Mealtime Mama: Mom’s “Feel Better” Potato Soup

Anytime I get sick, there’s only one meal that sounds even remotely appetizing — my mother’s “feel better” potato soup. I swear it can cure just about anything. I got a sore throat this week, and my mom came over to make this soup. Just smelling it in the kitchen perked me up a little, and the warm, smooth texture felt so good to my raw, scratchy throat.

Since we’re in the thick of cold and flu season, I thought I’d share my mom’s potato soup recipe. Keep in mind that this is one of those recipes that’s not officially written down anywhere. It’s just in my mom’s head, and she doesn’t assign specific tablespoons or teaspoons to things in her head. So experiment a little to make your own unique version. But this general outline will definitely get you there.

Now… let’s have some soup. 🙂

“Feel Better” Potato Soup

  • Peel and boil 5 pounds of potatoes until soft. (Mom likes the gold Yukon potatoes best.)
  • Pour off most of the water but leave a little in the pot.
  • Add 1 stick of butter or oleo.
  • Salt and pepper to suit your taste.
  • Add enough milk to make the mixture soupy.
  • Heat to get all the ingredients warm.
  • Stir, then cool and enjoy!