How to look good in photos

pink-camera.jpgOkay, I know I’m never going to look like Heidi Klum does in her photos, but please — just once — could I see a photo of myself that doesn’t make me want to cringe?

If you share my “can’t stand pictures of myself” problem, you’re going to LOVE this little gem of an article I ran across in the August issue of Readers Digest.  These 10 tips for how to look good in photographs were provided by Karen Lee, a former model handler at the Elite modeling agency and head of the Karen Lee Group.

Here are a few of the tips offered in the article that I’ll be trying the next time a camera gets pointed my direction. Hope they help you, too!

  1. Focus your eyes just slightly above the camera lens, move your face forward a bit, and tip down your chin.
  2. Put your tongue behind your teeth and smile, which will relax your face.
  3. As a rule, avoid patterns.
  4. Turn your body three-quarters of the way toward the camera, with one foot in front of the other and one shoulder closer to the photographer. When you face forward, you body tends to look wider.
  5. To feel at ease, try closing your eyes, then opening them slowly just before the photo is taken.

To see the other five tips and read the entire article, click HERE to jump over to the Readers Digest website.