What We’re Reading: Winter in Paradise

Hi mamas! Ready for another book recommendation? This one will give you not one but THREE books to keep you entertained with complicated people in a beautiful, sunny, warm setting — the perfect escape from a cold winter in Northwest Arkansas.

The author is Elin Hilderbrand, who has made a long career out of keeping readers turning pages and falling in love with characters. The first book in this trilogy is titled Winter in Paradise. In it, you’ll meet main characters Cash, Baker, Irene, Rosie, Ayers, Huck and Maia. You’ll meet a few more interesting characters along the way during the three-book series, but these are the main players. Irene is the mother, and Cash and Baker are her adult sons. Their father, and Irene’s husband, is named Russ and his BIG secret is the thing that triggers this story’s plot.

How the family deals with the secret and all the damage that results from it is what kept me turning pages throughout the series. This author does a great job of creating complicated characters who do both wonderful and disappointing things — just like real people.

Here are the names of all the book titles in this series:

Winter in Paradise

What Happens in Paradise

Troubles in Paradise

If you love a good audiobook that lets you enjoy great stories while also moving around the house to get things done or walking on a treadmill, we can wholeheartedly recommend the audio version of these books, too. The reader’s voice is great!

One of the perks of listening to a good book on audio is that I often feel more motivated to fold laundry or vacuum because I can do it while listening to a book with my Airpods or headphones. It definitely helps take some of the drudgery out of regular chores around the house.

By the end of the three-book series, I felt like I’d been on quite a journey with these characters and was happy with how things turned out for them. Hope you enjoy it, too!

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