The houseplant you (probably) can’t kill

I used to be that person whose only houseplant was the plastic kind. But a few years ago, I ditched my sad, dusty fake plants and tried the real thing. I’d resisted for years because I assumed I’d forget to water them, and then they’d croak.

But now I know that choosing the right type of plant is the real key to keeping them alive — especially when you’re a busy parent with so many things to do and a schedule that is anything but routine or predictable.

Even though my kids are older now, I still feel as busy as ever, so I only buy houseplants that can tolerate being ignored for a little while. My favorites include the ZZ plant, the Parlor Palm, and the Snake Plant. But after reading this article on the Real Simple website, I’m adding the Cast Iron Plant to my list of plants that are best suited for a spot in my house.

Cast Iron plants can handle low lighting, and they don’t mind drying out between waterings. They’re also non-toxic to kids, dogs, and cats, which makes them perfect for families. 

If you’re not a plant lover yet, consider dipping your toe in by getting a low-maintenance option like the Cast Iron plant or the other options mentioned above. There’s just something more homey and fresh about a room where a pretty plant lives. (Many of these plants can also help clean your air.)

If you’re still convinced that you’ll forget to water the plants and they’ll wither away, check out my new favorite plant seller called EasyPlant which can mail you a plant in a self-watering pot that only needs to be refilled about once a month. It’s seriously the easiest way I’ve found to have beautiful plants around the house that don’t require much time or thought to keep them going. Their customer service is good, too.

Click here to read more about the Cast Iron houseplant on the Real Simple website.