New recipe for the new year: Broccoli cheese soup

I searched for new recipes today and found one that looks SO good on one of my favorite websites to find new ideas for dinner. Behold this amazing photo of Chungah Rhee’s Broccoli Cheese Soup from the website Damn Delicious — Quick and Easy Meals for the Home Cook.

I am hungry already. LOOK AT THIS!

Photo courtesy of Damn Delicious recipes

I’m intrigued by the fact that there are potatoes in this recipe. It doesn’t look like they’re in there, but the recipe creator says the potatoes make the consistency just right. She also recommends using a higher quality cheese that you shred yourself, adding only a handful at a time to avoid clumps.

This recipe gets a perfect 5-star rating with more than 85 reviews!

I’ve tried several of the recipes from the Damn Delicious website and have been happy with every one of them. (Click here to see our post about the Damn Delicious recipes for Pasta with Vodka Sauce, Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas, and Creamy Beef & Shells. Chungah’s instructions are clear, and the large community of commenters often offers helpful tips on substitutions, if you need any. (Bonus tip: If you love dogs as much as we do, you should also check out her super-cute corgis, Butters and Cartman.)

Looking forward to trying out this cheesy soup recipe sometime this month! Hope it works for your family, too!