What We’re Reading: Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner

Mamas, remember that review we did about Abbi Waxman’s awesome read, The Bookish Life of Nina Hill?

Well, Gwen and I were thrilled to see that Abbi has a new book out this summer that focuses on teenagers and college visits! Totally relatable for us in this phase of our lives. But really, no matter the ages of your kids, this was really a fun, easy breezy read (with very sharp observations about kids, life and motherhood).

I was Told It Would Get EasierĀ follows Jessica and Emily Burnstein as they travel the East Coast by bus with a group of other kids and parents. As is usually the case, mom and daughter have wildly different ideas for how the college visit road trip will play out.

The book alternates between both perspectives, which could have been a disaster in the hands of another author. Abbi pulls it off and it’s actually pretty interesting to see just how we (as moms) can experience the exact same conversation or event so differently from our kids. Enlightening.

Jessica, the mom in the book, is looking for a chance to bond with her daughter who feels emotionally far away. But surprises and secrets threaten their relationship.

If you need other recommendations, this summer has been full of other fun reads as I’ve needed an escape from the stressors of pandemic life:

Another fabulous author is Jennifer Weiner and her latest book was a big hit with me. Big Summer‘s heroine is Daphne Berg, who’s shocked when ex-friend Drue Cavanaugh walks back into her life with a BIG favor to ask: Will you be my maid of honor at the society wedding of the summer?

In other books that have served as enjoyable distractions this summer:

What’s on your reading list right now? Share in comments!