What does Pilates equipment look like?

Shannon and I have been working out at Pilates Plus in Johnson for about a year now, and we are still loving it. We’ve gotta tell you — speaking as two people who have never loved exercise — finding the right workout for you makes all the difference.

We particularly like working out on the Pilates equipment but we know it can look a little intimidating at first. It freaked us out a little in the beginning, too. So we thought we’d shoot a quick video of what it looks like to use this equipment in the Pilates studio.

(This is Sally and Jennifer in the video, who graciously let us film them. Thanks, girls! Their instructor is Catherine Bogard and she leads them through the workout to ensure they’re doing the moves correctly and in the way that will get them the most results.)

Swimsuit and shorts season is sneaking up on us, mamas. If you’re looking for a great way to tone up and shape your body, talk to a Pilates instructor about what this form of exercise can do for you. Hannah Harris owns Pilates Plus and she is our instructor. Her number is 479-287-4519.

Here’s a quick video of Pilates equipment in action!