Giveaway: Monthly passes to the new play center, Imagine Adventureworld!

seating, cottageMamas, we are hearing RAVE reviews about a new play center in Johnson called Imagine Adventureworld. (It’s just a minute or two off Interstate 49, at the Johnson exit.)

As moms, we are always interested in play areas that have a serious commitment to keeping things CLEAN, especially during cold and flu season. And kids are loving all the fun areas where they can play and let their big imaginations run wild.

This week we’re hosting a giveaway for 2 monthly passes to Imagine Adventureworld. (One for you and one for a friend to hape toy imagine adventureworldtake along!) Your little one will also get a new toy to take home. (Toys used at Imagine are made by either the Melissa & Doug brand or the Hape brand.) There will be THREE winners for this week’s giveaway, so your chances of winning are great.

One thing we love about Imagine is that it was created by two local parents whose kids are ages 5 and 3. They’ve really paid attention to what young kids like to do, focusing on creative and imaginative play (and not just more screens!) We also love that the play area is wide open, so moms and dads can sit in the center seating area and relax yet still see where their little ones are at all times.

Imagine has several different themed play areas including a cottage (perfect for tea parties and playing house); a racetrack; a construction zone; vet clinic; firestation; drawing area; a place for ride-on toys; and even a special area just for babies who are cruising or crawling. They’ve thought of everything!

imagine collage1Click HERE to read more about what Imagine has to offer (including birthday party options) and to see reviews posted by local moms who have been there.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat to win two monthly passes (plus a free toy), just click on the words “post a comment” below and tell us what kind of pretend games your kids like to play? Are they superheroes? Or animals? Do they pretend to be their favorite cartoon imagine logo 250characters or Disney princesses? Do you have your share of imaginary tea?

You can also email your answer to us at

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We’ll choose the three winners on Friday afternoon, mamas! Good luck!



  1. My two year old (who will be three on Saturday!) daughter’s favorite thing to pretend to be is a famous singer. She has a microphone that she loves to sing into as she dances around.

  2. My toddlers favorite pretend game or activity is pretending to have her own YOUTUBE channel. She pretends to be telling everyone her whole life story or introduces her family. She loves pretending that people are watching her as the videos shes watching on YOUTUBE.

  3. My 4 year old son thinks he is a truck driver, race car driver and big equipment operator!! He loves to pretend to drive anything. He would love this!!

  4. Addison likes to play Elsa and Dallas likes to share his bones with Rylee the dog!

  5. My son loves to play ninja or superhero type of games BUT my nieces they loooove all house play! Chef, mom ext.

  6. My daughter would love to win this. She has been wanting to check this place out. She LOVES pretend play. I have never known a child that pretends so much. Her favorite is playing school. She’s the teacher and her stuffed animals are the students.

  7. My girls like dressing up and pretending to be everything from princesses to doctors/vets to ballerinas.

    I follow you on Pinterest and Twitter.

  8. My daughter loves to dress up like a princess and my son loves to pretend to be different animals. 🙂

  9. My little guy is just getting into pretend play! He more wants to explore right now!

  10. She loves to have tea parties (especially with her daddy), but she’s also a wonderful “mommy” to her baby dolls!

  11. My kids pretend play constantly. Lately, it has revolved around books we read. We love Imagine!

  12. My little girls has an outlandish imagination. She is ALWAYS in her own make believe world. Most often she is pretending to be a princess and often pretending to be a basketball player, horse racer, queen, dancer/singer. She loves playing make believe with her dolls too. She’s been an only child until recently, so she knows how to enjoy her own company.

  13. My 3 sons love to play superheroes. My girls love to pretend play school and chef.

  14. My 5 year old does ninja pretend games, but since he’s started school he likes to play school too!

  15. My son Fletcher loves playing store and restaurant and he also loves playing Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

  16. My son loves to be anything car, airplane, or helicopter related. Also super heroes. My daughter loves to be a princess, dancer, ice skater, and teacher. 🙂
    Hope we win!

  17. My little guy loves to be superman, and also be a football player. He would love this place! Can’t wait to check it out!

  18. My youngest one loves to play with his emergency trucks. He has to try and rescue all the people.

  19. My 3yr old son loves to pretend he is a super hero. He loves to save Mommy from the villains and “fly” wearing his cape.

  20. My daughter loves to imagine that she is a teacher. And let me tell you … she sure is a bossy one! This place looks like something both of my kids would love!

  21. My child likes to play “hotel”, put on concerts and have art shows. He love to pretend play!

  22. This place sounds great! Would love to take my 5-year old son there to see what it is all about. He loves to pretend he is fighting dinosaurs, race car driving, and fighting off bad guys!

  23. My niece and nephew love to play dress-up and restaurant. My little boy is 4-months old right now and loves to play with anything musical or that lights up!

  24. My daughter loves to pretend play – her recent faves are Frozen and My Little Pony. My son likes to pretend he’s getting into and out of vehicles, and driving them around. He loves trucks and cars!

  25. my 5yr old son likes to pretend he is daddy by putting his shoes on and grabs his bag and “goes to work” and says, “by mom im going to work so that I can bring home a roof for our heads and food in our bellies.”

  26. My 5 year old is obsessed with our dogs right now. So she plays ‘puppy’ often. She also likes to dress up so she plays ‘princess’ often too!

  27. My girls are always pretending! They are princesses, wildlife rescuers, anything!

  28. I help teach 4 & 5 year old children at Mount Comfort Church of Christ Sonshine School. My observation is that both boys & girls love playing Batman & Joker. It’s hilarious to watch them play on the playground.

  29. My 4 year old daughter and best friend would love this! We are always trying to find new places to hang out. Gettin cold outside and this would be great! They love playing on the kitchen, pretend Shiloh and of course they love to play with babies and dress up!

  30. This place looks fun!! Right now, my 2 1/2 year old daughter likes to play like she’s a baby. It’s cute and makes me miss her infant stage. 🙁

  31. I’m either a fellow firefighter or the fire dog! Please help me help my little firemen meet some new friends at Imagine!

  32. We play a bit of it all! Dress up is always favorite (super princess and batman are a major duo). Cars often come to the tea party and store rarely disappoints!

  33. my little nephew and i have a lot of picnics and visit the doctor often. he loves to play vet, i think every stuffed animal in the house has gotten at least one shot.

  34. I have a 5 year old daughter who just loves to play dress up and pretend. She loves pretending to be princesses to a Doctor to playing Mommy.

    I also have a 4 year old son (turned 4 today) and he loves pretending to cook and be Batman. He doesn’t dress up so much as he likes to help Mommy and make funny sound effects when capturing bad guys…too cute!

  35. My son LOVES to play with Monster Trucks. Specifically Blaze and the Monster Machines. He will act out the episodes with his toy trucks.

  36. Our daughter loves to pretend play with her play kitchen and cook foods for mommy and daddy.

  37. My kids like to play restaurant and vet clinic. I follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, I get the newsletter, and commented on FB.

  38. Both of my kiddos LOVE to play kitchen while I make dinner. And my older one like to pretend she’s the teacher and tell her little brother and I what to do.

  39. My 6 yr old daughter loves to play vet clinic, loves to be creative, and she enjoys dress up play. It would be awesome to win the passes so I can take her and a friend to play at Imagine! We’ve never been there before and would love to try it out!
    Thank you. 🙂

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