Who Won the Washer & Dryer from Metro? Read on!


With nearly 500 comments and an inbox overflowing with terrible tales of laundry disaster, this giveaway has been an amazing sequel to our Spring Clean Giveaway from last year.

How’s about we give a big round of applause to Metro Appliances & More for the opportunity to win a giveaway that any mama would be thrilled to receive? Whistle, clap, woo-hoo! Thanks, Metro! You’re a rock star.

So whose name was plucked out of the hat at random to receive the gorgeous front-loading Whirlpool Duet Washer/Dryer set on pedestal stands?!

DAWN STANFORD, come on down, you can now wash and dry your laundry in luxury!

Many of you probably know Dawn as she’s out and about Northwest Arkansas daily as an independent senior sales director with Mary Kay. She’s lived in Northwest Arkansas about six years and has a HUGE network of friends, customers and consultants under her wing.

Dawn’s laundry disaster included brand new girl clothes and a box of Crayons. Those colorful stains did not all come out in the wash. She did it AGAIN a few months later, so she and her husband are now religious about checking pockets before doing the laundry.

Dawn is married to Rodney, human resources manager for DaySpring Cards, and they have two daughters, Rebecca, 10, and Rachel Joy, 7. Their current dryer is close to 20  years old (Rodney had it when they married nearly 16 years ago) and the washer is about five years old.

After seeing the email about winning the washer and dryer, Dawn immediately started looking forward to blessing someone else with her old — but still working great! — set. Well, first she texted the good news to her husband who was at a Talon’s arena football game in Tulsa!

As those of you who know her may have noticed, Dawn’s email address is joygiver@cox. And she truly lives up to that name with an enthusiastic attitude and unwavering smile. When asked what she enjoys doing, Dawn said with certainty: “Helping women live their God-given dreams.”

Dawn was an Army brat, so she learned how to make friends quickly. She lived in a variety of cities growing up. One of four children, she graduated from a high school in Colorado and moved to NWA to attend college at John Brown University. She worked at JBU for a few years recruiting students, then moved to Texas. While in Texas, Dawn spent 5 1/2 years as a youth minister. Before moving to NWA, she and her husband lived in Colorado for about 10 years.

Dawn loves jewelry, cute clothes and high heels as much as the next girl, but she’s got a practical streak, too.

“I’m all about practical,” she said. However, she couldn’t help but ask if maybe she could get the new Whirlpools in … red. A washer and dryer that’s both practical and beautiful? A winning combination.

Congratulations, Dawn, and thanks to all the mamas who threw their names in the hat. Your laundry stories were hilarious and also served as cautionary tales to a younger generation of moms, we’re sure!



  1. Congratulations Dawn! I hope you enjoy your new washer and dryer!!

    PS)I have been looking for a new MK rep! email me at meredithhutchins “at” yahoo.com

  2. Congratulations Dawn!!! I’m super excited for you…and yes, you’ve earned it for sure!!! Love you bunches and proud to be your 2nd life offspring Sales Director! =)

  3. Congrats Dawn! Can’t believe someone I know won this! You deserve it. Love you!

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