Mamas Tip of the Day: Plants You Can’t Kill

By Gwen

There’s a running joke at my house that I’m a plant killer. Mine is the black thumb of vegetative death. So when I ran across an article titled “Houseplants Even You Can’t Kill,” it got my attention, and I had to share it.

For my fellow plant killers who like plant life but just don’t have the time to baby anything else, here’s a list of plants for women like us:

  • Barrel Cactus (perfect for those who forget to water; pictured right)
  • Cast-iron plant (pictured below)
  • Pothos (pictured upper right)
  • Domino plant
  • Jade plant

Who needs a green thumb? All we really need is a few plants that understand that sometimes a woman just gets busy and preoccupied with the zillion other things on her to-do list. Choose your plants wisely!

Source: At Home magazine, Winter/Spring 2009 edition