Mealtime Mama: Snowman pancakes!


During our snowcation last week we made some fun snowman pancakes.

Isn’t this guy cute?

snowman pancakes in frame

We got a little carried away with the whipped cream, but he turned out pretty OK — and delicious, too!

Snowman Pancakes

Pancake mix (or your favorite homemade recipe like this one)

Whipped cream in a can

Dots candy

Mini marshmallows

Mini Oreos

Bacon strips

Directions: Choose your favorite pancake recipe and make three round pancakes of differing sizes. Stack the snowman and get creative! Sprinkle powdered sugar or mini marshmallows at the bottom of the snowman.

You see what we did here, but you could also:

  • Use Hershey’s syrup for hat, face and arms.
  • Or use candies like licorice.
  • How about chocolate chips or blueberries for the face and buttons?
  • And this would be super cute: use two strips of bacon for the scarf!

We’d love to see your snowman pancakes! Comment below or email them to mamas{at}nwaMotherlode{dot}com