What We’re Reading: The Bride Series

Mamas, do you love a good book series as much as we do? If so, here’s a recommendation — especially if you want a good love story (or four).

I got hooked on Nora Roberts thriller books several years ago, but I noticed on Goodreads that her “Bride Quartet” series gets a gazillion positive reviews. Since I was in the mood for something light and sweet for the holidays, I downloaded the first book in the series.

As usual with Roberts’ novels, it’s almost too easy to keep turning pages. She definitely keeps her readers’ interest. As you might imagine with a book series about brides, these books are all about relationships, falling in love and overcoming obstacles.

But what I like best about the series is that the central relationship in all of the books is about the life-long friendship shared by the four women who star as the main characters — Mac, Laurel, Emma and Parker. These are the kind of books that remind you how much you love the great friends in your life and how important they are.

Here are the titles of each of the four bride books:

You could easily read any of these books as a stand-alone. My plan was to just read one of them. But… once I got to know the four main characters, I wanted to see how things turned out for each of the four friends so I read the whole series during the holiday break. It’s fun to try to guess who each woman will fall for and how it might all play out. (The audio book versions are great, too, and they make it easy to do other things like exercise or cook while you enjoy the books.)

Just a note… if you don’t want a book with the occasional steamy scene, you may want to look for something different. The temperature will definitely go up in a few scenes in each book.

Hope you enjoy either one or all of the books in this series. Happy reading, mamas!