Ticket Giveaway: Ferdinand the Bull at Walton Arts Center

One of my favorite things to do is take my preschooler to the Walton Arts Center. Her eyes light up even before the curtains open on that big stage, and she gets so excited about what we might see that she can hardly stand the anticipation. If you have a little theater lover or would like to introduce your preschooler or elementary-aged kiddo to the magic of the theater, we’ve got a pair of tickets that will help you do it. We’re sending one mom and her lucky kid to see Ferdinand the Bull at the Walton Arts Center on Sunday, January 30th at 2 p.m.

This is no ordinary kids’ show because Ferdinand is certainly no ordinary bull. In fact, this bull is so special that his story has been told for 50 years. The performance is based on the classic children’s story by the same name, written by Munfro Leaf. It’s about a bull named Ferdinand who’s a little different than the other bulls. He doesn’t want to charge through life, snorting and fighting. This mellow bull prefers to sit under a shade tree smelling the flowers.

But one day he accidentally sits on a bumblebee which triggers such a big reaction that he gets noticed by some men who think he’d be a good animal to send to the famous bull-fighting ring in Madrid. Have no fear, however, because this story has one of the best happy endings in all of children’s literature. Perfect for little ones on up through age 8 or for anyone who loved the Ferdinand story as a child.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat for the drawing, simply click the orange comment button below and tell us what you like to do to mellow out or “stop and smell the flowers” with your kids. (My kids and I like to declare “pajama day” and lay around the house watching movies and playing board games!) You may also e-mail your entry to us at giveaways@nwaMotherlode.com.

INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, if you email your friends about this show, you’ll earn extra chances to win for every friend you tell. Just be sure to put our address on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit.

To order tickets to see Ferdinand the Bull this weekend, click HERE or call the Walton Arts Center box office at 479-443-5600. See you there!


  1. I don’t get to spend much time with my 5 year old granddaughter– and this would be a wonderful opportunity to take her to see this.

  2. We like to pile up in “mommas bed” and read and do puzzles together. If its nice weather we like to walk on the trail near our house.

  3. whenever I feel detached or like we’ve been running around too much I ask my son (or he will ask me) to stop at the ‘movie store’ (Take 2 Video). he knows he gets $1 to spend and we get a movie to watch together. We watch it in our living room cuddled up on the couch sharing a blanket and then we tell Dad all about what we enjoyed! : )

  4. We like to have arts and crafts time to chill out. Our “crafts cabinet” if full of all kinds of paint, glitter, pom poms and other things that we can use for our creative time. My kids LOVE making things from their imagination – perfect way to relax. :o)

  5. My son and I have particular tv shows that we like to watch together than no one else in our house likes to watch. We do a lot of talking while the two of us are alone and watching tv. My daughter and I laugh a lot together. We get each others sense of humor and play off each other and laugh hysterically…until we start “snorting”! :>)

  6. My 3 year old son and I like to lay in his bed and watch movies. We close the door so it’s just us and we’ll lay there for 2 hours and just cuddle and watch what movie he is in the mood for. It’s always a special time.

  7. My two boys and I end up setting in my rocking chair together watching what ever they would like to watch. When we do this, I make sure I don’t answer the phone, the door or anything.. This is their time with mom, and my time with them. I like to hear about my 7 year olds day, and then just giving my two year old time to talk is always interesting!

  8. We love Saturday mornings to unwind here. Our two girls love to crawl up in our bed and cuddle with my husband and me. We really enjoy it now. They are growing up so quick. I wish moments like those would last forever!

  9. To relax at our house, my 4 1/2 year old daughter and I like to scrapbook. I actually scrapbook, and she sits beside me at the dining room table cutting up pieces of “scrap” paper!

  10. We love to climb in my bed and read books. It’s so much fun to read, interact, and laugh together. Many special memories have been made reading books.

  11. We are on the go a lot so my daughter likes days when we stay home & “just play toys”.

  12. Even my adult kids like curling up on sofa with popcorn and our jammies in the evening after work to watch reality TV and laugh!!

  13. When we need to relax and unwind, we do a yoga tape together. It keeps us healthy, teaches the kids to relax, and is fun too!

  14. I like to take my 3.5 year old for walks around the neighborhood on nice days. It helps her burn some energy and gives me some exercise and down time. We pick up rocks, sticks, pretty leaves and anything else that strikes her fancy. She is an explorer, just like Dora!!

  15. We unwind at dinner time. We eat together at the table and talk about our day, without any distractions – no tv and no phones. We are on the go a lot, so this is our precious family time.

  16. My daughter and I love to ride horses….Every Saturday she’s on a horse unless the weather is too cold and I love watching her!

  17. I take my kids on a car ride. If its nice, we roll down the windows, turn on the music and jam out. We like to find new places to get out and explore…getting out of the house and the normal day to day stuff is what relaxes us and makes us feel great!!

  18. I would love to take my son to see this. He would so enjoy the show and it would be so great to show him that we don’t all have to be the same.

  19. My daughter and I like to watch chick flicks while dad and brother are out! This is usually saturday mornings.

  20. We love watching movies together. Sometimes when I’m feeling creative, we’ll “camp out” in the living room with our blanket tent and Lincoln Log fire. LOVE hanging with my kids! And they love FERDInAND! A friend gave it to us as an adoption present, and we read it to pieces…literally!

  21. mondays nights my grandbaby Isabella and I get pizza and go in her walkin closet and close the door and eat pizza and play she tell everyone in the house its time for just mana as she shuts the door.

  22. Addie and I love to read together… she would make me read all day long if i let her!

  23. My kids and I will have family game night either on the wii or board games or sometimes watch a movie and snuggle with blankets in our p.j.’s.

  24. My family enjoys “family cuddles”, which consists of myself, my husband, 4 y/o twins (son and daughter), and 10y/o daughter, dog piling in the bed, being attacked by our twins (they think they are wretlers), and head butts and tickles. This has become a family tradition when we all get home from work and school. Fun times.

  25. My son and I LOVE to read books together. We alternate reading our favorites. I have an antique quilt that is super soft, we snuggle underneath it and lose ourselves in the world of Dr. Suess and Eric Carle.

  26. We like to bring all the sleeping bags and blankets into the family room and have a “sleepover” during movie night.

  27. My 3 year old son and I love to go to the bakery and have special treats together.

  28. We have definitely needed more of those “mellow” times lately… We like to cuddle in the bed and watch cartoons and not worry about the time and having to hurry around.

  29. My son and I love to cook together! That’s how we relax, just the two of us in the kitchen, getting our hands (and everything else) dirty, making something yummy to eat. 🙂

  30. It doesn’t seem like we get much time to smell the roses, but I try to make time everyday to spend with my daughter, even if it is just a few minutes.

  31. Actually, I’d like the chance for my hubby to take our 4yo (youngest of 4) to the theater. She loves watching live shows the few chances she has had, and I love them getting quality time together!

  32. I have 6 year old twin boys and recently graduated from college while working full time. So we definitely missed opportunities to “stop and smell the roses”. But now I take opportunities to take them to the library and pick out books we can read together. Our favorite thing to do is snuggle up before bed and read some books to wind down.

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