Crafty Mama: Display solutions for kids’ artwork!


Today marks the launch of our new monthly feature called “Crafty Mama.” But make no mistake, this is not your grandma’s craft corner. There will be no crocheted potholders here, ladies. Today’s “crafty mama” is a woman looking for solutions to common problems around the house, only she wants those solutions to have style and personality. That’s the big difference.

We’ve asked Signed Sealed Delivered in Rogers to sponsor this new feature because we always find lots of good ideas there, and we know their craft specialists are willing to share their expertise on simple fixes, decorative ideas and do-it-yourself projects.

The topic we’re tackling today is something all moms struggle with – the seemingly endless supply of kids’ artwork that flows home each day in backpacks or is created on your kitchen table. We love it, but what in the world are we supposed to do with all of it? There’s only so much space on the refrigerator, right?

The solution: Create your own clothesline display space. Put it in the playroom, kids’ bedrooms, craft room, and it’s even a great way to brighten up a laundry room! If you hang one along a kitchen wall, you could also use it to clip your favorite recipe cards, to-do lists, phone numbers, etc.

What you’ll need: 

  • Rope or ribbon
  • Two small screw hooks (Canvas Home Basics decorative hardware includes oversized nails, screw hooks, round hooks, wire, etc., available at Signed Sealed Delivered.)
  • Clothespins (Signed Sealed Delivered has them in different colors and finishes.)

How to do it:

Insert two small screw hooks into the wall. Tie the rope or ribbon to each hook and anchor it with bows, knots or streamers.

Tip: If you want the artwork to constantly change, hang it at your child’s eye level and put them in charge of updating it. If you want to use it solely as room decor, consider anchoring the hooks into the molding and create a 3-dimensional room border.


  1. Another fun way to attach a clothesline display gallery is to paint a wooden board to match the decor of the room.
  2. Then attach two fun cabinet knobs or door knobs on each end of the painted board.
  3. Hang the board on the wall and tie your ribbon or rope from each decorative knob.

Other ideas: String your ribbon or rope between the posts of a child’s canopy bed. Or try a vertical approach and hang the ribbon above so you can clip artwork all the way down the rope, alternating the designs.

This is one of those easy breezy design solutions that your kids can help you create and maintain. It’s a great way to get all those masterpieces out of the basket, shoebox or pile they’re currently living in and out into the open where the whole family can enjoy them. Have fun with it!