Things We’re Loving: Northwest Arkansas mama favorites

Happy New Year, Northwest Arkansas mamas! How’s your 2023 going so far?

Here’s a quick update with a couple of things we’re LOVING right now. Keep in mind, we are NOT receiving any compensation for writing about these products. We just use them and love them, and we happen to believe it’s important for mamas to share tips on the good stuff. Simple as that.

An Awesome Hand Warmer

Okay, this first item will seem like a weird choice to those of you with a normal human circulatory system that actually works. But those of you who have ice-cold hands nearly ALL the freakin’ time will understand how thrilled I am to find a small but powerful (and rechargeable) hand warmer. I ordered two of them for my desk because my hands get so cold while I’m working. It’s called the OCOOPA Quick Charge Hand Warmer. Here’s a pic:


This would also be perfect for a coat pocket for chilly outdoor events. There are three heat settings, but I’ve discovered that even the lowest setting is plenty warm for me. I love the size of this hand warmer and how easy it is to charge it up. No battery changes required!

Your New Favorite Game

This next item was one of the gifts I bought for our family for Christmas. Our tradition is to open a gift a few days before Christmas (spoiler… it’s always a game we can play together). Then we spend the last few nights before Christmas playing the new game. This year, that game was Anomia. It is my new favorite word game! It’s SO easy to learn. In fact, the instructions actually say to start playing before you even finish the instructions. It’s so simple yet inspires so many funny conversations with family and friends.

Up to 6 players can play at the same time. Each round only takes about 20 minutes or so (but it’ll feel faster than that because the game is fast-paced and SO funny). This game will NOT get boring because you never quite know when it’ll be your turn, since each turn depends on the symbol on the cards you flip over.

This version is perfect for kids ages 10 and up. (My college-age kids also loved this game.) But if you have younger kids that are in the 5 to 10 age range, there’s a kids’ version of the game, too. Pick this game for your next family game night or for a simple yet hilarious game to play with adult friends. You’re gonna love it.