Life with Ladybug: A wii bit bitter

I had a wii fit recently.bigstockphoto_ladybug_2853358.jpg

You see, the little people inside the Wii Fit game system recently told me I was, um, well … that I was fat and 40! There. I said it.

I believe the actual word was “overweight,” but it was no less offensive. I’ll admit my weight isn’t right where it was when I met my husband (why do we always use this time frame to measure weight gain?), but I was still a little surprised to have the Wii tell me so rudely. At least my friends have the decency to lie when I grouse about not being able to fit into my clothes from last summer.

And then, to add insult to injury, the Wii, based on a few questions and balancing exercises, told me my “REAL” age is for-ty.

Today is my birthday and I’ll just say I’m thirty-something. NOT 40. Not yet. (Not that that’s old! Funny how we change our definition of old the closer we get to that magic number.)wii.jpg

I have to say the most insulting thing happened next, after my husband went through the little song and dance to determine his own “real” age. Wii told him that he’s as healthy as a man TEN years his junior.

I glared when he grabbed me and said with a wolfish grin, “I always wanted to date an older woman.”

Happy Birthday to me. And thanks for the nudge, Wii. I needed an honest opinion. School starts soon and back to the gym I go. Before I hit the big 4-oh.

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