Giveaway: Passes to Imagine Adventureworld indoor play center!

Mamas, we’re excited to host another giveaway courtesy of Imagine Adventureworld, the new play center in Johnson.

It’s cold outside and this place is all about FUN.

Three mamas will each win 2 monthly passes to Imagine Adventureworld. (One for you and one for a friend to hape toy imagine adventureworldtake along!) Your little one will also get a new toy to take home. (Toys used at Imagine are made by either the Melissa & Doug brand or the Hape brand.)

One thing we love about Imagine is that it was created by two local parents whose kids are ages 5 and 3. They’ve really paid attention to what young kids like to do, focusing on creative and imaginative play (and not just more screens!) We also love that the play area is wide open, so moms and dads can sit in the center seating area and relax yet still see where their little ones are at all times.

Imagine has several different themed play areas including a cottage (perfect for tea parties and playing house); a racetrack; a construction zone; vet clinic; firestation; drawing area; a place for ride-on toys; and even a special area just for babies who are cruising or crawling. They’ve thought of everything!

imagine collage1Click HERE to read more about what Imagine has to offer (including birthday party options) and to see reviews posted by local moms who have been there.

imagine logo 250HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat to win two monthly passes (plus a free toy), just click on the words “post a comment” below and tell us about your child’s favorite toy. Do they drag around a special stuffed animal everywhere they go? Do they love to talk on their pretend telephone?

You can also email your answer to us at

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We’ll choose the three winners on Friday afternoon, mamas! Good luck!



  1. Our 3 boys love hot wheels…building their own tracks is a fun activity that they all can do together.

  2. Legos or anything that he can build stuff with! He is so imaginative and loves to build all kinds of things, he will make something out of nothing and play for hours! Love it!

  3. My four-year-old has a doll named Dolly that pretty much goes everywhere we do and has since infancy. They are BFFs and go on all kinds of adventures together!

  4. Our son is into playing with police cars, firetrucks, motorcycles & ambulances.

  5. Aubrey loves playing with her dolls and her toy dogs. She’s a Little Momma:)

  6. My 3 year old loves his superheroes! It is so fun to watch him pretend and imagine with his heroes in all kinds of situations!

  7. My 2.5 year old enjoys cooking in his kitchen while Daddy makes the family dinner. He even washes his dishes!

  8. My daughter’s favorite toys are currently Barbie dolls and Disney dolls. My baby boy’s favorite toy is the excer-saucer.
    I follow on Fb, Insta and Twitter.

  9. My child loves her stuffed animals. She loves to have them go to pretend school, to come to the table and eat with us, and to go shopping with us. If we won the passes, they would probably get to come along as well.

  10. My daughter takes ‘blankie’ everywhere and she even uses ‘her’ in pretend play. Just a little pink receiving blanket I got as a baby gift. Never thought I would have a blanket girl but I do!

  11. My little girl carries around an Elmo she’s had since she was 1 (we now have 4 of them–just in case haha) and she’s recently found a little bear my mom got her that sings Jesus Loves Me–she calls it her Jesus bear. 🙂

  12. My 3 year old loves books. That’s all she asked for this Christmas. My 6 year old always has a football in his hand

  13. My little girl loves her Minnie Doll. She also has the most creative imagination.

  14. This would be perfect for my grandchildren! It would really make them happy! Thank you for an opportunity to win.

  15. I am actually putting this in for my grandchildren. My daughter is recently divorced and can’t afford to take her two small kids to a lot of activities so thought this would be perfect. My Granddaughter is 21/2 and will not leave home without a baby. She is already a mother at heart!

  16. My son loves to sleep and have with him a little stuffed dog that has a cape who he named super dog!!

  17. My just-turned-5-year-old loves her rocking horse, trampolines, bouncer ball….. mostly things that keep her moving 🙂 She seems to have boundless energy!

  18. My son carries his little farm animals around with him everywhere he goes

  19. My 3 year old lovers the phone! I have an old flip cell phone and she carries it around like she is a teenager. Her grandparents live in Texas and she likes to
    Pretend we are calling pops.
    My 11 month old has a lovie blanket that she loves and always wants it near by.

  20. My little Maddox is 15 months and has been dragging around a sweet little stuffed giraffe since he was about 4 months old. We don’t go anywhere without it!

  21. I have 3 little boys ages 2,4, and 5. My 5yo loves building things with Lego’s, blocks, etc. My 4yo loves swords, putting random things together (inventing), and play kitchens. My 2yo loves trains, cars, and tractors. We went to Imagine for the first time today and they all loved it. There was something for all of them!

  22. My precious grandkids love to play games, specifically card games! They amaze me and usually win!

  23. My daughter loves to play tea party. Although she says she is drinking coffee not tea. I promise I do not give my child coffee, she just has a fascination with coffee lol.

  24. My daughter loves her Melissa and Doug cookie baking set. She sets up shop, “bakes” in her play kitchen, and sells the cookies. Then we usually have a cookie and tea party!

  25. My daughters love their big eyed stuffed animals, Bandit and Bananas, they got for Christmas! They take them everywhere and cuddle up with them at night!

  26. My daughter Emily loves her Peppa Pig stuffed animal. She takes it everywherr including family photos. Its so dear to her because Peppa herself gave it to Emily. It was the best day ever for her 🙂

  27. My youngest loves super hero action figures and their flying or rolling vehicles!

  28. My daughter is really into her tea set right now. “Mommy, let’s play tea pots!”

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