What We’re Reading to the Kids: Three picture books you will both LOVE

Mamas, my kids aren’t in the picture book age range anymore, but I’ve certainly read plenty of them over the years. But recently a picture book titled “What Do You Do with an Idea?” was recommended by an author that I follow, Jon Acuff, and I was intrigued because it was the only picture book on his list of motivational/uplifting books to read.

I’m SO glad I took a chance and ordered it because I fell in love with it — so much so that I ordered one for Shannon, too. (She’s the one who originally dreamed up the idea for this website you’re reading!)

When I found out that the book was part of a 3-book series, I ordered the other two books, too. They’re titled “What Do You Do With a Problem?” and “What Do You Do with a Chance?” All of them are wonderful, and the illustrations are gorgeous. The series is written by author Kobi Yamada, and the illustrator is Mae Besom.

The writing is simple enough for little kids to understand, but the deeper meaning is profound enough to inspire even the most cynical grown-ups. Since the first book was published in 2014, it has sold more than 300,000 copies and has won several awards. There are more than 1,700 reviews posted on Amazon, and it currently has a 5-star rating.

Cost is $11.05 for “What Do You Do with an Idea?” on Amazon, or you can get all three books in a box set for about $29. (We think any one of or all of these books would be a lovely baby shower gift, too.)

Hope you and your little ones love them as much as we do!