Things We’re Loving in October 2023

As the weather gets colder, lips get rougher. This is the time of year I start reaching for lip balm throughout the day because my lips get so dry. Once they’re dry, the peeling and flaking inevitably follow. After that, any type of lipstick looks terrible because the lips are in rough shape.

So this month I’m loving a simple recipe for a homemade lip scrub that’s as simple as honey mixed with sugar. You can find lots of different recipes for lip scrub online, and some are more complex than others. But the one I chose was just honey and sugar, and it worked well (plus it was delicious when I tasted it).

After I gave my lips a scrub at night before bed, I followed it up with a new lip mask I bought. It’s the Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask, which gets a ton of great reviews on Amazon and Sephora. I’ve tried overnight lip masks before but found most of them to be a little too thick or sticky. But this one is just right and feels like it’s really sinking into my lips. It has a more jelly-like texture, and it includes Japanese peach. The scent is nice and light.

This lip mask comes in a cute little pot, and you can apply it with the included metal spatula. That way the lip mask won’t get contaminated with any germs that might be on your finger.

By the next morning, my lips were noticeably smoother and felt more moisturized. Lipstick went on smoother. After several days of nightly use, the results continued to improve. This lip mask has made my list of “keepers.”

Hope it works for you, too!