Party Giveaway: Oh, oh, oh it’s magic!

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If your kids like to party, then you’ll definitely want to throw your name in the hat for this week’s drawing. It’s a FREE magic show by magician Joey Williams, and it takes place in the loft of Mad Pizza in Rogers. The owners of Mad Pizza are also throwing $100 worth of pizza, too! All you’ll need to do is show up, bring the kids and enjoy.

Here’s the best part of this giveaway. The scheduling is totally up to you. If your kid’s birthday is still several months away, you can hold your prize until then and arrange the party date with Joey and Mad Pizza. If your child’s birthday has already passed, you could also use this prize as a “Just Because” party or a “Happy Spring” party or a “My Mom is Extra Cool” party. Kids never need an excuse to have fun.

Joey Williams is an award-winning stage and close-up magician who has performed abra-and-i-bw.jpgthroughout the state. I met him one night while eating at Mad Pizza with my husband and our kids. He was there making balloon animals for all the kids in the restaurant. My boys both got a balloon pirate sword, and my 3-year-old girl got a balloon poodle. Everybody left full and happy, and the boys beat each other with their pirate swords all night long.

Joey is a clean-cut, hard-working grad student who is personable, easy to talk with and loves what he does. Kids really respond to him, and he gives them a great, exciting show. You can read more about his experience and awards on his website by clicking here.

Mad Pizza is one of the Motherlode mamas’ favorite places to eat, and our kids think it is the BEST. We madpizza.jpgmust warn you. Once you eat there, it will be hard to go to any other pizza place. One of the reasons for that is VARIETY. They are famous for their buffet which features a LOT of different types of specialty pizzas as well as all the classics like pepperoni, sausage, cheese, etc. My favorite is the Margherita pizza. But the Taco pizza and the Baked Potato pizza are excellent, too. (I know baked potato pizza sounds weird, but, trust us, it works!) They also have lots of different types of dessert pizzas like cherry, blueberry, apple, peach, cinnamon sticks, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate chip. My all-time favorite is the banana pudding pizza, which is good beyond words, if you ask me. Click here or on the logo to see their amazing menu.

Another thing we love about Mad Pizza is that they make it easy to eat there. Every time a hot pizza comes out of the oven, a server brings it around to each table in the restaurant and offers you a slice. So you don’t have to spend as much time running back and forth to the buffet bar for yourself and the kids. Plus, you get the pizza while it’s piping hot! Yum.

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d like to have your next party PAID FOR, you can throw your name in the hat by clicking the orange button below and telling us one of your favorite party memories. Was it your wedding reception? Maybe a baby shower? Or a bachelorette party? Your baby’s 1st birthday party? Your parents’ 50th anniversary party? Whatever it is, we’d like to hear about it. You can also e-mail your memories to us at

INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, you can increase your chances of winning by telling your friends/family about this giveaway via e-mail. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every friend you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your e-mail so we can give you proper credit.

Good luck in the drawing! We know this will make somebody’s child a VERY happy camper.



  1. My favorite party memory is that for each birthday my mom would design a cake in whatever shape or character that we requested.

    My kids love Joey. That is the first question asked when we head to Mad Pizza. Will Joey be there?

  2. Back when I only had one child and was an over-achiever with birthday parties, I threw my 3 year old daughter a Lady Bug themed party complete with ladybug cupcakes, bug boxes, and real, live ladybugs for each child to take home! I don’t know if the other mom’s appreciated it, but I had lots of fun planning it!

  3. I can’t even pick my favorite, but we did have Joey at the twins birthday party last year and he is GREAT!

  4. We’ve only had 2 birthday parties so far for my lil man. His first birthday was a bigger deal with so many family and friends there…too bad he just thought it was a time to play with tissue paper…ha ha!

  5. My favorite party was probably the one my kids had at the skating rink. We had a lot of people there and it was tons of fun. A mad pizza party with a magician would be fun too!!

  6. My favorite party memory is years ago (that makes me sound so old!)when I threw my husband a surprise birthday party. His brothers came in from out of town (he thought that was the surprise) and took him golfing while I got things ready. He was so surprised!!! I had just found out a couple of months before that I was pregnant with our first child (watching people drink from the keg that I bought wasn’t so fun…), so we made the announcement during the party. He still brings up how great that party was. Probably because he wants another (party…not baby that is!).

  7. My daughter had 3 parties for her first birthday because our extended family is spread out some now. I remember being so stressed out about it being perfect…that was lame…it’s not like that’s the one she’ll remember

  8. Just moved here in December. My oldest daughters B-day is coming up, great idea!

  9. I can’t think of anything as far as parties right now other than my son’s first birthday just a couple of weeks ago…he KNEW that cake was something good and was actually getting upset while we sang Happy Birthday to him because we weren’t giving the cake to him yet. He DUG into that cake and loved every bite we allowed him to take! LOVE the pictures I got!

  10. My favorite party memory is when my husband had a surprise birthday party for me. I was totally surprised! I had absolutely no idea what he had planned. I even got a little mad at him because he wouldn’t take me to a different restaurant. It was MY birthday, so I should get to choose where I wanted to eat…right? It was so great to share it with my close friends and family too. My kids first birthdays are also a favorite. Especially when they got all covered with cake! What fun!

  11. One of my favorite parties was a semi-surprise 40th anniversary party for my in-laws. They eloped so we surprised my mother-in-law with the invitation for their renewal of vows. It was a couple months away so she could pick out what she wanted to wear but my sister-in-law and I planned the rest of it. My son’s birthday is next month so this would be perfect!

  12. My favorite party was when I graduated from high school. Pulled a very fun all-nighter with some great friends. Good memories!!

  13. My favorite party memory–at my daughter’s 4th b-day she opened each present with such genuine excitement and joy, no matter the gift. It was priceless!!

  14. My most memorable birthday party was my daughters first birthday last year (5/17). It was an intimate gathering with family and we celebrated the milestones of her first year. It was full of laughter, cake in her hair, on her shirt, diaper, heck it was everywhere! What a great way to celebrate her first year of life!

  15. One of my favorite party memories is from my bachelorette party. My sister-in-law (to be) managed to get her car stuck in my parents’ front yard. Myself and all of my bridesmaids spent the next 45 minutes pushing her car out of the mud. We were a mess, but we had a blast!

  16. My favorite party memory by far is our wedding reception! We had a pasta buffet and two huge cakes. Over 300 people were there and we enjoyed friends, food and dancing. My daughter is turning 3 in May and would be so suprised and excited to have a magician AND pizza!!

  17. In our family for birthday parties, we always have a theme. One of my favorites, was an italian party. The kids all had their very own paper chef hats. Each child sat around a large square table with their own personal pizza crust. There were huge bowls full of toppings and they were able to make their pizzas all by themselves. We baked the pizzas and each child got to eat their own. Other parties we have had involved making your own mardi gras masks, making jewelry and painting.. We always have a blast and it is so easy to come up with ideas when you stick to a theme. Theme ideas are – tea party, cowboy birthday, army, Chinese Party, Irish Party, Pottery party, scrapbook party, etc.

  18. My parents had a party for me when I turned 5. I loved Shamu (the whale) and so they made me a Shamu birthday cake. They were horrified when they had to send all of the children home with black mouths 🙂

  19. I love throwing parties so it is hard to pick my favorite. My daughter is now three and I think her third birthday was the best party! Now we have two girls and their birthdays are two weeks apart so i am going to be really busy come birthday time!

  20. oh this is so hard… so many memories are built around parties! And “memorable” can mean a LOT of different things…

    my surprise birthday party when I was 9;
    my dad & step-mom’s engagement party when he taught me to do the hustle; my 13th birthday when I got a teenager survival kit (Seventeen Magazine & Clearasil were involved!); my sweet 16 when only two people showed up… lots of pizza thrown out that night; my wedding pre-party with all the people we love; but maybe my mom’s 64th was the most memorable – It was her last one with us, and she wasn’t expected to make it to that one. Savor ALL the moments.

  21. I dont remeber my party but i saw a pic of my 7th birthday party and my dad had the pointed hats on over his ears. What a greeat party that must have been. lol

  22. My kids’ birthdays are in the fall, so I love to do the indoor swimming parties at the Jones Center. We invite all their friends, the cub scout den, and any parents who care to swim, too! One year, for my daughter’s 12th birthday, we had 10 girls for a sleepover. They were scrunched in from one end of the living room to the other in their sleeping bags, and kept the whole family awake all night long!

  23. My grandmother would make me a chocolate roll cake with mint ice cream inside. it looked like a big chocolate log. No one had ice-cream cakes back then! I loved that cake and still make them for birthdays.

  24. My favorite party memory was a surprise one for my mom. She has a huge family and we had managed to hide all of the cars behind our house. We took her out to eat and she wanted to go to unpainted furniture after. We all groaned and moaned (knowing we had to get back for the party). She was so angry that we wouldn’t take her to unpainted furniture! It was funny to see her stomp into the house and everyone yell SURPRISE!

  25. My favorite birthday party was for my oldest when she was 3. It was a peter rabbit tea party complete with party dresses and hats! Her cake was a tea table with cup cake slipper chairs. So precious! My oldest will be 17 this year! They grow up to fast!!

  26. One of my favorite party memories was my baby shower. I was so excited to receive so many wonderful, fun baby gadgets. The shower was hosted by my 2 best friends! The decor was mirrired after the nursery and the food was a pregnant girls dream! After the shower I got to take home all the baby loot and go through it again! Such fun! Thanks for the opportunity for a fun party for the kiddos!

  27. Eighth grade party where the boys and girls danced together for the first time.

  28. I loved every one of my children’s 1st birthdays–they got a whole cake on their high chair tray! The pictures still make me laugh.

  29. One of my favorite memories of a party is where my husband and close friends got together to throw me a surprise party for my 30th birthday. It was such a surprise that I didn’t even have on make-up and my husband wasn’t about to ruin the surprise with telling me I needed to get ready!

  30. I think your birthday should be a very special day, so we always take the day off and spend the day together as a family doing something fun. My daughter loves birthday parties and at 3 years old is always planning what her party will be like. A majic pizza party would be so much fun!

  31. Joey dud Evans party at Mad Pizza last spring and he was awsome!!! We would love to be able to do this again!!!

  32. My favorite party memory was my 18th birthday party! It was a total surprise that my parents threw for me at a fun restaurant on the beach and had all my friends there waiting for me and family. No one ruined the surprise! What a fun memory I still have!!

  33. One of my favorite party memories is an easter party we had at my sister’s house. She got some little colored eggs filled with confetti and everyone started smashing them above the other people’s heads. Adults and children alike! It ended in a big mess of laughter 🙂

  34. My favorite party memory… hmmm… Well, it was my golden birthday, the big 26! It was a good day, fairly disappointing. All of my friends and my parents were busy. My husband was keeping me busy though. He took me to the wildlife sanctuary in Green Bay, WI (where we used to live), then he took me out for hitting some balls at the driving range. It was time for dinner. Where do you want to go? he asks. Well, I was of course undecided and kept thinking pasta or a sandwich somewhere. He suggested pizza, I wasn’t that interested. So, as we drove closer to my favorite pizza joint, I said you know pizza does sound good with a pitcher of root beer. So, off we went to Sammy’s Pizza. We got there and it was packed. I waited in the entrance for Robert and happened to see some friends of ours there, and I mentioned it to Robert as he came in. He says, lets go say hi. I tell him, no we won’t get our name in for a table! He drags me off, and before I know it, I see my brother in law, my friend Becky and then it hit me. They were all there! And, oh my gosh, it’s my parents! I was standing beside them at another table with my in-laws. It was the best surprise ever!! We had a great time there, then went out for some drinks after.

  35. Recently we celebrated my father-in-law’s 70th birthday… It was a surprise that my mother-in-law planned. When he walked in to the restaurant, 46 of his 50 grandchildren started singing Happy Birthday. My mother-in-law looked just about as surprised as he did! It was beautiful.

  36. My favorite party memory is my son’s first birthday. It was supposed to be outside at a park, but it rained, so we had everyone over at our house. We put a picnic tablecloth in the living room floor and let the kids have their cupcakes on it. After the party, we let Caleb have his own cake and took lots of pictures as we dug in to it and got icing all over him. We carried him up the stairs to the bathtub with the bottom half of his body in a shopping bag to keep from getting icing everywhere!

  37. My favorite birthday party was my 18th! Two of my best friends blindfolded me drove around for a while and then ended up back at my house for a surprise swiim party with about 50 highschool friends and then the party carried over to my best friends parent’s house (who were out of town that night) and the rest should be told over a bottle of wine!

  38. I got to take several friends to a movie! That was pretty exciting at the time for a birthday party!!

  39. My favorite party memory was my son’s first birthday, We sat the whole cake in front of him, watching him trying to figure it out was the cutest thing ever!

  40. I just love parties!! One of my favorite memories was my son’s first birthday party. He was born close to Halloween, so we made it into a costume party. I loved the look on his face! He was trying to figure out why we all looked so silly.

  41. My 12th birthday party has been my most memorable…a huge scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, girly movies, lots of junk food, makeovers, and tons of giggles. Oh, to be young again!!!

  42. My favorite parties always involve a lot of friends, family and food, put all those things together and who could ask for more? Expect maybe a magician.


  43. A memorable party is from few year ago when my daughter invited a few extra guest to her birthday party. We invited family to join us at a pizza place in town for lunch. On her own she decided to invite several friends from school.
    She manage to tell her friends the right day, place, and time.
    A few school friends show up at the pizza place. We ended up ordering more pizza and tokens.

  44. My favorite birthday has to be my 10th b/c we were at Disney World on my birthday!!! I also loved my 30th birthday because I came home from the hospital after having my sweet 1st daughter.

  45. We threw my son a Rock Star birthday party for his first birthday. He had an electric guitar cake, microphone cupcakes, and a snare drum smash cake. The kids made their own drums and maracas out of recycled items. It was so much fun!

  46. I would say the funnest party memory is the one where all of my sisters and my mom went to Cancun and celebrated my mom’s birthday. It was such a fun celebration and a great time for us to all get to spend together.

  47. My fav birthday memory for me is my 30th! I rented a skating rink and had an 80s themed skate party! It was so fun!

  48. My favorite party memory was probably my 30th b-day. My b-day is New Years day. My husband, then boyfriend, took me to the Syracuse hotel for their big New Years Eve bash. I had always wanted to do that. It was a great time. My favorite memory with the kids was my son’s 2nd b-day in Cincinnati. We had it at the small amusement park in the mall down from our house. Our friends that I grew up with were there with their kids. Everyone loved the rides, esp the kids.

  49. I love all my son’s birthday parties. But my favorite one was his 4th. He had a Scooby-Doo Carnival Party. There were lots of Scooby Treats and Puppy Chow everywhere. We played pin the tail on Scooby, and had a couple of giant inflatables. It was a wonderful time just watching the kids run around and enjoy themselves so much!

  50. My baby shower with Aubrey was great! We had it in my hometown of Greenwood with so many women I’d known all my life & friends from high school. It was a lot of fun & we were so blessed to receive many great items!

  51. We loved each and every one of our son’s birthday parties. We are looking forward to our baby girl’s first one this October. Oh, and our son loves Mad Pizza.

  52. My favorite birthday party memory was when I turned 13. It was the first time I actually got to invite friends over instead of having a family only party. We had gotten a bunch of really big funny clothes. We made two piles and had races to see who could get dressed the fastest. It was so funny to see the guys dressed in dresses! HA!

  53. My favorite party would have to be my bachelorette party. My brides maids all took me to Florida for 4 days and paid for everything. It was so much fun and so relaxing and great to spend time with my girls.

  54. My Girls always have wonderful parties for the grandchildren. Roller skating, Chuckie Cheese, Pool parties, Fun
    City ect. there is a lot of fun for the kids and for us grannies. This would be a fun time for all 8 of my grandchildren.

  55. When my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary (they will celebrate their 68th in March) we had a full wedding for them as they had been married by a justice of the peace during World War II and my mother had always dreamed of having a real wedding. My 2 sisters and I were the bridesmaids and our husbands the groomsmen. The oldest granddaughter and grandson were the maid of honor and the best man. One of my daughters and her cousin were the candle lighters and the other daughter was the flower girl. My son and another nephew were the ushers and escorted their grandmother down the isle. It was a very memorable day!

  56. My favorite party memory is my son’s 7th birthday party. Instead of asking for gifts he asked for donations to the animal shelter. He had 30 plus kids there with pizza, cake, games, and a show from the Mad Scientist. The next day we loaded up our donations and took them to the animal shelter.

  57. Starting to think about birthday plans for my almost 4 year old 🙂 She’ll be having her first real party on her birthday this year. So we’d LOVE to win this one!

  58. Ooops. Forgot to submit my favorite memory! I don’t have one in particular that stands out, but I love that my mom always let me pick what my birthday party dinner was going to be. It was usually an unlimited supply of chef boyardee pizzas or Long John Silvers. Haha! I thought this was just the greatest when I was little!!!

  59. Okay….Well lets see I have too many wonderful memories to recall or pick. But I just wanted to say this would be so perfect for my little one…Hayden, he is turning 2 this friday and that would be an amazing birthday party. He would love the magic show…plus all he can say now is WOW….How cute would that be. He would LOVE it!!!! I was just looking online to see what we could do for his birthday and ran across this….how wonderful

  60. My birthday is the first week of November, and we celebrated early one year with a Halloween party. I remember my Grandmom made me the BEST princess dress! I was so proud of it!

  61. I think it will have to be their 1st b-day. Nothin as cute as them devouring the cake and getting completely covered in it! Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway! 🙂

  62. One of our favorite parties was for my daughter’s 4th birthday. We had a Wizard of Oz themed party. Instead of sing “Happy Birthday”, she asked that we all sing “we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ!…” It was so much fun! Grandma even made her a Dorothy dress. A magician would be so cool. My youngest will be three soon and all her friends would love pizza and a magician!!

  63. One of my favorite party memories was for my oldest grandson’s first birthday.
    He was (and is) the light of our life- it was so much fun to see him “cake dive”, or in his case, “cupcake dive” and figure out that he REALLY liked cake!

  64. My favorite party was my daughter’s second birthday. We had it at the park, and it was perfect weather. We fed the ducks, and played on the playground, and visited with family and friends. Sophia had an Elmo cake, and pinata. She had an awesome time!

  65. My favorite party was my bachelorette party. My girlfriends took me around town in a limo on a scavenger hunt. We ended up at James at the Mill for dessert and a personal shower. So fun.

  66. My favorite party so far was my son’s 3rd birthday party. It was the first time he really ‘got’ what the party was about. Watching him enjoy it was priceless.

  67. My favorite party memory is of my son Austin’s first birthday. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with the mini cake we bought him so he just buried his face in it. It was abosolutely HILARIOUS!!! I think this magic show would be something really fun for him and his friends and who doesn’t love Mad Pizza!!!

  68. When my middle son turned one, we threw a “Rubber Duckie” party for him. We had candy wrappers made with his picture on them, and I made a duck shaped birthday cake. We had a blue punch which we floated little rubber ducks in, and all the balloons were yellow and white. I even ordered a duck costume for him to wear. Of course he will never remember it, but it was a highlight for me, seeing him covered in his little yellow cupcake with a huge smile on his face!

  69. My 13th birthday was on Friday the 13th!!! My mom had a surprise party for me in a hotel. She invited my closest friends, asked them to bring a “scary” gift, and we had a sleepover! It was SO much fun!

  70. I loved GIVING parties when our daughters were growing up. It would be great to give a great party to Grandson Ewan!

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