!

  37. My husband washed a dry clean dress that I bought to wear away form the church when we were married…it shrunk to a size that would fit a baby doll!! 🙂

  38. One of my favorite laundry disasters… a few months ago I accidentally dryed one of my husbands favorite wool sweaters…LOL. When I pulled it out of the dryer and saw how tiny it was, I yelled for our 8 year old. I then had him put it on (a perfect fit) and prance around the house in it until my husband realized that it was a tiny version of his favorite sweater. Needless to say, he wasn’t too thrilled about it, but we sure got a big laugh!

  39. My current washer leaks at times, so I can’t leave the house when I’m washing clothes or I’ll come home to a flooded house. I guess that would be my worst washing story….walking into a flooded laundry room. I NEED a new set BADLY :). The dryer is on its last legs. My husband has repaired it down to the last screw, but I think it’s about had it.

  40. What a wonderful giveaway!

    Ours runs daily with all the kids and their sports. Pedestals would be wonderful. =)

  41. Metro Appliance is great! I won the refrigerator from them last November and everyone we came in contact with there was wonderful. My current washer and dryer have done a great job for a long time and have seen plenty of white things come out pink and collected a lot of rocks from my son’s pockets. They would probably love to retire!

  42. My stories usually involve my son. He likes to leave all sorts of paper or toys in his pockets. I love when I open the washer and have to clean out a hundred little pieces of paper.

  43. I would Love to win the new washer and dryer set! My set is 10 years old and has seen better days!
    One of the grossest laundry accidents happened when my youngest was a baby. I accidentally washed a used disposable diaper (pee only!) in my machine with other clothes! When I opened the washer afterwards, the diaper had disintegrated into little gel like balls and was stuck to all the clothing! It was disgusting and took forever to clean up!

  44. Metro Appliance has great giveaways.
    I washed a red t-shirt with all my husbands white things once and they turned pink. My old washer and dryer
    are about to fall apart. Would be great
    to win.

  45. One of my worst disasters was a blue crayon left in my kids pocket marked all over every piece of clothing and all over teh tub of the dryer. Lots of Borax, oxi clean and spray n wash later most of it came out of the clothes. They dryer tub is still stained in places.

  46. Thanks Metro Appliances and More and MotherLoad for the chance to win. My husband and I have been married for eight years and we are still using the the USED set we bought when we got married. Everytime I wash a load of laundry the washer sounds like it is a jet engine preparing for take off. We NEED a new set!

  47. You name it, it’s happened. With 4kids, the possibilities seem endless. Having a nice set would make the chore a lot more efficient and dare I say, fun?!

  48. I didn’t check the pockets and washed a load with an ink pen, everything was ruined! Not 2 weeks later, I did it again, now pockets are double checked!

  49. Thanks for having this contest! I was drying some throw pillows the other day and I guess I filled the dryer too full and the pillows stopped tumbling at some point and now several of them have dryer vent holes burned into them! They are very pretty! (not).


  50. I think my biggest laundry disaster was when I didn’t get a pen out of my husband’s pocket and ruined an entire load of clothes. Of course they were nice shirts and such, couldn’t have been play clothes, that would have been too easy!!
    A new washer and dryer would be AWESOME!!

  51. I think my biggest laundry disaster was when I didn’t get a pen out of my husband’s pocket and ruined an entire load of clothes. Of course they were nice shirts and such, couldn’t have been play clothes, that would have been too easy!!
    A new washer and dryer would be AWESOME!! With 7 people in the house, we do a TON of laundry and I’ve always wanted a front loader!! Thanks Metro Appliance, you will truely make a difference in someone’s life by doing this!

  52. I have wanted to new washer and dryer for years. My latest mishap was washing my daughters clothes with an ink pen that I stuck in my pocket and then threw in the wash with thier stuff. Needless to say, it was all ruined and I now have blue ink marks all on the inside of the dryer! Yikes! Christy

  53. My worst laundry mishap was when I was in college. I came home to do some laundry (like any normal college student!). Problem was I didn’t know that the washer wasn’t working right. In the middle of my wash, the washer drained all over my parents laundry room floor, under the walls and into the kitchen, pantry and bathroom! Not good at all!!

  54. I never did laundry growing up so it was a big challenge to figure it all out. Once I threw in a sweater so I could save dry cleaning money. Instead I shrunk the sweater so small that it would have easily fit my 21 month old daughter! I didn’t spend the money at the DC, but I did spend even more at the store replacing my favorite black sweater!!

  55. Although their are plenty to chose from, the one that sticks out the most is when I washed a night time pull up in a load not noticing it still in the pj bottoms. What a mess, all those crystals every where!!

  56. Mine isn’t so much a laundry disaster as a cruel coincidence. About 7 years ago on a Sunday afternoon while trying to do laundry, my washer went out. We promptly went to a store and bought a new washer…got the laundry washed, put it in the dryer….and nothing….the dryer went out! So, back to the store we went to buy the matching dryer. Thank you Metro for the opportunity to win this fabulous washer and dryer!

  57. We purchased our gas stove and built in microwave from Metro years ago and we love it! I need a new washer and dryer because we just sold our house and the buyer, who is a college student, asked if he could have the washer and dryer in the deal too, and we said yes – and the refrigerator was already included in the sale of the house. So I am going to need new applicances ASAP!
    Thank you Metro!
    Sarah Cox

  58. We just recently had our biggest laundry disaster to date thanks to my 13-year-old son. His sister always has gum and won’t share so I purchased him his own pack on the way to school one morning. He chewed a piece and put the rest of the pack in his shorts’pocket. The next morning I was moving the laundry from the washer to dryer when I spotted multiple pieces of foil in the wash. I looked closer and saw small bright red blobs stuck to my favorite black pants…and my new cardigan…and my husband’s golf shirt. Stride–sweet berry flavored. 13 pieces separated into sticky, gooey, red oozy mess all over the clothes.

  59. Thanks Metro! Being a single mom with 2 kids it seems the laundry reproduces itself and I never seem to be caught up!

  60. While teaching my kids how to do their own laundry…I failed to explain some basics. Both kids felt “any soap” could work interchangably between a sink-washer-dishwasher. And of course, the dirtier the clothes…the more soap. Pinks, shrinkage, gum/pens in pockets etc are all other stories. So,learn from me…tell the WHOLE story when training teens in laundry skills!

  61. My husband and I were blessed with a hand-me-down washer and dryer when we were married. We would LOVE a new set that is just our own!

  62. After 4 kids, a husband, I’ve had all kinds of disasters, from crayons, ink pins, rocks and I think the worst was gum in the dryer-it stuck to everything!
    And don’t ever let your hsband do your laundy! ha! ha!

  63. My biggest disaster seems to be all the time…..I am always getting a black into the bleach load and the worst part is it is always my husbands underware!

  64. I’ve had a tube of lip balm left in a pant pocket. It leaves greasy spots all over the clothes. I hope this never happens again at my house!

  65. Thanks Metro! I don’t think I’ve had any major laundry disaster. I have forgotten that I put clothes in the washer and a week later came back to moldy clothes. Yuck! 🙂

  66. I was staying at my mom-n-laws house and trying to help out by washing towels etc and I washed her cream Ralph Lauren towels with the maroon rug and her towels came out pink!! I haven’t done any of her laundry since!

  67. Aside from the crayon melting fun, the white to pink undies (that my preteen son is not so impressed with)- The worst washer/dryer incident here at least was my mother’s well meaning attempt at washing my husbands shirts- an entire load of shirts – actually every shirt we brought for him on a family trip washed in hot, and then dried . At 6’7- thats a HUGE no no. Everything was shrunk so badly that we ended up having to give them to my father (5’9)and going shopping with mother’s credit card.

  68. Having children’s laundry is always interesting. I remember most vividly the time my son left gum in a pocket. It went through the washer without getting noticed, but let me tell you it did not hide from the dryer, or the clothes in the dryer with it. It baked into the clothing and we were able to scrape it from the dryer with a lot of elbow grease and peanut butter.

  69. I thought all those years that my mother loved to do laundry but now that I have four children I realize she had no choice. My favorite laundry story is that we live on a farm and I almost washed a frog that my son had in his jean pocket! Luckily for him, I heard his low croaking sound just in time!

  70. Being a bit of a slob, I often wash my phone, keys, whatever is in my pockets at the time, but the most common mess comes from me washing the shorts I wear while folding clothes. There’s almost always 10-15 dryer sheets in my pocket when I dump the shorts in the washing machine.

  71. Laundry disasters are the norm around here. Crayons in the dryer top the list of the worst. My favorite was when my mother-in-law washed the girls clothes and stuck a red shirt in with some of their new clothes she had just bought. I did not even know until I was unpacking the suitcase and my oldest told me what happened. Grandma still has not said anything but I still love her.

  72. My biggest disaster just happened recently. I was washing a load of my husband’s dress shirts. After I put them in the dryer I would hear something banging around every once in a while but never went to investigate. Upon taking the shirts out of the dryer I found my tube of red lipstick. Needless to say, many of the shirts were stained and ruined. Surprisingly, though, a few made it out unmarked!

  73. I think one of the worst was a tube of chapstick…not good in the dryer. But my favorite (literally) is to find a little toy puppy, the size of a quarter, at the bottom of the dryer after finishing a load. It fits perfectly in little pockets and is a happy sight to see smiling up at you when the load is done.

  74. My washer keeps flooding my kitchen. If i set it on large load the water will not shut off. Now it took me quite a few loads to figure this out. What a mess

  75. I don’t know if any of you know what flarp is but it is an updated version of silly putty. My daughter loves it and especially in the hot pink color. She also likes to put it in her pocket and when you wash it it comes out of the pockets and goes everywhere else–Total Mess!!

  76. We had taken our daughter to Missouri where she was attending college. It was an emotional exhausting day. When we got home my husband decided to go work in his studio and I sorted laundry and started a load. I fell asleep on the sofa and woke to the sound of water falling. I ran to the laundry room and hit 3 inches of water in the hall. The lord was wathing over me and gave me the smarts to not touch the electrical outlet but dive and I do mean dive over the top of the flooding washer and turn the valve off. now you might think this was bad enough as I surveyed the damage to wood floors, carpet walls, you name it, but all the while I am in a panic now trying desperatley to call my husband at his studio to come help. We laugh till we cry over this part, all he heard on the phone was me crying and screaming hysterically that I needed his help, hurry come home. He thinking I was being attacked, robbed, or worse, was stealthily casing the house for intruders, while I am screaming in frustration where is that man!!!! I need his help. Well he finally came in the house satisfied there were no intruders and it was just me doing all that screaming and yelling. When he saw the mess he understood all too well. The moral of that story is I NEVER go to sleep, leave or otherwise while washing a load of laundry. Thanks METRO I could use a new washer.

  77. I just bought my very first house and will have to purchase all new appliances. I will definitley need a new washer and dryer and what better way to get them than for free?!?! Thanks Metro!!

  78. I have had the floor of our basement area flooded several times due to a malfunctioning washer. For a while I had to catch it in the spin cycle and open it up to stop before it would mysteriously refill with water and not stop!

  79. What an awesome give-away!

    After my daughter’s birthday party, when a houseful of screaming 6 and 7 year olds were running around like crazy, several of them said they lost their gum! LOST? How do you lose gum, I asked. Well, eventually, i found the gum. It had somehow made its way into the bedsheets, which went into the washer AND dryer leaving a gummy, nasty mess on the laundry and stuck to the sides of the dryer. Here’s an important tip: Hot vinegar and a toothbrush does wonders for gum removal!

  80. My husband is NOT ALLOWED to do any load of laundry that contains my clothes! I am a major sorter and hang-to-dryer and he just dumps everything into the washer and then the dryer together (horrors!)

    But one day last year I left a pile of all white laundry on the bed and told him he could run a load with that and only that. You already know where this is going — at the last minute he threw in a beach towel. He didn’t know it but it was a beach towel from the Dollar Store that fades every time. So yes, pink underwear and socks for the whole family!

    I would LOVE to do all the family laundry in a new washer and dryer from Metro!

  81. I can’t think of a specific laundry disaster, but when we built our house, we used Metro & loved them! We only got kitchen appliances from them, so would love to update our laundry appliances too.

  82. I would love a new washer and dryer. The ones I have are quite dated. My worst laundry disaster is when I washed a bunch of my husband’s nice work pants and shirts with some red placemats. The red from the placemats dyed all of his clothes pink. That was a costly mistake!

  83. I washed and dried bubble gum that got all over everything!! I would even find it on my clothes later that I thought were okay.

  84. I would love to have this set! We purchased the Maytag Neptune series several years ago. We found out after purchasing that there was a recall that we weren’t notified on. There is a horrible mildew smell when you wash that we have had to live with. This would be a HUGE blessing if we won this set.

  85. My laundry disaster came as manager for the women’s basketball team at the University of Arkansas. I was laundering team jerseys and practice reversables….complete with silk screened RAZORBACKS and numbers. Well, the dryer was somewhat and always questionable about how long to leave items to dry. Yes, I left them tooooo long. Ink smeared, shirts stuck together. YIKES!!! I survived and kept my position, but the shirts…..well. That was my laundry mis-hap as an undergraduate team manager.

  86. We have had our mis-matched washer and dryer now for 9 years and the people we bought it from had them for no telling how long before that! They are OLD and on their last legs!! So needless to say, it would be such a blessing to win this set! Thank you so much Metro Appliances for donating this set!!!

  87. One of my laundry disasters is when I washed my husband’s iPod. Oops. Our washer and dryer have definitely seen better days so I would be thrilled to win!

  88. I’m not sure if it is because my washer and dryer is my husband’s grandparents set from 1970 or the fact that we are balancing the washer with newspaper, but we really NEED a great set like this– what a great contest!! I am also a laundry “freak” I WILL NOT let anyone else do my laundry! How nice would it be to have non-moldy clothes from my washer! Thanks!

  89. Thanks to Metro Builders for this awesome giveaway! My machines are 25 or so years old, so I could definitely use new ones!

  90. Recently pulled purple speckled clothes out of a purple dryer drum, from a random crayon missed in a 3 year old pocket. Would love these! Thanks Metro Appliances!

  91. My son had several stickers on a new fuzzy thermal shirt that was washed inside out. The washer likely didn’t do much damage to the stickers, but the dryer made them a permanent sticky part of all the clothes that were included in the load. Stringy, unremovable pieces of glue were melted all over..it was a nightmare, and some of the clothes never recovered. Needless to say, I am sticker-watch at all times when doing laundry now!

  92. We use to have a washer and dryer then we lost everything due to a very unfair lawsuit! I couldn’t believe it when they came and took everything from us! Now 3 years later we are finally getting back on our feet and saving up for our new washer and dryer! My disaster story, is obviously loosing ours, but a funny story is when I was in high school my mom washed my dad’s checkbook and then dried it and didn’t realize it until my dad needed it and was looking for it! They pieced back together most of the pieces, why you ask? Because the register that you write all your checks down in was very important for my dad! This was before they started using debit cards and online banking, so until that statement came in the mail he was screwed! They did put back together most of it, but it was definitely a LONG process! LOL

  93. This would be the best, since we are building a house and don’t have any appliances! Thank you Metro Appliances and More for this wonderful donation!!!

  94. i’ll never forget the time i opened the lid and my whites were all blue!!! a pen was left in a pocket (obviously blue), and bled all over everything! of course it was my fault for not checking the pockets!!!

  95. I washed my daughter’s pants without checking the pockets and found gum and a crayon (or what was left of them) all over my dryer and the other clothes. The gum ruined several pieces of clothes and I can still see marks in my dryer from the crayon.

  96. When I was young I washed my dad’s suit ! I was probably thirteen or fourteen and loved to help my mom with laundry and boy was they suprised to learn what I had washed that day! Fortunately the cleaners was able to salvage my big mistake.

  97. I always find dollar bills that i have washed and dryed and all sorts of random objects my husband has in his pants. He always has napkins in his pockets ( for some reason?) but they always end up in the dryer!! I need to start checking pockets a little better 🙂

  98. I’d love to have the opportunity to win this fantastic prize! Between an active 15 year old who loves to ‘play in the dirt’ when she’s not cheerleading, and my husband who doesn’t know how NOT to get dirty working in the shop or in the yard, I would LOVE to win this great prize!!! Thank you!

  99. What a perfect giveaway for any mom! I’ve never done so much laundry in my life!

  100. My washer and dryer are 12 years old and has limped through 3 kids, 2 who played football and a husband who is a coach. Nasty athletic clothes have been constant for those 12 years. I would love a new washer and dryer.

  101. My son is learning to wash his own clothes. Apparently a big step for an 18 year old male who is heading out to college. He washed his first white load without supervision. (Men and their ability to conquer the world!) He HAD a beautiful white western shirt with several pastel-stripes he worn once. Women you know where I am going with this. Dominate color white…then must go into white load. When I was ironing his new shirt, it had several areas where there were no stripes present anymore just a white circle blob. He just knows it is not his fault but the 15 year old washing machine’s fault. Needless to say, he states that this cowboy wasn’t wearing polka dots. I told him funny cause this cowboy’s Mama doesn’t buy new shirts to replace a perfectly good shirt. I think he will be more careful next time.

  102. I washed tie dye in cold water and white dress shirts 25+ years ago. They turned pink and blue. Then another time I ironed my husbands camo uniform and ruined the infared stuff. I got banned from Laundry and have been all of my marriage. ohhh darn. :))

  103. Thank you Metro for donating the washer and dryer. We could really use these. It seems we spend all our free time at home doing laundry 🙂

  104. We’re definitely in need of a new washer and dryer too. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  105. I don’t really have any laundry disasters. I must have been taught very well by my momma!! I would love to have the brand new washer and dryer! I love the front end style-I think it would make the job easier and you could wash bigger things than you could in your regular washer and dryer.

  106. My son got his baseball uniform the day before his first game. A dark colored shirt and white pants (you can see where this is going right?). I washed them to have them ready for his game the next day. To bad I forgot about the bleach I’d put in with the intention of doing a load of white towels. His marroon shirt came out blotchy and his white pants were tie dyed pink!! Luckily, the team had an extra shirt he was able to wear, but I had to run all over 3 towns in order to find white pants that would fit him in time for his game. Needless to say, I ALWAYS check the washer before putting clotes in now.

  107. No big laundry disasters here, but I do have a terrible habit of leaving my husband’s “wrinkle-free” dress shirts in the dryer too long…thus eliminating the “wrinkle-free” claim. Good thing he doesn’t mind ironing. =)

  108. Accidently washed a poopy diaper…twice. After washing the first time, opened the washer and thought…these are definitely NOT clean, so I washed them again. Later, pulled out the VERY soggy and torn culprit out and washed again…YUCK!

  109. About 10 years ago when I built my house, I shopped at Metro Appliances and More for all my kitchen appliances and light fixtures. I was extremely happy with their service, selection, and price. They are a great company to work with!

  110. I had a cashmere sweater in my younger days and not knowing better I washed it and dryed it and instead of fitting me anymore it would fit a baby doll! I now know not to do that one again! The new washers and dryers have a cycle that could probably handle it now though. What a great giveaway and I would love it!

  111. I used to make money when I did my families wash. Whatever was left in the pockets ended up in mine! My present w/d set is 16 yrs old and counting. I would love a new set.

    We just purchased a new gas cooktop from Metro and I love it as well.

  112. i know youve all been there. but i washed my husbands brand new favorite shirt with a red napkin and turned it PINK! i tried everything to turn that shirt white again but it was ruined. several washes later I hid it in the bottom of the trash.

  113. Every time I wash another load of laundry, I pray my existing set makes it through the full cycle! Thanks for the opportunity to win this fantastic new set! Now…back to laundry!

  114. I washed a fuzzy red blanket with our dress cloths so now everything has red fuzz on it. even after rewashing it. the new dryers have better lint traps than the one we have so that would be great for me. lol

  115. My husband is CONSTANTLY turning my kids white clothing gray because he is too lazy to sort lights and darks! Argh! If I won these, I might have to think of making a rule where only I get to do laundy! 🙂

  116. I could definatly use a new washer and dryer. Thank you to Metro Supply to supply a lucky mom with these new appliances!

  117. What a great giveaway for moms!! Thanks Metro Supply for offering this. My worst disaster was when I washed my cell phone that I left in the pocket of my blue jeans. Cell phones don’t like to be washed.

  118. I think this is an amazing giveaway. I would love to win as all participants do. I need a new washer and dryer so bad. My washer shakes on and off during the cycle. The last minute of the wash cycle seriously takes about 6 minutes and my dryer constantly starts a new drying cycle even though it just ran through a whole cycle and the clothes are dry. Its a miracle I haven’t ruined all of our clothes.

    I did mess up a couple items of clothing last month. I thought I had checked everything before I put it in the hamper. I obviously did not and I ran a pair of my jeans through the washer and dryer that not only had a piece of gum in the pocket but $40 that I forgot in the back pocket. Luckily the money survived the washer and dryer cycles but the gum didn’t do so well in the dryer. I have managed to get the melted gum off of most of the clothes. Oh well. Your not always at the top of your game when you are a working mom with 2 kids under the age of 5.

  119. My husband left chapstick in his pocket and it got washed with our clothes. It ruined the entire load of laundry! They all had chapstick stains all over them.

    Thanks Metro Supply for offering this! I would love a new washer and dryer set!

  120. It’s amazing that I don’t have more laundry disasters since I don’t ever sort…The worst laundry disaster was when I turned my favorite wool sweater into a miniature. It went from an Adult Medium to a 5T.

  121. Ok, so one day i am doing laundry and im getting the clothes out of the dryer and what do i see…a HUGE Black Spider!!! So i scream for my husband he comes running inside and says what? I said look in the dryer…he looks and says whoa that is huge! So he pokes at it and…starts laughing! Turns out is was my sons toy rubber spider!!! Scary!!!! Thanks for letting me enter!

  122. I’m definitely in need of a new washer and dryer. Thanks for opportunity to win a really nice new set of washer and dryer.

  123. Thank you Metro Supply! We appreciate the opportunity that you’re giving us!

  124. My college roommate forgot laundry in the washer over spring break and it smelled like something died in our apartment when we got back!

  125. I would really love a new washer and dryer. The washer I have now is about to bail on me any minute and I am currently hunting down a dryer because it recently wen5t out on me. Whast can I expect they were both bought very old.

  126. I once washed my son’s cookie monster hooded towel with the rest of his clothes. I was seeing blue fuzz for weeks! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  127. my washer and dryer are abouut 15 years old. and it is a true adventure everytime I do the wash you never know what is going to happen.

  128. Thank you Metro Supply!!! I would love to win this set! The dial on our washer gave out a couple of weeks ago, so it’s a pain to turn it to the correct setting. And just yesterday, my son (who’s 2) put a vinyl shower curtain in the dryer without me knowing it…and I started the dryer. I didn’t realize what he had done until I went to get the load out…everything smelled like plastic. (the shower curtain was burnt in several places) I sure hope it didn’t ruin our dryer! And that’s why I’d be tickled pink to win a new set!!!!!

  129. i actually cleaned POOP out of my dryer this morning. accidently washed a pair of toddler boy undies that were a tad dirtier than i first thought. i want this bad!

  130. I once washed and dried a tube of chapstick with my clothes. Washing wouldn’t have been so bad, but drying made it melt all over the clothes and it left oil spots that have never come out. I ALWAYS check the pockets now! : )

  131. When I did my first load of laundry in college I washed a red shirt and turned it all pink. My mom, the pro that she is, got all of my whites white again. I still don’t know how she did it!

  132. I’ve forgotten towels are in the washer for a couple days. They had to be rewashed. Thanks Metro Supply for this awesome giveaway!

  133. My laundry disaster story is a washer that was “eating” my cloths! It was a front loader and the cloths would get caught in the rubber seal during the spin cycle. They would come out with big holes in them – the manufacturer gave us a new one thank goodness!

  134. I would LOVE a new washer and dryer. One disaster that we have faced a couple times actually is when I forget to check all my husbands pant pockets and he has left tissues in them! I open the washer to find little pieces of wet paper over everything! 🙂 Thanks Metro for the awesome giveaway! We have heard great things about you.

  135. My worst washing disaster was when I added a new red bandana to a load of my husbands white shirts. Luckily I was able to get most of the pink back out, but the next few weeks he was not happy with me!

  136. I am currently living with my fiances parents, and my soon to be mother in law insists on doing our laundry every weekend. The washer has a mind of it’s own, when the spin cycle kicks on the washer starts doing the waltz across the floor and makes the worse noise that you can hear from the front porch! One time, I found it almost pulling the tube out that drains the water. And the dryer takes forever to dry, she has to start it twice and that is just more work for her. I would love to get her a new one as my appreciation to her letting us and our two children live with her. Thank you for hearing my story 🙂

  137. My worst Washing story is when I forgot that I started a load of clothes and then went away for the weekend. I came back back to a very stinky, yucky washer!

  138. Thanks to Metro Supply for the fantastic giveaway! With three kids under the age of three, laundry is one of the things that I dread most as a stay at home mom.

    Our current (very inexpensive) washer and dryer is a result of two naive first time home buyers, my husband and I, thinking that the appliances we saw when we viewed the home would come with the home when we purchased it. Ooops! You can imagine our surprise when walked into a house without a washer and dryer. Lesson learned, unfortunately, our clothes have bore the brunt of our naivety.

  139. I have been wanting the front loaders. My dryer has been acting up and my washer has to rinse 2X on certain cycles. Thank you Metro Appliances & More for the donation/giveaway. Its nice to see items for us moms to try and win!

  140. Would love to win this awesome prize! I have been wishing for a front load washer/dryer and this would be a wish come true! Thanks, Metro! Can I open my eyes yet?!!!

  141. I have way too many laundry disaster stories to just pick one! My dryer eats my socks, I now have pinkish white undershirts, my chapstick has taken a swim in the washer too many times to count, and of course, there’s the whole bleach debacle I face every month! I’d love to win the new washer and dryer…maybe it would help my inadequate laundry skills??

  142. I once washed a bra that got wrapped tightly around the motor and broke it! I was a newleywed and my husband discovered the bra and broken motor. I’m sure he was wondering what he got himself into!

  143. While working in real estate I had a lot of clients make purchases at Metro and they were always please with the service they recieved.

  144. My hubbie was so kind to help with laundry a month or so ago, EVERYTHING was pink/purple color. I had to bleach everything by hand to try and restore all the whites. What a mess! I would love to win this for my brother, he is single and has 3 kids and his current washer is about 20 years old, he hang dries all his clothes. Please, please, please!!!

  145. I once washed some headphones my husband left in his pocket–and I think they still worked afterward! Luckily they didn’t go in the dryer.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  146. No laundry mishaps, unless you count washing your cell phone, but it seems I’m always standing in front of the washer or dryer! The giveaway set looks like it may hold more clothes then myine does.

  147. My washer and dryer are 9 yrs old. I love this set, in desparate need of a new set! Love to shop at Metro Builders. We used to shop there in Springfreld MO all the time before we moved here!

  148. I know someone who needs this very badly. I would give it to her because I love her so much – she is a wonderful lady and fabulous mother.

  149. Have you ever washed ink pens……with white clothes? Well I have and it’s not pretty! Yes, a new washer and dryer is definately on the NEED list in our house!

  150. This would be great to win!! Thanks Metro! My dryer sometimes makes small rips in my clothing, i guess they are getting hung up on something, but it looks like a perona got ahold of them, it’s random though, never know when or if it will happen! Crazy! I would love a new washer/dryer! Especially the eco-friendly frontloaders!

  151. I actually just bought a new washer and dryer set. My old washer wouldn’t drain and I had a pair of new blue jeans in the load. It sat with a bunch of other clothes for a few hours until I realized what was going on. So I ended up with a bunch of blue clothes!

    I would still love to win and give this one away!

  152. I am no longer allowed to wash my Husband’s clothes. Let’s just say one of the last times I did, he ended up with a new pink waredrobe!

  153. I am still using my husband’s bachelor washer and dryer that he bought probably 5 years before we met and we have been together for 6 years. The washer is on its last leg but it still works.
    I would love to win a new one, especially since we are expecting our third child this month so the laundry will continue to pile up!

  154. I probably have more laundry disasters than I can even think of! I only have a family of 4, but it seems as though the laundry is never ending. To make things worse, it seems like there is always something stopping me from getting it done. Such as a clog in the drain to the washer flooding the laundry room. Or my old 1980’s washing machine shaking so badly that it almost did not wash anymore! Thanks, Metro Appliances & More, for this awesome giveaway!

  155. My washer just died last week and I went to Metro and replaced it with this exact washer. I would love to win this and get the dryer and be able to give away the new washer and my dryer!

    Laundry distaster: When I was in the 3rd grade I used my own money to buy a pair of black shorts. My Dad washed them with bleach and they had white spots on them. I’ve done my own laundry since then. 🙂

  156. I once threw in some whites with a new red sheet, clearly turning them pink. A friend told me to bleach them to turn them white again. Not thinking and trying to save on washing space, I threw in a pair of nylons with them. The nylons turned completely white but the whites were permanently tan. Oops!

  157. My son recently threw a pair of jeans in the wash that had the pockets filled with little pebbles. I am still finding them and my washer has been making strange sounds ever since!! Please send the new washer and dryer my way!!!! 🙂

  158. In high school my sister turned my favorite white shirt pink by throwning her red socks in the washer – after I told her to keep them out!!

  159. Can’t think of any laundry disasters here. Thank goodness! Would love a NEW washer and dryer. I’ve never had a new one. Just hand me downs and cheap deals!

  160. As a mom of 3 boys, I have had my share of laundry mishaps… gum, crayons, hot wheels, and the list goes on. For those of us that have to do multiple loads a day, this is a great giveaway. Thanks for supplying the opportunity Metro!

  161. Oh please….. We will soon be in dire need of a washer. Ours sounds like a 747 taking off!

  162. Many years back when my husband and I were just dating, I decided to be nice and do a load of his laundry. Unfortunately my nice act turned out to be not so nice. There was a wool sweater in the load that I totally didn’t realize was in there. This sweater that used to fit my boyfriend is now about the right size for a newborn baby…I am not exagerating. The sweater was tiny. Can you believe he actually married me, laundry fautls and all!

  163. I have washed many loads of laundry with notes left in the pockets of pants. That always leads to shreds of paper all over your clean laundry. The hope is that the dryer will collect the paper so you don’t have to, but it doesn’t always work that way.
    Anyways, thank you Metro Builders Supply for this awesome giveaway. What a great gift to moms where laundry is always a job at the top of the list. My dryer could definitely use an update. It takes forever to dry things these days.

  164. I hate it when I wash my Chapstick, it is terrible, it makes greesy stains when melted in the dryer all over your clothes. Crossing my fingers, I really could use these!!! 🙂 Thanks!

  165. I am a first time mom to be (Due mid August). In all of my excitement, we just found out that we have to move and our new home does not have a washer and dryer. With all the expenses that come along with a new baby, this washer and dryer would be a huge “load” off our back to help our growing family!
    Thank you for all that you do –

  166. My last episode of a laundry disaster was washing stickers on my daughters shirt. I didn’t even see them and when they came out of the washer, it was too late to do anything! We both had just ruined a cute shirt…now I inspect!

  167. the washer and dryer are an amazing thing to be given away to a lucky winner!! this is a great website, my daughter is 25 now but we always need good mommie tips even when they get older and move out of the house!!!
    thanks for picking such a great prize to give away, keep up the good work!!!!

  168. I have yet to have many “disasters”, but I know they are looming (I have a 2 month old son). My main frustration/problem with the laundry is that I’m constantly finding empty tubes of lip balm in the dryer with our clothes. I say empty, because all the balm has melted out into our clothes. Needless to say, my husband has had to hear the “quit leaving stuff in your pockets” speech many, many times.

  169. Boyfriend being wonderfully sweet put dish “detergent” in the washer… ‘Nuff said, but and it is the thought that counts. With one of these though, we could just store the REAL detergent underneath. =)

  170. We are in need of a new washer so bad! Having a family of 6, my poor,old little washer is barely hanging in there!

  171. How awesome is this? I run a daycare out of my house and yes, I do their laundry when mishaps happen during the day along w/ mine, my husband and my 15 year-old son! My washer and dryer go daily. I sure could use a new set!!

  172. I have turned white clothes pink. I’ve washed a load of laundry with a green ink pen (ruining my favorite shirt). But my favorite story is when my dad thought he was helping by doing laundry for us. He washed a 100% wool sweater in the washing machine, AND put it in the dryer. Needless to say, by the time he was done with it, it might have fit a 1 year old.


  174. I’ve had numerous laundry mishaps given that I’m a mommy to twin girls and wife to a daddy who loves wearing cargo shorts. I have found pens, bandaids, candy and lots of papers among other things.

  175. In my current house I have shelves above my washer and dryer. In the shelf above my washer I previously kept stain remover, bleach, laundry detergent and etc. One day after washing a load of black clothes, while taking them out of the washer to place in the dryer, I noticed the strong smell of bleach. Apparently my bottle of bleach had a leak in the seam of the plastic on the bottom of the bottle. The leak just happened to be perfectly lined up with my top load washer and it had slowly dripped off of the shelf and into my load of black clothes, ruining all of them. I actually contacted the manufacturer and they advised me that this had been a problem with some of their bottles and they offered me a coupon for a new bottle of bleach. I said “no thank you” and have not allowed bleach in my house since!

  176. When my hubby and I first got married, he thought he would do a load of laundry to help me out.. In that load of laundry, it was a new wardrobe I had bought for our honeymoon… He left an ink pen in one of his pockets and it ruined all my clothes! That was before I knew that dawn soap would save them!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  177. I need a new washer & dryer!! My mother-in-law gave us hers, which is filled with her dog’s hair!! Everything we wash comes out “clean” with little black reminders of her dog. Please choose me!!

  178. My biggest disaster was when my washer leaked – actually the pipe in the wall leaked – and flooded my house!

  179. My washing machine disaster came when I forgot to check my husbands pockets. I washed his jeans only to later discover his hands-free blue tooth ear piece was in the front pocket. We dried it out and surprisingly worked, but it only lasted a few weeks and then it died. I check every pocket every time now:-) On a side note, I would love to thank Metro for this opportunity to win…we really need a set, as we are currently borrowing a set from my in-laws(ours finally bit the dust a month ago) and with 3 little ones under the age of 4, we go through TONS of laundry.

  180. I accidentally washed a pen with my clothes, and not only did I get pen on my clothes, but I still have a few blue rings around the washer and dryer!

  181. Wow! what an awesome give away. Would love a new washer and dryer. thanks metro appliances for making this give away possible.

  182. We’ve always been stuck with whatever washer/dryer is in the house we’re renting in, or what’s already in the parsonage. It would be nice to have a set for when we actually buy our own house.

  183. In just one month, I washed my husbands brand new cell phones..yes plural. Can you say $$$! The first time I blamed him, but the second time…well, I now check pockets EVEN if he has said he cleaned them out.

    This would be awesome to win!

  184. Would love to win this set. My washing machine leaves clothes soaking wet. Have already had the repairman out once, but problem still exists. My biggest laundry disaster is accidently washing a blue pen with white towels.

  185. Getting ready for the birth of my first baby girl, I got all her new clothes together for a wash. Alot of the things were sweet little hand-me-downs so I didn’t think anything of colors bleeding. I mistakenly didn’t place in a color catcher and any white or pale clothes came out pink! Good thing I was having a girl 🙂

  186. On my first trip home during my freshman year of college I poured in bleach instead of detergent on my load of brand new dark clothing. Talk about big lessoned learned! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  187. Our washer sounds like metal on metal when it stops. Makes everyone in the house cringe while it’s running, it’s almost 15 years old. We could use this! 🙂

  188. My daughter decided that she was going to FINALLY wash her own clothes. She threw in a load of jeans with a bright red tube of lipstick in the pocket and hot water. All of her jeans and the washer were full of red waxy stuff. It took a while to scrub it out of the dryer and Dawn dishwashing soap got out the stains. I wash clothes now.

  189. I am in desperate need of a new dryer and a new washer.
    Over the past 6 weeks I have had 5 different service appointments regarding my washer/dryer. I am once again waiting on a part for my dryer.
    Can’t afford new ones, but getting really expensive and frustrating trying to fix the old ones. 2 young boys, 2 big dogs, 2 sports uniforms to be washed every 2 days, work clothes, church clothes, workout clothes….. I spend hours daily washing/drying clothes and when they break down every few days it is taking me weeks to do on week’s worth of laundry. HELP!!!

  190. My favorite thing to wash when I spring clean is the shower curtain to wash away all the soap residue. I decided to do this on a visit to my mother-in-law’s house. I put the curtain in with a little detergent and left it swishing. When I came back to hang it to dry, it was in little pieces. Some things just don’t age well!

  191. I can’t begin to tell you all the times I have messed up our laundry! Wether it was turning my husband’s clothes pink to leaving gum in a pocket! All I know is my Hubby has done the laundry for the last 2 years and won’t let me near it!!!!
    AWESOM GIVEAWAY, mabey he will “let” me start to do laundry again if we win!!! LOL

  192. My boyfriend left an ink pin in his jeans pocket and guess what? I was AND dried it. Needless to say a whole load of laundry had ink stains all over it. Big disaster. I have learned to check all pockets now.

  193. Just yesterday I was doing a load of laundy and found a whole bunch of corn seeds in with the load. My husband left the package in his pocket after he finished planting some corn in our back yard, which then went through the washing machine. It was definately a first for me!

  194. Due to a mold disaster in our house my family was living in a hotel for a couple months. At the time my boys were 4, 2, and 5 weeks old. I had finished a couple (or 5) loads of laundry down at the hotel’s laundry station and hauled it back to the room pushing and pulling the baskets in the stroller and behind me… a lovely sight to behold. As I started to fold the clothes I thought, “That’s funny. I don’t remember my husband having a splatter painted dress shirt.” The whole load of WHITES was now covered with lovely shades of blues, greens and reds from the crayons left in someone’s pocket. (Granted, we had been eating out ALOT which increased the likelihood of cheap restaurant crayons being put in little pockets.) I spent the next week alternating between friend’s washers trying (to no avail) to remove the melted wax from our clothes. Living the dream.

  195. These front loading machines are great! My friend has one and when she takes the clothes out of the washer, they are practically dry!

  196. You know that feeling you get when, in a split second, one of your children goes missing……….?!? Well, after finding my 18 month daughter hiding in the dryer, and nearly summonsing the local law enforcement, I returned to find the result of my exhaustive search. My 3 year old daughter decided to try her hand at cosmetology and “snipped” of her friends’ ponytails. Yes ponytails! I was babysitting my friends’ daughters and when she returned, her oldest daughter was missing her 2 ponytails and her youngest daughter was missing her 1 ponytail. Luckily, I was doing my friend a “favor,” and I reminded her that she “gets what she pays for”!

  197. The worst washing blunder I have ever done was washed a lined skirt that should have been dry cleaned. The skirt shrank but the liner did not, so you could see the liner hanging down below the skirt.

  198. I’ve washed my husband’s USB drive from work more times than I can count, and fortunately, it’s always worked afterwards!

  199. My wife and I were given a set when we got married five years ago. Thing is the set was already 10 years old when it was given to us. Needless to say they have seen better days.

  200. We have a mystery stain from our washing machine, spotting dark close with greasy splotches at random places. When I took apart the washer- I was desperate! I found all kinds of gunk, yikes! After this all was clean. i

  201. I have 6 children in my household (2 of my own, 2 of my brother’s children, and 2 grandbabies) with a washer and dryer set that’s either 10 or 11 years old. Needless to say, we could really use a new washer and dryer. Doing at least 1 or 2 loads of laundry a day is wearing the old set out much quicker than I expected. lol

  202. Thanks Metro Appliances & More for this awesome giveaway! I could really, really use a washer and dryer! My dryer just broke and my washer is older than me!

  203. I would love a new washer and dryer we are moving soon and the one we have at our current house wouldnt convey to our new house! Thanks for doing such a fun givaway!

  204. Thank you so much for giving away this wonderful washer & dryer set. May it bless the socks off someone in need!

  205. I love your website. It is great. There is so much good information and giveaways.

  206. I don’t think it was the worst laundry disaster, but it was pretty funny when my mom stayed with us to help after my husband had surgery & she accidentally put bleach in a load with my underwear- about half of my underwear had huge bleached out spots on it. LOL

  207. This would be GREAT to win… our washer just went ka-poot over the weekend, and we haven’t replaced it, yet.
    I’ve turned many-a-white item pink by mixing my clothes, but my latest mishap involved some red gloves my friend gave me for Christmas last year. I washed them with darks, but there was so much dye in them that I ruined a few things! What really ruined the items was that I left the load in the washer overnight, and where the gloves were touching clothes bright red splotches (even finger marks) were left. <>
    Thanks for this great opportunity!!

  208. I would love to win this!!! My washing machine just started leaking a few days ago and this would be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity at such an awesome giveaway!

  209. Thanks Metro Appliance for this great giveaway. I nearly caught my house on fire with my old dryer. It heated and didn’t turn itself off. I replaced it with a used one that is ancient but works. I’d LOVE a new one!!!

  210. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

    In college, I had a hand-me-down dryer (avocado green, of course), and it had the lint trap on the top of the dryer. My mom’s dryer had the kind where you pull the lint screen out a slot in the door, so I kept forgetting to pull the big long lint thing out of the top of my green dryer. Needless to say, it got packed full of lint and caused the dryer to overheat. It started smoking and melted a bunch of my favorite t-shirts into a crunchy yellow blob.

  211. My little girl got a blue tie-dyed t-shirt at a birthday party. I washed that with all of her clothes and the blue dye got on everything and would not come out!

    I would LOVE a new washer and dryer. We haven’t had a new one in over 9 years and it’s time~!

  212. thank you Metro – AWESOME giveaway!!!

    the story would have to be of my husband – washed a load of stinky socks and forgot to put detergent in!!! needless to say, the socks still just about stood on their own after a soak in the machine!!! had to do the load again after his little ‘pre-rinse’!!! 🙂

  213. My worst disaster came when I started a load in the wash and returned to find my laundry room full of water! I don’t remember the problem, but fixing it involved lots of mopping and an expensive after hours service call! I love Metro. You guys have the best selection and staff who knows their stuff! Thanks!

  214. Just last week I opened up our dryer only to find red spots all over the white laundry. I mistakenly left a lipstick in my white pants and voila, red spots everywhere.

  215. We have had our dryer repaired once and our washer washer repaired twice in the past three years. Thank God for my neighbor Donna who lets me frequent her washer and dryer.


  216. Hmmmm- no really funny laundry disaster story. I too covet one of these new fangled front loading pairs. I keep thinking our set is going kaput any day-and they will be the sounds they make-lol. My hubby bought the set when he was a bachelor many years ago- so heaven only knows the abuse the set took before he married me. Thank you for the wonderful give-aways and I know whoever wins them will be ecstatic.

  217. I’ve had a couple of laundry disasters over my 20+ years of marriage. As a newlywed I once ran out of laundry detergent and thought hey I’ll use some dish washing detergent to wash our whites. It was soap…it had bleach in it… My laundry room was filled with the most lovely fresh lemony foam within minutes. Lots of clean up although the clothes made it through unscathed. Then a couple of years ago my washer’s water line froze then melted…thus filling my laundry room with lovely, stinky, murky water, which in turn warped our hard wood flooring underneath. Thankfully those are the only two mishaps that stand out through all the years of laundry.

  218. Thanks Metro Appliances & More for this awesome giveaway! My recent mishap my daughter left red silly putty in her pocket everything in the washer had putty on it. Whats even worse I thought I had got it all out of the pocket “not” it did it again next time she got them dirty. Grrrr.

  219. I accidently put a diaper in the laundry and you can imagine what the load of “clean” laundry looked like when it was finished! It was a huge mess and very challenging to clean up. But it was a good laugh!!

  220. I shrunk my favorite kelly green wool sweater. Maybe one day I’ll have a little girl who can wear it!

  221. When my Brother was staying with me he decided to do me a favor and do a load of laundry. So he throws all the dirty clothes in the wash and I mean ALL the clothes. So needless to say he shrunk two of my delicate shirts and tuned his socks and underwear pink (which was funny enough that I forgave him)

  222. My laundry disaster happened last summer, we started a load of laundry and were outside doing yard work. When we came in, the water was pouring out of the washing machine and had already covered our house in about a inch of water. Our brand new laminate floors were runined!

  223. I just last week washed a hoodie that had a pocket full of tissues. They were everywhere. Not fun. – Dawn

  224. You name it, we’ve found it in the washing machine! 4 kids in sports, sports and more sports = tons and tons of laundry. Thanks Metro and Motherlode…my fingers are crossed!

  225. Recently bought a dishwasher from Metro. Sent my husband to do the negotiating and he got a GREAT deal, plus delivery, plus removal of the old one. We saved lots over other places we checked, so we LOVE Metro and would love to have a new washer and dryer from them!

  226. I can’t let my mother wash any f my clothes ever time she does it “oh noe I am sorry I didn’t mean to fade or shrink them I was trying to help.” I would always be very thankful for her trying to help and all but it made it worse I had to fix it so that is why we can use a new washer and dryer “maybe they can wash themselves”

  227. Thank you Metro Appliances and more for this exciting chance at winning a new washer and dryer. I’m not in need of a new washer and dryer but would LOVE to give them to my sister. She’s moving into a home next month and needs a washer and dryer. I don’t really have a bad mishap story but I do find it hilarious when I overload the washer (and I know I have even before I shut the lid) and it starts shaking so bad that you think it’s going to make its way out of the house and down the street.

  228. Where do I begin: I always wash packets of kleenex stuck in my son’s pockets that get wet and stick to all the wet clothes; ran my nice clothes load after my husband bleach cleaned the washer and it got bleach spots all over my clothes. Every week is a new laundry disaster.

  229. Oh if only I could win this!! We are buying a house that has no washer or dryer, what a great prize this would be!!!
    Sounds like I need to go to Metro to shop for the rest of my appliances for the new house. Thanks Motherlode and Metro.

  230. My favorite washing disaster is the old gum in the pocket. Which melted all over the clothes and the dryer. It was just fabulous!! Would love to win these!!!

    Cathleen Hood

  231. My laundry disaster: my sweet little baby girl is, well, not so little. She is growing like a weed. A couple months ago, I bought her new zip up pajamas from a consignment store. Thinking they had already done all their shrinking and that they needed an extra good cleaning, I washed them in extra hot water. I was wrong. The pajamas shrank and I had to give them away because my chubby baby girl couldn’t bend her legs up to reach her toes in them as she loves to do.

  232. It takes 90 minutes each load and sometimes more with my dryer– Please!!!

  233. I would love to have this washer and dryer set. I was just telling my husband yesterday that it took me 3 hours to wash and dry a load of clothes! With as many loads as I have, I need something much quicker. Thanks Metro Appliances for this awesome giveaway!

  234. Wow! What an amazing giveaway. And Wow! Could I really use a new washer and dyer…I AM A LAUNDRY DISASTER!! I absolutely hate doing laundry…but I have this sneaking feeling that if I won these it would totally change my laundry woes!!

  235. My husband is notorious for leaving Gum in his pockets. I still have gum streaks on the inside of my dryer. Thanks Metro Appliances for this awesome giveaway! I would love to have a new washer and dryer.

  236. Well, I really don’t have a diaster story.However I have had my washer and dryer for a very long time! My motherinlaw bought them for our wedding gift 12yrs ago and I’m waiting for them to completely die on me!! It quit twice last year…just keeping my fingers crossed

  237. When I was about 5, my mom opened up the lid to the washing machine, then opened the cabinet above to get the detergent. Inside that cabinet was a 10 lb bag of wild bird seed that toppled over and emptied entirely into the washer. Needless to say, we had to buy a new one!

  238. Two drops, just two stray drops of bleach on my daughter’s favorite blue shirt, right on the center front. So much for the resale value, just zip that hoodie so it covers the little white spots. Don’t even know where the bleach came from.

  239. I bought a brand new black and white cotton knit shirt; very chic. The first time I washed it (after only wearing it once), it came out pink and black. Turns out there was a red pair of undies in there that I didn’t see. So then I did a load of whites with the shirt and added a little bleach. I found that every load it got a little better so I did a couple – you know to get the red/pink out. Well I got impatient on my last load and put a little bit too much bleach. At the end of that load, the shirt was brown and white…with black buttons! Unfortunately, I had to call a spade a spade and I donated it, but I’m a lot more careful in sorting clothes than I ever was before: SILVER LINING 🙂

  240. My husband bought me a really nice sweater for a christmas gift when we were dating. The tag said that it could be washed and dried. When I did wash and dry it, it shrunk to a really nice small sweater that maybe my daughter (if I have one someday) can wear! 🙂

  241. I don’t have a washer and dryer now. When we sold our place we gave ours away so we wouldn’t have to store them and also to help someone, this would be a wonderful set to go in my new home we are building. Thank you Metro

  242. Crayons in pockets of kids–that went through the washer & drier–Oh, my!!!

  243. Worst laundry disaster? Lip gloss in the pocket of my favorite light blue slacks. The gloss didn’t escape during the wash, it came out in the dryer, effectively setting the stains all over the pants.

  244. Several years ago when my 3 children lived at home…we did a LOT of laundry…my husband was a policeman and I’m a school teacher…so big purchases were always something we had to plan for…not get on a whim. The washer/dryer got used/abused several times a day for many, many years…the funny part happened one day when the dryer gave out…my world just stopped. My husband was able to go out and get a new one…he of course hauled it in his truck, so no store carrying off the old one…we didn’t know what we were going to do with the old one, so we got a brilliant idea to haul it in the middle of the night to a junk store and drop it off in the parking lot along with several others..it didn’t work…we did just that…a few days later, my husband said…”where is that blue t-shirt?”…and I realized we were short some towels…it dawned on me that they were still in the dryer sitting in the middle of downtown at a repair/sale shop…you can imagine how dumb I felt…so we had to make another clandestine trip to retrieve our clothes..they were still inside the dryer!! Moral of the story…always check your appliances before disposal!!!

  245. Ok. Should I tell you how often I forget to switch the loads only to return 5 days later to stinky wet clothes? Or should I recall the time my sister and I threw an illigitimate party as teenagers and someone stashed thier beer in the dryer? The next day it got turned on! Yikes!!!
    I promise to be more responsible if I win!!

  246. We are moving from a rental to a home that we just bought, and desperately need a washer/dryer! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a set!

  247. Well first off, we need a washer and dryer so desperately I am having to use my sisters! It’s terrible! My disaster story with laundry is after a day of fishing with my husband, he left a few hooks with jigs on them and his pocket knife that was slightly opened in the shirt pocket of his fishing shirt. Needless to say, everything else in that load was either torn to shreads, or holes poked all in it from the hooks!!

  248. I am very glad to have Metro in our area. They are the best source, in NWA, for appliances

  249. So, I’ve done the lipgloss in the dryer thing a few times… and the gum 😛 But really, I want to give a shout out to my old faithfuls. I bought my washer and dryer used 10 years ago while I was in college, and they’re still squeaking along! But how I’m lusting after these new ones!!!

  250. When my husband and I were newly married we bought a washer and dryer. He was trying to help out by washing his own clothes. However, in the process, he missed a pen in one of his pockets and it expoloded all over his clothes and the new dryer. Now we have the ink spots to commemorate his first load of clothes dried in our dryer.

  251. Apparently a piece of bread, or perhaps some bread dough, somehow got into the dryer with the rest of the clothes. How do I know? Numerous loads after, I am still finding tiny, hard balls of bread throughout my fresh, clean laundry. Oh, and the smell of freshly-heated bread works well with lavender dryer pouches!

  252. Metro Home Builders helped us with our kitchen remodel, recommending the most amazing GE appliances at a very affordable price. I am having fun in the kitchen!

    My favorite is the double oven that fits in a single oven slot. The bottom oven is a convection oven with probe cooking. I can cook three trays of cookies at once from my standard oven space, and the cookies turn out brown and fluffy. And, by the way, the bottom oven IS large enough for a turkey. Makes coordinating a nice meal a ton easier.

    Last week I used the probe to cook a roast during soccer practice. I set the internal temperature for the roast, and the oven turned off automatically when the roast was ready and I was away. When soccer practice was over, dinner was ready.

    Dave at Metro helped us find beautiful appliances that have enhanced our lifestyle. I highly recommend stopping by and giving them a chance to show you their appliances & give you a price.

  253. I no longer have a dryer… well i do, it just takes four full cycles to get a single load dry.. and with four in the house that leads to my weekends being fully scheduled with laundry. I would love to even just have the new dryer, the washer would just eb a bonus.

  254. My disaster story is not really a disaster. My husband and I were using his washer and dryer he’s had since college (he bought the set for 50 bucks, so you can imagine the quality of them) and then we noticed that our neighbors got a new set and were loading up the old ones. So, we bought their old set. They were working fine until a month ago. Every time I put a load in the dryer and turn it on…it’s makes a very high pitched ringing sound. It’s so loud that I can’t even dry clothes when my 4 month old is trying to sleep. Please…we desperately need a new set. With me going back to school and my husband with the only job…we can’t afford to get it fixed or get a new dryer. Thank you so much.

  255. When my husband and I were first married, we both worked and were very busy, so he was wonderful to help share the household chores with me. One day, on his day off (but I was at work) he decide to “help” me by doing the laundry! Now, that was something that I chose to do myself, because he did not have any laundry experience! Nevertheless, he decided to do it. At that time (nearly 36 years ago) we had a washer but no dryer, so we used a small clothesline behind our little house to dry the clothes. I came home from work that day, and everything hanging on the line was blue! Underwear and other light colored clothing items were all blue, as they had all been washed with a brand new pair of blue jeans! But he was so proud of himself for “helping” me! Now, nearly 36 years and two kids later, I’ve had crayons, play doh, rocks, gum, ink pens, wallets, lipstick, and various other items go through the wash. And now with a graddaughter who is about to turn a year old, I’m sure my washing adventures are to be continued! I have a very old W/D set and would absolutely LOVE to win these. What a blessing! Thank you for this opportunity!

  256. If I don’t remove the clothes immediately and I’m not sure which one but either the washer or dryer leaves oil spots on the clothing. It would be wonderful to win a new washer and dryer.

  257. My horror story is the appliances I am using to wash and dry our clothes, I do have to admit they have worked well for their lifetime of service but are pretty worn out after 9+ years of service. If I use bleach I have to pour it directly into the tub because the area you are supposed to pour it into is rusted out. You have no idea how wonderful it would be to have such beautiful machines!!!

  258. I would love to have a new washer and dryer, especially the duet! The last washer and dryer I bought was through Metro, and the staff there was wonderful. I would def do business with them again.

  259. Our washer and dryer could certainly retire by this point in their career.. My husband has invented creative ways to keep them in one piece and running. By creative i mean lots of additional pieces and of course duct tape.

  260. Thanks, Metro, for providing the Duet. What an awesome set to give away. My laundry disaster comes from my newlywed days when I had to use the apartment laundromat. I had popped our brand new bath towels in the dryer about 9:00 pm. Knowing that it is locked at 10, I returned about 9:50, only to find security has locked the doors early. The next morning I returned to find the dryer and my brand new towels burned to a crisp!! The dryer’s shut off had failed, the dryer had run for several hours, causing a small fire early in the morning. Needless to say, I was never reimbursed for my wedding towels and I don’t want to have an older dryer for fear that it will catch on fire! So, bring on the new DUET!!

  261. Would love to win a new washer and dryer. I not sure how long my current washer will last. My washer is being held together by a clothes pin.

  262. I have turned so many white loads pastel pink that it’s not funny! Also my son, when he was little, used to put all kinds of things in his pockets. I got to where I made him empty his pockets when I was doing laundry for fear of what might be in them. One day my laundry had a strange smell after washing and it turned out that he had not emptied the pockets in a particular pair of jeans. He had left a whole pocketful of WORMS! Yuck!!! I made him clean out my washer, and the stuff left in the jeans. After that, I stood by him when he emptied his pockets.

  263. I had a whole pack of gum go through the washer and dryer that was in my husbands pocket. I spent at least an hour using an adhesive remover to get the streaks of melted and then solidified gum off the walls of the dryer. These machines would be a great addition to our first home together.

  264. I have had everything in my washer and dryer from cell phones to Sharpies, candy to Crayons.. With a house full of kiddos I am sure there will be lots more!! It would be AWESOME to win a new set!

  265. We just got married and I’ve already shrunken an entire load of his clothes! His underwear look so tiny they look like baby diapers! I could really use a nice set instead of these old beasts in our apartment! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  266. I love my front-loading w/d pair, and the way it cleans. It is so much quieter than my old set. It would be so fun to win this set for my daughter-in-law and son who have 2 very active boys, and could really use a new set of appliances.

  267. I love the service at Metro. They are always very helpful. This is a great giveaway!

  268. I’m 57 and never had a nice new washer and dryer. Always a hand me down or a second. I would love it dearly.

  269. I washed a package of gum and a black crayon. Went through the wash just fine, but the dryer heat made a total disaster of that load of clothes!!!

  270. I have several disaster stories! How about a whole pack of sugary gum. The worst was when I washed and dryed a blue crayon with brand new clothes!
    Thanks to Metro for the giveaway!

  271. Wow, what a great idea. I am also glad to have discovered this website. Looks interesting and I will be back to browse! Thanks for the opportunity!

  272. Oh my,the first time I used a front loaded washer(a friends mine was out) I got so excided, and remembered someone told me once you shut the door it is locked and you can not open it to add to it, so I washed an empty load thinking about that comment.So now I know what NOT to do if I win this and BOY do I need it!!!

  273. The craziest thing that ever happened to me while doing laundry was the day I washed a wet disposable diaper with a full load of kids clothes. The diaper swelled like a big toad then ruptured covering every tiny little item in the wash with balls of gel!!! Gel will not wash off so rewashing did nothing except increase the size of the mess. I had to hand wash every item after I pick as much of the gel off as possible. By the way, gel just smooshes in your hands. It took 6 days to get all the items to a wearable state!!! It was miserable. But a new washer and dryer would have at least made it more enjoyable. I have had the same washer since my daughter was 3 and she is 26. Thanks for the opportunity!


  275. Thank you so much for giving away a new washer/dryer. I know anyone would be lucky to win one of these!! Just wanted to put my name in the hat! 🙂 Thanks again!

  276. So I try my hardest to buy things that don’t need to be ironed let alone dry cleaned. So I was absolutely shocked when my husband (sweet as he is) tried to do something nice for me and did the laundry. My favorite sweater (that I myself had to repeatly remind myself did not go in the dryer) was shrunk to the the size of a toddler. I was unable to wear that sweater anymore but my husbands granddaughter enjoyed it for the winter!!

  277. WOW! My washer and dryer are mismatched….they work, but new ones would be great! Thanks for the chance.

  278. Wow!! What a great contest for Metro to sponsor, to help Moms with laundry is brilliant!!! I was actually in Metro a few weeks ago looking at washer and dryers!! I hope I win this set!
    Thank you.

  279. WHooooo HOOOO!!! Would love to win a new washer and dryer!! Mine is over 17 years old!! YIKES! Thanks!

  280. What a great idea! I have had many a disaster involving chapstick and my dryer. It’s such a mess…

  281. I grew up with it being mandatory that we be responsible for checking our own pockets before throwing our clothes in the wash. Only we were held responsible for any ruined treasures. My husband grew up the opposite…the sole responsibility for pocket checking was the mother.
    After marriage it took me many years to remember to check all the pockets. I have washed one paycheck, two watches, and several ballpoint pens. (Not to mention several misc. items that proved not to be as disastrous)
    We now have a system were everyone is responsible for checking their own pockets, but I always do quick double check before throwing the clothes in the washer.

  282. Officially putting my name in the hat.
    Hoping and praying that I can with that.
    Inherited my grandfather’s old washer and dryer – to say that it works well would make me a liar.
    BIG THANKS to Metro and Motherlode.com
    The dream of winning is a blessing to every mom!

  283. Thank you, Thank you! I think a new washer and dryer could bring enjoyment to doing laundry…at least for the first few loads anyway. 🙂

  284. Although I have learned to sleep with the melodious sound of thumping, ticking and whirring I would love a new washer and dryer! We have had our set for about 12 years.

    As for my most memorable laundry disaster – like most I have had many, but the one that comes to mind was one day when I went to pull the clothes out of the dryer – but I was met with resistence – I tugged and tugged on this pair of pants and it finally gave way but pulled a large amount of clothes out with it. Once I started unwinding and untangiling the clothes, I had discovered that my 14 year old son had left a couple of fishing lures in his pocket- not little tiny unnoticable hooks, but big multicoloered fish ones with three to six hooks on each!!! Now how could I have missed that in the pocket??? Needless to say I had to discard a number of the pieces of clothing it latched on to as well as the jeans they were in..I could never get the hook out of them!

    Thanks Metro and Motherlode for the opportunity to win such a fantastic prize!!

  285. This is a wonderful giveaway!! I would be so honored to win. Thank you so much for the chance to enter!!

  286. I would love to have a new washer and dryer, especially since mine is ancient! What a nice giveaway!

  287. I am still using the washer and dryer we bought used on Craigslist when we first bought our house 5.5 years ago. The dryer now takes two cycles to dry, so this cloth-diapering mama could sure use an upgrade! Kudos to Metro Appliances for their generosity to NWA families!

  288. My husband left a packet of gum in his pocket after we were first married, that was terrible, gum on everything.

    So thankful for Metro! I’d LOVE this LIKE CRAZY!

  289. Okay so here is my horror washing story. And it may not be to some as bad but for me it is exhausting. K so my husband likes to try to help me out but when he does the laundry he washes them all together. Now some might think this is not so bad, however they are his construction work clothes with my office work clothes!! UGH I try so hard to tell him not to wash but undoubtedly he is trying to do his good deed. Now nonetheless the boys have also contributed to the changing look of my clothes by keeping markers, pens, candies, and so forth in their clothes when my husband does the laundry!! Thanks to my loving family!

  290. Being the only source of income I continue to pray that my 18 year old used dryer and mis-matched slightly newer (to me) used washer will continue to work. When you smell the dryer, you have to turn it off to cool down before starting again. My coworkers and I have all just received a 20% cut in salaries, so I definately won’t be able to replace them if/when they quit for good. Winning this set would be a dream come true and it is wonderful for Metro to make that chance possible.

  291. Have the same washer & dryer for 15 yrs, have looked at several places including Metro Appliances comparing prices, warranties, etc.

    My husband does laundry regularly since he retired and everything goes into one load no matter what all is there. Sure have had some different looking clothes, color wise and size wise. Have only had 1 new washer/dryer set in 42 years, that’s when we got married.
    This would be a very blessed win for me.

  292. Our dryer stopped heating and now I have to hang all of our clothes on the clothes line to dry. When it’s windy out, sometimes I find pairs of our underwear halfway down the block!

  293. A very fuzzy black sweater with some other sweaters, needless to say black fuzz every where. And on the next several loads. 🙁

  294. I washed a load of clothes on gentle, which are usually our nicer clothes & something pink got all over everything & wouldn’t come out. Still to this day I have no idea what it was. I never found anything in the washer or dryer.

  295. I would love a new washer and dryer. I am not sure how old ours are because they were a hand me down to us. If we don’t keep the dryer tube cleaned out it could take up to 3 or 4 cycles to dry our clothes:).

  296. My laundry disasters usually revolve around forgetting I washed a load and then leaving town for a few days….smells awful when I get home and realize what I did!

  297. I am a mom to two rowdy, dirty, rambunctious boys and own a washer/dryer set older than *I* am!…..almost ALL of my laundry experiences are a disaster!! 🙂

  298. The worst thing that I have done is wash clothes with lipstick. I forgot that my daughter had been playing with it. I didn’t even think to check pockets. So white clothes became red/pick and dark clothes ended up with greasy spots.

  299. I wash checks and money in pockets all the time! Two years ago I washed a pocket full of kleenex and literally had white confetti! haha

    Hoping to win,

  300. Our household could really use a new washer and dryer! I am a mother of 4 daughters…ages 6 months to 16! Yes infants and teenagers which both seem to go through several outfits a day! A new washer and dryer set would be one of the greatest gifts!!

  301. I have had countless of my favorite shirts come out after the first wash with bleach spots! So not cool!!

  302. I’m getting married in October and would LOVE to win!!! Thanks Metro and Motherlode for this awesome giveaway!

  303. My dryer is on it’s very last leg and my washer is so loud you almost have to go outside just to talk on the phone. Also, I will have my first Grandbaby this July and really could use a new washer and Dryer!!! 🙂

  304. My husband left a pen in his pocket some years back and it went through the washer and dryer. It was a disaster and I still haven’t let him live it down!

  305. this is a great idea! I’d love a new washer and dryer, especially a matching set =D

  306. I’m having to go to the laundry mat, so these will really come in handy. Thanks.

  307. I occasionally make a splurge purchase at Anthropologie. When my first child was almost a year old (and my body was on its way back to “normal”) I splurged and bought this fabulous shirt. It had to have been one of my top three favorite shirts EVER. After wearing it a handful of times (maybe 3?!) I ruined it in the wash. 🙁 I got it our of the washer and it had shrunk to fit a 10 year old. Boo-hoo! I gave it to a second hand shop. I hope some 10 year old somewhere is enjoying it!

  308. I know we are suposed to add a funny story/mishap here but I have not ever had a mishap with a washer or dryer. The worst that has happened is my husband washing a “hand wash only” shirt but who cares about that? I have heard alot of GREAT things about the front load washers and dryers. So, thanks Metro Appliances & More for this awesome giveaway!!!

  309. My worst laundry moment would probably washing Chpstick in a pocket…. Washing isn’t so bad it’s not finding it and dry the load that counts. Washing the load all over again when someone is waiting for something to get done is fun….. Cindy

  310. My laundry disaster story is that on more than one occasion I washed the natural Bee’s Knees lip balm that my daughter makes in my jeans pocket. It actually washes ok and came out still usable. However, the time that I didn’t find it before I dried it; I had to get a new lip balm. I just ended up with an empty tube!!!

    Also, I would like to thank Metro builders for providing this wonderful washer and dryer for such a fabulous give-away. I would love to win this!!! 🙂

  311. I dont have a disaster story, but would definately use the washer and dryer, with two boys that love to make messes it would be a blessing.

  312. Our machines are 12 years old and have had many interesting “loads” in that time. Some that have been left in there too long and get that horrible stench. The worst offender (and I hate to say it’s happened more than once) is a disposable diaper. When my second was born I had my oldest helping by taking diapers to the trash. Well one day she must have decided to put it in the washer. The diaper swelled and expoded in the wash. The clothes (a dark load to boot) were covered in a white gel-like, cotton mixture. It took forever to get it all off. Thanks Metro for an amazing give-away!!!

  313. My story is more of a family disaster instead of one of my own. Our washer & dryer set were handed down to us from my grandmother, the set is older than me & my husband. My husband decided to try and help out with the laundry one day, which is awesome, right?? He does the laundry and even puts them away, I was so excited!! Then I went to wear something that he had washed. The clothes were dress clothes so the dryer shrunk them considerably, OH NO! Oops I forgot to mention that he’s also color blind so he mixed everything all together, darks, lights, brights, everything. ALL of the clothes were discolored and much smaller!! Needless to say he helps out in other ways besides the laundry!! HAHAHA

  314. My laundry disaster? How about just trying to get it all done and folded and put away? Right now I have at least five baskets sitting around the house right now!

  315. Growing up my mom would always use a clothes line to hang up our laundry to save electricity. She would only hang up sheets, towels, socks, etc, and never any underwear. My dad would always hang up his underwear even though my mom had asked him not to. Finally one very windy day she told him when he got home from work that our neighbor behind us was outside in her yard with all of her 4th of July guests and that his underwear had blown over into their yard. She told him that she held it up and asked across the fence “is this yours?” My dads face turned white with horror and he just kept saying over and over “oh no, oh no”. She let him believe that story for about and hour and I don’t think he would have ever went outside again. She finally told him it really did not happen and he has since never even considered that again!

  316. I have used this set to raise 5 teenagers, and now I have two adult children, and a close friend that come to use my washer and dryer because they can not afford to go to the laundry mat. I also have my Mother-in-law who has just moved in with us, because she has Alzheimer’s disease. So, to say that my set is on its last leg is to say the least. I could really use a new set.
    Thanks Metro Appliances and more for this opportunity to help a Mom.

  317. when i was a child i was not the strongest at doing chores, i would do laundry and forget to put the soap in, but i was just proud that i had done it. same deal with the dishwasher. those things need soap too.

  318. If you want to hear a 747 getting ready for take off– just sit in the house when our dryer is going! LOL
    And as far as my washing machine goes– by the time it’s finished with the cycle– (other than the clothes being wet) it’s hard to tell anything has even been washed!

  319. When I was in high school, I was a member of the basketball team. I was very particular about my jersey. My mother washed my “home” jersey one day, and to her horror, when she removed it from the washer, the blue cuff that lined the sleeves and neck line of the white jersey were faded. Apparently, she fretted about this for hours before she finally broke down and told me about it.
    She tried to prepare me for what was to come by saying, “Now, I know you are going to be upset. I know you are particular about your uniform, but something has happened to it and I am so very sorry.”
    By this time I was freaking out. I just knew it was ripped to shreds or something terrible that could not be repaired. When she finally got around to showing me the jersey, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. She hadn’t been the one that caused the cuffs to fade, the jersey was that way when I received it! All of that fretting for nothing!

  320. So when is there NOT a laundry disaster?! Just kidding! But it sure was handy when Shout came out with those “Color Catchers” to catch all the loose dyes. They sure did work!

    I remember this giveaway from this time last year – right around Mother’s Day. We ended up getting a used washer and dryer that day after not winning this giveaway. Could still use a new set and would LOVE to win the set from you guys!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter!!

  321. Man oh man do I need a new washer and dryer. If I’m washing a large load, can’t go far. Have to rearrange the laundry in the washer to get it back in balance.

    Worst laundry dissaster…..washed and dried a load of darks before I realized the 4 pieces of bubblegum in my daughters pants pocket. What a mess!!!!!

  322. I would like to nomminate my daughter dauther-in-law Amy. I know that their washer and dryer are really old. They have 3 small children and their washer and dryer never quit running. She is so sweet and does so much for our family, I would love to see her recieve such a gift. Thank you

  323. My worst laundry disaster involves poop. You’ve all seen the great blue bags for holding used diapers when on the go. They work great–even when they go through the wash! Yup, washed the bag with diaper and dirty pants all together with a baby load. And when I opened the bag after washing–well, it wasn’t pretty!

  324. My worst disaster was several years ago
    when my daughter was running the washer and while preoccupied the washer ran over and flooded the kitchen floor and carpet in the dining area, this was a “big” mess to clean, even had to borrow a wet vac. from a neighbor!

  325. this would be the answer to my prayer… our washer is on it’s last leg… it doesn’t wring very well so drying takes AGES! would love to be more energy efficient! 🙂

  326. Once my husband left a red pen in the pocket of his pants. He is a teacher and it was after we bought all new pants for the school year. Unfortunately all his new pants were washed with the red pen. In the end all his pants and the inside of the dryer were red. It took forever to get all the red ink off everything.

  327. My washer (or possibly dryer) puts random rust stains on my clothes. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t tell where it’s coming from! Also the agitator on my washer doesn’t connect all the way to the bottom of the washing machine and sometimes it rips my clothes – ARGH!

  328. I would love to have this set!!!! I have a husband and four boys and a grandbaby so i am always washing. This would be a great thing for us. I have never had a new washer and dryer only used,I realy hope I get this!!!!!

  329. I dread doing laundry every day so i’m hoping if I were to win this it might help motivate me to get caught up on ALL of our laundry! Plus, who knows, maybe it would motivate my husband to do a load or two as well. haha!

  330. Ok… so you have your brand new, expensive, red, cashmere sweater that you have only worn once, right? This is the only time I’ll get to wear it… My sweet husband decides he wants to contribute to the weekly chores, you think what could it hurt?? Little do I know something very bad is about to happen! He starts a load of laundry. Sounds innocent right? If he’s like most guys they shove everything in the same wash: whites, towels, darks, lights… you name it, it’s packed in. No big deal, so I thought. And of course there are good intentions by my husband, but he neglects to get them out of the dryer to finish the job, so I do. I had a smile on my face, but not a smile of happiness that you would get from your spouse doing the laundry but of a smile of disbelief… YIKE!!! Needless to say, I had a ragged cashmere sweater (which I should have known better not to throw it in the hamper that I am the only one that touches), and a nice red dryer barrel! 🙂 Thanks Babe.

  331. When stationed in Saudi Arabia many years ago[;I washed my light colored clothes with my red and gold bedspread. My husband was gone for a few days. I was very tired and it was the middle of the night; I was nursing my baby and thought I saw these little red ants all over my sheets. I stripped the bed and started doing wash;but everywhere I looked there were these red things.I thought they were either ants or some weird spore that had attacked the earth.I was crying and washing everything. The next day my husband came home and took me to the dispensary to look under a microscope to prove they were just fibers from my bedspread. Just goes to prove what happens when overtired or you wash lights with darks!!

  332. I am notorious for washing everything, even if it says “dry clean only” or “absolutely no washing”. I mean what’s it really going to hurt?! Anyways, I decided to wash the bath mats that explicitly say “Spot Clean ONLY”, but what the heck. Turns out, upon washing they shrink down to about 1/4 the original size and upon drying, they shed so much lint that not only is the lint trap overflowing, but the vent on our roof has a giant ball of lint emerging from it. I am still finding lint balls all over our house from those silly rugs, but is this going to stop me from disregarding laundry labels…probably not.

  333. I love to do laundry! It’s the one house work task I’m really good at. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment to make that pile of dirty clothes disappear!

  334. I would love to have the new washer and dryer. Mine is 12 years old and has washed a bunch of dirty muddy clothes. I hope you draw my name. D. J.

  335. I hate doing laundry, we live in a rural area and have hard water so the whites are never white, and also low water pressure. So………….. It takes me all day long to do 2 loads of laundry!!

  336. I have 3 1/2 month old twin boys! I do laundry every day and our washer/dryer set is 10 years old!

  337. Washing nightmare–we walked down into our creepy basement in our century old house, and found a bat in the washer. The spin cycle did the trick though.
    Or what about “THE SMELL.” Our old washer exuded a smell after every rain (and not After the Rain scent either). This one didn’t help our clothes smell clean at all!

  338. I noticed that my dryer wasn’t drying like it should.It was taking FOREVER to dry a load of clothes. I decided that the vent hose probably needed to be cleaned out. So I pulled the dryer out, climbed over it (since it was in a small closet), and then got down behind it. I proceeded to pull all sorts of lint & stuff from the hose. Before I knew it, I had a pertified mouse in my hand! And the worst part was I was trapped behind the dryer. I couldn’t get out quickly enough. The dryer did work better once the mouse was gone, but I could still use a new one!

  339. I need a new washer and dryer, but my daughter Laura needs it more!
    I washed a mustard colored shirt of my husbands, and it turned everything in the load a sickly yellow.

  340. Laundry disasters are a regular part of our life. Most recently, I washed a couple of my husband’s frequent diner cards — an almost full Ron’s card, and a recently filled Copeland’s card. When I do laundry, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Maybe a free washer/dryer though???

  341. Oh where to start! We wash more than just clothes at our house on a regular basis. Chap stick, money, driver’s license, oh an ink pens – – that one didn’t turn out so well. Thank you Metro Appliances and Motherlode – this will most definitely be a blessing for a very special person.

  342. My laundry disaster is funny now, not so funny then. About 6 months ago my 3 year old, then 2 1/2 was “helping” me put laundry into the washer to wash. I left the laundry room and when I came back later to put the wet clothes in the dryer, my “little helper” had put a pull up in the washer to wash and it had exploded and the gel inside the pull up was everywhere, all in the washer and all over the clothes. It took several washes and hours to get that mess cleaned up. Thanks for all you do Metro!

  343. One night after finally getting everyone off to bed I put a load of clothing into the washer then when the wash was finished I put them over into the dryer I had continued this for several loads when I went into wait for the load washing I fell asleep.An when
    I woke there was a piticular chil in the air I awoke to find that the heat was no longer working an the washer with the clothing in it had developed Ice on them not good.Bad bad laundry Day!!! Hope no one eles ever has to deal with a Load of frozen clothes

  344. I can’t think of a specific laundry disaster, other than turning loads a different color OFTEN over the years. I have a gift. I would, however, be ecstatic to win this giveaway. It is much needed and would make life sooo much easier! Thanks Metro and Motherlode 😉

  345. I don’t really have a laundry disaster story but I totally need a new washer! We have had it repaired several times in the last year. My husband would be thrilled if we got a new washer because I am so cheap I made him actually load our washer up and take it to the repairman! It saved $30!! I would love to replace it! We love Metro Appliances it is a great place to shop, great prices!

  346. Oh my how we need this washer and dryer. The ones we are using now, we purchased as a newlywed couple and about 1/2 the size of the ones given away. Now we are a family of 5 and I would love to cut down on the amount of loads.

    My laundry mishap??? Thinking that crocs could be dried in the dryer. Ummmm…they can’t! Definitely not my shining moment. 🙂

  347. Never put gause cotton fabric in a washer with an agitator,nothing left but ripped – distorted thread you could put your fingers through. Piece by piece I slowly unmagled it off the agitator. what was left couldn’t even qualify for a rag. SAD!

  348. I’m the mama of three and don’t have a washer and dryer at all. I have to lug everything to the laundrymat.

  349. My little man has recently discovered pockets…Let’s just say, toy cars are destructive on clothing whirling around in a washing machine. AGH!!!

  350. What an awesome and thoughtful thing to do for mothers especially at this time of financial need by many families. My hat is off to you and may the Lord reward you for the generosity in your unselfish heart.

  351. Wow, what an outrageous gift that would be and since I’ve been holding on to my old set since the dawn of day, the earth would appreciate me having a new washer and dryer set too.
    Thanks and may this truly make somebody’s day.

  352. I once washed and dryed my husband’s cell phone! Needless to say he is always reminding me to check his pockets.

  353. I made the mistake of washing pillows with other laundry. The pillows floated to the top and somehow blocked something and water flooded my laundry room.

  354. I’ve had lots of laundry disasters, but the worst one was probably the red nail polish in my daughter’s pocket when she was about 10. We had red streaks around the barrel of the dryer for years!

  355. We have an ancient washer and dryer so this would be great to win. My biggest laundry disastern was washing my little boy’s bubble suits (made by my mother) with an unknown crayon. He is now 26 but it still makes me cringe to think about it.

  356. I would love to get this new washer and dryer…..mine are so old the knobs are broken and half the time I dont know what size of load it will be washing!!!

  357. would love to win this set for my daughter and 2 grandkids. She could really need a new set.

  358. Would love to have these puppies on board at our new school. That would be such a blessing. Laundry disasters? Anytime my husband touches laundry its a disaster.

  359. Thanks for this opportunity! I don’t have a disaster, except maybe gum in the dryer, there’s still a black spot in there, but I would love to have frontloaders as my kids would be more successful in helping with the laundry. And let’s face it, they make 3/5 of it.

  360. My husband loves to do laundry – I have threated to lock up my laudry to keep him from messing it up!

  361. We recently purchased a similar washer (ours died) but we didn’t get the fancy pedestals or the dryer. The front loaders work SO WELL they practically come out of the wash already dry! It would be FABULOUS to have a matching set and pedestals to boot! Thanks for all the fun giveaways!

  362. I just washed another load with a tissue in my pocket…4th time this season! You think I’d learn to check. Sigh.

  363. What a fun giveaway….who wouldn’t LOVE to have a new washer and dryer!
    WOW! that would be stinkin awesome!!

  364. I’m old, my house is old, and my appliances are older and wearing out quick. In fact, my washer is on it’s last leg with a leak somewhere that is causing me more work and pain than it’s worth. Winning the set would be heaven.

  365. My washing disaster happened just 2 days ago. I washed a new pair of black jeans (inside out) with a “throw” blanket I have on our front porch. You quessed it…..lint on the insdie AND outside of my new black jeans. Took me a long time to get all the lint off my jeans. Katie Kraner

  366. It seems like I have laundry disaters weekly with my daughters clothes – they are always coming out speckled with something. My worst laundry disaster though of known cause was when I washed a load with a tube of carmex, which melted in my dryer and left large grease spots all over everything.

  367. well lets see i have two teenage step-daughters and a husband worse than any one of the gilrs. we have white ( or they use to be ) clothes brown and brown clothes white (in spots anyway )we need washer and dryer spot remover and maybe dye . lol

  368. We are in need of a new washer and dryer…our dryer is going out! This would be an awesome way to get one!! 🙂

  369. I had come home from working at a day care and needed to wash my scrubs. I completely forgot that I had taken away 2 blue crayons from a child because he had tried to eat them. In the wash they went…no biggie, but then came the dryer…I kid you not, they turned the entire dryer spinner BLUE! I thought my poor grandmother was going to have a caniption! She had me scrubbing it away for weeks! Now I check and double check my pockets!

  370. Our front loading washer is currently spewing water out the door! We would love a new one…especially with a new baby due in just 3 short weeks! Oh, the laundry…

  371. I am short and always have trouble getting all the cloths out of my washer.

  372. No matter the season or occation I can always be counted on to sport a pair of flip flops, as any of my mommy friends can attest. What no one knows is how this trend began. Well, it all started with my washer eating my socks and being too broke to buy more…LOL

  373. No matter the season or occation I can always be counted on to sport a pair of flip flops, as any of my mommy friends can attest. What no one knows is how this trend began. Well, it all started with my washer eating my socks and being too broke to buy more…LOL

  374. The oldest just had the “decade” birthday and guess what we bought a decade ago…our current washer and dryer…yikes can’t believe they are still running…after 3 kids and a move from another country (we even had the dryer electrical plug replaced upon our move to America)…its time for us to let them go! This is one exciting giveaway.

  375. well im a mom of 6 kids and my washer stopped working ive been hand washing my kids clothes im serious no joke and my dryer dont dry good so i air dry them. lets see i have found marker all over clothes. pen um crayons um play dough not fun! i would love this new washer and drier we really need it! thanks for the contest and chance to win! my kids are hoping for clean cllothes! thanks again @paulakap8 on twitter

  376. A couple weeks ago I started a load of clothes and my husband threw his jeans in the washer after I started it. Once it was finished washing, I took the clothes out and there was ink on everything!!!! Aparently, there was a pen in my husbands jeans! Uhg..

  377. My washer and dryer are over 25 years old. Enough said! This is a great give away!

  378. My husband and I have 5 kids and on 2 different occasions I have washed and dried crayons and have ruined the whole load of clothes both times. But even more recently my washer has been leaving yellow spots on my laundry and I can’t figure out what is causing it.

  379. I have washed a cell phone or two but the worst laundry disaster was just before a horse show. I washed a borrowed white fleece saddle pad with s pink towel by accident! I picked pink fuzz off of the saddle pad for hours….

  380. My funny laundry story is that my family is so big that even though I have a washer and dryer I still take several loads to the laundry mat once a month. I can’t keep up! I need a large capacity washer and dyer!

  381. While I haven’t ruined any clothes its so much fun (not really) each time our washer decides to dance around the laundry room. Not only does it decide to leak about 1/4 of all the water in the tub at the time leaving the room soaked but the extremely loud noise sends our dog into frantics….. So as I am trying to make my way to the washer to stop it, I am tripping over a very upset attack mode schnauzer… gotta love it!

  382. I don’t have any real disaster stories, but I am terrible at washing a load of clothes and forgetting them and then finding (smelling) them a few days later. I am sure that some of them could be really good science projects with the way that they smell!
    My husband has said for 13 year-“don’t wash them if you cannot immediately put them in the dryer”. I just forget-I am not blatantly defiant but I do think that it is an efficiency thing to keep em going!! Oh, well-this win would just let me have MORE stinky clothes since it is bigger-who knows, I might actually be contributing to some type of scientific experiment-ha!

  383. My most recent disaster was washing my teenagers cell phone. He had it in his side pocket on the lower leg of his jeans. I didn’t think about looking there. But, I will from now on. My worse was washing my son’s underwear with a red sock. Boys don’t like pink underwear! 🙂

  384. Front loading would make it easier on my four year old not having to dive in the wahser head firtst to empty it out!

  385. I have an older set of GE front load washer and dryer. They stink. I should have forked up the extra dough to get the duets.

  386. About two years ago my husband left change in his pants pocket. I was unable to get a penny out of the washer. Now every one knows finding a penny is good luck so every time I do a load, I just smile and wish on my good luck penny that maybe when I go back in the laudry room the clothes will be washed, dried, and folded!

  387. I have had a couple w/d sets I have been trying to buy fall through. Winning this will definitely alleviate the stress of that mess!

  388. Metro has always been helpful when I have been in. They have taken time to answer all my questions.

    Put a lipstick through the wash. The real damage was in the dryer where it melted and really ruined everythng in the load.

  389. WARNING! Do not attempt to dry sneakers in dryer if you have one of those bounce dryer bars. Open up the dryer and it looks like your toddler got a hold of your deodorant in the dryer. What a mess to clean!

  390. I can remember being in Jr High and doing the laundry. I had a red dress that i loved, however, my father wore pink underwear for several months……..

  391. My oh my….which one to choose….I am the worst when it comes to laundry. I started a load in the wash, (before a vacation) while trying to pack. You know how you will sometimes just throw a few pieces of that load in the dryer so you can get them packed….Well we came home from vacation to a horrible smell…it was the clothes soured in the washer that I had forgotten to finish…Gross….So, I ruined a perfectly good load of clothes…

  392. If I could upload a picture of our washer/dryer situation I would most certainly win this thing. Just last night, my “helpful” 4 year old placed his pjs in the washing machine. I was so proud. I then started the washer. Fully loaded with clothes from the weekend, mind you. Once the wash cycle was complete, I noticed that for the past few days he’s been adding his pjs to the washer every morning – with pull up still safely inside the pj bottoms. Any mother knows what those glorious little clear beady things in diapers look like all over a load of freshly washed laundry. Yay for me that I had about 3 size 4T pull ups in there. Our washer may never recover. I won’t even get started on our dryer that is duct taped together…

  393. I would love to win this for my sister!! Her dryer is out and she has to spend a bunch of money at the Laundromat.

  394. We are fortunate to have a new washer and dryer however we would love the opportunity to give it to someone in need. I don’t have have any great laundry stories share but love hearing about everyone elses.

  395. I guess one of many laundry disasters I’ve done was the time I didn’t check the kids blue jeans pockets. After washing in hot water, it was immidiatly into the dryer. Getting the ‘bubble gum’ off thier clothing was’nt to hard, but getting off the inside of the dryer was nearly impossible!

  396. Gum, rocks, crayons, tissue, gum, rocks, crayons, tissue, gum, rocks, crayons, tissue and the ultimate, butterfinger bar.

  397. I’m constantly washing “special” rocks, sticks, beads, money, rubber chips, and whatever else my kids put in their pockets. Boy was I surprised one day to find out I had washed the remote control!!! I now shake out the sheets before loading the washer 🙂

  398. We have 3 girls so my poor husband has endured “glittery” clothes, “pink” underwear and “lip gloss” stains on various items for the past 14 years! He is a trooper though and says he wouldn’t change a thing!

  399. Thanks for this awesome opportunity. I’ve had far too many laundry-related mishaps to list. Now I just wash everything on cold!

  400. As a teenager, I accidently ruined all of my father’s dress shirts. To this day, I am still haunted by the mishap. As an adult, I save my husband’s shirts until last and I am extra careful about colors, temperature settings, etc.

  401. My laundry disaster occured when my mother was helping out at my house after a I had the newest baby. She was unaware that I’ve never trained my husband to empty his pockets before he tosses clothes in the hamper (I empty them for him. I know…). Needless to say, all of his work slacks were ruined by permanent ink blotches. An expensive laundry mishap, but my mom is still the best for offering to even do laundry and for ALWAYS being there for me and her grandbabies.

  402. I have a stash of items I’ve ‘found’ in my washing machine. I have lots of coins (of course), but also hair clips, small plastic animals, watches, rocks, I’ve even washed my husbands exacto knife (needless to say I was surprised to find all the clothes in one piece!). Now when my family can’t find an item they have to pay 10 cents to look through the Laundry lost and Found (LLF)! 😉
    P.S. Thanks for this opportunity!

  403. Wow. I know washer and Dryer will quit soon, just don’t know when. The give-a-way is an outstanding idea.

  404. This give-away is MORE THAN awesome! I was admiring a friend of mine’s washer and dryer who has this exact model, and I was thinking “I wish I had a set of these.” Low-and-behold I get an email from my friend Adrienne for this chance at a give-away!

  405. My son put some chocolate candy and gum in his pants and my daughter threw them into the wash without checking. We had chocolate and left over peanuts and gum in the washer and some of the gum got into the dryer. What a mess…..

  406. What an exciting give-away. Thank you Metro Appliances and Korienne for letting me know about it!

  407. WOW! What a great contest…here’s hoping I win because my washer is about washed out! THANKS!

  408. I was a little perplexed one day when my mother-in-law told me that there was someone in our house that worked harder than me. I was thinking, “Really? How could that be? I’m the cook, housekeeper, laundress, nurse, taxi cab driver, diaper changer, etc, etc.” Then she said it was my washer and dryer who were working the hardest. She told me that she had never seen anyone work so hard, and she couldn’t believe they hadn’t given up and quit working because they are working 24-7. I think it’s time for them to get a little break. RIP, my washer and dryer, you’ve been so good to me. I can never thank you enough, but I think it’s time to move on to someone new. sorry.

  409. No laundry disasters yet! Thanks to Metro Appliances for the great giveaway!

  410. It just so happens that we’ve had a couple of mishaps lately in our laundry area! First, my son left a package of gum in his pocket…it became unwrapped in the washer and turned into a billion little pieces. We had to pick all of the gum off before going into the dryer, where it would have left it on everything permanently! Secondly, my hubby left his beloved cell phone in his pockets…and it was washed and dryed! Very clean, but non working.

  411. Thank You for this Give A Way
    My washer has been acting up for at least 3 months, it will not spin out on the Reg wash cycle. It say it has but the washer is still full of water. I have to find another cycle that will spin it out.
    Sometimes non of them want to spin so it
    has to set for about 20 minutes then I try again

  412. I finally asked my mom to stop doing my laundry in middle school after a wool sweater was shrunk to doll-sized. Maybe that’s what it will take for my kids to start doing their own laundry too.

  413. This washer and dryer would look great in the new house I am trusting and believing God for…. With a new little one on the way, I will definitely be doing a lot of laundry. Great Giveaway…

  414. I have been blessed not to have too many washing disasters but I do recall a time when my daughter put her red jeans in the washing machine (trying to help mommy out). Not realizing she had done so I loaded the machine with whites. As you can imagine everything was pink when the wash was complete!

  415. This is awesome!!Okay..okay…laundry disasters…well, I’m pretty good, but my HUSBAND(bless his heart) tries to help with the laundry all the time. He seems to get all HIS clothes right, but has shrunk many of my pants and sweaters. “I’m working on the diet hon-,so making my clothes smaller is a receipe for a chocolate MELT-DOWN.” I barely fit in them as it is! He’s so afraid to make a mistake, he quit doing my laundry. (We do have really old machines.) HELP Metro Appliances!… Before the women’s movement gets sent back to the kitchen!

  416. My daughter has two wonderful children
    age 1 and 2. She needs a new washer dryer and If I win I would like to give it to her.

    You can image how a good washer and dryer could help with small children.

    they currently wash about 3-4 loads a day.

    Diane Hammons

  417. While I am not a mother, as of yet, me and my fiance are moving into our first one bedroom together, and we desperately need a washer and dryer! It would be such a great way to start our lives together! Thank you Metro Appliances and Korienne for doing this awesome giveaway!

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