What We’re Reading: Can’t-put-it-down novels!


One of my favorite things to do is get so wrapped up in a novel that I lose track of time and stay up way too late just to find out what happens next. It’s like letting my mind take a vacation to a completely new place.

If you love a good page-turner, here’s a list of novels that Shannon and I put together. These are books we’ve read recently and just couldn’t put down. Click on the name of each book to go to Amazon.com and read more about it, including more reviews from other readers. Enjoy!

fly-away-home.jpgFly Away Home, by Jennifer Weiner

I’ve heard so much about this author, but this is the first book of hers that I’ve read. (It was just released last week.) Jennifer Weiner lived up to the hype! The pages just flowed into each other, and I was up until 2 a.m. reading about what happened to this perfect politician’s wife (and her two grown daughters) after she was devastated by something she never saw coming.

the-help.jpgThe Help, by Kathryn Stockett

I can’t recommend this one enough! What a wonderful book by this first-time author. It’s written SO incredibly well, and you will absolutely fall in love with the characters. It gave me a whole new appreciation for women living in the midst of the civil rights era.

backseat-saints.jpgBackseat Saints, by Joshilyn Jackson

This is one of those books that will seriously have you hooked about five pages in. The momentum and suspense in this one is really great. The story is about a woman’s struggle to escape an abusive husband who she knows, sooner or later, is going to kill her. Great story with a great ending.

gods-in-alabama.jpgGods in Alabama, by Joshilyn Jackson

This book, also by Joshilyn Jackson, stands on its own, but the story line does intersect with the story told in Backyard Saints, mentioned above. This one is not quite as suspensful as Backyard Saints, but the characters are very interesting, and the ending will definitely surprise you.

The Winter Garden, Kristin Hannah

winter-garden.jpgI picked this one up as a “light” read and found myself completely sucked in to the story of two sisters, Nina and Meredith, who uncover some amazing truths about their mother after their beloved father dies. I was thinking about this one long after I read the last page. It was haunting.

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