Life with Ladybug: The games people play

lbfairy03.gif“I hate you!” Ladybug announced and when I looked surprised by the outburst, she informed with me with a giggle: “It’s opposite day!”

Um-kay. Thanks for the advance warning. Opposite Day is one of her favorites, along with the ever-popular “Let’s Switch.” It’s much like Opposite Day, except it’s a specific kind of opposite: I’m the kid and she’s the mom. We did this one at the mall recently. And it came in the nick of time since, as the mom, I was about to banish her to a corner of the store in an extended version of time-out. In retrospect, she wasn’t really being that much of a pain, I just wasn’t being very tolerant. She IS getting close to 7, but still gets fidgety if I do too much clothes shopping. Unless, of course, we play a game.

So recently, while I searched fruitlessly for a new outfit, she suggested a game of Let’s Switch. I agreed, in hopes I could manipulate the situation to my advantage and look in at least one more store for that elusive outfit. She hurried me along to the next store and tsk-ed me when I dawdled (point taken). In a fit of empathy, she did, however, offer to buy me a new outfit for “school”. She even helped me pick out some (purple and red) clothes. When I went to try them on, she made very serious faces and shook her head no when they didn’t look right. And they really didn’t. But I was able to sneak in a few items that I really did want to try on (which had me somberly mouthing “no” to my reflection in the mirror.)

Then, in a move that had me laughing uproariously — on the inside — she asked very earnestly in a stage whisper: “Are you gonna make me drive the car home?”


  1. Good idea, Summer! I should try that one next time. After she asked if she’d have to drive, I told her not to worry about it, but we COULD pretend I was a teenager who had to drive with a parent in the car. She directed me the whole way home. “Go RIGHT! RIGHT!!!” It was pretty funny, since most of the time I needed to go left. She has my sense of direction. Great.

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