Self Defense Class this Saturday at Fleet Feet Fayetteville

If you run or walk outside, it’s smart to learn how to avoid being a victim — or how to handle a situation if it comes up. We’ve all felt a little vulnerable while exercising outdoors and wondered how we would react if someone got too close or started following us.

Fleet Feet Fayetteville is committed not only to providing great service and fit, but also to keep you safe while on your run/walk. That’s why they’re hosting an Intro to Self Defense clinic on Saturday (Oct. 29) from 9-10 a.m at Fleet Feet in Fayetteville. It’s for women ages 18 and up. RSPV to staff@fleetfeetfayetteville. It’s only $5 and you’ll learn:

  • Self preparation and awareness
  • How to avoid being followed
  • What to do if contact occurs

Jodie Vanderwall will be teaching the class. Jodie is a 1st Dan black belt in Shorei Ryu karate, an Okinawan karate system. She has trained under Sensei Jack Grove since 2000, completing her black belt in August of 2009. During the last 11 years she has completed a variety of self-defense training seminars including: self-defense with a cane, with a kubaton & Krav Maga (an intensive Iranian close quarter combat defense system). Sensei Vanderwall has taught Shorei Ryu self-defense to children and adults for the past 6 years.

After this intro, you can also sign up for Jodi’s 3 part training session at Fleet Fleet:

  •  Dates and Times:  1st session November 5th 9am-10am, 2nd session November 6th 12pm-1pm and 3rd session November 12th 9am-10am.
  •  Location: Fleet Feet Sports
  •  Cost: $90 for all 3 sessions

Class size limited to 12 so sign up early. To sign up, email and reference 3 part self-defense class.

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  1. You can learn Krav Maga on a regular basis at our school Rogers. It is excellent for self defense in close quarters as well as against multiple opponents. BTW, Krav Maga is Israeli, not Iranian.

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