Spring Clean Giveaway: Win a new washer and dryer!!!

If you just read the headline, I bet you’re saying “NO WAY!” right about now. So let me just say this: “YES WAY!

We’re hosting a huge “Spring Clean Giveaway”, courtesy of our friends metrologo.gifat Metro Builders Supply. And the lucky mama who wins is going to have a brand spankin’ new washer and dryer on pedestal stands delivered to her house! Oh yeah, we almost forgot… IT’S FREE!!

It’s not just any old washer and dryer set. We’re talkin’ about the mac-daddy, high-rollin’ Whirlpool Duet front-loading washer and dryer set perched atop pedestal stands with pull-out drawers. That means you won’t be bending and stooping anymore, and you can finally get all those cluttery bottles of detergent off the top of your dryer. Check out the glamour shot of the washer below. (Click on the photos to go to the Whirlpool website and read more about the product features.)


As we’ve said before, we do our best to hand-pick the advertisers on this website because we believe that part of our job as mama bloggers is to help point our fellow moms to the best places to shop. I’ve personally shopped at Metro for years and have always been happy with the level of service I get when I’m there. It’s the kind of place where the salespeople actually remember your name. (Sorta like Cheers, only without Norm and beer.)

Not only do they remember your name, they know what you bought last time you were in the store. But what I love most about Metro is that these people KNOW their products. They don’t have to look stuff up in product brochures or “get back to you on that.” When you ask a question, they know the answer because they’ve studied what they sell. As a busy mama who needs to understand what she’s buying, I respect and appreciate that. (Here’s an equally impressive photo of the dryer we’re giving away.)


HOW TO ENTER: Throwing your name in the hat for this prize is even easier than throwing dirty clothes in a brand new washer. If you’ve shopped at Metro before and have a good experience to share, send us an e-mail or click the “comment” button below and tell us about it. If you haven’t shopped there before, simply tell us why you should buy your next new appliance there, based on what you’ve read in this article or in the posted comments from your fellow moms.Β 

For extra chances to win, e-mail your friends/family about our Spring Clean giveaway and be sure to put mamas@nwaMotherlode.com in the CC line. We’ll give you an additional chance to win for every friend you tell. (Tell 10 friends, and get 10 extra chances to win. Cool, huh?) We’d also love for you to write about the giveaway on your blog or website and link to this story. Help us spread the word — but don’t forget to send us a note so we’ll know you did!

A winner will be chosen AT RANDOM from the posted comments and e-mails.

Of course, in an economy like this one, we can’t wrap up this article without talking about money. The retail value of the set Metro is giving away is about $2,500!!! Regardless of whether you win this set or not, do yourself a favor and check Metro’s prices before you buy your next new appliance. Because Metro Builders Supply has been around for 30 years and is the largest authorized contract distributor in the Midwest, they have the buying power to offer the lowest possible price on more than 30 different brands of appliances. If you don’t remember that important fact, you’re not doing your wallet any favors.

We can’t resist. Before we close, here’s one more glamour shot. Below is a photo of one of the pedestals that come with the washer and dryer set. The winner will get two of these!


Nice, huh? This is one of those times when Shannon and I really wish we could enter our names in our own website’s drawing because we would both LOVE to have this washer and dryer set move into our laundry rooms. But we’ll settle for being the ones who get to tell one of you that you’re the lucky mama who has won the Spring Clean Giveaway. We want to say a big “Thank you” to our friends at Metro Builders Supply who truly value good “Word-of-Mom.” If you want to check them out for yourself, they’re located on US 71B between Springdale and Lowell. Click HERE to get directions or call them at 479-750-2200. Tell ’em the mamas at Motherlode sent ya.

Good luck. Spread the word, and Happy Spring!Β 


  1. If these great things about Metro Builders Supply are true, count me as starting there for my next applicance-shopping need.

    I love it when I can get genuine customer service, something fast becoming a rarity these days!

  2. I have never shopped at Metro before, but I would go there for the customer service aspect. My husband worked in retail for a few years, and he really likes to shop at stores where the sales people remember names.

  3. We bought our dryer from Metro when our last one broke down. We have had it for at least 4 years and still works great! It was also a great price!

  4. It sounds as though Metro would be a great place to go. It appears that they have great customer service and an outstanding reputation. I would love to win this set, I have never had a brand new set and it would be amazing to have in our new home.

  5. I have never shopped at Metro Builders supply, but I would for sure go just to save a few dollars. Also the customer service. Everything sounds too good to be true. I would also love to win this set. This is what I have been wanting. Mine is not working very well right now anyways.

  6. Metro is an amazing store and has the best selection of quailty appliances,
    I really enjoy thier store!

  7. All of our kitchen appliances came from Metro when we moved in our house 5 years ago- all of them are still in great working condition.

  8. I have never shopped at Metro Builders but I have heard from many people that they are the go to place; in this day and time, most places act like you are an inconvience; it’s nice to know there is still a place where the customer comes first!

  9. I have not shopped at Metro Builders in the past but I would definetly go there in the future. It is nice to know they put such a high priority on customer service. It can be hard to find a store that knows about their products AND cares about their consumer.

  10. I have shopped there (we built a new house and purchased everything from them) and used there service department. My husbnad and I were both extremely happy with their prices and customer service. I will always go to Metro for my appliance needs.

  11. I’ve never shopped at Metro Builders but it certainly sounds like the place to go next time. There have been a few times over the last few years that we have had to buy a new appliance. It sounds like the Metro folks would offer guidance without pressure, which is something that we found lacking in our previous experiences with other retailers.

  12. I have never shopped at Metro for myself before, but recently a friend of mine moved and needed new appliances. I went with her pick out her appliances and was impressed with the customer service she received and the prices were very reasonable. I will definitely be shopping at Metro in the future.

  13. I have not shopped at Metro builders before but I did review their web site and it is well put together, very informative and I will seriously consider them for future purchases.

  14. I have not shopped at Metro before, but it seems to be a great place who has good customer service and good buys. Since I am a single mother, I would like to win the washer/dryer set.

  15. I have not shopped at Metro Builders, however with the reviews that I have read, I am sure to go there the next time that I need to buy an appliance.
    HOPEFULLY, I will get to go there and hug their necks because they drew my name to win this awesome washer and dryer set!!!

  16. I have shoppped at Metro and you would not believe the HUGE seclection of appliances that they carry. You can find whatever you are looking for at a great price.

  17. OK, this has got to be the one I win! Lately I have been cruising Craigslist in search of a dryer to replace the one that seems to be screaming in pain evertime I put more than a few towels in.

  18. Getting married in September, my fiance and I have been looking at new appliances. Getting a new washer and dryer is on the top of our list. My family has purchased appliances from Metro, and the appliances have lasted forever. If anything did go wrong, the employee’s at Metro would always try there best to fix what ever the problem might be. Being customers of Metro would show us what true customer service is.

  19. I have purchased many things thru them and have nothing but good things to say about them. Very courteous and happy to help with any issues.

  20. I’ve never shopped there before, but I’d love to shop somewhere where they are actually knowledgable about thier products. That isn’t as likely as you’d think! And my 13 year old washer and dryer are wearing down, especially after washing the cloth diapers of three babies. Please enter me! Thanks!

  21. I have not shopped at Metro Builders Supply but after reading all the comments I will I am in need of many appliances.

  22. We’ve been Metro customers in the past. They do have great customer service.

    I wish I could attach a photo of my living room. There are no words to describe the mountain of laundry that lives there at this very moment. We have spent 6 of the last 7 days on the road – Spring Break to showing cattle in the snow. Every time I see commercials for the big front loaders, I weep just a bit.

    Whoever wins this set is very very lucky – even when we are talking about doing the household chore that everyone loves to hate…

  23. We haven’t had to buy applicances in a while, thankfully; but when my parents moved to the area they needed several things for a kitchen remodel and were happy with Metro’s prices & service.

    With 3 boys under the age of 7 we do an incredible amount of laudry. I’d love to have a new washer and dryer to do it in! If it would only fold and put the clothes away, it would be perfect!

  24. Oh boy could I use these!! I have a washer that, if not balanced perfectly within an ounce (same weight all the way around the drum) it THUMP THUMP THUMPs all the way through the spin cycles. Sometimes it walks across the floor… it’s ridiculous!!

    But as for why I’d shop at Metro – give me a salesman who knows his product please!!! I’d be willing to pay a little more for good customer service and high quality merchandise. You get what you pay for when it comes to big tickets like appliances.

  25. I work for Handyman Matters, & we have regularly partnered with Metro to provide appliance for homes we service. They have always been fast, courteous & cost effective. I also purchased an entire kitchen of appliances for my mother’s home via their Tulsa store. Wonderful to work with!

  26. I never had the opportunity to shop at Metro Builders Supply, but I am certainly going to find one.

  27. I purchased a Duet set from Metro builders supply several years ago and was very pleased with all of my interactions with them-from purchasing to delivery!

  28. I can not belive how many positive comments there are regarding the customer service at Metro!!! I have never been inside, but next time we need an appliance they will certantly be at the top of our list!

  29. I have not shopped at Metro, but after reading this I will go there the next time I need a new applicance.

  30. Oh I REALLY could use this I have had the same washer since we have been married (which this Wednesday) and it is like Laurie if you don’t get the distribution just right, it thumps and shakes and rattles like crazy. I have shopped a Metro Builders before and have always like the quality for the price.

  31. I haven’t shopped at Metro before, but by the look of this sleek machine, I’m interested in what other products they offer!!

  32. I’ve never shopped at Metro before, but I love a place that gives good customer service. I’ll check them out next time I am looking for a new appliance.

  33. I have never shopped at Metro Builders Supply before but after reading all the comments, it sounds like my husband and I should check them out before buying any new appliance in the future.

    Whom ever win’s this great prize will be very delighted. Thank you so very much for the wonderful opportunity nwaMotherlode.


  35. We used the Metro Builders in North Little Rock, then when we moved here we looked up the one here to start replacing appliances. We sure have gotten some good buys in both places!

  36. When we built our house 8 years ago we purchased all of our appliances from Metro Builders — The price was very competitive and the installation was very good. We still have all of the appliances! Including the washer and dryer that we bought from Metro 15 years ago that moved with us! I would love the new frontloaders!!!

  37. We’ve never shopped there before, but it sounds like a great place. It’s so hard to find people who know the products they sell these days. And customer service seems to be a thing of the past. Metro sounds refreshing on both fronts!

  38. I haven’t shopped at Metro for myself, but when my mom was building her house a few years ago, I went with her to help her pick out some appliances. The staff was very nice and helpful, and it was a fun store–I LOVE to look at nice appliances and dream of the day I can buy brand new everythings!! I would just LOVE to have this new washer and dryer!!

  39. I love Metro. They are the best at customer service and they have the top of the line appliances at very resonable prices. I’m all about great customer service and it is obvious that Metro feels the same way.

  40. My friend bought his appliances from Metro! Unfortunately, he measured wrong and ordered the wrong size refrigerator. He re-measured, called Metro, and they helped him pick out a new refrigerator and delivered it! I’ve always heard good things about Metro.

  41. I haven’t shopped at Metro, but you better believe I will the next time I can convince my husband we need a new something! Any place with this number of positive reviews, and who is willing to give away such wonderful items, has to be great!

  42. Looking forward to stopping into Metro! Would love to talk to someone who actually knows their products and wants to help their customers. So hard to find these days!

  43. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place before, but now I know where we’ll be shopping for appliances in the future!! Thanks for the great reviews. Customer service like that is hard to come by these days. Thanks, again!

  44. My husband & I have both shopped at Metro and had great experiences. We will shop again when the need arises.

  45. I will recommend Metro Builders to all of the moms that I know! This is a fantastic family company to sponsor this give-away.

  46. Like a lot of others, we were VERY pleased with Metro Builders Supply customer service and of coarse prices. We bought our washer and dryer there almost 4 years ago and even though they are working great, I’m sure they don’t hold a candle to this set!!

  47. I happen to have an entire kitchen full of Metro appliances. They certainly make my life easier. Looking at these fabulous machines I am thinking a crash course from my 14 year old on how to operate them will be necessary. Better yet, I will just let her do the laundry!!

  48. One thing that’s great about Metro Building supply is the showroom. They have a lot of great stuff to look at and choose from.

  49. Thanks for the chance to win the AWESOMWE new washer and dryer. When I was building my home a few years ago, I purchased all my appliances at Metro. It was a wonderful expereince. The staff was very informative and they had the best prices. Thanks for the great years of service te NWA!

  50. Great service and price is why we have used Metro before. Can’t believe this giveaway either…fabulous! We have been wanting a frontload washer and dryer.

  51. I’ve never purchased any appliances at Metro, but I have went there for parts to keep our older washer and dryer running. They have always been very helpful, and have never treated me like some service reps treat women.

  52. I have shopped at Metro for years now because of the service, products and knowledgeable staff. I am an interior designer and nothing can make or brake a kitchen design more than the appliances. The staff has always been friendly and helpful and the service is consistent and reliable just like the products that they sell, but the best thing is the price. Metro really does have the best prices around. I even shopped there when I lived in Kansas City because the prices could not be beat! I will continue to shop at Metro for myself as well as clients and would highly recomend them to anyone I meet!

  53. Metro Builders is amazing. We have been in there many times and have dealt with the most friendliest people. I would recommened anyone to stop by and take a look. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I would LOVE to win these, just this weekend my hubby and I were there looking at a washer and dryer..WOW, this must be a God sent thing.

  54. When our house was built 11 years ago our builder took us to Metro to choose our appliances. I was very impressed by the professional help we received making it a stress free experience. I will definitely buy from you again.

  55. Wow! I have always wanted this washer and Dryer combo – my neighbor has them and loves them! Metro Builders sounds like a great place to make purchases from the customer service and price aspect. I know where we will be checking out our next appliance purchase!

  56. I have not shopped at Metro, but it is so frustrating to shop when the salespeople are not helpful at all…so next time I’ll be going to Metro!

  57. I bought all of our appliances for our new home 3 years ago and had the best experience. Last time I was there I locked my keys in my car after a really long day, walked into the store crying and the salesman went above and beyond to help me. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else for appliances.

  58. Almost eleven years ago we bought our Maytag Neptune washer/dryer combo in addition to other appliances for our first home from Metro. They were fantastic to work, had great prices, and were very knowledgeable about the products.

    We are within weeks of moving into our second (and final!) home and our washer just broke (through no fault of Metro – it was just an early version of a front loading washer that has had some problems but has been a great one for us up to this point)…So, a new set for the next home would be so exciting, as I look around at the piles of laundry and think about hitting the laundromat, do I dare to dream about possibly winning a new set?!

  59. WOW what a great offer! We bought out stove at Metro when we remodeled out house and if we had had the money I would have bought a new washer and dryer there as well. They came out to deliver the stove and stayed to help make sure Paul had it installed correctly. They also let me make some changed to the stove, like different tops with out a fuss. They were great. If and when we need new appliances I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. And by the way our Sears washer is on the fritz at the moment. Wouldn’t it be perfect if I could just win this washer and not have to worry about getting this one fixed, or possible buying a new one. Ugh….. Thanks Motherlode and Metro!!!

  60. We have used Metro Builders a few years ago. We were buying our first home and went there to choose our appliances. It was nice to go somewhere where the people knew what they were talking about.

  61. I also have not shopped at Metro Builders Supply before, but wish I had known about it when doing the majority of our renovation. We will start a new round of spending next year and will definitely go there – I am so tired of dealing with people who don’t know anything about what they sell!

  62. I’m glad to know that there are still places around where you can receive GOOD customer service. So many retailers are lacking in that area and it is a MUST in my book!! I’ll be sure and go to Metro for any future appliance needs!!!

  63. We used Metro Builders 6 years ago when we bought our home…all of our appliances came from there and they have been great! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

  64. Metro is an awesome place to get your appliances. We remodeled our kitchen 9 years ago and bought everything from them. They listened to what we wanted – they made suggestions and they really do know their stuff!!!

  65. I haven’t personally shopped there for myself but I have gone there to help friends choose furniture and other accessories. They have great customer service and want to give you a good deal on the stuff! My washer and dryer were given to us and are OLD so I really, really hope we win! πŸ™‚

  66. I’ve not shopped at Metro but have heard wonderful things. My friends sent me the link for this drawing *knowing my husband and I are needing a new set* !!!!

  67. I haven’t shopped at Metro, but it sounds like a great place to go. I would love to deal with people who actually do know about what they sell.

  68. I love to shop where everybody knows your name. I don’t have time to study up on the latest appliances and at Metro they can answer all of your questions!

  69. I will definitely shop at Metro Builders supply next time. We will soon need a need refrigerator and I want someone that can explain the details on why one is better than the other. πŸ™‚

  70. I would buy from Metro Builders simply because of price and quality of products that they are able to provide. Like most people in this economy cost and quality are what we’re looking for.

  71. the front load washers are a must for any family with multiple kiddos…I think they are the best investment for any family!!! We just ordered an oven and stovetop from Metro builders supply for my grandmother and the customer service was excellent as were the prices πŸ™‚

  72. We’re sending this out to all of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund recipients . . . if anyone could use a new washer and dryer . . . one of those hard working parents could!

    Great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  73. I have NOT shopped at Metro before but I will definitely have to go there now when we are looking for appliances! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this washer/dryer set! My washer and dryer look quite pitiful these days….the stain remover that I use had dripped on the top of both my washer and dryer and EATEN some of the white coating off. They both look diseased and pitiful! I don’t need to spend the money on a new set right now but would LOVE to have one! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!

  74. My husband and I bought our side by side refrigerator there almost 8 years ago, it is still going strong and never had a problem with it. Amazing selection, amazing prices!Salespeople that actually know what they are talking about not like at home discount places where your salesperson floats between departments.

  75. I haven’t shopped at Metro, but I know that they know there stuff. I would love a washer that doesn’t leak.

  76. When we built our home 6 years ago we shopped at Metro for all of our appliances. And since then we have purchased several more, great selection, great ideas for the kitchen.

  77. I haven’t shopped here before but am getting ready to move into a new place and I really need a washer and dryer. I’ve never heard anything bad from anyone buying here so that speaks for itself. I believe in the strength of word of mouth. If I don’t happen to win the set I will be there shopping when I am ready to buy.

  78. I have not shopped at Metro but I will definitely try them when I am looking for appliances. I have never shopped somewhere someone would actually find the answer if they didn’t know the answer. And I have never been somewhere someone actually remembered my name! It would be so nice to shop where they actually treat you like a customer and not an annoyance!!



  79. I have never had the chance to shop at Metro before. After reading all the positive comments and feedback, it would definitely be somewhere I would look into when shopping for appliances. I have always had to buy my appliances at second hand stores, I wouldn’t know what to think if I actually got to wash my clothes in a BRAND NEW washer & dryer. I’m sure for any mom, it would come close to getting a brand new car. Good luck to all!! Any mom deserves a chance/break like this!!

  80. I have not shopped at Metro Building Supply but after getting the “Word-Of-Mom” seal of approval, it is definitely worth checking out especially since they seem to know their stuff!

    Great giveaway…good for them for making a difference in someone’s life by giving away a washer and dryer set!

  81. To whom it may concern:
    I have never shopped at Metro, but I have recently just gone into the store and developed a wish list. This is one of my wish, but I do not have the funds for it right now. This would make a great present for me because I have tried so hard in school and as a parent.
    Thank you,
    Ms. Charlotte Whittmore

  82. I have not shopped at Metro before I will stop bye to see what they have. I would love to have a new washer and dryer. Thanks for this great giveaway

  83. I have shopped at Metro Builders Supply Before. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. All my kitchen appliances are from there!

  84. It sounds like Metro is the place to shop for appliances in our area. I have heard only positive things about their store, as well as customer service (which these days is hard to find)!

  85. I have a little girl, so you know I have lots of clothes to wash. I am definitely in the market for a washer and dryer. My washer for some reason rips the clothes I wash so it is very frustrating when clothes are so expensive, and even more expensive when you spoil your only child with lots of clothes.

  86. I have not shopped there before but I will have to check it out. I would love to have a new washer and dryer!

  87. I have not shopped at Metro but know lots of repeat customers and plan to go there the next time I need an appliance.

  88. We bought our kitchen appliances at Metro when we built our house. We were pleased with them.

  89. I’ve been drooling over this washer and dryer for ages! I love to shop where the sales people actually know what they are talking about.

  90. I NEED to shop at Metro because my poor newlywed hand-me-down washer and dryer have stared banging and yelling at me! Throw in that excellent customer service and I will be one happy momma!

  91. I have never shopped at Metro before. It sounds like their staff is very knowlegeable, excellent customer services and prices. All the things I look for when shopping for big ticket items.

  92. I’ve not shopped at Metro before…but, I feel that client service is the most important thing for a business and you obviously do it well…so I would shop there for that reason alone. πŸ™‚

  93. i’d never even heard of Metro before, but i’m glad that i have now! they have a fabulous reputation and great prices. we’d love a new washer and dryer πŸ™‚

  94. While remodeling out kitchen a few year back we went all around getting quotes on appliances….We figured Lowe’s would be the cheapest with their whole “lowest price slogan”….Nope they weren’t even close to the prices at Metro and their sales folks were MUCH better than Lowe’s as well! I recomend them all the time, REALLY!!!

  95. I haven’t shopped at Metro but I will now after hearing about their great customer service, good reputation and great prices. Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  96. When our home was built approximately 10 years ago we purchased all our kitchen appliance from Metro and have been very pleased. I am in need of a new washer & dryer.

  97. We bought our appliances from Metro when we built our home. What I appreciated about the sales people is that they listened to what you needed and helped you pick it out. They didn’t always recommend the most expensive item,just the appliance they thought would be what you would be happy with based on your needs, wants and budget.

  98. Still learning where to shop in NWA, so I will look forward to visiting Metro for my next appliance shopping trip. The comments above are impressive!

  99. We used Metro Builders for all of the appliances when we were building our house. They were wonderful in sharing their opinion on which appliances are the best for the price range we were given by the builder.

  100. Six years ago we were sent to Metro Builders by our contractor to pick out appliances. The sales people at Metro really know their stuff! They were helpful and freindly. I have had my old washer for 11 1/2 years now which is starting to make noises that frighten the children. My dryer which is not as old as the washer takes a long time to dry. I have 4 kids under age 7 so I do a TON of laundry and having a new whirlpool front loader would make my laundry days so much easier and FUN too!

  101. Our son and daughter-in-law just bought several kitchen appliances just and then heard about you. They regret not knowing about you as an option. They know that we also will need to replace several old kitchen appliances in the near future – now we know where we are definitely going to check first.

  102. Metro Builders is a fine establishment. Great prices with customer service to boot!

    Also, buying a new home, so I am in dire need of a wash/dry combo.

    This would save me money so I can buy a nicer refridgerator from Metro!!!

  103. I went to Metro Builders to see what type of cook tops are available. I told the sales person that I was not ready to buy, and was just researching for the time we get ready to build our new house. Even though he knew I may not be building any time soon, he spent almost 1.5 hr to explain to me in detail all the options available. I will definitely go back when we finally start building our house!!

  104. I have never shopped at Metro Builders before, but my parents stopped in and said that the selection was wonderful. If the service is as good as the selection I would love to shop there.

  105. I’m one of those people who don’t look twice at new cars or fancy shoes…but I DROOL over sleek refrigerators and washer/dryer commercials!

    Sounds like Metro is the place for me to fulfill some of my washing machine “dreams”. πŸ™‚

  106. I have never shopped @ Metro, as we don’t live in NWA, but saw this on the blog and decided to enter.

  107. We got all of our kitchen appliances from Metro when our house was built. They were great and when we had problems with our refrigerator after a few months they were quick to replace it and help us out. We still have our old washer and dryer so this would be great for us!

  108. This is the MOTHERLODE of all giveaways! I haven’t been to Metro because I haven’t needed to purchase any appliances since we moved here, but I definitely will shop there in the future. It sounds like their customer service is mom-friendly and you can’t go wrong with that!

  109. My husband and I have shopped at Metro many times. They have excellent customer service but they are not pushy commision salepeople. They ask you your exact need and try their absolute best to find what you’re looking for. They have even looked at competitors for an item they did not carry for us. When the hunt is over we always return to Metro for our appliances. They do have the best deals around!


  110. Wish I had known about Metro a year ago when I was building my new home..but will keep the store in mind. Sure would be nice to win the washer/dryer.

  111. Thanks for the Metro info!! Great customer service makes all the difference. We’re a family of 6 and we go through a lot of loads of laundry!!!

    Rebecca Brye

  112. When we built our house seven years ago, we bought our appliances at Metro. We have always been pleased with their service.

  113. Did not know Metro was open to the public. I will certainly check it out. Especially if I win the w/d set, I’ll have to remodel the laundry room!

  114. Ok Rebecca Brye, I know you deserve it way more than I do and I hope you win! But I would LOVE the large capacity. I also LOVE a place with outstanding customer service and am loyal to the end when I find one. Metro sounds like that kind of place.

    Gail Halleck

  115. I have not shopped there before but I definitely will for my next appliance. It sounds like they have both good prices and great customer service.

  116. I haven’t personally shopped at MBS, but my parents just bought a new oven and dishwasher from them and highly recommended them to us for a new fridge…so looks like we’ll be heading there soon!

  117. Wow what a beautiful set…..I’ve never shopped at metro before, but i know when a place has excellent customer service that is a place I want to shop. I can’t believe its so close and I’ve never been there before. Its sounds like the store has a great reputation and a large “following”. i’m going to go check it out tomorrow. See these beauties for myself. They are gorgeous. Funny as a mom how Hott a washer and dryer can be….ha ha

  118. Sorry I have not ever heard of Metro builders, us moms don’t get much time to watch tv, so we rely on things such as this, I will tell all of my friends for sure b/c any store willing to give away that quality of a product is DEFINITELY worth shopping at:)

  119. I have never shopped at Metro before, but I would definitely buy a new washer and dryer there if I had the money.

    Great customer service is very important to me. I love shopping at the Buckle if that tells you anything! LOL!

    My mother just purchased a new front loader washer and I go to her house just to wash my clothes! I love it ! They are awesome!

  120. I have not shopped at Metro but I can’t find a reason not to. My dryer is orignal to the house we purchased 2 years ago. The house was but in 1971. I can even read the settings on the dial.

  121. I haven’t shopped at Metro before, but I’m interested in what other products they offer!!

  122. Yes, we love Metro Builders Supply. We built our house in Rogers and used them for all our kitchen appliances. We love our Kitchen Aid(s). Great customer service and we also go and get our refrigarator filters there and they keep all our info on file. Of course this comes at a great time as we sure could use a NEW washer and dryer. We have had them since we got married and they have seen their loads of laundry!! Thanks for this chance to win!!!

  123. Awesome store, awesome people. We bought all of our kitchen appliances through you 10 years ago at incredible pricing. Several years later we broke our microwave plate and came to the store and low and behold you had one and just gave it to us. What does that say about service : ). Amazing!

  124. Its hard to find a place that has great customer service these days. If it’s as great at Metro Builders Supply as everyone ones says it is I’ll definitely shop there in the future.

  125. From the comments posted, it is definately apparent that Metro exemplfies product quality and knowledge. Those are qualities that many can claim, however, it is Metro’s combination on these qualities along with their ability to connect with customers that make them stand out among competitors. It is this dedication in building relationships with clients, that make Metro exceed in customer service and loyalty among its clients.

  126. I have heard alot of good things about Metro. All of the great comments just reinforce the fact that I need to check them out!!! Here comes a new customer.

  127. My in-laws have used Metro for years. When we built our house we bought all of our kitchen appliances from them. Everyone at Metro is very helpful and know their products. I also love their scratch and dent selection. You can’t even see the marks and the price is super great.

  128. I hate it when I go to an appliance store and I know more than the sellers…I would love to shop at a place knowledgeable of their products!

  129. I have not been to Metro to shop before, but it sounds like a great place! Customer service is so important, and it sounds like they understand that. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  130. I used Metro years ago at the recommendation of my contractor when I was building a house. When I moved to a different home I went back to Metro to purchase appliances for the new place.

    They’re great!

  131. Very helpful. Great service. Helped me with all of my appliances during our building process.

    Referred website contest by Julie Callahan

  132. We used Metro for all of our kitchen appliances when our house was built. They were wonderful to work with and when one of the appliances was not working properly after only a few months they promptly replaced it. I recommend them for any appliance needs.

  133. I have never shopped at Metro, but if all their prices are as good as this then I will definitely be checking it out!!

  134. I have never bought anything at Metro.. but have looked around the store! My parents purchased a washer and dryer from Metro and had a great experience!

  135. Mama needs a new washer and dryer! Metro Builders Supply is such an awesome store! They provide friendly and knowledgeable service. Their prices are unbeatable!

  136. I shopped at Metro when we were building our new house. We walked in close to closing time and I thought we’d be rushed right out the door but they stayed and took their time with us. They showed us exactly what we wanted and didn’t push any sales on us. It was a great experience. I’ve recommended them to several friends.

  137. I just need a washer and dryer and I would rather not spend a lot of money one and a lot of time with salesmen who do not know the product.

  138. You had me at…”They don’t have to look stuff up in product brochures or β€œget back to you on that.”” Thanks for the info, we’ve never shopped Metro before, will consider now!

  139. I have shopped Metro for work before, and I love the selection they have. Also the people that work there are knowledgeable and friendly.I feel like they would stand behind their products.

  140. When I built my house I used Metro for all of my appliances. They know their stuff. I was treated very well. Any question I had was answered happily. My appliances have given me no trouble. I have recommended them to all my friends.

  141. I love Metro, I am a local realtor and send all my clients to Metro first, when they are building or remodling. The service is wonderful and the products are number 1#. I am glad we have Metro in our area.

  142. Wow! These look great. I could only be so lucky. It would be nice to replace my not so great dryer that takes what seems like hours to dry our clothes. With a 1 year old there is plenty of it. After looking at the other comments Metro looks like a great place to buy and I’ll be checking them out next time I need a new appliance.

  143. I think I may be in the market for a new washer & dryer soon unfortunately. I’ve heard good things about Metro Builders, so they will be my first stop!

  144. I’ve never shopped at Metro before, but it sounds like those who have are very satisfied with the products AND service. I’m willing to give it a shot!

  145. I have not shopped at Metro builders supply but I have a friend that has. She praises the place! I only have used appliances right now but I hope to get married in the next year or so and will be wanting to buy new appliances then. This will be the first place I look at before going anywhere else….if I have to go anywhere else!

  146. I have never shopped at metro before, but it sounds like a good place to start next time I need a good appliance.

  147. I have never been there before either but sounds like a great place to go. Who would not like to win a new washer & dryer! YEAH!! :=)

  148. I have always had a great experience at Metro. They are always so helpful and professional. They make renovating easy.

  149. I have never bought anything from metro before, but it sounds like they are experienced and know about the products they sale. That is important to know and also sound like they have good customer service.

  150. I have never shopped at Metro, but after reading the comments about it, I be willing to see what they have to offer. With my husband selling cars, I know how nice it is for a salesman to know about the product they are selling. A business who prides themself on having knowledgeable salespeople is high on my list. I would love to have this set, b/c I have a bad back and have also heard that this reduces the strain on bending over with other washer and dryer sets.

  151. I have not shoped as Metro before, but having read thruough this page and appreciating the way in which Metro woks to get the word out, I will deffinitely keep Metro Builders at the front of my mind when I need appliances. I would love to win a new washer and dryer. As a mother of three and using a w/d that is over 16 years old, a new washer and dryer set would be a real nice touch to my day.

  152. We have used Metro several times while building our last 2 homes. They have been very helpful in the selection process of appliances. Which you know can be daunting when you build! We were very please with the customer service πŸ™‚

  153. I have never shopped at Metro Building Supply. As a single mom, affording new appliances is not feasible. My son and I have been fortunate to always have what we needed but it was always hand-me-downs. At the age of 31, we are finally and hopefully moving into our first home ever this summer!!! Yay!!

    How nice would a brand new washer and dryer be to compliment our blessed lives! πŸ™‚

    Good luck everyone!!

  154. We have shopped at Metro several times — the customer service is excellent and they have a great selection of quality merchandise.

  155. My dryer just quite last week and I have been searching for a used dry since my husband’s work recently closed the doors and money is tight. I would the chance to win the duo and I will definitely take the time to go by and look at Metro’s supply. Thank you for the post.

  156. Have built three homes, used Metro for two of them. Great products and even better service! Much more personal than those “other” guys.

  157. This would be fantastic. My current washer and dryer might go on the antique list. My husband and I have looked at sets like this, but are waiting for the current antiques to “kick the bucket.” And I must say, I have heard great things about Metro. Please enter me in your contest.

  158. i have not shopped here before but we have not bought appliances’ before. I do have a lot of laundry though!

  159. We have used Metro many times in our business. They are definitely the best! If they didn’t have great customer service we wouldn’t be using them. Our business is about customer service and we give the best and expect the best in return. I would love a new washer/dryer and then I’d be able to help someone in need with my old set.

  160. I haven’t shopped at Metro but have heard many good things about them. The next time I am in need of appliances that is where I am going to go. It is awasome that they know their product so well. Thank you Motherlode!

  161. Metro Builders were so helpful in getting the right appliances for my daughter who is a bilateral arm amputee. There prices were great along with their customer service.

  162. I have never shopped at metro before, but now that i know about it i will in the future for sure. From all the comments it sounds like metro is a very dependable place to shop. I had a bad car accident and it messed my back up badly, it’s hurts to bend down all the time to get the clothes out of the washer. I would love a new front end loader because it would help out with the pain alot. I am single mom of two and a full time student so money is really hard to come by and my washer and dryer could use an update. I can’t believe anyone would give away a free washer and dryer. Metro is awesome!!!

  163. Been to Metro and looked at all of the neat items for when we remodel the kitchen. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. A family member had purchased their appliances at Metro when they built their home.

  164. I have heard so many positive things about Metro Builders Supply – I definitely intend to be visiting soon for our purchases!

  165. I have never shopped at metro before, but from the article and the comments of others that have shopped there, I will give it a try. I have heard that you have great products and excellent service. I will definately give you a try.

  166. I would definitely buy an appliance at Metro Builders Supply. I have not purchased an appliance from Metro for personal use, but I have purchased them for my previous job and never had any compains, issues, or problems with the customers that bought the homes these appliances went into. On the billing side (which we all know is very important), the credit staff are very personable and helpful, answering any questions there are about any fees, or delivery charges. Also, they offer a wide selection of styles and sizes – from the basic appliance that most of us would probably go for to those with the latest technology, in the latest styles, and with more functions than you would know what to do with them. There are great buys at Metro, and it feels great to buy from a company that specializes on the best in appliances!

  167. I have only visited Metro Builders a couple of times with friends who were looking to buy appliances for their home. I remember going in and walking around and getting one on one attention from the salesman. Both of my friends bought either a washer/dryer set and/or refrigerator and they are still happy with them.

  168. We purchased our first BIG frig from Metro. It was delivered and set up by a guy named Johnny from Metro. We had an issue with the water line for the ice maker. Johnny came right backout, crawled under the house, and fixed the problem – PRESTO! IT WORKED. Great service and a great price. ALSO, the show room is neat to brouse through to see the latest ‘stuff’. You get great ideas on how to equip your new or remodeled home.

  169. I bought my stove and fridge from Metro and they are great. Price and quality are great, I will be buying there again.

  170. We have bought several appliances from Metro and the staff is so helpful and knowledgable. I would recommend them to anyone.

  171. I have never shopped at Metro before, but I will certainly remember to shop there in the future if the price is right! I always appreciate good customer service and have been known to never go back to a business again that gave me bad service, even if it was more convenient.
    I would love to win this set because, well….I don’t even have a washer and dryer right now! I’m using my parents’. Also, I would drool over any washer and dryer that stood high enough that I didn’t have to bend down with loads of laundry since by back is getting enough of a workout with my babies hanging on my hips all day and usually one in a wrap on my chest!

  172. Hey I would love to win a new washer/dryer! And I am going to be shopping for a new fridge soon too! So Metro will be the place to go….

  173. I have not shopped at Metro before, but received a very good recommendation from my friend, Jamie, and will definitely check them out the next time that we have a need!

  174. Holy Cow! I love this washer and dryer so much I would marry it!

    I have never shopped at Metro Supply, but I certainly have noticed all the great comments about them on this website. Do you think they would mind if I brought my 2-year-old in there to run loose while I shop? haha…thanks for the great giveaway, as usual.

  175. Metro Builders Supply is the largest contract distributer in the Midwest and can offer the lowest prices so because I am a real bargain hunter I will definitely go there the next time I need a new appliance for our home. Thirty years in business speaks for itself.

  176. I have never been to Metro Supply but have always been curious, we are building a house and had planned on getting the front loaders with pedestals. It really sweetens the deal to know that they are knowledgable and concerned about customer satisfaction. We will definitelyy need to go there!

  177. I have browsed Metro and loved it. I have not actually purchased but would go there for my next purchase

  178. We have been there once and was very impressed with the customer service that we recieved!

  179. I have shopped at Metro, Loved the service and satisfaction in picking out all new appliances for our home. What a great staff and pleasant surroundings. Everyone was so helpful in selecting just the right items. Way to go Metro!!

  180. You know I have never shopped at Metro before. I just recently remodeled and now knowing that the Customer Service is held at such a high level on this blog, I will deffinately have to come by and check it out, seeing that I am currently looking to upgrade my washer and dryer. I have been looking around the last few weeks. I will have to come by and see!

  181. I have purchased most of my appliances from Metro and I have always been very pleased with them. I will never buy my appliances from anyone else!!!

  182. Your enthusiasm over those pedestals matches mine! (Should I see someone about this?)

    Over and over I see Metro Builders Supply mentioned when Citiscapes profiles someone’s gorgeous home. That says a lot about their selection and service.

    I would even do other Moms’ laundry if I won this set.


  183. We built a new house in 2007/2008 and used Metro for all of our appliances. They were great to work with, and even ended up holding our appliances longer then normal as our cabinet guys were holding things up. We shopped around & got a great deal from them as well, so we would highly recommend them.

  184. I have used Metro Builders Supply for years, mostly because we are friends with the Manager, but also because they offer such good service. We had a problem with our dishwasher last year while it was still under warranty and we didn’t have to do a thing! We just called Metro and they sent someone right out to fix it! They are great!

  185. I have been to Metro before to help a friend look for new appliances when they were remodeling their kitchen. They were very helpful and I would definetly shop there again.

  186. I have never shopped at Metro Builders supply, but I had a friend recently buy all new appliances for her entire house. She checked prices and got the best deal from Metro. I know where I will go the next time I have something break down.

  187. We just moved back here from Colorado, and left our washer and dryer behind so for the first time in 36 years we are without a way to do our laundry. It would be wonderful to do business with Metro again, and to be able to take home there appilances.

    We have bought many things from you in the past and I know we will again. Always, always a good experience. Thanks for being a business we can depend on.

  188. We were actually at Metro today looking at washers & dryers. Our dryer stopped working on Saturday. We have been having to do a wash, drive it to my Mom’s house, dry it, bring it home, fold and/or hang it, and put it away then! Whew! What a process! Anyway, we would really LOVE to win this washer and dryer. We got a quote for a different one today, but looked at this one. This would be absolutely WONDERFUL to win. Thank you for the opportunity!

  189. I have not shopped at Metro before. It seems that they really know their stuff about appliances. I’ll keep them in mind the next time I need to replace an appliance.

  190. Having worked for a customer service research company many eons ago (it seems, 3 kids later!) I strongly believe in the value of good customer relations. I’ll try out Metro now that I’ve heard so many wonderful comments!

  191. Hey, we are new to the area (not new to Arkansas though). After reading all the positive e-mails, I can’t wait to vist your store. Sounds like a wonderful, friendly place. Hope to see you soon. Thanks to Allison Pederson for turning me onto othis web site!

  192. I have heard alot of good things about Metro and how helpful the employees are. I will be buying some new appliances soon and I will definitely shop there first.

  193. We built a house last year and bought all of our kitchen appliances at Metro. It was a great experience with knowledgeable, friendly staff. They did their best to help us stay in budget and even showed us discontinued/floor models to help us save even more. I recommend them to everyone in the market for appliances.

  194. I’ve shopped at Metro for most of my life and have advised friends to shop there too. I always check out metros prices first; they’re usually hard to beat.
    Geez….a single girl like me could sure use a new washer and dryer!

  195. I have never shopped at Metro, but based on what I have read here, they should be my first stop if I need anything. Especially like to have knowledgeable sales people. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. Thank you Metro!

  196. I have never shopped at METRO but sounds like a great place. Good service and knowledgable sales people seem harder and harder to find these days! The washer & dryer look great! They might make the daunting task of laundry for 5 a bit more bearable! And FREE would be AMAZING!

  197. My Mother bought a washer and dryer a
    from Metro and got a really great deal but this give away tops that!

  198. We built a house 9 years ago and Metro Builders Supply was our SOURCE for EVERYTHING! LOVE the store and everyone was so helpful. Pick ME because I really need that new w&d!!

  199. When I built my house 5 years ago I purchased all of my appliances at Metro Builders. The staff is friendly and so helpful in picking out appliances. I will shop there again whenever I need appliances. They are wonderful. The washer and dryer they are giving away is so sweeet.. I would love it

  200. YES!! I have bought from Metro…my entire kitchen. We remodeled/updated and bought everything new…including the kitchen sink! We did the shop for the best quality and price “rodeo” game and then thankfully a friend told us about Metro Builders Supply. Their prices are without a doubt the VERY best and to shop anywhere else would be a waste of time, energy and money$$

  201. My mother-in-law has bought items from Metro and got great deals. I have never shopped there but would if I were looking for a new kitchen or laundry appliance.

  202. I have seen the commercials for Metro Builders supply and have wanted to go. After this blog about them, I know I will definitely make a trip over there!

  203. After being referred to Metro from my inlaws, we decided to take a look at their inventory when looking for a Fridge and washer/dryer combo. After John Fitzgerald’s great customer service, we dicided to go buy all three items from them. The great prices sealed the deal for us.

  204. I have bought appliances at Metro and their customer service is A+ and their prices are great!! I would LOVE this washer and dryer!

  205. I have never shopped at Metro. But I will go to thier store the next time I need a new appliances. The Metro site made the washer and dryer sound very good. Hope to be the lucky winner.

  206. I have not shopped with Metro prior; however, I have friends who speak highly (as others on this blog.) I recently have considered purchasing a washer and dryer (like the ones you are giving away) and will come look at Metro prior to making a purchase. This is a great give away for moms! I have three children and it is difficult to keep up as all moms know…. πŸ™‚ THANKS

  207. I have heard about this washer/dryer combo for years and have always wanted to have one. Of course I could never afford one, but after checking out the Metro website…their prices are cheaper than those I’ve heard about before. It looks like they have a lot of options for great appliances that I never realized. I would definitely recommend checking out this website for good deals!

  208. This is such a cool opportunity. The appliances are great and I would really like to be the winner!

  209. I didn’t realize there was such a cool store up the street from where I live until a friend sent me the website. I will definately be making a trip in there this week. Metro has a great user friendly website and very nice products.

  210. I have never shopped at Metro Builders. I was just saying last night that every time I turn around somthing breaks. I need a new dishwasher, The seal on my fridge broke, and my freezer had to be fixed twice. It takes my dryer three times to dry anything anymore. I have to figure out which is the priority and shop at Metros for the best deals.

  211. Great customer service and great prices to boot! Sounds like the perfect combination. Count me in to shop there. I would love to win, too!!

  212. We purchased our stove, dishwasher, fridge and micro at Metro a year and a half ago. We got exactly what we wanted at about $900 less than Lowes and Tuckers.

  213. My husband, Ron Drake builds home in NW Arkansas and each time we sell the home, we give the buyers an appliance allowance to pick out whatever they want from Metro Builders Supply! All of our custom home clients love working with Metro and appreciate their customer service. We love Metro Builders Supply and use them as often as we can!

  214. I would love to win. I not shopped Metro. But next time I need a new appliance I check them out

  215. Though I’m not currently a Metro shopper, I certainly should be – sounds like great customer service and especially given that they offer low prices. Thanks to Metro for their investment in this give-away!

  216. I love shopping at Metro Building Supply. I have gotten some great deals on items for my home when we have remodeled. Great customer service and friendly staff. Would love to win this awesome washer/dryer!

  217. I would love to win this set! My washer doesn’t seem to spin the water out of clothes like it used to…it is getting pretty old, and I’m afraid that it will need to be replaced soon. I will definitely check out Metro if that happens, as I am clueless about the features and benefits that are available.

  218. My mom was a custom home builder for many years in the Tulsa area and she bought a lot of her appliances at Metro. I’ve never had the pleasure of shopping there but I have heard nothing but praise for the company and their service. I have bought things at “big box” retailers before and have always been a bit disappointed in what I got for my money. For my next appliance purchase, I will go to Metro. And believe me, I need a new washer and dryer. Mine are on their last legs!

  219. I have not shopped at Metro but I will certainly check them out next time. I believe fully in customer service and it sounds like this is the place to find it.

  220. I have been in serval times and i really like the wealth of info they have to offer. I like it when the sales person knows more than the tag on the item.

  221. I have not shopped at Metro Builders Supply, but am curious about what is inside their walls. I just haven’t had need for building supplies since I have moved to the area.

  222. Wow! I read many of the comments and Metro seems like a great company with customer service. I have come to truly appreciate GREAT customer service with a great price. I will check them out; what a great offer. Even if I don’t win, I am desperate for a new dryer (but I would love to win!)

  223. I have shopped at Metro Builders Supply for years, both in NWA and Tulsa. They are the best!

  224. I haven’t shoped at Metro builders supply before but, if when I buid my house in a few years I will deffently be sure to keep them in mind. From the commits that I have read they seam to be a good place. I also would remember them more if I won a washer and drier from them. My washer is so old that you have to spin it by hand after the water has filled up to get it to start working. Sometimes that doesn’t even work. If I win a new washer and drier from Metro builder supply I will shop there for everything else that I need for now on. It would be a dream come true.

  225. Metro has great customer service. They ACTUALLY walk you to what you need instead of pointing.

  226. I haven’t personally shopped at Metro before, but will definitely look there first the next time we need appliances. What I love about what I read is that they are so large they can price products competitively and I think we’re all trying to shop smart these days. The other thing that really impresses me is that they know their products without having to look up the information when asked a question. That shows they care enough about what they do to study the products they offer and then stand behind them. Being in sales myself, I know how important product knowledge is to gain customer confidence.

  227. We purchased our dishwasher from Metro a few years ago. They were cheaper than Lowe’s on the exact same dishwasher! Wonderful customer service. Highly suggest πŸ™‚ Our washer and dryer are getting older and we know that they will need to be replaced very soon! Thanks for the chance!!!

  228. Some good friends of ours just purchased a washer and dryer from Metro. They said that they got the best deal and incredible customer service. Next time we need an appliance, Metro is where we will go.

  229. I’ve never been to Metro, but my husband probably has since he has done many remodels. I’ll have to stop by sometime and check out the place!

  230. I have never shopped at Metro before but definitely will in the future! As a mom I’m always looking for the best deals and it sounds like Metro has them. I never win anything…this would be a great first time prize for me to win! πŸ™‚

  231. I’m moving in June to a new place with no washer and dryer. It would be absolutely amazing and such a relief to win these!

  232. I’ve been to Metro several times eyeing a front-loading washer & dryer. I have yet to break down and buy them but will be doing so soon as my washer/dryer are about to quit. We have found the best service at Metro as well as the best prices. We have nothing but good things to say about this place and look forward to purchasing from them.

  233. I have never bought anything from Metro, but I have been there. I agree that they have great customer service. They are there to answer any questions you have but are not pushy and do not follow you around the store. Next time we need a new appliance we will start at Metro.

  234. This sounds FANTASTIC!!! I have never been in Metro Builder’s Supply however my husband has. We bought our dishwasher there. I love it…Great price …great appliance…

  235. Ooops, I ment to add that we will surely be checking out Metro when our Dryer finaly creis itself to death!

  236. I have not shopped at Metro before, but from what it sounds like, it is a great place! I would shop there in the future for their customer service. It’s so frustrating to go shopping and have the salesperson not really know anything about their products. When you are making a large investment, such as with appliances, it is well worth it to have someone who knows what they are selling and can give you the pros and cons of each choice.

  237. We love Metro Builders Supply. That’s the first place we go now when looking for appliances. Bought our fridge and dishwasher there when we moved here 2 years ago. They were the best price in town for the same products and the people are very helpful and knowledgable. They don’t just try to get you to buy the most expensive stuff. They tell you what is the best for the value. No need to shop anywhere else.

  238. I have never been to Metro Builders Supply but now I will. I do hope I win because we do need a washer and dryer. Ours is the only one I have ever owned and I have to dry my clothes 3 times to get them really dry. With two girls, a husband a 2 dogs, the laundry adds up fast. Thanks for all the info and great comments and I can’t wait to go shopping. Thanks.

  239. I’ve never shopped at Metro before but I certainly will check it out, and be it’s biggest walking advertisement if I get a free washer and dryer!

  240. I have personally not shopped at Metro before (yet), but from all of the people I know who shop there, they LOVE it! I hear they’re customer service is wonderful and they’re products are exceptionable! My washer and dryer right now are the pits where you have to put earplugs in when they are on so if I don’t win this washer/dryer combo, then I will certainly look into Metro’s washer and dryer.

  241. I have had a wonderful experience at Metro Builders Supply! My husband and I built a new home around two years ago we did not have a refrigerator. Metro was just wonderful. They were very friendly and new their products. They are very reasonable in their prices as well!

    Thank You

  242. Best Customer Service Ever!!!We love our sales rep there. We are builders and buy all of the appliances for our home from Metro. We never have any complaints and love doing business with them.

  243. I shopped at Metro over 10 years ago when we were building our current house. They were very friendly and knowledgeable then, and when I recently went back to look at appliances we were ready to replace, they were just as friendly and professional. We only have three appliances left to replace – our fridge, and washer & dryer – so I would love to win these!! They are the exact type that I have been looking at to replace our current ones with.
    Thank you for the chance to win them!

  244. METRO is a great place! I love to do my wish shopping there. I would love to have a new washer and dryer AND a new gas stove. Thank you for the opportunity to be in this drawing!

  245. Over the years, I have heard positive things about Metro Builders Supply, including that they have a great appliance selection and good prices. We need to check them out next time we are in the market for something for our home.

  246. I love Metro home builders! We just got a new dishwasher from them. They had the best (by a long shot) price and amazing customer service. Everyone was so friendly and helpful!

  247. When we built our house in 2001, we bought all our appliances at Metro. They have wonderful customer service and we got great deals too.

  248. I’ve had an awesome experiece every time I’ve gone to Metro. My husband and I always do a ton of research before we buy anything and knowing that there’s somewhere we can get friendly service and expert advice is so nice.

  249. Love it, Love it, Love it! I am glad to know a place exists where the staff is not only knowledgeable of their own products but also treat customers with care and respect. I wish more places existed that sold customers service along with appliances instead of treating you like a number. In addition I find their patronage to nwamotherloade.com extremely generous. There are not many companies that would go out of their way to offer up such a great product to a lucky mother. Thanks so much!

  250. What a wonderful way to advertise. I shopped with them when building my house and that has been a while but I was very pleased with them then. I would love to shop where people remember you and actually know about what they are selling.

  251. I would really love to win this washer and dryer for my wife. She works really hard, and this would make her life easier. We are currently without a dryer, so it makes it even harder on her. We always check Metro for appliances when we look. The people are friendly, and they really know what they are talking about. We were in there the other day, and the guy I was talking to didn’t try to sell me the most expensive dryer they have. He told me his honest opinion, and that really meant a lot to me.

  252. I have not shopped at Metro before but my son has and had great things to say. I will definitely keep you in mind the next time I need a new appliance!

  253. I have never shopped at Metro, but being a single mom that is where I will go to purchase my appliances. I am buying my first house and closing in April. I work with people that have purchased appliances at Metro and they have nothing but GREAT things to say. Not only are they very friendly, but they are very affordable. Single mom’s have a tight budget, and they ALWAYS look for the best deals!!

  254. I have never shopped at Metro but it sounds great. I will make sure I go there the next time shopping for an appliance. I would love to have a new washer and dryer because mine are getting old. Getting a new set would allow me to give mine away to someone in need in our community.

  255. I have never shopped at Metro, but may start hearing all this. We are using a second hand, 20 year old washer/dryer set. This would be a wonderful thing to win!

  256. I bought a refrigerator from Metro several years ago. My grandparents have since moved into the house where that fridge is. My grandfather used to sell appliances, and he commented just the other day about how good that refrigerator is.

    We’ve also bought several other appliances from them, and love their customer service! Its second to none!

  257. I have shopped at Metro before. They have a lot of inventory of appliances. Sounds like most people have been pleased with their customer service. My washer and dryer are getting old. Hoping that they last a good bit longer though.

  258. My husband built houses for several years and we always purchased the appliances from Metro. We purchased a new stove a couple of years ago from Metro but I haven’t gotten the opportunity to get a new washer and dryer!! Sweet deal.

  259. My first experience with Metro was 12 years ago when I purchased my current washer and dryer set. Since that time I have purchased my dishwasher and an oven for a very unusual opening. Metro was always able to find what would work best for us. Their employees were friendly and helpful while their prices remain competative. I would highly reccomend Metro to anyone. My husband is now in the job market and with 5 kids we need to replace our 12 year old set.

  260. My in laws took us to Metro Builders when we bought our 1st house 6 years ago. That was the first time I stepped into their store, but it hasn’t been the last. Their housewarming present to us was a new side by side refrigerator! I have never been in a place with such a HUGE selection and such wonderful prices and were still able to maintain the such a high level of quality products. The staff was very friendly and so helpful! Thank you Metro for your generosity in sponsering this giveaway.

  261. We’ve purchased items from Metro for a business I had. Also, I have family that are in construction business that tell everyone that Metro is the best place to purchase appliances.

  262. Have not personally bought there, but I have heard many great things about them from my Real Estate cleints who have made purchases their.

  263. I have never shopped at Metro before, but I definitely may check it out for future purchases. It sure seems like many people have had good experiences with Metro that have commented on here. I have not lived in this area for very long, but will think of Metro next time I need to purchase a new appliance! I definitely could use a new washer and dryer! I am using an old hand-me-down that we received from my parents! I would love to win!

  264. I have not bought from Metro before, though I have looked there several times and would definitely buy when we are ready. My brother is a contractor and buys from them and they always have the best price for the buck! My parents just bought there whole new stainless steel kitchen there and got everything at an awesome price!! I would definitely buy when we are ready!

  265. I’ve never shopped at Metro, but if you can save me some buckaroos and give me great customer service…I’ll be lookin’ you up when we start shopping for our next appliance. Hopefully I’ll win the washer and dryer, and will be shopping for a fridge. :oP

  266. I have shopped at Metro Builders and bought some appliances there before! I love it and they are always so nice and helpful and the prices are great!

  267. I didn’t know Metro was open for everyday customers – I thought it was a place for Builders only. We are going to have to go and check it out!

  268. Wow! What amazing comments everyone who has shopped there has made. That speaks volumes, and we will be checking them out when we need appliances again. There is not a better score for a business than to have so many satisfied customers. I am sold!

  269. Wow! I have never even heard of Metro! From the website it looks like a great place to shop. And knowing that the customer service is great is a good thing. When I buy something as costly as appliances, I want to be able to tell someone exactly what I want and for them to be able to point to a few options for me and be able to clearly make me see why a particular appliance is what I want. I don’t have time to try to figure out which of the 20 available is the right one and then figure out how to use it! And I don’t want to! Yes, the customer service will be an added bonus when I go look for a dryer replacement…which will be very soon I can tell. πŸ˜‰

  270. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Metro and I plan on doing some shopping there since my home was destroyed by fire. I will need several ltems and hopefully, I will win the washer and dryer and I can shop for the other appliances needed to fill my home.
    This is a generous company to be giving away such a large item in such tough times that we live in today.

  271. I have shopped at Metro in the past and bought my Bosch washer and dryer…. 7 years ago. I could use a new one these days. With two kids, 2 and 5 months, I constantly do laundry. Thanks METRO!!!

  272. I’ve never bought at Metro before, but I have always heard good things about it and that it’s the place to go! I actually just haven’t needed to buy appliances yet, but when I do I will def shop Metro!

  273. We recently moved here and are renting a home. The washer and dryer in our rental is ruining our clothes!
    A new set would be wonderful!!!

  274. My husband and I purchased a refrigerator from Metro Builders a couple years ago. They were very easy to purchase from. I would use them again for sure! We are in need of a new washer and dryer. We have a 2 week old baby and lots of clothes to wash. Our dryer takes 90+ minutes to dry a load of clothes. I would love to have a new washer and dryer set!

  275. Shopped at Metro since they started out….even with little Crissy! So lucky to have them in NWA.

  276. I love Metro Building Supply… they are very knowledgable about every aspect of the building and furnishing process! There is truly NO comparison with the skill and expertise that Metro offers in comparison with other large “chain” building supply stores! If you are looking for great advice… look at Metro Building Supply.

  277. I have never shopped at Metro, but based upon what I have read; I will be checking them out for sure. My husband and I have been contemplating buying a new refridgerator, so Metro will be one of the stops we make. I appreciate businesses that know their products!

  278. We bought a refrigerator at the Metro Builders in Maumelle, AR….when we moved here, we had a problem with it and the guys at the Metro here came out and fixed it with no issues whatsoever….I will always go there first for appliances….

  279. I have never shopped at Metro, But I am building a new house so I will definitely check out Metro when we get ready to purchase our new appliances


  281. I have never shopped there but will love to after reading the info. you provided!!! It’s great just to know that they know and have information on what they sell because you can’t just get that anywhere… Thanks for great info. and great service!!!

  282. When we built our house in 2002 we got all of our stuff there…. it’s a great place to shop!

  283. I have never shopped at Metro and didn’t even know it was in the area. We are planning on building a new home in the next year and plan to put in all new appliances. I will definitely be visiting your store.

  284. I have been in Metro Builders Supply only once but I found what I needed and appreciated their friendliness. They helped load the purchase (which was a screen door) into my car and it barely fit and maybe they were laughing at me once I was gone but didn’t laugh at me to my face when the door barely fit into the car.
    I appreciated their helpful attitude.

  285. I also did not know that Metro Builders Supply was open to the general public. I would shop there because I love it when a salesperson is knowledgeable and can talk to me about products without having to look them up in a book.

  286. I have not heard of them before.It sounds like these are people persons and they know and are well informed about the merchandise they have. It is nice to know that they can answer any question you have about their stuff. I would really consider buying from them the next time I need appliances.

  287. WOW! This sounds to good to be true! I have actually been thinking about a new washer and dryer and these are great! I have never shopped here before but will defiantly take a trip to look because it sounds like they they have great prices and care about their customers.

  288. We bought our fridge at Metro and I agree it is an awesome store with great salespeople!

  289. I wish you could see my current washer & drier. The drier is OLD and takes extra turns to get things dry. The washer was bought new about 3 years ago. It squeals and plastic keeps coming off the drum. My OLD one was better! If I won these from Metro, I would be so blessed and thankful! We’ll have to see…good luck everyone!

  290. We bought our kitchen appliances from Metro and they are great people to deal with and have wonderful products.

  291. I’ve never shopped at the Metro Supply, however, in this economy the way it is it is nice to know that there is a place that is affordable and helpful as well.

  292. Metro Builders Supply has an excellent selection and offers quality service! I highly recommend this store.

  293. I always do my research but there is nothing better than good, old fashioned knowledge to help you make the right decision! I get so frustrated with those big stores and the teenage sales people that don’t even know how to DO laundry much less judge a laundry system!

    Count me in, Metro fans!

  294. Metro Builders Supply is the best
    showroom for home appliances on display. I purchased a new stove there recently, and recieved the highest level of customer service along with extreme knowledge of the appliance I was looking at.
    In my opinion, Metro Builders Supply is the only appliance store to shop with confidence.

  295. I have never shopped at Metro, but it sounds wonderful. We are getting to a point where all of the appliances that came with our house when we bought it are getting worn out, so we will have LOTS of shopping to do in the near future. We will definately be visiting our local Metro!!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  296. I have never shopped at Metro Builders because I have never heard of them. After reading this article, it makes me want to shop there. The people who work there seem to be very people friendly and knowledgeable of their products. I will have to check it out!

  297. Oh Wow how awesome! It’s so wonderful to know that a business is willing to help someone now days. I know times are hard one everyone and whoever the lucky winner is will be greatful. Way to go Metro Builders Supply.

  298. Metro has the newest most efficent appliances on the market. The showroom is the best in Northwest Arkansas. You can’t visit Northwest Arkansas without stopping in at Metro!

  299. I have never shopped at metro before but I am definitely on board with the customer service and knowledge they can give on appliances! Our W/D is 11 years old and my husband has replaced the heating coil in our dryer at least 3 times!! We definitely want to talk with someone knowledgeable about washer and dryers and that can help us make the right choice! A W/D is our next big appliance purchase and Metro will be our first stop if we do not win these!!!

  300. I have lived in 4 different residences in the 10 years I have lived in NWA. I used Metro Builders each time for new appliances. They make the experience easy for the buyer with their large inventory and knowledgable staff. This is the only place to shop for home appliances.
    Louise Standridge

  301. I have never shopped at Metro Builders but have several friends who highly recommend them. How refreshing to have an organization with great customer service. I will definitely be stopping by to check out their inventory.

  302. I shopped at Metro when we were building our house. We had a great experience. Their staff was very helpful in finding what we needed.

  303. I was really impressed with the generosity of Metro Builders. They donated some great items to a fundraiser I was recently working on. I will definitely buy from them for my next appliances!

  304. I have never shopped at Metro, but after reading the glowing recommendations here, I will definitely try them out for our next appliance purchase!

  305. I bought my fridge, dishwasher, cook stove and vent a hood from Metro. Their service was awesome and the prices were incredible. I will definitely go back for anymore appliance purchases. I very much need a new washer and dryer. Mine are old and awful!

  306. We purchased several home appliances when we built our last house. The staff at Metro was very helpful and knowledgeable about their product line. I would defiantly purchase there again.

  307. When my home was hit by lightning last year, I lost several appliances. I went to metro, they gave me prices on everything I needed to replace,quotes for inusrance and they were fast and courteous with getting what I needed and deliviering. If they didn’t have the exact item, they found the closest that they could. Most people think they are just for contractors, but they are there for everyone.

  308. I have shopped at Metro several times. I love the selection and the pricing. It is the only place I shop for my appliances.

  309. Although I’ve never shopped at Metro before, I can tell you that the comments I’ve seen make it my kind of place. I am picky about everything, wanting to get the most for my money. That translates into knowing DETAILS! It sounds like these Metro folks know just that!

  310. I’ve never shopped at Metro before, but this is exactly the kind of advertising I appreciate! It’s fun, green, and makes me think the folks at Metro are pretty savvy at marketing. I’m all for helping spread the word!

  311. Meet Metro at the Home Show at Randall Tyson and the people were very friendly. I plan on going to Metro and check everything out, because we are doing some home improvements.

  312. I have never purchased appliances from Metro. My next purchase will be a refrigerator. I will absolutely buy from Metro.

  313. Wow! Is this to good to be true? I’ve never used Metro but heard that it is a great place to shop for just about anything.

  314. WOW! I would love to shop for my next appliance at Metro! They sure seem to know the market! Pricing looks great!

  315. Love the idea of finding great and knowledgable customer service. Can’t wait to stop in and check them out. Using borrowed washer and dryer now. If I don’t get lucky I think I have found the place to go.

  316. I have not shopped at Metro before, but here’s why I should and the next time I need an appliance, I will. Because they aren’t a giant conglomerate like Wal-Mart. Supporting them supports our community. And they clearly support our community by supporting our moms. Thanks, Metro Builders!

  317. Wow, what an amazing W/D set Metro is offering on behalf of nwamotherlode!
    I could sure “load” both of them up with a ton of laundry and keep them running non-stop!
    When we built our home 8 yrs ago, we purchased all of our appliances at Metro and I can’t say enough about their superb customer service, knowledge and commitment to take care of you after the delivery of appliances! That is a HUGE deal with me, because almost anyone can sell an appliance, but getting over the top customer service before, during and after the deal–is difficult to come by, yet METRO ALWAYS outshines local competitors.
    Thanks METRO and thanks nwamotherlode for collaborating to make this offer to a very blessed family in NWA.

  318. I have never shopped at Metro. I know it will now be on my list of places to check out. As a mother of 5 beautiful and active children, nothing last long at our house. Would really love a new washer & dryer. Thanks for the tip.

  319. It sounds like Metro Builders has awesome customer service and next time I have a need, I will definitely check them out!

  320. My husband and I have purchased ovens and dishwashers for our 1st and 2nd homes. We did our research, got great knowledgeable service and better yet we weren’t forgotten when we called to ask questions after our purchase. Service from purchase, through delivery and installation reccommendations and beyond. What more can you ask for?

  321. Wow! This sounds like the kind of place we’ve been looking for as a main appliance store!

  322. When we were in the market for a new dishwasher a year ago, we went to Metro Builders. The customer service was great. Thanks, Metro!

  323. I’ve never shopped at Metro, but my husband bought a washer and dryer set there before we were married. He loved the customer service has nothing but good things to say about them.

  324. When I built my home several years ago, my kitchen appliances came from Metro. You’re right about their product knowledge…it’s amazing. There was no question they couldn’t answer!

  325. I’ve always heard great things about Metro, and plan to check it out when I need new appliances. Sounds great!

  326. I have bought an appliance at Metro Builders. When my family and I moved here a year ago my husband went and picked out a new refridgerator (yes, I let him do it alone!). We were able to call back later from Michigan and order it to be delivered before we arrived here. The gal was so helpful and friendly – turns out she had moved from Michigan too. This made me hopeful that everyone we met in NWA would be just as friendly. I would love to have a new washer and dryer as ours have been around since we got married.

  327. We are fairly new to the area and finding places like this to shop are always great information. This is such a great idea and thanks!

  328. My husband works as an electrician, so Metro Builders is a name that I have heard from time to time but I have never been in the store myself. Mostly because I have not been blessed with the oppurtunity to purchase new appliances. When that times comes I would definitley shop locally and would appreciated the personalized customer service.

  329. When I went to Metro, I too thought that the salesperson I spoke with was very knowledgeable and courteous. I was shopping for a dishwasher at the time, and learned a LOT from what she told me. Also, she was very good about trying to help me stay within my budget (no over-selling products).

  330. We built our first home 7 years ago and installed applicances from Metro. Last Fall, we built our new house and we went back to Metro. We have always been pleased with their level of service, competitive prices, and knowledge of their products. They were also a wonderful help when I needed boxes to build a princess castle for my daughter’s 4th birthday party! πŸ™‚

  331. I have not shopped here before but am very excited about checking it out and buying there in the future!!!

  332. I’ve shopped at Metro a few times for appliances for new homes. They are always very helpful and if we have a problem with something we buy there, they quickly remedy it.

  333. I have never shopped at Metro builders. I had never even heard of them before this. But now I would like to check it out.

  334. I have never shopped at Metro before but after reading all of the positive comments from everyone I will definately shop there for my next appliances!

  335. Shopping local is always a good idea, so since Metro Builders Supply has been around for 30 years & they have the buying power to offer the lowest possible price, why buy anywhere else?

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  336. When we remodeled our kitchen a few years back, Metro had just redone their showroom displays and we were able to get a stainless dishwasher and under cabinet microwave for a great price! Also opted to purchase our spendy counter-depth refrigerator from Metro as well because their price was better than any we could find on-line. You won’t be disappointed with Metro!

  337. A brand new washer and dryer would be absolutely amazing and the fact it comes from Metro makes it even more amazing! We have bought nearly every appliance we have from Metro and haven’t regretted it for a second. Their customer service and warranty’s are the best around, no one can beat’em.

    With a growing family a bigger and better washer and dryer would make life so much easier. Every time I turn around there seems to be a new pile of laundry. At least with some new machines the task of laundry could actually be fun ; ) right ladies?…

  338. The staff at Metro Builders were absolutely the best when I was shopping for appliances for our new home. They took the time to explain all of the different models and helped me make the choice that best suited our needs!

  339. I have never shopped at Metro, but the contractor who built our house did. We didn’t buy it soon enough to choose appliances, but we have been happy with everything he bought from there for the past 8 years. I would love the new washer and dryer, though!

  340. The display at Metro is beautiful. We love stopping in to get ideas and add things to our wish list. They have a nice selection of ‘dents and ding’ for good prices. Most important factor – shop local.

  341. I haven’t ever shopped at Metro, but I also have never been able to buy appliances. I know when I finish college that I will definitely remember Metro.

  342. I have never shopped or even heard of Metro, but after reading this article, will definitely remember it for our appliance shopping. I hate shopping for major purchases and talking to someone that knows less about the product than I do! I will happy to take my business to Metro. We have had our washer/dryer for 10 years now, and it is about to kick the bucket! What an awesome give-away!!!

  343. I will definitely try out Metro for my next appliance purchase. It is so hard to find great customer service and it sounds like they have got it!

  344. My husband and I built our home almost five years ago and bought all of our appliances at Metro. We received the BEST customer service and have been more than pleased with all of the appliances we purchased there. I loved going in and just looking at all of the dream kitchen displays they had set up! We are now in the process of selling out home and may have to leave our fridge and washer/dryer so this would be perfect! We are definitely going to stop by Metro and check out their new inventory for our new home!

  345. My wife and I have furnished both of our new homes from applicance from Metro. Selection is TOP NOTCH, and NO PUSHY salespeople. ALL the major brands! In between our two homes, we have also purchased from them. Since they work with contractor’s all the time, purchsing is a breeze. I hope I don’t have to buy in the near future, but if we do, you will see us in Metro.

  346. I appreciate nothing more than someone who knows what they’re talking about when you’re really trying to make the best purchase for your family. Sounds like the folks at Metro don’t just throw sales pitches at you to try to get a quick buck, but they invest the time to help you make a decision based on the best information possible, while considering your needs and budget. We’re looking at having to replace our washer and dryer right now – so winning this would be a Godsend! Metro will definitely be in the forefront of my mind for future appliance needs. Thank you!

  347. The Metro sounds like the place to go for appliances! We are in the market for a new frig. I love going to places with great customer service. It makes all the difference! We’ll give it a try!

  348. I’m one of those that LIKES to have a salesperson tell me about the product I’m interested in buying. I didn’t know Metro did this. We are in need of both (our dryer is 26….washer not far behind.) Would love to win but if not will definately check them out!

  349. What a great way to advertise. Smart company to hit up the “motherlode”. No one covets a decent washer and dryer more than mamas. Congrats to the lucky winner. (I hope it’s me) : )

  350. I have never been to metro, but now that I have heard so many wonderful things about it, I can’t wait to check it out! We have just recently moved into a new home and I now I know where to go when I need more supplies!

  351. I really love when workers actually know their products they are selling. I will definitly keep Metro in mind for my next appliance purchase.

  352. I will definitely check out Metro next time I need an appliance based on all of the recommendations here! thanks!

  353. We are in the process of building. I would love to check out some nice appliances from this building supply company. I don’t know everywhere my husband shops for building supplies but he is a lisensed contractor and civil engineer so I am sure he does shop there. Thanks so much for the offer!

  354. Unitl reading this info on Metro Builders I thought it was only for those in construction. It sounds like a place I need to consider when purchasing items such as these.


  355. I have never shopped there, but from what I have read…I can’t wait to go and shop. I love it when people are always friendly and remember you.
    I sure hope to win…this is an awesome prize!

  356. we love metro builders we recommend them to all of our friends. they are very kid friendly. while my husband shopped for a appliances, my daughter and I “cooked” cupcakes in all of the different ovens.

  357. I am in desperate need of a washer and dryer. I just moved to a new house and have been going to the laundromat or a friends house to do laundry. dryer on However with three kids, we need a washer and dryer. I would be nice not to be away from them every Saturday to go and do laundry.

  358. Almost 15 years ago when my parents contracted their own home, they bought their appliances at Metro. They were the best around and still are. I only WISH I had some extra cash lying around for some new appliances, because I’d be more than happy to head over there. Oh, and I’d love to win this washer/dryer, too!

  359. We moved at the end of last year and we went to Mero for a new refrigerator. The prices are unbeatable!

  360. Went to Metro and got a full quote from a guy for stainless appliances. We haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but he was great to work with. When we do change over, Metro will be the place we go. Great prices and great customer service!

  361. Wow,this is such an awesome giveaway. The washer and dryer look incredible. Maybe even I would do laundry more often!

  362. Wow, you can’t get a better recommendation for the best place to shop appliances than this one on nwamotherlode. I’ll be shopping there soon for a stove!

  363. We have never shopped at Metro, but we really need a new washer and dryer and they sound like a great place to look for new appliances.

  364. When we built our first house years ago, we bought all of our appliances at Metro. They were the most helpful and reasonable. I highly recommended them for years. FOUR kids later, I would LOVE to have this new washer and dryer for all of our dirty laundry! Life is a lot like laundry–“loads of fun”!!!

  365. I love to shop at Metro Builder’s Supply.I have recommended them to all of my friends.

  366. Metro Builders has been around for many years and has built a great reputation! I know builders who are very satsfied with their customer service and I have many friends(including myself) who shop there! We are very lucky to have such a wonderful company in Northwest Arkansas!

  367. If you ever find yourself shopping for appliances, you will inevitably shop prices as well- Dollar for dollar, MBS is always the best deal, and their selection is incredible. The really high end lines are there and nowhere else, so that’s a plus, but even the mid-level appliances are just always a better deal. I really believe in spending our money with LOCAL businesses, rather than big box retailers. They are the only ones who truly give back, like in this case of this generous giveaway! Good luck to everyone and Happy Spring!

  368. I am in the process of buying a house which is a “fixer-upper”. It needs new floors, paint, all the appliances, included the heating and cooling system! I’m also redoing the master bath to hopefully a Jetta tub, I heard they’re the best.:) Metro Building supply would be my number one choice for all my renovation needs. I really need a washer and dryer as well, but with all the other things to pay for it doesn’t look like that’s going to be a possiblity right now. I’m 20 and single and will be doing all the work with just family and friends. It’s going to be a lot of work and getting a washer and dryer would just be such a huge blessing.
    Thank you

  369. I have never shopped there before, but it sounds like a great place. I am always looking for the “best” products and customer service. Plus, how generous is it of them to give away a washer and dryer!

  370. Metro has a huge selection and the sales people are really informative. I am definitely in the market for a new washer and dryer!

  371. Before I had two kids, I worked for a home builder in the area. We ALWAYS used Metro for our appliance needs for the homes we built. Great service and products!

  372. I love Metro Builders! Friendly people, knowleadgeable staff and great customer services. We have had great experiences there.

  373. We are relatively new to the area, but no strangers to the frustrating big box experience of trying to purchase appliances, and so tired of feeling like customer service has simply gone out of style. After hearing my NWA Moms network rave about the customer service and fair prices, we will definitely check out Metro Builders next time!

  374. I was actually just shopping around today comparing prices on washer and dryer sets since I am currently having to run everything through my dryer two or three times just to get it dry. Being a single mom of three kids it would be a HUGE blessing to win this and not have my laundry consuming my life anymore! lol! Even though I have never been to Metro, I’ve often wanted to stop while driving past but after reading this they will definatly be my next stop in my quest for a new washer and dryer that can keep up with my pace of life! Thank you!

  375. I have read that your products are excellent and your customer service is spectacular! I’d love to shop at Metro next time!

  376. What a coincidence! Just today we bought a dishwasher & a washer-dryer for the other portion in our duplex from Metro. We have been price shopping for a week now and no doubt, Metro came a clear winner.

    They haul away your old units for free, we got a great deal on the care plan for 3 years and there was a great variety to choose from.

    The customer service was great. One devoted representative showed us around the entire time, unlike the bigger competitors where one employee takes care of all the customers in the entire department.

    If I do not win, I would be saving up to buy a replacement for my old energy guzzler.

  377. My husband and I have been married for only 2 1/2 years and have a hand me down washer/dryer. We aren’t sure if we would ever be able to get something like what is being given away!!! We are about to have a baby so having a washer that doesn’t leak (considering we will probably doing loads more laundry) would be great!!! I haven’t ever shopped with Metro but who knows if we don’t win and our leaky washer dies, we may go check them out….especially since they are willing to do this for a give-away!!

  378. I would love to shop Metro, but never have. It really makes me want to shop there more, now that I know they support the community in this way.

  379. I would like to know more about Metro. I have driven by, but never stopped in because we haven’t needed new appliances lately. Would love to give them a try.

  380. Yeah! for a place that knows their products. I haven’t shopped for a large appliance in the area yet, but after reading this, it’ll be the place to go when I need to.

  381. We bought our fridge and stove from Metro 3 years ago. They are great! We still go in there just to dream about other appliances we would like to have.

  382. My fiancee and I will be getting married in a few short months. Since I rent and his is divorced we need all new appliances. His stuff is hand me downs and doesn’t work well at all. He lost the good stuff. We are really hoping that we get some money as wedding gifts in order to purchase a washer/dryer and refrigerator pronto. We’ve looked around at different places but Metro is definitely someplace we’ll consider. Ecspecially when we have the money to spend! He has two wonderful children that I love dearly so I will become and instant Mom and I’d love to make my job of “laundry extraordinare” easier! What an awesome wedding gift to win. Thanks for this offer.

  383. This machines look awesome. we have never shopped at this store but are in the process of building a house and are always looking for a good deal

  384. I need a washing machine. I’ve been married for a year and have new house. I will now go and check out this store.

  385. I’m not sure that I have been in the store before. My husband is a contractor and has done business there throughout the last several years. To the best of my knowledge, he (and his customers) have always been satisfied with the quality and selection. Now that I have heard more about Metro on this site I will look forward to a visit.

  386. When we build our home all of our appliances came from Metro Builders and we absolutely love them. They were very nice and definitely knew their stuff! What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  387. We’re in the market for a new range, and now plan to check out Metro instead of automatically heading to the giant home stores. Thanks!

  388. We love Metro Builders. We have shopped there, but since our current appliances were not old enough, we didn’t buy. We are planning on buying within the next year regardless and Metro’s experiences sales staff and wonderful products at great prices will definitely make our choice easy in choices a retailer – Metro Builders is the BEST! πŸ™‚

  389. I would check out Metro next time we’re in the market for any appliances based on reviews above. It’s hard to find decent customer service anymore, let alone good customer service!

  390. I’ve never shopped at Metro Builders before but it sounds like a wonderful store with knowledgeable employees and excellent customer service. I’ll remember them next we need new appliances.

  391. I need a new dryer. Mine takes forever to dry anything. With a family of 4, towels and jeans are an all day chore. Thanks Metro! I’ll be checking you out!

  392. We bought our refrigerator from them 7 years ago and will buy any future large appliances from them. They have great customer service (much better than any of the larger chains!), I love their sales, and they have very competitive prices!

  393. I’ve never shopped at Metro but will definitely keep them in mind now. I am in need of a completely overhauled kitchen and bathroom…now I know where to start!
    Thanks for the opportunity. πŸ™‚

  394. I’ve never been there, but if everything you guys say is true, I’m definitely going to look there the next time we have to buy an appliance.

    Also, I’d love to win a nice new front loading washer and dryer. πŸ™‚

  395. Wow!! What a giveaway! I need this set.
    A long time a ago I purchased a microwave from Metro Builders Supply and I will be back when I am need of a new appliance. The customer service was fantastic and they were VERY knowledgble about their products. They were able to answer any questions that I had.

  396. We recently finished our new home and we purchased all our appliances from Metro. Great Place!!!!!!!!!!!!

  397. I have never been to Metro before. My husband and I are getting out of debt and will be debt-free [minus our house] in June. This will be our first time to be debt free since before we were married. So .. we know what it’s like to scrimp here and there and to do without. Recently our washing machine went out, but being the good stewards we are, we pulled from our emergency fund and bought a good used one for $160. So we have a mix-matched set, from two different brands and two different years [decades maybe?]. Anyway, when we’re debt-free we want to buy a new washer/dryer set AND a good dishwasher, so we’ll be in the business of buying from a store. Seeing how Metro is trying to give out such a great blessing, I have to say that we’d love to shop somewhere where the $ isn’t the most important thing. Whoever wins this set will be receiving a great gift. Thank you!!

    prov 6:1-5

  398. I bought a wall oven from Metro Builders Supply in Little Rock last year. It was the easiest purchase I’ve ever made! I had narrowed my choice down to three ovens. I called Metro and got more information about all three and a recommendation. That was all it took. I placed my order shortly after that over the phone. A friend who lives in LR was able to pick it up for me and deliver it up to NWA. Like I said earlier, the easiest purchase ever!

  399. I’ve never shopped there before, but will definately check it out the next time we need a new appliance!

  400. If the customer service is as good as it sounds I wouldnt mind giving it a shot. Real customer service is such a comodity these days and when you find it you should hold on tight. Thank you for giving us this chance to enter an awesome drawing and get to know a potentially great company.

  401. Wow! I would love to win a new washer and dryer! Mine are not working well and with 2 kids in college, money is a little tight!

  402. I have never shopped there but will definitely check them out based on your recommendations and those of others that have been there.

  403. I have an older home that is need of some serious up-dating. I was struggling to see any potential for my kitchen. Metro Building Supply has helped me to see that the possibilities are endless. Metro has every type of major appliance possible, and at reasonable prices. I have found that I can afford to make more improvements than I originally thought. Thank you for helping me to unlock the potential and create a new vision for my space.

  404. Our builder outfitted our home with fixtures from Metro five years ago. It has been convenient having Metro as a resource as we have made changes and upgrades.

  405. I have not shopped at Metro because we have not needed any new appliances…but I can tell they have great brands and on-trend appliances. If I was building a home or replacing appliances, it would be a first place stop! My washer and dryer are on their last legs…so this would be a great thing to win! Thank you for the giveaway.

  406. We’re building a house ourselves and Metro Bldg Supply is now added to the list of businesses we must check out. Thank you for the information.

  407. This is a great opportunity and my girl would love to have such a great set.It would make taking care of our family easier.

  408. I have never been to Metro before, and I have never owned a washer and dryer. I am only 24 and have only one child but taking our laundry to the laundry mate is getting old, and very time consuming. I have recently found someone who let me barrow their machines and which I am very grateful for. But the qualities of the machines are not any better than at the laundry mate. I am grateful for this chances and just want to thank you for your time.

  409. I bought my home appliances from Metro and got great prices. I wouldn’t hesitate to guy from them again.

  410. I have never shopped at Metro, but if they are GIVING away a new washer and dryer in times like these, they’ve certainly earned my vote as a new place to shop. It will certainly push me to spread this via word of mouth, which is always good for business. Thanks for offering this, Metro!

  411. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this I am doing laundry all the time it seems! I have never shopped at Metro but I am going to go and check it out after all the great comments about them! Thanks

  412. Wow! This is exactly the washer/dryer set I want. We always shop at Metro. We outfitted our whole office kitchen from there; fridge, stove, dishwasher, wine fridge and icemaker. My mother got her W/D, stove and fridge there last year and I bought all my stainless appliances there in 2005. Metro is the best place to go for selection, service (thanks for hauling off our old appliances) and friendly staff (Dave Thomas!!).

  413. I have shopped at Metro several times. The people there are always so nice and helpful. I have always appreciated their honesty! I would really love to win this washer and dryer. Mine is very old, and it would be nice to win a new one.

  414. I love Metro. My parents drive up here from Ft. Smith to shop there. There is a saleman named Jon there that is wonderful. He will even call you when they run special deals!!! πŸ™‚

  415. My wife and I bought our appliances at Metro about a year ago. They were very helpful and delivery was easy. They have even come out when we had a minor issue with our icemaker. We will always come back to Metro. I cannot wait to tell my wife I won her a new washer and dryer! What a great giveaway!! Thanks Metro.

  416. I am an interior designer and I have recommended Metro Builders Supply to my clients for years. I have never had a single negative experience. Their showroom is beautiful and their staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. When I am ready to build my house, this will be the only place I go for great quality appliances, service and price.

  417. I have purchased a microwave at Metro. It works fantastic and got a good deal on it. The salesman asked if it would match the rest of my appliances and I told him “it didn’t matter, I’m a batchelor.”

  418. OH, I really need a new washer & dryer! Based on all the comments above I will definitely go to Metro to buy all my appliances. PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

  419. My husband and I bought all of our appliances at Metro when we were building our house 5.5 years ago. They were able to help us get what we wanted. The sales person was great, not pushy, very informative, and easy to work with. They delivered and installed the appliance on time and without any problems. We needed to service our one of our appliances a couple of years later so I called Metro. They were able to look up my records to see what all we bought and put me in touch with a serviceman. The service from purchase to service has been excellent! I have and will continue to recommend Metro to my friends!

  420. I’ve never shopped at Metro Builders Supply before, but based on what I’ve read here, I should. It sounds like they’ve got good prices and are a great local company that cares about its customers.

  421. I haven’t shopped at Metro Builders Supply, but I should definitely buy my next appliances there because of the quality, slection, and service that is offered. I also liked the comments about friendly, helpful salesmen! What a refreshing change from my last experience of buying a new range!

  422. What an amazing give-a-way! Thanks Metro Builders Supply. It is a great store – someday when I get a chance to redo my kitchen I know I will be shopping there. Keep my fingers crossed.

  423. We just recently moved into a new house, and after comparing Metro’s pricing to others such as Lowes and Home Depot, Metro wins hands down. We purchased a refrigerator from Metro with this move. About 8 years ago, I purchased my first washer and dryer from Metro. I definatly recommend Metro to all of my friends and relatives looking for applicances.

  424. We are looking to remodel our kitchen soon and have never shopped at MBS, but based on the comments and the recommendation of several friends we are definitely going to check you out.

  425. I have shopped at Metro numerous times during our previous building experiences….they were very professional and helpful to work with….I would love to have a new washer and dryer….they look fabulous!!!

  426. Washer is leaking oil and is only a couple of years old. Didn’t buy it at Metro but bought all our appliances for our first house we built from Metro.

    People at Metro are very helpful and customer service was great even after closed the deals on the appliances.

  427. I shopped at Metro years ago when we bought our first house. Loved the selection of products as well as the employees – full of knowledge!

  428. HGTV and DIY will tell you the only place to get the hottest appliances at the best price is Metro Builders Supply!

  429. We haven’t lived here long, but we are familiar with the Metro in Little Rock. They have a great reputation for customer service, obviously. My wife is a designer and she is very familiar with these guys. She would also be thrilled to win a new w&d since we’ve been looking to buy recently. Glad to know there’s another Metro here in NWA. We’ll definitely pay a visit, though it’d be wonderful to win!! Thanks Metro for a great promo.

  430. I have never shopped at your store before, but i would definalty start shopping at a store if i won something, i would have to, it would be my lucky store!

  431. I have not shopped at Metro, but good customer service is hard to come by. I’ll be checking it out. Would love to have a brand new washer and dryer!

  432. I really truley believe you have a great store by all these great comments, but I will just have to come check it out for myself. As we will be needing some appiances in the near future. This washer and dryer would be a wonderful addition to our house …as we have never had a washer and dryer this nice before . If we win then we can bless someone else with our newly used one. Good luck everyone!

  433. I have some specific concerns that I want to address when buying my next washer/dryer. From what I read, sounds like I could express those to a Metro employee and they would be able to tell me exactly which appliances would be best for me! Now….pick me!

  434. We have four kids and laundry and dishes are my life! I’ve never shopped at Metro, but certainly will if I win!

  435. Metro is one of the last places to shop where customer service is NOT dead! They offer the prices of discount store, the quality of product of a high-end store, and the customer service of a mom-n-pop store! You can’t go wrong shopping with them.

  436. I can’t imagine being so blessed as to having these beautiful white glowing machines in my little laundry room. I might have to paint! (:

  437. My husband and I love Metro builders! My husband sells materials to builders and he is well aware as to how wonderful you guys are. We would love love love a new washer and dryer. Espcially since we have 4 children and do at least 15 loads of laundry a week!


  438. I have not ever shopped here But I would love to check it out based solely on the knowledge & customer service. When I go to other retail stores either you cannot find employees to help OR they have NO knowledge in the dept. they work in.

  439. WOW! Would love to have a new washer and dryer. I have never shopped at Metro but it sounds like I should! Will have to go there next time we need some appliances.

  440. I love Metro and they are just down the road from me. They really do know their stuff and I love that they have so many choices in stock!

  441. I have shopped at Metro before and I was impressed with the selection of appliances they had. They had a variety of price ranges, so anyone can shop at Metro. I would love a new washer and dryer right now! With 2 boys and sports-it is much needed!

  442. Metro is the best place to go for all your appliance needs. Their staff are the most friendliest and helpful. You don’t get that kind of service anymore.

  443. Based on the experiences that others have had shopping at Metro I will definitely shop with them in the future.

  444. our current washer and dryer sound not unlike a small engine plane getting ready to take off–and with a baby coming in a couple of weeks, a new washer and dryer would be fab!

  445. Wow! What a great giveaway! I haven’t ever shopped at Metro before. It sounds like their customer service is wonderful!

  446. I am in desperate need of a new washer and dryer! My washer is eating tiny little holes in my clothes! We have been in the market for one and it sounds like we should try Metro! From what I have read they sound like a great place to look!

  447. I have seen Metro advertised on tv and have always wanted to go and check them out. I will have to go check them out the next time I need to buy something for my home. The thing that I really like about Metro is that when I have a question they will be able to awnser it right then. I would also love to have a washer that I do not have to worry about getting the clothes in it just right to keep it from shaking the whole house.LOL! πŸ™‚

  448. I haven’t shopped at Metro Builders only because I’ve not needed anything to this point. But I see the commercials and have heard nothing but good things about the store and will definitely head there as soon as we’re ready for a purchase! My husband is a teacher and I’m a stay-at-home Mom and we really need a new washer and dryer! We’ll see you soon!

  449. I’ve never shopped at Metro before, but am always looking for good products I can afford.

  450. We purchased a gas oven and hood with a built in microwave from Metro several years ago and our shopping experience was great. When we first approached the store, it didn’t look like much from the outside and I was skeptical, but upon entering the store, we knew we were in the right place. The sales people know their products and that is actually a rare quality in today’s market!

  451. 3 boys plus one seriously handy husband who all like to play in the mud means we have a very tired washer dryer set! Just the fact that Metro would consider working with a blog to help moms makes me consider shopping there in the future. I also prefer any place with a rep for great customer service. It’s on my list!

  452. I haven’t shopped at Metro but I would go there. It’s nice to know people know about the product that they are selling. So many times they don’t. It’s also good to know Metro has great customer service.

  453. While I’ve not yet shopped at Metro, I’ve always heard good things from others who have shopped there. Our last appliance purchase was from a well-known retailer who is known for their appliance department, and it turned into such a fiasco! The clerk didn’t have a clue about the products and took over an hour to ring up our purchase correctly. I’ll certainly consider Metro next time, especially if we ever build a new house. In the meantime, a new washer and dryer would allow me to give my current set to my daughter who is a single parent of three, and whose dryer is not working well at all. (She would probably like the new set better, so some serious negotiating will be in the works if I should win!)

  454. I am from the Fayetteville area but have moved a couple hours away recently. I truly miss all of the wonderful people and places of Northwest Arkansas and can gladly add Metro to that list! Great place and great people!

  455. I have not shopped at Metro before but would love to win the washer and dryer. The pedestal that comes with it would be great on the back.

  456. We love Metro! We when we built our house 4 years ago, we bought 3 appliances from them. An oven, micro-hood, and dishwasher. They had the best prices around and you even get a discout when you buy more than one appliance. The appliances are great – we have not had any problems with them.

  457. I am new to the area and I am excited and ready to furnish my new home with Metro appliances. Good luck everyone!!

  458. Although I haven’t shopped at Metro myself, I have heard others speak of their awesome customer service and products. Wow, it’s nice to know that such a place really does exist!

  459. I bought a refrigetor from you 2 years ago. You had the best price and excellent delivery! I recommended you to my mom and she bought her built in refrigerator and wine cooler from you and is about to buy more appliances for her new home she is building. I don’t think anyone can compete with your prices or the quality. You have the best inventory and service!!

  460. WOW we recently built a house and got all new appliance EXCEPT a new washer/dryer and we got them at METRO! We got beautiful appliaces at awesome prices! My favorite is my ice maker! Love it! And yes the customer service is superior!!!

  461. I have not shopped at metro, but have heard of there reputation and would check them out to compare with other retailers the next time we buy an appliance.

  462. I bought my dish washer there. They were the only store that carried a Bosch. Love my dishwasher.

  463. I helped my parents purchase appliances for their dream home a few years ago. Shopping at Metro was the highlight of the experience. Well-organized store, knowledgeable staff, great selection, and competitive prices. What more can you ask for?

  464. Metro is always our first and last stop when looking for appliances. They always have the best price and people who are willing to help find a solution for you. Customer Service is A+ for this group. You won’t find a better deal in town.

  465. Whether I win or not, just finding out about Metro may be an answer to prayer! My super old set won’t last much longer, and I planned to start shopping around before they die! I will need what Metro appears to have: good prices, selection, and very importantly, good customer service!

  466. I would love to win this set for my wife. She needs a new set, and since my business has been affected by the recession, we are not able to afford them right now. Thanks for this opportunity.

  467. I have shopped and purchased at Metro in the past and LOVED the knowledge of the staff. Great experience

  468. Shopped at Metro when building 4 years ago looking for refrigerator and dishwasher. The sales staff was very friendly. Didn’t need a washer and dryer at the time but the ones we have now are 15 plus years old (we got them used when we were first married) and my washer is running only because of a pen stuck in a hole that enables it to make it to the spin cycle LOL!!!

  469. Metro is a great place to purchase your household appliances. Friendly staff and a huge range of brands and styles of whatever you need.

  470. Metro was great for us last July when we were looking for my mother-in-law a new refridgerator. After looking nearly every where in NWA we found exactly what we wanted and the price was better than others we had seen. They delivered it and were extremely helpful. They also carry brands that other stores do not.

  471. I love Metro! All of the appliances for our house came from there when we built three years ago! We will definitely be back on the next build!

  472. I have never shopped at Metro before. I will definatly be checking them out. I would love to win the washer and dryer. I do at least 10 or more loads a day!.. If I win I will donate my current washer and dryer to a family in need!

  473. I have never shopped at Metro but my daughter and her husband bought all new applicance at Metro when they built their new home 2 years ago. They have had only good experiences with the company and I would use them myself in the future.

    I would love to have a brand new matching set to wash and dry my clothes.
    It is really hard for me to stand on my head to get my clothes out of the dryer.
    You can not imagine how these would help me. Thank you, so much to the opportunity to enter into this drawing.

  474. I have never shopped at Metro before. I have had my washer and dryer for almost 9 years now and it is running on its last leg…lol!!! So, whether or not I win this BEAUTIFUL washer and dryer set, I will be shopping there soon!

  475. When we built our house a few years ago I bought all my appliances from Metro. They were great to work with and they have great prices too! Anytime you are looking for an appliance you definitely need to shop there first.

  476. I haven’t shopped at Metro before but after reading the other comments I now know where I will be shopping for a new cooktop. That and my 19 year old washer and dryer are barely limping along! Love the idea of shopping where word of mouth brags on customer service.

  477. I have shopped and purchased at Metro more than once and have never been disappointed in the products or the service!

  478. I have friends who have shopped at Metro Bldrs and have been happy. I am using a 20+ year old dryer and a hand-me-down washer, both still working. It would be cool to win this set! We will check out Metro for that day, surely not too far in the future,when we replace our current work horses.

  479. Metro rocks! I’m so excited about this contest! It would be amazing to have this product. My current washer and dryer are ready to retire! πŸ™‚

  480. I have purchased several appliances from Metro. I have always been very pleased with the service. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I would love to win. I have 5 children and do many loads of laundry a day. This would be a great help.

  481. While building our home two years ago, our builder highly recommended we buy our appliances at Metro. We did and were happy both with the selection and customer service. All of our kitchen appliances came from there…fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, double-convection ovens, warming drawer etc.

  482. This is AWESOME!!! My husband is a contractor and he visits Metro on a regular basis. I totally need a new washer.!

  483. Shopped at Metro when building a littel over 4 years ago. I was in the market for a refrigerator, dishwasher, range and microwave. I had very little time to complete my transaction and was searching for help to narrow down my product selection. I was in need of products that were relatively self sufficient and easy to operate… for me as well as the other domestically challenged members of the household! Metro fit the bill. Still no better off today from a domestically challenged perspective, but I have nice appliances that look good and perform superbly!

  484. We love Metro Builders Supply! Bought all our appliances there for our current home and would do so again.

  485. Sounds like Metro is the place to shop! Great deals and super customer service!!!! Thanks!!

  486. I got my current washer and dryer back in 1994. We are way over due for a nice set now that we have three kids. Our dryer is even making us dry some loads twice.
    It would be very nice to win something as nice as your giveaway. If not, we will try to save enough money to shop at Metro. Thanks for giving us a chance to win!!

  487. All the appliances in our five-year-old house came from Metro. When we shopped at their store, they could not have been more helpful. We felt as if they had our best interest in mind, not their own. Their sales people were also great after we had purchased our appliances and had them installed in our home….thanks metro!!!

  488. When we had to replace our dishwasher a few years back, I was visiting our daughter in NW AR who had just gotten a card from Metro. I was in awe when I entered the store; the selection is fabulous and they know their appliances.
    I ended up with a Bosch dishwasher before they were commonly available and paid about what other brands cost. I still love that dishwasher!! You can bet I’ll return to Metro when I need to replace any other appliances. I would love to replace my washer and dryer with a new Whirlpool set!

  489. I have not shopped at Metro before, but will definitely check them out first when we go to make our next appliance purchase. It sounds like their service is exceptional and I love that they really know their products. We are in need of a new washer and dryer and would be so thankful to win this giveaway!

  490. I have never been lucky enough to build a house and need all new appliances, but everyone I know who has has ALWAYS talked about getting their appliances at Metro. I also like their commercial where the saleswoman lists all the different kinds of refrigerators!

  491. We have shopped Metro for a restaurant sized refrigerator but decided on a regular sized one from elsewhere. I would still consider Metro when shopping for appliances. A washer – dryer combo sounds great. My dryer just went out yesterday and I had to hang the wet clothes on the fence.

  492. About 5 years ago when I remodeled my kitchen, I bought my new smooth top electric stove from Metro. We got great service, the best price, and I have loved my stove. I would certainly love to win this washer & dryer, as mine need replacing and I cannot afford to replace them at this time. Thanks for making this offer!

  493. I’ve never been to Metro, as I am very new to town. But, every time I start a load I begin to frown. When I load the laundry of our life I begin to think I need a wife. Alas there is one simple fix, for fun and laundry do not mix. I must have the Cadillac of Clean, the latest, greatest Whirpool Machine. I know that Metro wishes this for me too. This customer soon will not be new! I have a tendency to recommend more than others wish. However, about Metro I will not hesitant to dish. I will tell her and him and she and he what gift Metro gave to me! So don’t hold back – pick my simple poem. I want to take that washer and dryer home!

  494. My son and his wife bought all of their appliances at Metro when they built their house. They had nothing but praise to say about the friendly people, great selection, and good prices at Metro. Even though I don’t live in the area, I would be thrilled to drive to Springdale to pick up a new Whirlpool Duet front-loading washer and dryer set. I would love to have a new set with the pedestal stand and pull-out drawers. Thank you Metro for making someone’s wish come true.

  495. I have not needed to buy any appliances recently, but have heard of Metro before and would definitely check them out when I need an appliance!

  496. My parents have used Metro before and have always had great service. Now that I am old enough to buy my own things I will definitely check them out!! Our family will be expanding this year and we would LOVE to have a new washer and dryer for the many loads of laundry that are sure to come. THANKS!!

  497. Wow! I cannot beleive what a nice set it is! I have never heard of Metro, but I am impressed:) Very nice. I am getting married this coming summer and I would love to have this nice of a set.

  498. Have purchased all my appliances through Metro and have always been very pleased. They seem to have the best prices and great costumer service.

  499. My husband and I first shopped at Metro in May of 2001 we bought a washer and dryer for our first home. The brand is Magic Chef…who knew they made washers and dryers. We recently built a home and went back to Metro for our kitchen appliances. The service was great. As for the washer and dryer, we still have them.

  500. I have bought anything but I know someone who works at the one in Tulsa and I was going to buy a new front load and dryer soon, well when I could afford it! If I could win one even better!

  501. Our new home all our appliances came from Metro Builders Supply. We have lived here for 3 years and have not had any problems with any of them…we love Metro they have any appliance that you need and great customer service. Thanks!!

  502. I haven’t heard of Metro Builders, but reading the other comments, there are definitely some very satisfied customers out there and I will make it a point to check them out in the future, even if it is just to stop in and see what is available. You can always use a good reference when it comes to large item purchases like appliances.

  503. When we built our house all our appliances came from Metro. No problmes. Great stuff. Great prices.

  504. I have shopped them several times. I really love the freindly and helpful salespeople and the wide variety of appliances.Sometimes I stop in just to see what is new and to dream a little. I have six children and could really use a new washer and dryer as my dryer is taking 2 hours to dry one load!

  505. This sounds like an awesome store!
    We are planning a remodel and will have to check it out!

  506. I have never shopped at Metro but I am getting married in 10 days and am in the market for a new washer & drayer. After reading everyone’s comments I can see why shopping at Metro would be a smart choice. From the friendly sales staff, great selection and prices, it sounds like the perfect place to shop!:)

  507. What a great giveaway! Thanks mamas and Metro! I haven’t shopped at Metro myself but these comments have me SOLD! Who knew customer service still existed? Apparently it does! My washer/dryer have moved with me several times and have the scars to prove it. I would love to win this beautiful set! And I’m looking forward to shopping Metro for my next purchase.

  508. We have just moved back to NWA. We are buying a house soon and we will be updating applainces. We look forward to visiting your shop! This give away is so fabulous! Hope we win!

  509. Sounds like a great place, I will keep that in mind next time I’m shopping for appliances which could be soon because we are finally house shopping!

  510. Before we moved into our house, I took a tour through Metro only to find out that we had paid at least $100 more on our new refridgerator at a chain store, and didn’t get NEAR the the customer service that I got just by visiting Metro. They will definitely be my first choice from now on, especially after reading so many other stories.

    My washer started smoking today (I tried to convince it that wasn’t a good idea), and now laundry for 5 people is up in the air! The budget is not smiling to purchase a new rockin’ set like this one, but I am excited at even the chance to win! Good luck to all the gals!

  511. A knowledgeable sales staff is very important to me when looking to make a purchase. I will definitely consider them for my next purchase.

  512. I’ve never shopped with you before, but I believe I will be making a visit very soon. Your customer service sounds outstanding, looking forward to being a future customer.

  513. Sounds like a wonderful place to shop. A friendly place with helpful employees is so rare these days. I can’t wait until my next appliance purchase to visit Metro!

  514. I haven’t shopped here before as I never thought it offers beautiful appliances that I just now found out. We’re renovating a condo and would love to check out what Metro has to offer. Sounds like a wonderful place to shop for appliances.

  515. Metro is one of the best places to shop for appliances. We have bought several appliances there in the past and have loved their prices and their customer service. They offer top line products at prices you can afford.

  516. I have never shopped at a Metro store before, but quality service is a rarity and always a nice suprise that gets customers coming back and recommendation to friends. This sounds like a great store that is all about making you feel at home.

  517. I have never shopped at Metro before, but it sounds like a very customer friendly place to go! I’d love to win this set!!

  518. I haven’t shopped there before, but will look there in the future because of their buying power to be able to send along great deals! πŸ™‚

  519. I have never been to metro before. I will definately be stopping in there now that I know what all they offer. Who doesn’t want to win this great washer/dryer combo? I will be sharing the good news with my friends.

  520. I haven’t been to Metro before – I didn’t even know it existed! My husband will have to make a point to shop there after reading about Metro’s variety and prices.

  521. I can’t think of any wonderful horror stories about laundry right now, but I’m sure I’ve had my share of laundry disasters. I will have to check out Metro b/c we bought our set 11 years ago, and I’m just waiting to see when they will die!

  522. Love the selection, the great quality, and the wonderful customer service at Metro. The BEST place to shop in NWA.

  523. Worst laundry accident- I washed and dried all of my favorite clothes with lipstick still in the pocket of my pants. Needless to say, there were dark red smudges all over everything. πŸ™

  524. Twenty three years ago we built a home and purchased all our appliances from Metro. They had a great selection and good prices. Five years we purchased another dishwasher from them! They have wonderful customer service. Thanks Metro!

  525. We have purchased almost all of our appliances at Metro over the years, and they have been a great place to work with. I recommend to alot of people.
    It would be awesome to win the washer and dryer!!

  526. laundry disaster:
    I have been washing for many ,many years, and tonight unloaded my better clothes to transport to dryer. When there were pinks when should have white & pinky/peach where should have been yellow!! oh no

    Best to me on the give away πŸ™‚

  527. I would love a new washer and dryer. Gotta love that clean laundry smell, esp with 3 kids.

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