Picture Mama: Farewell to summer


Next week we’ll have to send summer packin’ because the official first day of fall is next Tuesday, September 22nd. But before it’s gone, here are some of the summer photos sent in recently by local moms. Looks like you guys had a great time during summer break!

splash.jpgRemember to send us your pictures for our photo contest! August finalists have already been announced but you still have time to be chosen as a finalist in September.  We know it’s impossibly hard to choose just one favorite photo, so we’ve set the limit at 5 photos per entry per month. The grand prize is a session with Melinda Worthington of MJW Photography, who sponsors our gallery. (See her amazing work by clicking here.) You’ll also get a free 16×20 wall print of dadandboy.jpgyour favorite shot from the session! Very cool.

We don’t include kids’ names with the photos, and each photo appears in our online gallery located at the bottom of the page. Sometimes you might spot your kid’s photo at the top of the page in our Polaroid which links to the gallery, so don’t be surprised if you spot a familiar face when you stop by the site.

Thanks so much to all the mamas who have already submitted photos and plan to send more in the months to come. We are so very impressed with the photography skills of our local moms who have captured such great moments, and we’re happy to be able to share those moments with your fellow moms.