What’s your “anti-resolution” for 2019?

Hi, mamas! Can you believe it’s the second day of a brand new year?

Some of us love a list of resolutions to tackle in January, and some of us dread the whole resolution shtick. If you’re in that second group, we feel ya. That’s why this article jumped out at us recently. It’s about making an “anti-resolution” for the New Year, in order to find out what you most want to change and why.

The name of the article is “The Secret To Making Resolutions You Actually Need,” written by Susie Moore. We found it on the Greatist.com website.

The article also suggests finding one single word that you’ll remember for the entire year that sums up what you most want to experience during these next 12 months. Here’s a short list of some of the suggested words:

  • Create
  • Laugh
  • Believe
  • Act
  • Joy
  • Dare
  • Trust

Hope the process of making an anti-resolution is fun for you and points you toward a brighter New Year.