Giveaway: Gala Girlies fairy costume and gift card!

If you know a little someone who has a big imagination, we know she’ll be enchanted by this giveaway!

We’re giving away a magical  fairy costume and a $30 gift certificate toward a party from one of our brand new sponsors, Gala Girlies! The costume is just like the ones used by Gala Girlies for their Enchanted Garden party theme. The giveaway includes a tutu, wings, wand and halo.


How to enter: To win the fairy outfit and $30 gift certificate from Gala Girlies, just click on the orange comment button below and tell us a little about the sweet girl in your life who would be thrilled to add this enchanting new costume to her wardrobe. You may also enter by answering the question via e-mail at

Increase your odds of winning by telling others about this giveaway! Just email them the details and CC us ( so we can give you extra chances to win. We’ll throw your name in the party hat for each extra person you tell!

About Gala Girlies: Gala Girlies is an all-inclusive party planning service started by fellow mom and labor and delivery nurse, Angela Grear. Angela is a multi-talented mom who loves to dream up fabulous party ideas, put them together, then bring them to you. Enchanted Garden is one of the most-requested themes for Gala Girlies’ parties. In addition to all kinds of party themes, they can also bring the theatre to you for a backyard movie night.

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  1. My daughter just turned 1 a couple months ago and is starting to pretend play quite a bit. She loves going thru my dressers! She would LOVE having this fairy costume for dress-up.

  2. My daughter, Madilyn, is 2 1/2 and has become consumed with being a princess! Every skirt or dress she wears is a princess dress, and she loves to wear “sparkley” things & fix her goldylock curls just like mommy. On top of this sweet little princess, she’s been studying about different animals at school, so when we tried some fairy wings on her at the store recently, she flew around like a “butterfly”. It was so sweet, & I know she’d be ecstatic to recieve one of these costumes from Gala Girlies!

  3. This is the most adorable little outfit! I have a 10month old who is going to have a First Birthday in August we are so excited about this!! She is a wonderful little angel and we have yet to decided on a theme for the party. This would be just perfect. We are now expecting a new baby so things are going to be changing soon in her life so I would love to make this birthday the best!

  4. my 3 yr old would love this she loves to sing and wear dresses alot shes my princess hope to win this would make her day!

  5. I am the mother of 4 girls, so fairy dress up & pretend play are a huge part of our lives. The only issue we’d have if we won is who would get the prize! Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  6. Well, I originally thought, “much to my dismay, my daughter is very, very girly.” I was a pretty big tom-boy and didn’t quite know how to play with her. My thoughts were out of fear. She has taught me so much since then! I am so proud to have a very dainty little lady, already 3 years old! Dress up is definitely one of her top things to do, but of course she must have her nails and toes painted to match each outfit. So glad God has blessed me a little girl in between my two boys!

  7. My daughter Caroline is 3 years old and absolutely obsessed with dress up clothes. There isn’t a moment of the day that she isn’t sporting a tutu, crown, or princess dress. I really think the neighborhood probably thinks we don’t own any “real” clothing at all! Her imagination is so big and she is constantly wanting me to tell her “Princess Caroline” stories…I’m running out of adventures for this character! She would absolutely adore this outfit!

  8. Well, Ruby is my 3rd child but my second girl who has brought a lot of joy to our family. My 1st daughter did not like to dress up like Ruby does. She changes 10 times a day and is always putting on dresses and cheer leading outfits and is a major drama queen. I love the fact that she makes my husband smile when she comes running to him in her 10th dress of the day saying “Daddy daddy look at my pretty dress” and then they hug and he tells her how much he loves her and how beautiful she is.

  9. I have two girly girls, so we love pretending to be fairies, princesses, dancers, and everything fancy. It looks like an adorable ensemble!

  10. My little girl would look too cute in this fairy costume! We call her Corabell sometimes – like Tinkerbell- because her eyes sparkle like Tinkerbell’s. She has a birthday coming in December and I think a fairy theme would be so sweet.

  11. My precious one is 4 and loves fairies and princesses. My Ivy also loves dress-up and make believe as well as the color pink.

  12. My daughter would have a fit for this outfit! She loves to dress up, and in case anyone doesn’t know – princesses do exist. I have one that lives with me. She just turned 5 and spends most of her play time dressing up…jewelry, polish, makeup, dresses, etc. This outfit would make her soooo happy!

  13. My daughter just loves to dress up and pretend play. I love to see her smile and know that this would put a big smile on her face. I do anything I can for her, she is my world.

  14. My beautiful 3 year old niece would adore this fairy costume! She is the most girly, girly-girl I know!

  15. My son and his family are missionaries in St. Petersburg, Russia. Lydia, their 4 year old daughter, loves to dress up and pretend but with their tight budget, she doesn’t have many “fun” clothes. They will be visiting us in July and I would love to be able to give Lydia the beautiful outfit you are giving away. She is a delightful little girl with LOTS of imagination!

  16. My daughter would be thrilled to have this fun dress up costume because her new favorite activity to do is dress up! She loves to put something fun on and twirl around the house saying ‘watch me!”

  17. Chloe just turned 1 at the end of May! Her theme for her party: Fairy Princess! She loves to be called a princess and since she is the only girl with 3 older brothers she is absolutely our little Princess! She would love to dress up in the sweet little outfit and wave her magic wand over us all 🙂

  18. I have 2 precious girls, a 4 year old and 15 month old. We have a box of dress up clothes for them in the playroom and they are in it almost every day putting something on. I think they’d have a ball sharing this adorable fairy outfit!

  19. I have two daughters. This is something they would both love. It would be adorable to have their pictures made in this!

  20. My daughter Brookelyn would love this little fairy set. Nothing makes her happier than playing dress-up! She turns 4 on July 13th, but since we just moved here from Dallas she hasn’t really had a chance to make friends to invite to her birthday party. Going to a family fairy-tale tea party instead. This little costume would be perfect for her to wear!

  21. My 4 year old is into all things fairy and perfect. (Or as she tells it- SHE Is a Perfect Fairy 🙂 ) She would love it!

  22. Zoey is my sweet girl who thinks she always has to be “glamorous”….but also fell skating last week and had to have 4 teeth extracted. She is “tough as nails” and sweet, loving, and giving. She is the answer to many prayers and the best big sister ever. She is my angel and I wouldn’t change a single thing about her.

  23. I can see my daughter wearing this at the Botanical Gardens. She doesn’t have a fairy outfit!

  24. I have an almost 3 year old that would love love love a fairy outfit. She is into anything and everything princesses and fairies. This would be the perfect theme for her 3rd birthday party!

  25. Wow!!! What a great gift for Mia who will be turning 5 in September!! She is thinking she would like a ‘real’ tea party and wouldn’t this be perfect!
    What a great idea!!!

  26. My daughter Maryann would love to dress-up as a fairy! She loves to pretend that she can fly and the wings would help her do just that.

  27. My daughter Lauren would LOVE this outfit! We moved her upstairs a couple of months ago to make room for her new sister Emma Kate. Lauren decided to do her room with a pink fairy theme. She loves fairies and would love the chance to dress up as one. She loves dress up and tells us she is going upstairs to “get fancy”.

  28. What a treat for my little princess! She will turn 3 in July and loves being a princess. She asks each family member, “am I the princess,” and of course you have to answer yes! It would hurt her feelings if you didn’t! ha

  29. I have 2 sweet little girls who LOVE to play dress up at home! I know they would love to add this to their collection.

  30. My daughter BELIEVES with a capital B in fairies. She leaves gifts for them on the windowsill and they leave her some back sometimes. She met a wonderful fairy named Willow at the Botanical Gardens Firefly festival one year and followed her for 2 hours. We hired her for a fairy party. She also reads all the Disney fairy books and listens to those same stories on CD.

  31. I have 4 kids and only one girly girl. Samantha “Mantha according to her fairy friends” would LOVE this!!!

  32. I have 3 grand daughters and the little one is a princess and loves to play dress up.

  33. My daughter Alivia is definitely a girly girl. She loves to dress up and wear makeup. Loves to get her nails and toes painted and have her hair fixed up by her next door neighbor. It is so much fun to watch her dance in the living room with her daddy and play with her dolls. I am blessed to have a little girl. She brings back many memories of when I was a little girl. She is a picture of pure innocence and I thank God everyday for sending her to me.

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