Best Infant Toys of 2023: Get the list!

If you’re shopping for the holidays or a birthday gift soon, here’s a list of toys that might come in handy — especially if you’ve got some babies to buy for this year.

Good Housekeeping magazine recently posted a list of some of the 20 Best Infant Toys of 2023, According to Child Development Experts.

We love how these reviews include a simple “pro” and “con” list for each of the toys featured. As you might imagine, all of the choices have fun colors and are sized just right for the littlest people you love.  It’s so much fun to shop for babies and toddlers!

We love the Melissa & Doug Flip Fish and the Pull Along Sensory Box by Creative Kids. The fish is so cute, and the pull-along sensory box might just save your home’s Kleenex boxes from constantly being emptied by a curious baby.

Here’s a short video clip of the Pull Along Sensory Box being put to the test by a baby:

Click HERE to see the complete list of 20 infant toys featured by Good Housekeeping. 

Happy shopping!