What We’re Reading: The Stillhouse Lake Series

Mamas, is this finally the year you’re going to give yourself more time to read? Get lost in a novel that gives you a much-deserved break from your busy everyday life? YES??

Good! Because we LOVE a good novel. There’s something so great about looking forward to slipping under the covers at bedtime and escaping into a story that you’re fascinated with — one that makes you eager to know what’s going to happen next.

Last year, I was in the mood for a great suspense/thriller novel when I ran across one by author Rachel Caine called Stillhouse Lake. It was SO good and edge-of-your-seat exciting! My husband (who admits that it’s tough for him to get drawn in by a book) was also addicted to this book.

It’s about a woman named Gwen Proctor who used to be married to a guy named Melvin — right up until she found out that Melvin was a serial killer. YIKES!¬†Even after Gwen legally cleared her name as having zero involvement in her ex-husband’s crimes, she is still trolled and stalked by online predators. And she has to keep her two kids safe. And her serial killer ex is still trying to torment her even from prison. Buckle your seatbelts because this novel will keep you guessing.

The best part of this recommendation is that this book is the first in a six-part series! So if you love the first one, you’ll have five more to read. (SCORE!) If you read one a month, that’s half a year’s worth of reading. But keep in mind that each book stands on its own so you don’t have to read all of them to enjoy the story.

Hope this series gives you the same kind of suspenseful thrill ride that it gave me. Happy reading, mamas!