Crafty Mama: Nursery decor projects and pointers


If you’re in the process of planning a baby’s nursery or trying to figure out a way to refresh a nursery for a second or third baby, you’re going to LOVE these ideas sent over by our crafty mama friends at Signed Sealed Delivered in Rogers. We especially love that many of these crafty ideas are also great ways to save money and still create a truly beautiful room for a beautiful baby. Read on.

1. Make a plan: The majority of nursery decor mistakes stem from a simple lack of planning. So make a plan before starting your nursery, moving into a new home or building a new home with a nursery. Don’t forget that the space will need to grow with your child. The changing table and rocking chair will one day be replaced by a twin bed or something larger.

If you’re having trouble figuring out if and how everything will fit into the room, try using a “Room Spacing Kit.” Layout your nursery just like the professionals, using repositionable stickers to determine where furniture and accessories will go. (You can find room spacing kits at Signed Sealed Delivered in Rogers or online by clicking here.)

2. The walls: If you have a wall that needs a little repair or are looking for a trendy look, try painting one wall with chalk board paint. Now available in a wide range of colors, it’s the perfect way to let creativity live in your home. (And toddlers love it, too!)

3. Re-purpose furniture finds for the new baby: A variety of furniture in different colors and finishes becomes a unified set when painted. We love “Canvas Home Basics Furniture Cabinet and Trim Paint”.  (You can find it at Signed Sealed Delivered in Rogers.) It will adhere to any surface without priming or sanding, and that includes stained, painted and finished furniture and cabinets. It’s a very doable weekend project and a great way to re-purpose furniture you have. Use a great flea market find and then mix in that piece from the garage sale. One note: Make sure that when choosing a crib that it meets current regulations and safety standards.

4. BIG pictures: We love photography and we love to see it larger than life. Plan space to hang large pictures that begin at birth and show the steps along the way. Kids love to see their own photos and this a great way to decorate with one of a kind shots. Studies show that babies are naturally drawn to look at faces versus other types of pictures.

5. Bring in the armoire: Armoires were once the most popular piece of furniture in almost every home, housing the television in every living room. With the invention of flat screens and larger televisions, the need for armoires has decreased. It might not be necessary for the TV anymore, but it’s the perfect storage space for clothes and toys in the nursery. Repaint white or black and the original style fits perfectly into your nursery style. For fun, add dots, stripes or even hearts to make a one-of-a-kind focal point for the room.

6. Pillow talk: Beautiful fabrics are abundant these days, so don’t let the high price of interior fabrics scare you away. Take a look at the remnant bins, sale fabrics and any damaged goods specials. You can make pillows in any size and shape, so you have the flexibility to use a wide range of fabric sizes and shapes, which allows you to take advantage of the specials.

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