Tips for organizing the garage

Ugh … it’s one of our least favorite parts of the house to tackle — the dreaded garage. For many of us, the garage is where clutter goes to die. It’s so easy to let the garage become a dumping ground. If it gets bad enough, even the cars themselves get squeezed out. But a cluttered, gross garage is a not-so-welcoming experience every time we come home or need to find something that got lost in there.

So if you’re considering carving out some time to re-organize and clean up the garage, we found a great article titled “How to Finally Get an Organized Garage” on The Washington Post website that will give you some new strategies on how to conquer the garage clutter and keep it that way.

We’re busy mamas, and we all deserve a clean, calming re-entry into the house. Hope this helps all of us achieve it.