Things We’re Loving This Month: September 2023

The thing I’ve loving this month  — The Log Candle — was actually a gift from my husband’s brother, Mike, and his wife Yvonne. They said they picked it up at a craft fair in Colorado.

But after my husband and I fell in LOVE with this thing, we tracked it down online so we could buy another one. We use it so much during the fall months when the temperatures finally cool off and we can sit on the back deck.

The candle is literally made from a log, and the design lets you add cute little wax melts to keep the flame going. There’s just something so zen about tending the flame and feeding it another piece of wax when it gets low. We also like how you can choose the type of log you want when you order The Log Candle. Each log has its own distinct look, and there are plenty of different sizes and price options as well.

We also think this candle makes a memorable gift for a birthday, housewarming, the holidays, or a hostess gift. It’s rustic but pretty, easy to use, and the directions for how to do it are simple and clear. Men love this gift, too, and kids (with supervision) will love watching the wax pieces melt in the flames.

Hope you love it, too!