Great Date Giveaway at Fast Lane Entertainment

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In about 10 days, parents across Northwest Arkansas will be busy herding their trick-or-treaters through the neighborhood. But we think parents deserve (and need) a treat, too. So we’re partnering with our friends at Fast Lane Entertainment to send one local mama and her date out for a great night of fun and food.

One of our readers will receive a $50 gift card to use for fun, games and food at Fast Lane Entertainment.

Obviously, Fast Lane is super kid-friendly so you could take the kids with you, but we recommend using this treat as a great excuse for a date night or a fun moms’ night out with a good friend.

Top 5 things we love about Fast Lane Entertainment

5. The atmosphere: The overall vibe at Fast Lane is all about fun. While we love a fancy dinner and a movie, it’s good to switch things up and make some of your date nights more casual and interactive. Fast Lane is perfect for this kind of date or moms’ night out.

4. The variety: There are plenty of options for what to do during your date night or GNO at Fast Lane. Bowling, video games, virtual reality games, bumper cars, delicious meals, and Happy Hour specials, too!

3. The high-tech games: One of the coolest additions to Fast Lane is the Hologate Virtual Reality attraction. We’ve tried it out, and it will blow your mind. Once you put on that VR headset, it really is like stepping into a new world and navigating it to try to win the game. You can choose the type of game you want — anything from a snowball fight, to a Zombie attack or even battling against robots or dragons.

2. The snacks and drinks: What you might not realize is that, even though Fast Lane is super popular with kids, it’s not just serving “kid food.” In fact, the menu is HUGE! So you can have a great date night meal without a chicken nugget in sight. Here’s just a small fraction of the menu items available: Fried Mushrooms, Wings, Cheesy Bread, Quesadilla Bites, Loaded Potato Skins, Garlic Parmesan Fries, Chipotle Chicken Panini, Philly Sub, Chili Cheeseburger, Margherita pizza, Barbecue Chicken Flatbread, Santa Fe Salad, Coke Floats, Bowled-Over Sundae, and so much more. Also, keep in mind that Fast Lane has a full bar and always has fun drink specials.

1. The fun: Research shows that having fun and laughing with your spouse is one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship. Even though Fast Lane is often full of kids, there is an adults-only area called Cosmo’s Corner, which is an ultra-modern suite with 10 lanes of bowling and plenty of cozy spots to have drinks and appetizers. In fact, Fast Lane stays busy all year with corporate and team-building events for adults.

If you win this giveaway, just be sure to hide that Fast Lane gift card in a secure place so your kids won’t try to swipe it for themselves.;-)


If you’d love to win this Great Date Giveaway, scroll down to the bottom of this post and then scroll past the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment and tell us one of the most unusual places you’ve ever gone on a date or a girls’ night out.

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  1. Date night at Target! Just walk around without the kids & look at all the stuff that isn’t in the toy section!

  2. Not really unusual, but most of our date nights seem to consist of watching our favorite high school baseball player (grandson) play ball.

  3. At a cemetery. We walked through and looked at all the dates that people died.

  4. Ha, I wouldn’t really call it a date night BUT we do go to Lowe’s in the evenings to grab more paint or supplies while we are remodeling. It is time without the teenager, so maybe it counts! 🙂 Thanks Mamas and Good Luck to everyone!!

  5. I’ve been on a date in a creek… we were actually IN the creek with all of our day clothes on 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. We have gone to Sam’s before on a date night. Nothing like a romantic grocery run 🤣😎

  7. My best first date was a LITTLE unusual – Dave and Busters – a skee ball competition. But it was also a GREAT date!! So much better than dinner and drinks.

  8. My husband and I decided when celebrating our most recent anniversary (18 years) that we’d take our 13 and 10 yr old daughters with us to show them what a “fancy” restaurant and “romantic” dinner should be like. We had a lot of fun!

  9. The last time we were sans children for a couple of hours, we wandered around Lowe’s and TJ Maxx so we could actually look at things the kids are not interested in 😂

  10. My most unsual date was when we went to all the Wal-Mart’s in the area to see the different items on clearance.

  11. Coolest date we have ever been on is a murder mystery dinner! Had a blast!

  12. Our unusual date would consist of Walmart or grocery shopping without our kiddos which is very rare.

  13. My first date with my hubby was awesome! He took me to a Roudin exhibit in Tulsa and we had such great conversations on our way
    Back that he got lost and ended up in Missouri!

  14. Most unusual Date activity… steam lodge.. let’s just say things got hot..😊

  15. I don’t really consider it “unusual” but last year we decided to get meaningful tattoos on our date night!

  16. Right after we had our son, our date nights would be going to Walmart or the grocery store.

  17. Just me and my kids so I like to take each of them for some alone time and a date night

  18. Pretty much any time we get out together as a family to spend time together we have fun. One of our best outings is going to Silver Dollar City.

  19. One of my craziest dates in college was going to a Lexus dealership and pretending to be married.. Test driving fast cars around Tulsa :).

  20. we used to do a “amazing race” style date night put on once a year by local radio station. So much fun!!! Miss going on dates. It’s been…..too long.

  21. I went on a date to a powerlifting competition…which was weird, but my date was IN the competition so how could I say no? lol

    I’d love to use this for our anniversary coming up in December—even if we have to take our daughter with us. We all love that place and it makes us ALL feel like we’re 6 years d! 😂

  22. A lot of our date nights are cleaning house. You get a lot more done without kids around.

  23. I think anytime I go out without the kids is considered a date! Laundry mat, grocery store, emergency room. Haha!

  24. I received brewery tour tickets for 10 years at my job. (They know me so well!) My husband and I ditched the kids with Grandma and got picked up in an old green VW bus that drove us all over town to try beer at different breweries. So much fun!!

  25. Sometimes our best dates are when the older kids are in bed for school and the baby falls asleep in the playroom. This is the time where we can share a meal, catch up with each other’s day and relax a little. Sometimes there is time for a short show. These are our few connection moments…then of course (lol) someone finds their way to our room, or something else. Lol. We both work, so it’s those little moments that count 🙂

  26. We went to a corn maze and actually got lost. We ended up running into a whole bunch of other people who had grouped up together bc none of us could find our way out and it got very dark. We eventually had to just break through the side and go walking around on the road to get back to the front. It was not The most fun venue we have ever had, but it has made for some memorable laughs. We just don’t really go to corn mazes anymore though. 😂

  27. Staining our deck was one of my favorite dates! I love doing projects together!

  28. Before we were even married or had kids we used to go walk around WalMart for fun, ha! Now I try to avoid going in the store if I can! (I commented on FB and follow you on all social media 🙂 )

  29. I met my current boyfriend at my family reunion! Not kidding! My cousin just knew we would hit it off so he brought him along 🙂

  30. When my husband and I were dating, we use to go to Sonic and put our money together to buy one ice cream cone. Then we would share it! What great fun that was!

  31. Not a typical date activity for most but we have gone to auctions as a date night activity, get great deals and some pretty good cobbler too!

  32. This is hard because we don’t go on many dates…um, we drove around Bentonville one night and did all of our grocery shopping and errands. 😛

  33. Well it’s not to unusual but we somehow always end up at Lowe’s or Walmart.

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