Giveaway: Tickets to see Wild Kratts at Walton Arts Center!

WildKratts animatedThe wildly popular PBS KIDS® television show, WILD KRATTS, is coming to the Walton Arts Center! And we have tickets to give away!

One family will win FOUR tickets to the show on Sunday, Feb. 26th. YAY!

Animated Kratt Brothers, Martin and Chris, “come to real life” in a classically Wild Kratts story, off “To the Creature Rescue!”

wild krattsABOUT THE SHOW: An all new theatrical stage show based on the #1 animated PBS KIDS® series “Wild Kratts!” Martin and Chris Kratt – stars of the Emmy® nominated show and creators of other popular kids’ series, like “Zooboomafoo” and “Kratts Creatures” – step out live on-stage to share some wow facts about animals presented in large screen multimedia format. The Kratt brothers put on their vests and gloves and begin activating Creature Powers, but when the Zachbots steal one of their favorite inventions, it’s “off to the creature rescue!” With hilarious “pratfalls” and slapstick fun, this on-stage adventure is an exciting experience for all ages.

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win these tickets to see the Wild Kratts, click on the word “comments” (right under the headline of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us about an adventure you and the kids experienced recently. It might not have been as crazy as an episode of Wild Kratts, but we know life with kids is nothing if not adventurous! Did you go on a trip to the store (or Disney World or the park) that was fun, surprising or unexpectedly crazy? We can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

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We’ll choose the winner on Friday! If you want to go ahead and grab tickets to this show, CLICK HERE to visit the Walton Arts Center page with more details.

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  1. Our latest Adventure was an impromptu trip to Tulsa. We left right after school and drove over, to see the Harlem Globetrotters play. It was such a great show! My son and I had a super fun time! We topped the evening off with the special stay at a hotel. It was a great bonding time.

  2. My kids had a big “adventure” this past summer when they got to fly for the first time – and they loved it!

  3. My daughter and I were on the way to the grocery store and got a flat tire. Definitely unexpected! She had fun helping me change the tire though!

  4. The last adventure we went on was to Silver Dollar City after Christmas. My family has so much fun at SDC, especially during the holidays.

  5. My two sons and I decided we should try to take our St. Bernard ‘puppy’ (she’s two years old and super hyper) and our two cats to the park a few weekends ago. We put all three animals on their leashes and headed out – and it was a disaster! The dog wanted to visit every single other animal at the park, running at full speed to get to them, and the cats were not having any part of it, even though they normally love their leashes. Just getting the kids and animals in and out of the vehicle all at the same time was an adventure – moms, you know what I mean!

  6. The boys and I got the hammock out yesterday afternoon for our stay at home adventure. They love to crawl inside and pretend they are in a cocoon.
    We missed out on purchasing tickets- they were sold out. My boys would love to go!

  7. We have adventures big and small all the time. Five kiddos over here and I know two that would LOVE an adventure to see this production!

  8. My husband picked up a dead (road kill) raccoon and gave the kids an impromptu anatomy lesson using the carcass. That was quite an adventure!

  9. Our latest adventure was a trip to Universal studios in Orlando. We got to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most! It was a great family vacation.

  10. Wild Kratts sounds lke so much fun. It has my grandsons name all over it. He is 6 & my granddaughter is 2 they would absolutely love it!!!!! My last adventure with the children was when we all went to Miramar Beach Florida for a week. We had so much fun together on the beach & we went on a dolphin cruise. I would love to take themto see Wild Kratts!

  11. Our last big adventure was a trip to San Diego! We had so much fun touring an old navy boat!
    My kids have loved Wild Kratts for years and they have learned so much about animals!!

  12. We had adventure last week when we welcomed a new baby sister! Would love to take my boys to this as a gift from their new sister 🙂

  13. Our adventures happen all summer when we go camping. We love the time together unplugged. Between hiking, swimming, riding bikes, campfire and making new friends it is our all time favorite adventure. We would love to win!!

  14. It seems like our every day life is one adventure after another! My son would LOVE this! His favorite show by far and I love his imagination after watching each episode 🙂

  15. For our new neighbors, their most recent adventure was kayaking for the first time on Lake Atalanta yesterday. It was the 4 yr olds first ever kayak ride. The weather was perfect! Wild Kratts tickets were already sold out before they were here and they would LOVE to go. She has been searching sites to find tickets that weren’t crazy overpriced. This would be a blessing for them! And as always, thanks NWA Motherlode for keeping us “in the know”.

  16. My kids would love to go to this! Hiking to waterfalls is our latest adventure!

  17. Well, as my big boy said, “everyday in our life is an adventure!” I have a 14,almost 15 year old boy and 22 month old boy. We are a single parent family, working, church going, homeschooling, and many extracurricular activities family, so “YES” EVERYDAY IS AN ADVENTURE!!!!

  18. Our latest adventure has been exploring the creek in our backyard. The heavy rain brings lots of fun.

  19. Our latest adventure was going to lake Elmdale to hunt for fossils, rocks, and other stuff. We found quite a few imprints of plants and shells in rocks as well as other things like a snake vertebra.

  20. Every day is an adventure at our house! This weekend we started our newest adventure: raising a rabbit!

  21. Our last adventure was going to San Padre Beach with my husband and my 7 years old – Wild Kratts’s fan and we found sea creatures in the beach. My son was so excited. and we just found out that sea creatures is poisonous.

  22. Every time I am fortunate enough to keep my precious grandkids, what adventures we have! The front foyer becomes a hockey rink with me being the goalie. A laundry basket is the net where the winning puck must enter. Needless to say, my grandson usually wins. Down the hall, a bedroom becomes the perfect place for a tea party. My granddaughter loves to cook in her kitchen and serve us her pretend cookies and tea. This would be a really special adventure for us to share and remember. One they would never forget!

  23. My two youngest LOVE Wild Kratts…this would be amazing! Our family of 6 just got back from an adventure….our first time to Disneyworld. It was Amazing and Magical and FUN!!

  24. Every time we walk out the door it’s an adventure!!! But going to the movies, all 5 of us, always proves to be an adventure

  25. One time I took my son and husband to spend the night in the penguin exhibit in the Kansas City Zoo. It was a hoot–even if we did have to sleep on the floor!

  26. Our latest adventure was when we attended the Arkansas Razorbacks gymnastics meet! It was tons of fun and really neat to see all the different events. It was even better that we won! Go Hogs!!

  27. We recently took a trip to Chicago to celebrate our daughter’s birthday. We had just enjoyed a morning at the Field Museum and we were making our way back to the Hop on Hop off tour bus stop so we would be there a few minutes before the bus arrived only to see it drive right past us before we made it to the stop! We ran and waved and were so relived that they stopped! Unfortunately, it was only to yell at us that the stop was up the block and that we could catch the next one… IN AN HOUR! (even though they were leaving the stop before they were scheduled to even be there!) So we trekked it 2 miles up Michigan Avenue in the 4 degree weather, with wind blowing directly at us off the FROZEN tundra that was Lake Michigan. But it was good times!! Definitely an adventure!!

  28. I took my kids to exchange some shoes today and to the park! Commented on Facebook and I follow on Instagram!

  29. We definitely had adventure exploring Antietam and Harper’s Ferry Civil War battlefields in Maryland. Educating and fascinating…especially when they shot off real cannons!

  30. The kids and I recently bought and set up a new freshwater aquarium. We had 5 new colorful fish, and a beautiful new tank! My son decided to name one of the fish “Mr. Happy Pants.” Well, the next morning, Mr. Happy Pants was nowhere to be found. After much searching, we found that he had made his way into the filter pump. This Mama thought that Mr. Happy Pants was no more, but to our surprise, we placed him back into the tank and he is happily swimming with his friends again.

  31. Our family just got back from a trip to Portland, OR. Walked all over the big city. Rode a bus, train, and airplane. The kids loved every minute of it….even the rain!
    Follow on Instagram, Fb, and the newsletter too!

  32. My most recent adventure would be staying in our pajama’s all day and playing board games, reading, and watching movies with my son! Fun and low-key!!

  33. My family and I are in the process of house shopping, so every new house we go into is a new adventure for my little guy!!

  34. One of our latest adventures was spending the afternoon at the Pea Ridge Military Park & then giant ice cream cones at the Shortstop!

  35. Our latest adventure was adopting two beautiful kittens from the springdale animal shelter. My kids didn’t know we were getting them, so it was a huge shock! We are all so happy with our new family members!
    My girls watch the Wild Kratts every single morning before school, we love it!

  36. We just went to Beaver Lake yesterday! The kids climbed on boulders, walked on the marina docks, collected shells, and built a fish trap!

  37. Up until recently, we were homeschooling. On the last warm day, I loaded up the kiddos (8, 2, and 1), a picnic, and all of my son’s school books, and we spent the day at Devil’s Den. We read our favorite book for what seemed like hours, and while we didn’t get a ton of “work” done, we enjoyed each other and the weather, and that was more important than any math lesson we could have done.

  38. This past summer my daughter and I were at the swimming hole on my sisters property when she noticed a little baby turtle was swimming with us. We took a lot of great pictures that day.

  39. My son loves this show!! Our lastest adventure is getting a new puppy this week for my son for his birthday. He would love tickets to this show!

  40. I took my 7 and 5 year old to Wilson Park over the weekend and although the playground equipment was a blast, jumping rocks in the creek was way more fun. You know… the kind of fun where they promise not to get their shoes wet but are soaked from head to toe by the time you leave the park?! Exploring in the wild is their favorite thing to do thanks to Martin and Chris!

  41. A few weeks ago on a rainy day our dog decided it would be fun to run out the front door. This was when we were going to leave for the morning. All of us got slightly wet chasing our dog down the road.

  42. Our latest adventure was swimming with Dolphins in Mexico, seeing a black Jaguar in Belize and going to a turtle farm in Cayman Islands

  43. Everything we do is an adventure! Before the weather turned cold, the kids and I went to Silver Dollar City on a dreary day and it rained on us pretty much all day. It didn’t matter, we still have fun!

  44. On our latest adventure, we went to the top of the highest hill in the world! It’s like an inch short of being a mountain or something like that 😉



  47. My kids are loving to ride their bikes and learning to navigate our local trails! We watch wild Kratts everyday I pray we win!

  48. Our last adventure was a trip to the beach in Florida. The kids had never been to the beach and it was the most exciting week ever. We were able to relax and do what we wanted and it was fabulous. My kids love this show and would be over the top to be able to see it.

  49. My husbands, two kids, me and my mom took a 10+ hour car trip down to Florida this summer. The car trip was crazy, but the vacation was wonderful.

  50. our latest adventure was exploring our woods and making some new trails for the kids to enjoy

  51. We went on an adventure in December to Branson. We did the pj cruise on the Branson Belle, ours kids really enjoyed it. It ending up snowing that weekend and got so cold SDC closed so we couldn’t go☹️. But we made our own fun in the condo dancing, playing games, baking cookies and just enjoying each other.

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