Picture Mama: Send us your photos!


Just wanted to post a reminder to send us your cute kid photos! When you do, it will be featured in our online photo gallery (located at the bottom of this page) and you’ll also be entered to win our awesome grand prize, to be awarded in the next few months. The grand prize is a free portrait session with our photo gallery sponsor, Melinda Worthington of MJW Photography. (Have you seen her website? It is awesome! Check it out by clicking here.)

0009stephensaug09small.JPGIn addition to the free photo session, you’ll also get a HUGE wall portrait of your favorite shot from that session. So that means you could have a fabulous new photograph of your kids hanging on the wall in time for the holidays. LOVE this kind of prize!

Here’s what you need to know about entering the contest: We don’t post names of kids. We don’t post pictures of kids in the bathtub unless bubbles are covering all the necessary parts. The panel of judges evaluate the photos based on “biggest emotional impact.” So that means you should send us the photos that make you laugh or melt your heart or make all your friends say “Awwww, I LOVE that shot” when they see it. Send us photos of kids of all ages, from birth to teenagers! You can submit up to 5 photos per month. Send your photos to us at gwen@nwaMotherlode.com.

I never ever get tired of opening new photos sent in by readers. It’s one of the highlights of the job! I know I’m biased, but I really think Northwest Arkansas has the cutest kids around. Do you have some cute photos of your kids on their first day of school this year? Send them in! I’ve sprinkled a few of the photos recently sent in by readers throughout the post. Thanks for sharing these great faces with us! Keep ’em coming!